Is Luke O’Neill a Trojan Horse for Mandatory Vaccines? – Special Report –

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  1. ‘Professor’ Luke O’Neill has been central to driving the false Covid-19 narrative in Ireland
  2. O’Neill has direct financial interests in vaccine programs being rolled out via his company Sitryx, and his business partners – GSK, Eli Lilly, and SV Investors
  3. He has strong ties to Boris Johnson’s cabinet, via investment partner, British Noblewoman, and vaccine tsarina Kate Bingham – head of new UK vaccine taskforce
  4. O’Neill is being enabled as a lobbyist for the pharmaceutical industry by Irish Taxpayer money, to appear on RTE radio & television to lie about masks, ad nauseum.

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Interesting threads hang from the unravelling Covid vaccination narrative in Ireland.

They involve a rats-nest of British Vaccine venture capitalists, Irish celebrity doctors, Irish mainstream media, British high society, the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, Multinational vaccine manufacturers, and Boris Johnson’s cabinet.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that mainstream media and certain politicians and media personalities are ignoring the science on mask effectiveness. They ignore the fact that PCR tests are fundamentally flawed; and the reality that cases do not actually matter – only sickness and death matters.

They are driving a nation’s fear using the notion of rising cases and by enlisting a subservient Covid-ad funded media, and several politicians and celebrity scientists.

So why are they doing this? And who are ‘they’?

We might find some useful leads by taking a look at supreme Covid-fear-leader Luke O’Neill (deputy to the minister for ill-health, Stephen Donnelly).

Luke O’Neill is in the nexus of the Irish media cesspool, Irish taxpayer enterprise funding, political outsourcing, and the global pharma drug dealing industry.

If you’re having reservations that this may not be a fair examination of a private citizen, let us be clear from the outset.

Luke O’Neill has injected himself into the Irish media’s false Covid mask & vaccine narrative at every opportunity. He is a research scientist that keeps extremely quiet about established scientific mask-research from the US CDC, yet has been central to mask mandates that have stolen the summers of our elderly; ruined their quality of life; stymied the education of our nation’s children; increased mental health issues; and increased the daily isolation of our people.

We reported recently that the CDC released their final report in late April showing that cloth Masks are ineffective in preventing viral spread. The CDC is made of people who actually are doctors and epidemiologists. They first released their preliminary report on the 13th of February on mask-efficacy (here is the snapshot from 13th February of the CDC report, and here is the current CDC page).

Luke O’Neill has multiple scientific awards and has been a research scientist for decades. He can read scientific research as much as we can. If he didn’t see the CDC release, he has no credibility. Arguably he has no credibility left anyway, because he asserts that masks stop viral spread when there is far less scientific research to back that assertion (almost none).

Luke O’Neill knows he is lying when he repeats his stance on masks preventing viral spread, therefore Luke O’Neill is fair game for a robust examination. The question is, why is he lying?

Who is Luke O’Neill?

Most Irish people are familiar with Luke O’Neill. Over the past four years he has been steadily nurtured as a trusted science persona in the Irish Media-scape. If he isn’t delivering his cutesy good-humoured science pieces on Newstalk (Ireland’s second largest Radio broadcaster), he is getting paid by Irish taxpayers to teach us how to use a supermarket on RTE television or radio, the licence-fee-funded national broadcaster. He seems to be never off RTE.

Your money is giving this man a platform.

O’Neill has been elevated by the Irish print and broadcast media as the all-seeing eye of impartial public health advice on Covid-19.  O’Neill’s media rise from 2016 coincided with the death-spiral of his first enterprise-Ireland-funded venture, Opsona Therapeutics (previous link takes time to load as it is an archived page), which was wound up in early 2019.

The Irish mainstream media do not question any of O’Neill’s assertions, despite the fact that he is not a Medical Doctor, nor has he a qualification in public health or epidemiology. Yet they ignore experts like Ivor Cummins or Delores Cahill, who the Global media can’t get enough of.

Yet almost daily, O’Neill is given a direct line into the subconscious of a nation, acting as a middleman delivering the Government & Pharma message on Covid. He delivers Covid-19 perspectives most sympathetic to the finances of vaccine manufacturers.

Luke knows that without manufactured fear, no one will want/need the drugs that his company is selling.

O’Neill’s new therapeutic vaccine company, Sitryx

1. The difference between a therapeutic vaccine and regular vaccine, is that vaccines are theoretically administered to individuals as a precautionary measure to avoid infection or disease while therapeutic vaccines are administered after the individual is already affected by the disease or infection. So therapeutic vaccines are the new type, and regular vaccines are the Junk that eugenicist Bill-Gates is known for. This is key.

2. O’Neill has worked on Therapeutic treatments for two decades, bleeding the Irish tax-payer through his enterprise-Ireland-funded failed venture Opsona (wound up in 2019) and his latest venture Sityrx, funded by SV investors. One of O’Neill’s co-founders at Opsona was Kingston Mills, who you may also have see in the Irish times. More on him below.

O’Neill’s new company, Sitryx, is focused on immunometabolism therapeutics. Immunometabolics is basically a fancy name for looking at how cells act when confronted by disease.

It’s experimental, and it hasn’t shown much promise – O’Neill’s first company failed after ten years of trying. However, this pseudoscience does offer another avenue to make money from selling unnecessary drugs to people, and for pharma companies to take public monies from governments.

And therapeutics have a recurring revenue model – not a one off vaccine shot. Bingo!

O’Neill and his partners at Sitryx are funded by SV Investors, Eli Lilly and GlaxoSmithKline, two major multinational pharma companies involved in the Global vaccine hype for Covid-19.

Trojan horse for the British Vaccine Industry

In computing, a Trojan horse, or trojan, is any malware which misleads users of its true intent.


