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Because you can’t trust the Irish Mainstream Media

For Covid-19 news articles click here – for informational resources, continue below.

The number 1 shareable resource for Covid-19 information on cases in Ireland and around the Globe – updated with the most relevant and compelling Covid-19 true news that Irish media chooses not to report. Share where you can – we can’t be censored.

Remember, all we have are cases, from an unreliable PCR test – we have no sickness or death relevant to all other causes of mortality. Many Doctors say that lockdowns are a crime against humanity.

Click each heading to reveal resources to share in your network – last update, 28 October 2020

1. 60 American Doctors speak publicly about Covid-19 treatments at the US Supreme Court – Sep 2020

In this video you can learn more about the reliability of pcr tests, positive news about survival rates of 99.9%, treatments, and about hope for the future. All from medical experts, not tv personalities, or Pharma-linked research scientists like Luke O’Neill (who holds zero medical qualifications).

You can watch full-screen on Bitchute here

This video was censored after racking up 17 million views, you can read and watch more about that censorship here. No Irish media aired what these medical experts had to say, because their truth contradicted the information they have been pushing out since February.

2. All the mainstream science you need to PROVE that masks are useless in preventing viral spread

  1. USA C.D.C. May 2020 – “Facemasks do not prevent viral spread”
  2. 12 Indisputable Graphs that show Masks don’t prevent viral spread (you’ll want to share that)
  3. Authors Retract Study Showing Efficacy of Mask Mandates—as Biden Pushes Nationwide Requirement (Nov 4th, 2020) – Study had alleged that hospitalizations for COVID-19 decreased in 1,083 US counties after lawmakers passed mask mandates.

3. Covid-19 Crimes Against Humanity Class Action Lawsuit Dr. Reiner Fuellmich German Lawyer

An International Group of Lawyers have brought a Lawsuit that the Covid Pandemic is an Orchestrated Hoax on Behalf of Pharmaceutical Vaccine Profits and Police State Control.

This is really happening, newspapers & Irish mainstream media (like RTE, that we pay for) don’t report anything about this relevant news. It seems there is no pandemic, only a casedemic – from PCR tests which are only 7% reliable (see next bullet). We have cases of lots of illnesses with much higher death rates (Covid has a 99.9% recovery rate), but we don’t shut down cancer and heart disease screening for them, and children’s operations.

4. Why do the Irish Media Continue to Lie About Covid-19?

Article – Why the Irish Media won’t stop lying about Covid-19 – It’s all about Covid-ad money from the Irish Government – they have no other source of revenue.

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