‘Died Suddenly’ – Blockbuster Documentary The Murderous Irish Establishment Doesn’t Want You To See…


Senior levels of the Irish Government, the Irish medical establishment and HSE, and most importantly the mainstream media, knew the Covid vaccines were untested, unsafe, and designed to kill vast numbers of our people. Before they were rolled out.

They knew that there were no significant excess deaths in 2020 versus 2019, and they still pushed an untested vaccine on the Irish people. This one fact, that there were no excess deaths in 2020 vs 2019, is the smoking gun that blows the entire pandemic and vaccine narrative to pieces. It’s still right there on the official Irish Government CSO website, in black and white.

Senior politicians from all sitting parties pushed the pandemic fear narrative and lockdowns, including all factions of Sinn Fein. The goal of it all was to influence people into taking the vaccines so they could win their long-held freedoms back – this is how they sold it. Unjustified lockdowns based on the fantasy that a killer pandemic was underway, was the main weapon of choice. They knew lockdowns would cause vast numbers of suicides and domestic and sexual abuse to skyrocket, but they did it anyway because senior political figures like Micheal Martin, Leo Varadkar, Stephen Donnelly, and Mary Lou McDonald feed off suffering. It is their life blood. Scientifically useless masks were and continue to be disposable props in their long-running charade.

Senior figures in the HSE and the Irish medical establishment backed up the political pandemic initiative. And the Irish media (RTE, Newstalk, the Irish Times, Independent, journal, the Mirror and lots more), ran PR for the depopulation program.

Sure, many of them did it for money and the Pharmaceutical industry that paid them. But what you must come to terms with, as difficult as it is, is that many (many) senior Irish establishment figures are members of a death cult. Some have given up their own children to enter the halls of power.

They believe in burnt offerings. These beliefs have been held in their families for many generations, handed down quietly. These truths are self-evident, ignore them if you like, that is of course your prerogative – I’m just here to tell you the truth.

Watch the movie, it’s 1 hour and 9 minutes long. No one is asking you for money. No one is serving you ads. It’s just simple truth. There can be no motivation here to deceive.

After you watch the movie, if you feel you might like to help in making the Irish establishment see justice for the people they’ve pre-meditatively killed, then share it with someone you know who is still under the spell. The only way we make them pay is if we break the multiple spells they continue to hold over the population.

Died Suddenly, the Movie.

The Irish Establishment is guilty of Democide – the mass murder of the people they were supposed to watch out for. It’s a conspiracy so vast it’s hard to get your head around. You have been conditioned all of your life by mass media to live from moment to moment, never able to put down roots in your own God-given consciousness. So it’s ok to feel overwhelmed. This is why no problems are ever solved by the cabal, why we are lurched from crisis to crisis by a media that plays it’s designated part in keeping you forever spinning in a washing machine of sensory overload.

Understand that the owners of these people think and plan in decades. Understand many are part of organisations like Freemasonry and Golden Dawn witchcraft. Understand it is one big organised crime syndicate that works to run us all like cattle. Understand many of them are victims of the most horiffic abuse, abuses they now perpetrate on children. Understand this is how the cult makes new members and perpetuates itself. Understand your current political leaders are all chosen because their histories of abuse and/or their proclivities make them completely controllable. Understand this is why nothing good ever happens, no positive initiatives. This is why everything they do is designed to fuck with your sense of right and wrong. Understand they are literally and figuratively demonic.

These people, your political and community leaders, are guilty of the deliberate mass murder of their own people by joint venture. They’re counting on your silence in order to get away with it. Speak up, before it’s too late. Or do nothing, and disappear into the night.

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Michael J. Sullivan

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