Thank you

Thank you.

Thanks a million for sending us whatever you have just sent, we really do appreciate it. We are a small group of people trying to tell the truth. We don’t run ads because it ruins the content in many ways, and something doesn’t sit right with us in giving google money.

We lost our businesses at the start of the manufactured covid ‘crisis’ and have stumbled into a wide open media niche – telling the truth. We hope we have been of some value to you, and that we are providing our readers with a reference point and a place of record for the recording of reality. We also want to show the millions of people around the world that their inner private misgivings about the massive lies happening in the world today are shared by others. They are assaulting our mental health, telling us that up is down, left is right. Boris Johnson says PCR tests have a reliability of 7%, then goes on to shut his economy down and destroy livelihoods and jobs based on those same PCR tests. They are putting us into a washing machine deliberately to make us question our own reality and accept whatever medicine they dole out to us. The bastards hope we will sign whatever they give us if they promise to make the spinning machine end.

The money you sent us will pay for social media people, paying more good writers a token payment ( they’re hard to find), site hosting, development, food, coffee, heat, light, rent, and a beer or two on a Friday. We don’t know where we are going, but all we know is that we’re a part of something much wider happening across the world – citizens saying no to media lies and manipulation, and the creep of the police state. We believe that Neo-feudalism or some hybrid of communism and fascism is creeping across the world as humanity was reaching a critical stage of their awareness – and we hope to be a small part of the push against the forces that seek to keep us all in our box.

And corruption is destroying society, we are lied to in every way imaginable. So that’s another of our motivations. Good will always win out, but only because good people don’t look the other way.

Thanks again, Michael at Freepress towers.

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