Mary Lou McDonald And The Covid-19 Vaccine Connection…

The broad strokes…
  1. Last week we outlined how Sinn Fein & Mary Lou McDonald refuse to use real Covid-science to expose the Irish Government’s Covid tyranny, exposing how she has helped drive the national Covid-hysteria and vaccine narrative – pretending to be sick with Covid on National television in the Spring of 2020.
  2. Mary Lou McDonald & Sinn Fein refuse to attack the Irish Government over the fact that the WHO said Lockdowns don’t work, because they plan on profiting politically from Irish misery. Sinn Fein know that all we have are cases, and no sickness & death relative to all other causes of mortality. They know cancer screenings and other disease screenings are stopped, leading to many more actual deaths. Sinn Fein stay silent because they’re either controlled opposition (most likely), or they plan to profit politically.
  3. We explained how Mary Lou & Sinn Fein mysteriously received 4.6 million after multiple meetings with a corrupt US labour Union LiUNA, and the President of the Council on Foreign Relations, Richard Haass
  4. It turns out that Mary Lou McDonald’s family will also benefit financially if unnecessary vaccine programs are rolled out for a virus with a 99.9% recovery rate. Vaccines that will be injected into Irish children and adults unnecessarily, paid for by national borrowings to be paid back by those Irish children. Mary Lou is connected through a company called Vaccitech Ltd.
Mary lou Macdonald and the Covid-19 vaccine connection
Mary Lou McDonald’s sister & Vaccitech Ltd. (& Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals)

Mary Lou McDonald is the leader of Sinn Fein – Ireland’s main opposition political party, who we contend are controlled opposition to control Ireland’s working classes.

Mary Lou’s sister, is the current Director of Legal & Intellectual property with a company called Vaccitech, since November 2018. We don’t need to link to her Linkedin profile – not for any legal reasons (we’re telling the truth), but because it’s just not classy. If you check out Vaccitech’s team page here, you’ll see her mentioned towards the bottom (ctrl+F ‘Bernie McDonald) – she isn’t pictured.

Vaccitech are currently working with AstraZeneca, on their Covid Vaccine – more on that here. Here’s a screenshot from that article:

Vaccitech, AstraZeneca, & Oxford university who are everywhere in the Covid Vaccine scam (Related reading: We showed you how everything Covid-19 & Vaccine related is revolving around Oxford university, in our article on Luke O’Neill and Sitryx’s therapeutic vaccine scam).

Astrazeneca are the lead company in the Oxford vaccine cabal, rushing vaccines to market despite a recent halt on their vaccine trials due to dangerous side effects (which is what happens when vaccines are rushed to market).

Here’s a screenshot from a recent Daily Mail Article:

Daily mail article linked, 20 October 2020

There are many different investor groups in McDonald’s Vaccitech (you can see lots of investor info here), and we don’t have the time to show you all of the links throughout the international Covid-hysteria factory. But here is one connection to give you a taste – GeneMatrix.

The Covid-Vaccine Scam’s circular eco-system

GeneMatrix have pumped millions into Vaccitech. And they make the same PCR tests (read here how PCR tests have 7% reliability and are scientifically meaningless ) that are being used to drive fear in Ireland and globally, fuelling the Covid hysteria and vaccine goldrush.

So GeneMatrix make the inaccurate tests that drive the vaccine hysteria, then profit from vaccines when governments buy them to calm down a population in fear.

This is organised crime.

Always look for the links. They are all in plain sight – switch off your televisions. You’ll see that the simple idea is to trick people & Governments into approving vaccine programs that they don’t need, for a virus with a 99.9% recovery rate – billions and billions of dollars are at stake, as is the survival of the corrupt pharmaceutical industry. Here’s a screenshot from crunchbase on funding details for Vaccitech:

Funding detail screenshot from the crunchbase article here, which references Genematrix, Vaccitech Private Equity investors, and manufacturers of useless PCR Tests
Vaccitech’s links to GSK/Wellcome, and the Irish Mother & Baby Home Concentration Camps

Let us now look at some of the main people currently working at Mary Lou McDonald’s family-linked company, Vaccitech. You can find the full list of Vaccitech principal employees here.