Let us take a look at what Luke O’Neill’s true intent may be.

In March 2020, Eli Lilly announced a partnership with Sitryx to discover new immunomatabolic medicines worth almost $1 billion.

And surprise surprise, on October 8th, Eli Lilly announced they now are now pushing a therapeutic treatment for Covid-19, for low and middle income countries, in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Remember, therapeutic vaccines are only profitable if people are already sick or infected. Is this why Luke O’Neill recommends masks for protection, when he knows they afford no protection at all?

A widely infected population could be sold therapeutics if the media was on board. And how hard would that be? They’ve been on board with everything so far.

A population that turned out to be completely infected despite wearing masks would most definitely benefit O’Neill’s investors & his company. Are you getting the picture?

Is this why he initially said don’t wear masks, thinking it would help the spread. But then switched to “wear masks”, because he knew they were useless anyway, but would keep the public fear going until expedited clinical trials were completed?

Who are SV Investors?

Here’s a list of investors in Luke O’Neill’s company Sitryx: Eli Lilly and GSK (where Luke O’Neill once worked) Let us now look at SV Investors.

They provided seed capital for Sitryx, likely valuing the knowledge O’Neill gained at Opsoma at the Irish taxpayer’s expense.  

Here’s the SV investors portfolio of medical investments – change the filter for yourself to Biotech, and then marvel at the long list of Therapeutic investments in their portfolio. SV investors, and Glaxo and Eli Lilly, are Luke O’Neill’s bosses.

As you can see from the infographic (and their website), the Managing partner at SV Investors is Kate Bingham. As you can see in her Bio, she has also been at the company for 29 years. She was also a company officer for Cobra Biologics while at SV Investors. And Cobra Biologics have been selected under a UK government grant (Innovate UK) to partner with Scancell on a therapeutic Covid-19 vaccine. There are numerous other links to therapeutic vaccine companies in her past currently making Covid vaccines.

In May 2020 Kate Bingham was appointed Chair of the UK Vaccine taskforce as per her SV investor biography above. How can she hold that position given that she benefits personally financially, the more vaccines are sold to the UK Government?

Interestingly, Jesse Norman – a Baron-in-waiting, is her husband; descended from the 1660 Earl of Sandwich; another Oxford man; member of the Queen’s Privy council; and a junior Treasury secretary in Boris Johnson’s cabinet.

Oxford University connections

Incidentally, Boris Johnson is another Oxford man, as was his brother, Jo Johnson, who also edited the Oxford student magazine, Isis (yes, Isis).

Kate Bingham herself is officially a peer of the realm and has serious connections, and her daddy was quite the Oxford big-wig, literally – he was the father of the UK Supreme court, lord chief justice, and they made him a knight of Lizzie’s garter in 2005.

Kate’s dad was very senior in Oxford and half the board at SV Investors are Oxford, as are many of the people who have pushed the lies of the Covid-crisis since day one. Included in that Oxford cabal are Neil Ferguson and his fake models, the models that sent the world into hysteria and economic apocalypse in the first place. Luke O’Neill pushes Oxford Vaccine initiatives where he can.

Luke O’Neill’s supporting Irish cast-members

Moving on to Kingston Mills above. Bunker-dweller extraordinaire and co-founder of O’Neill’s first company failure, Opsona. Here is Kingston Mills in May 2020 pushing therapeutic vaccines. No surprise there then.

The Irish Times, giving more unquestioning airtime to these scientific charlatans seeking to defraud the Irish public and potentially endanger their health, never mentioned the links.

These men are beholden to big pharma, and are being given a platform by the Irish media to lie to the Irish people and take money from the Irish taxpayer, for a vaccine program that is simply not needed based on their own official sickness and death figures.

We already explained here how the media won’t stop lying about Covid-19. If this was a real pandemic, you would not need stats repeated to you constantly by politicians and media. You would see the death and sickness all around you.

How much more evidence does Ireland need to wake up?

Why is the Irish Taxpayer funding RTE to allow Luke O’Neill to lobby directly to the Irish people for big pharma?

Luke O’Neill is at the centre of a complex web of companies depending on the continuation of the false Covid-narrative for their enrichment. He is enabled by an Irish media and political class who are pushing the same narrative without any discussion of both sides of the Covid story. We simply do not need a vaccine based on their own figures.

We can’t stress this enough – cases mean nothing, only sickness and death matters. If you have not grasped the massive implications of this please ask us to elaborate in the comments below – no registration is required.

The media, and public figures like Tony Holohan (who presided over the Cervical check scandal) are lying every time they represent Covid-case numbers as a threat. Maybe they don’t mean to lie, Maybe they are under duress, or some kind of threat. Manufactured fear is driving everything. Doctors are being struck off for speaking out, so many will not speak out.

O’Neill also never mentions the fact that Cancer and heart disease (and many other illnesses) are not being screened for (I.e., there are so many diagnoses for preventable deaths being missed across the world due to the Covid hype).

Luke & his investors seem to be using fear to make people succumb to vaccination, and it will cost states around the world Billions, money that could be spent on the treatment of more dangerous health issues. It is a scam. Run at the top by organised criminals.

The Irish media, just like O’Neill’s vaccine-investor-network, are absolutely dependent on the real facts of Covid and masks not being made widely available, by keeping the Irish people in fear.

As is usual in Ireland, it’s our own that do the most damage.

Please share this story – we’re doing this to fight the mainstream media in Ireland and their non-stop lies, and to help stop kids getting vaccines they don’t need and their lives being ruined, because their parents trust our politicians, media, and the likes of O’Neill. As you can see we have no ads.

The last time this happened was the Swine vaccine scam in 2009, and kids are still in court to this day with the Irish Government over it. Thanks

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