Sorry John, Hospitals Really Were Half Empty, And There Really Was No Pandemic

Gript are one of the few news websites to have opposed the tyrannical & corrupt Irish Government throughout the Covid hysteria period. They have been fantastic throughout the lockdown, helping to spread the truth and to reveal the lies of RTE and the Irish Government to many brainwashed eyes. Their recent work on the ISAG leaks has been nothing short of heroic.

We have linked to many of their stories in our main feed because our mission is to reveal the truth, and they do a fine job of showing it. John McGuirk has also been fantastic, and his recent appearance on RTE’s prime-time propaganda disinformation show was a rare victory for many of us in what has been a grim psychological war of attrition with the Irish State.

It is therefore with a heavy heart we defend ourselves from Gript’s semi-hit piece today, which criticises our hugely popular piece on Tuesday which showed hospitals were majorly below capacity all year, contradicting government and media claims of a health service under strain. You can find Gript’s/John McGuirk’s commentary today on our article here.

John argues that the FOI release doesn’t actually prove the hospitals were never under pressure, and doesn’t prove that there was no pandemic.

In gently rebutting our argument, John Says:

“First, hospital occupancy by itself is not a very reliable figure unless you can be absolutely certain that the number of beds stayed constant. “

John McGuirk

John argues that this fact counters our claim that hospitals were never under pressure. John seem to be missing the main point here because they have shut down our society and taken our freedoms based on the notion that the health service was at breaking point, and to “protect it”.  

This ‘service under strain’ is how they continue to sell purgatory to the hundreds of thousands of fattened up civil servants and multinational workers sitting on their holes working from home on full pay – ‘you’re holding firm to protect the health service that is under extreme strain’.

The fact is that the Government and HSE lied John – our FOI figures prove it. Unless there was a 50% increase in beds (which there definitely wasn’t) they were operating under capacity to treat illness, and they continue to shut down disease screening for a Flu substitute that they’re all heavily invested in.

Why not call up the HSE to confirm whether bed capacity has been increased throughout the year, before using this hypothetical to rubbish our claims? Or ask one of the nurses who were making ticktok parody videos of the titanic using hospital beds for boats during the year?

The HSE and Irish hospitals have kept elderly people rotting on trolleys every winter for decades, so it is highly unlikely that beds increased in any meaningful manner last winter. And where would the money come from anyway, for even one extra bed? They’ve blown most of our money on the most expensive children’s hospital in the world and HSE staff salaries that are nothing short of grotesque (here’s an excellent article from Gript on that subject)

John goes on to defend the half empty hospitals by saying many people didn’t go to hospital in 2020 because there were ‘less people on the roads’. While this is most certainly true, he never mentions the fact that people were also told not to go to hospitals to protect the health service, and not to be selfish. The picture that was painted encouraged people to believe that hospitals were only open for Covid and nothing else.

They weren’t going to see doctors because of the Government hysteria and fear of some killer disease that was swamping our hopsitals, so they weren’t being referred by Doctors to hospitals for treatment in the first place. Treatment for diseases and general health problems that our figures show existed from 2017 to 2019.  Most outpatient treatments were also cancelled by hospitals and the HSE, which means much less hospital bed usage.

Also ignored is our section about St James’s hospital, who sent 54 elderly covid-positive people back into nursing homes, when their own figures show they were at 48% capacity. This is established fact deduced from mainstream reporting. This is the main message that should have been taken from our report. Why is every media outlet not jumping all over it? We all know why – we live in a dictatorship and the media are on the payroll.

I’m sorry John, but this is medical negligence and St James’s hospital (and the people who run it) are going to be sued for massive money.

That brings us onto the tricky subject of the Catholic Church.

There are many Catholic orders in charge of Ireland’s hospitals (that link goes to an archived page of the journal, the journal gets no traffic or ad revenue if you read it) and many of those hospitals are guilty of sending Covid positive elderly patients back into understaffed nursing homes between March and May of 2020, at the same time their own statistics show that they had the capacity to treat them on site. There’s a link to our reporting on that subject in the original piece, or just search ‘nursing homes’ in the search bar above.

It is an open fact that Gript is a Catholic run publication, and they are lovely well-meaning people. It is curious how our article has been dismissed on vague grounds by a Catholic run publication, when so many Catholic order-run institutions are implicated in this scandal, along with the Government and HSE.

