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Sinn Fein are an Irish political party that advertises themselves as Irish Nationalists. We demonstrate via in depth investigations that Sinn Fein are just as corrupt as the other Main Irish Political parties when it comes to selling out the Irish people for their own political & financial gain.

This recent BBC article will give you all the context you need for the investigative articles below.

Irish state papers: IRA ‘wanted to exclude Sinn Féin from talks’ Sinn Fein are not nationalists, and the people who fought the British Empire believed that too.

From our investigations it became readily apparent that Sinn Fein are anti-Irish, anti-Nationalist, and Communist to the core. They are exploiting Ireland’s working classes and destroying their jobs & society one brick at a time. Their goal is to inherit the economic devastation from the Covid-19 fraud they helped perpetrate, and to be the administrators of extreme left technocracy for the decades to come. They are the local franchise of the worst wing of the Globalist machine.

One of Sinn Fein’s express goals is to erase Irish identity and Irish culture, which is why they push constantly for mass immigration. This was part of the deal they signed in return for power. Communo-fascism does not want national identities providing friction as they push for their one-world utopia.  Sinn Fein, through their connections to the Democrat party & CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) in the United States, are the local cash administrators and paymasters of terrorist organisations Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

They have ties to multiple international bodies like the Council on Foreign Relations (see the ‘deal with the devil’ article below), and Mary Lou MacDonald is an agent of the British state, along with being an agent of big Pharma – her family are neck deep in the vaccine con (see Mary Lou McDonald vaccine article below). People like David Cullinane deliberately scuppered formation talks with Fianna Fail (article below) and they play vaccine pretend debates with zombies like Simon Harris (articles below). They were paid 4.6 million after meeting with a mafia Union repeatedly (by their own records and US govt. records), which you can read about in the ‘deal with the devil’ article below.

Sinn Fein hide under a veneer of nationalism while selling the entire country down the river. They are just as corrupt as Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, and the rest of the compromised political criminals running this country for outside interests.

Sinn Fein are designed to placate the working classes while their jobs are destroyed and their birthrights are given away to foreign interests. Sinn Fein are a central pillar of the corrupt Irish political Uniparty.

Sinn Fein are the lead rats of the leftist pack, similar to ‘People Before Profit’. They all seek to use the working classes, make them state dependent, and thus suspend them in constant struggle – all to guarantee themselves a dependent & permanent political constituency who have been gaslit into thinking they can amount to nothing.

Sinn Fein are sick to the bone – career criminals with zero moral compass.