You may notice a few people from the Wellcome Trust – which has a stake in GSK and is the same family business that transformed into GSK. Wellcome are Saxe-Coburg linked and go way back with the British Royal family, but that’s another article for another time.

We showed you in recent days that Wellcome are the company that experimented on Irish women and children with cattle vaccines in the 1960’s. These experiments were done in Mother & Baby homes – which were Catholic Church & Irish State run dumping grounds for unwed mothers and bastard children to be discarded into. For further information, read our Mother & Baby home report which outlines how centuries-old Wellcome are in fact GlaxoSmithKline in all but name.

Here are some of the current Vaccitech employees shown on their team page, and here their executive bios from another website, with links to Wellcome detailed:

The Vaccine swamp is very deep.

We explained how covering up for GSK is the main reason the Mother & baby home commission report in Ireland is being buried by Roderic O’Gorman (Ireland’s controversial & compromised liberal ‘Green’ politician), and other Irish Government deep-state agents.

Mary Lou McDonald probably wants it buried too – her family will also lose out if GSK’s links to vaccine experimentation in Irish concentration camps is released in an official report. We showed you all the links to GSK/Wellcome in that article linked above (again, it is the same company, and same family that owns them).

Wellcome’s tentacles are all over Vaccitech ltd., who are chasing the Covid-vaccine rush with Astrazeneca. Wellcome/GSK are everywhere in the wider vaccine program gold-rush, despite the media portraying this vaccine rush as some sort of competition between GSK and Astrazeneca. This is just for optics and to keep it in the news. And it is also intended to entertain & brainwash their eventual guinea-pigs and cash cows – your family, and your children. If you want to see how the mainstream media frame the vaccine race pantomime, see this google search.

As you can see on the Wellcome website here, they still work on projects aplenty with GSK (we could literally write a book on how they are basically still the same company):

Wellcome’s website, still working with GSK, as we have shown you, they have their staff working at Vaccitech Ltd.
Other connections in the State/Pharma sphere in the UK/Ireland

The former head of GSK, Andrew Whitty, currently co-leads the World Health Organization’s (WHO) COVID-19 vaccine programme.

Andrew is the brother of Chris Whitty, chief Medical Officer for SAGE in Britain, who is helping drive manufactured Covid crisis in the UK with Boris Johnson– SAGE are basically Ireland’s version of the corrupt NPHET. Johnson and Whitty, and Kate Bingham (Who we wrote about in the Luke O’Neill expose), the other co-char of the vaccine task force in the UK, are all Oxford University. Here’s Andrew Whitty, Chris Whitty’s brother. Incestuous relationships with clear conflicts of interest are common veins throughout the manufactured Covid-hype and the concurrent vaccine scam narrative.

Andrew Whitty, former GSK/Wellcome CEO, and brother of Coronavirus UK Czar and SAGE head in the UK, Chris Whitty
Ireland, Vaccine/Covid politics and Mary Lou McDonald/Sinn Fein

So let’s reduce this all to Ireland. As we linked in the intro above, Mary Lou McDonald, Sinn Fein’s opposition ‘freedom fighter’ leader (what a joke that is), has met repeatedly with corrupt labour unions in the US, where 4.6 million appeared out of a caravan 12 days later for Sinn Fein. She has also followed the Biden/Harris Covid propaganda campaign since January – willfully ignoring facts and science to drive Covid hysteria in Ireland.

Mary Lou McDonald has helped to hypnotise a nation with fear, to eventually make political capital from the suffering of working & middle class Irish people.

She now refuses to use established science to hold the Irish Government parties to account (who are deep in this vaccine scam too – remember, pharma make up 70%+ of our exports now), because Sinn Fein intend on making political capital from all of the public anger and frustration that will build up in the coming months thanks to economic armageddon and suicides.

Sinn Fein & Mary Lou McDonald have proven by their inaction and silence on real Covid-science that they want more suicides and cancer deaths.

