Why the Irish media won’t stop lying about Covid-19

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Just as curing patients is bad for the pharmaceutical industry, questioning the Irish government and their celebrity Midwit doctors is bad for Irish mainstream media.

The reality is, much of the Irish media is now staying afloat on Government Coronavirus advertising money.

The best boy in the class, RTE is also paid to lie with your television licence-fee money.

As the Irish Examiner reported on September 14th, more than 8.72 million has been spent so far on Government Covid advertising.

Here are two story-captures (links below) released in the early hours of today from the Irish Independent, and the Irish times – in Lockstep.

Basically the Irish Times & Independent are trying to influence an extension of Corona-ad-cash for 9 months.

The Irish times admitted themselves in April, with a conservative projection, that 30% of media advertising revenues would be gone this year. Arguably, the covid-hysteria that they helped to create has done far more damage to their advertising revenues than just 30%.

Businesses are hardly advertising anymore, consumer confidence has been destroyed, and many more job-losses are coming. All because the Irish media and Government have destroyed the economy based on pseudo-science, instead of looking at the actual data coming out of Italian state health departments in February & March, and then doing what Sweden did.

Given that at least a third of their advertising revenue is gone, it’s readily apparent that if they start reporting the truth on Covid-19 lies and misrepresentation of statistics and cases, they will face redundancies or closure.

Print media were already on their knees as a business-model prior to this crisis.

If they report the truth, their businesses may fold, and journalists will lose their jobs. Let that sink in. Michael Martin now runs a de-facto propaganda army for the Irish government to cover their tracks with.

Will the turkeys vote for Christmas and actually start reporting the real science and the truth about Covid 19?

Don’t hold your breath.

Not only would they be more at risk of losing their jobs, they would have to admit they were wrong.

Here’s a fantastic resource that has been in operation since January, detailing every piece of real science and statistics, from reputable scientific sources, that the Irish Government and media deliberately ignored https://swprs.org/facts-about-covid-19/

Bookmark it, when these people are eventually held accountable, it will be a useful reference tool.

Michael Martin now runs a de-facto propaganda army for the Irish government to cover their tracks with

Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
Michael J. Sullivan

Michael J. Sullivan

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