It is also doubtful that John has the option to criticise the Catholic-order run hospitals that participated in the second-degree murder of sick elderly people, so no worries John, we’ll shoulder that burden for you.

This author is a Catholic and subscribes to almost all of the views of Gript to be frank. I’ll never go to mass again because of how they abandoned us to pseudoscience and lies during the Covid crisis, but in a way im grateful that my eyes were fully opened by their silence.

I am no doubt biased but the facts remain stark and incontrovertible: the Catholic Church have abandoned the Irish people throughout the Covid hysteria, just as they did the Irish population during the famine, and how they allowed GSK & the Wellcome family to experiment on Irish women and babies with cattle vaccines in the Mother & Baby home concentration camps that they helped run.

They have the scientific expertise in the Jesuit order and wider Vatican network to have spoken out early against the lockdowns, and the nonsense of insidious masks (which peer reviewed science showed conclusively pre-Covid had no impact on viral spread) and yet they chose to remain silent while our jobs were destroyed, and our freedoms (to live and to worship our various religions) were taken away by the demons in the Irish houses of parliament who told us there was a  dangerous pandemic on the loose.

Which brings me finally to John’s assertion that there actually was a pandemic, and we are wrong in stating that there wasn’t one. It is very likely that John is pandering to the semi-awake crowd here, who still haven’t fully gone down the rabbit-hole of what took place in 2020, and that’s fair enough. We need to see more of him on RTE and we can’t give the Covid-cult any more weapons with which to ridicule our soldiers of light Saul Alinsky-style. But let us be clear, there was no pandemic, just as there was no Swine Flu Pandemic, or Avian Flu Pandemic.

They were all organised crime scams, perpetrated by the mafia families who own Big pharma, to sell billions of vaccines to governments without legal liability. It’s the classic fascist Hegelian dialectic, problem → reaction → solution. Big pharma & China controlled the lab & media to create the problem, owned the inferior morons in Western governments to control the reactions they needed, and had the solution ready at hand to make hundreds of billions from untested chemical junk in shiny vials. A handy scam they run every 10 years, this one was run to make money with a few bonus missions tacked on (this article is useful if you want the bigger picture on that rabbit hole).

Many people aren’t ready to hear that, and that’s ok. But that’s what happened. The fact is our constitution has been ripped up by the establishment for a pandemic that never was, as an excuse to control us and take away our freedoms, and to make a shit load of cash for pharma companies that were facing mass bankruptices thanks to the Opioid crisis lawsuits. This is why this scam has been so much more intense than the recent Avian and Swine flu vaccine scams – the Wellcome & Sackler (and other) family coffers were seriously under strain running into 2020, Mallinkrodt has already entered Chapter 11, and these people are the mafia of all mafias.

As the British Medical Journal reported in 2010, the utterly compromised and corrupt World Health Organisation (WHO) changed the definition of a pandemic by excluding reference to the words “with enormous numbers of deaths and illness.” This is important because the word pandemic in the public mind is associated with things like the Spanish Flu which killed hundreds of millions. Yet even the most committed Covid Cultist can’t escape the fact that just 369 people died with Covid in Irish hospitals up to February 2021, while also having no underlying life-threatening conditions.

So John – we understand why you can’t say it out loud, but there there was and is no pandemic. I suggest privately polling some of the lads and lasses in the various bodies that help out at Gript and the wider Catholic umbrella organisation you guys are a part of – you’ll be surprised how many of those fine and good people know there was no pandemic. Your constituency knows it’s all bollox John.

Note: It is important that everyone remains calm and sticks together on all of this – never allow yourselves to be divided and conquered. Don’t agree with some of what we said? That’s fine. Don’t act like a manipulated extreme-left retard by throwing either of us out just because you disagree with one thing we said. Respectful disagreement is essential for a functioning Western civilised society.

Taking sides here would be letting the Irish Government and corrupt establishment continue to destroy our nation and our culture by creating more misplaced angst in the battlefield of your mind. John and Gript are fantastic, and that’s a fact.

For future research directions we suggest Gript find the Bed-increase data before saying we’re ‘egging-the-pudding’ on this. We have a very senior confidential source in a HSE region who says there wasn’t any significant bed increase in their region or the country as a whole.

The lawsuits are coming for these hospitals anyway lads – you may as well stay out of the shadows.

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