Finally, it is now clear Mary Lou McDonald has family links to pharmaceutical companies (and there is more than just the one family member mentioned above) that will profit if rushed vaccination programs are rolled out in Ireland and the UK.

Mary Lou McDonald has links right to the top of the British establishment, hugely corrupt labour unions, and the US Democrat political swamp via the CFR as we outlined here.

This woman represents herself as an Irish Nationalist, and as someone representing the interests of the Irish people. Consider the following checklist:

  • Internationally connected political pharma operative in place, to keep the working classes quiet while their jobs are destroyed with unscientific economic lockdowns ✓;
  • Clear family links to the British pharma establishment and international warmongering establishment (Richard Haass of the CFR) in place ✓;
  • National platform to drive Covid hysteria in place using complicit Irish socialist media & Sinn Fein’s hige political network and social media presence ✓;
  • Wait for more cash and power to roll in, Ireland be damned ✓.
  • Mary Lou McDonald is the ultimate crown plant into Irish politics. She comes from a family of organised criminals planning to profit from economic suffering and death, along with a guaranteed future vaccine injury tsunami. She hasn’t a nationalist bone in her hag body.
Why are Covid lies & the Vaccine scam happening globally?

Covid-19 is a massive vaccine scam, happening globally. Besides it’s use for geopolitical reasons to help bring down the US economy (another article for another day), there is a very real business justification for it, however abhorrent it may be. It is very simple if you step back and look at it.

Pharma companies are reeling with the opioid crisis lawsuits in the US and entering bankruptcy.

As you can read here, Mallinkrodt pharma, based in Ireland…, is now bankrupt, thanks to Opioid crisis lawsuits. Irish & Global establishment figures are driving the Covid-19 narrative at all costs in order to make countries purchase their vaccines in vast numbers.

Billions in private equity investment money has also gone into vaccine companies, and Big Pharma need a new revenue stream to stay in business. Their new experimental untested vaccines will sicken people for decades with many more illnesses (just like many of their recent vaccine – like their Swine flu scam – did). This means huge recurring revenues for pharma companies well into the future, selling new drugs to treat those illnesses.

This is why the likes of Luke O’Neill in Ireland, Chris Whitty in the UK, politicians like Leo Varadkar, Boris Johnson, Jesse Norman, Pharma-owned Fauci & Birx in the US, and many more criminals are pushing the nonsensical Covid-lockdown regulations & mask hysteria that are destroying your freedoms, lives, and mental health. Bill Gates is also invested to the hilt in vaccines.

They all need you begging for a vaccine to get your life back, for them to cash in. The Irish Government want to help the pharma industry too – it makes up most of Ireland’s exports. Mary Lou McDonald, with her eyes on power in the next Government, will want to hang onto Pharma also, besides wanting her sister in Vaccitech to cash in bigly.

You can see all the links above. It is all family money, a vast network of compromised operatives after money. They plan on turning your bodies into a marketplace. And your children’s bodies into a life-long marketplace.

They don’t care about your health, just like GSK and Wellcome/Vaccitech didn’t care in the Irish Mother & Baby Home concentration camps. Mary Lou McDonald doesn’t care about the health of the Irish people. She wants real family power, to enter the upper echelons of the global elite. She has sold her soul, and plans on standing on the backs of Irish & British children to get to where she wants to be.

Mary Lou McDonald’s family are set to gain with the rollout of unnecessary vaccine programs in the UK & Ireland and beyond. And this is why she drives Covid fear, hysteria, and advocates government lockdowns DESPITE being political ‘opposition’ and a supposed champion of the people. Her conflicts of interest couldn’t be more clear, and our complicit mainstream media intentionally do not report on it.

Mary Lou McDonald is just another piece of the corrupt treasonous puzzle looking to plug into the bodies of children around the world. She doesn’t care about the truth, or the Irish, or their health or freedom.

To fully understand Globalist Quisling treasonous ‘Nationalists’ Sinn Fein, read and study the below report…

Click image to read.

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