Left-Wing Politicians & Media Rejoice – Seek To Politically Exploit Shooting Incident

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A 27-year-old was shot dead by Irish Police in west Dublin at 12.35pm on Wednesday the 30th of December 2020. George Nkencho had allegedly been party to a number of incidents in the lead up to his shooting at the hands of Irish police.

Generally, if you attack the police with a knife you’re going to get shot. Attack police and members of the public with massive knife; fail to surrender knife; attack police with clear intent to kill – get shot. It is of course sad that anyone gets shot but this is the real world…or at least it used to be.

With plenty of video evidence available to local communities that really should be the end of the story, but as is fitting for the year in which the Irish media drove people mad the story was only getting started.

This bystander video of the shooting has been widely shared on social media so there’s no need for us to share it here.

Having viewed the video, it is clear that after being shot once, Mr Nkencho continued to attempt to attack police with the ‘mostly peaceful’ blade he happened to be carrying. He therefore needed a few more rounds to put him down and to stop the attack.

Unsurprisingly for 2020’s clown-world, local migrant communities went on a rampage after the killing despite being fully aware of the man’s criminal rap sheet and seeing the video. We go into the reasons for their self-destructive madness below. First, here’s a small taste of the massive carnage (unreported by the mainstream media who in many ways caused this) that has occurred in the local area in the past two days.

Widespread racially motivated attacks immediately followed in Dublin

This First Video Shows The Man Returning From Assaulting Shop Staff And Members Of The Public & Being Trailed By Irish Police. Mr Nkencho is on his way back home after perpetrating the extremely violent maiming of a Eurospar convenience store manager.

He also allegedly punched an elderly disabled person in a wheelchair who challenged his actions. It was this event that led to the police being called initially, and ultimately to his shooting.

As you can see, Mr Nkencho has several police cars trailing him. Nkencho is also alleged to have beaten his partner with a hammer in recent weeks, and violently assaulted and terrorised several other women in this local park

These next two videos show the mob looking for revenge for the shooting, by attacking Irish people for being white:
This next video shows the mob holding Irish people hostage in the shop in which the criminal had assaulted staff just hours previously.

They (females) are heard shouting racist taunts: “White bastards”…”I hope you die” and words to that effect (irony).

The original video is clear cut and everyone in the local area has seen it – including those engaged in assaulting local white Irish people all over the local area in retribution, simply for being white.

These videos are just a taste of the hundreds circulating on every social media platform. Multiple attacks and assaults on native Irish people in the area have gone unreported by Irish Mainstream media. As have the mob’s attempts to storm the local police station.

The Irish media are racist towards black people

The term “blaxploitation” was coined by Junius Griffin, the then-head of the Los Angeles National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), in the early 70s as a criticism for the less-than-positive images of African Americans depicted in the genre. The Irish media engage in goal-oriented Blaxploitation every week, we extensively show you how below – it is not immediately obvious until you look hard enough.

Daily Irish newspapers who have lied about Covid-19 all year and the ‘mostly peaceful’ Black Lives Matter protests in the US and UK, and the Irish Independent and Irish Times just can’t stop lying by omission.

All mainstream reporting in recent days made it seem like everything was calm dignified and peaceful in the aftermath of the shooting.

In misrepresenting the carnage, the media are isolating the people of Blanchardstown and obscuring their true agenda to divide and conquer black and white working class communities. The media are waging war on Ireland and civilised society – attempting to gaslight the Irish into self-hatred for being racist, and to persuade African migrants into thinking that the welcoming Irish are somehow racist.

Stop buying these newspapers! Stop visiting their websites and sharing their stories thus giving them ad revenue. Stop funding their lies.

Irish politicians and the Irish & international media not only caused this shooting, but also the violent attacks on white Irish people that followed. By seeding racial division and manipulating the minds of black communities.

The racist aftermath against white Irish people was and is one of their prime goals – divide and conquer is the order of the day for Ireland’s politicians and media – setting blacks against whites to cause ongoing future carnage.

What makes a man think he can act like this with impunity, with no consequence in a civilised Western country? Who put the ideas into his head that he was invincible and untouchable? Did he think he was invincible because he was black?

And what then causes many men and women from these local African communities to mount racial attacks on innocent white people in revenge? These black kids aren’t stupid – they’re just as smart as white kids. They know that their parents were welcomed in from Africa in recent decades and given a home and a peaceful society to live in.

They know that the place where they live is probably better than where their parents came from. Indeed, many of them may not even be alive had they not been welcomed into a stable western country with rule of law, dependable food supplies, and opportunities for all.

We must ask why they are literally tearing up what they have been given, all for a dead man who has by all accounts done nothing but terrorise the local community for years. Why are these kids seeking to divide themselves from the local population?

Could it be that the media and Irish politicians continually tell them that they are different in order to provoke these reactions deliberately?

There is no doubt that some criminals in the area will miss the mayhem this man caused, but there is something much more sinister going on in Ireland that Black & White people need to face up to.

The Irish media’s agenda is to use Black people as pawns and treat them like idiots

The Irish media have spent years trolling these African kids into thinking that Irish people are racist. They have created a narrative that has brainwashed these kids into thinking the very people who welcomed their families in, and sent their people money for generations, are somehow racist towards them.

It is difficult to resist this type of brainwashing. It’s an easy out for these kids because it removes all responsibility for their actions, and by extension their agency – their ability to better themselves and grow into functioning members of society. It makes many of them dependents on the state for life, and on the politicians that exploit them.

There is ZERO evidence of systemic racism in Ireland against Black people. There never was. But go out and buy any national Irish newspaper on a weekend and you’ll see one guilt piece after another telling Irish people that they are racist. You’ll hear it on the radio and TV too, by the support Irish journalists give to Marxist filth like ‘Black Lives Matter’, which is funded by rich Oligarchs and Chinese money, to sow internal discord in the United States and Western European nations. China is without a doubt the most racist society in the world – if migrants tore a town up in China (not that they would be allowed move there in the first place) like they did Blanchardstown, they’d all be lined up and shot.

The Irish media’s white guilt movement mirrors the white-guilt/Black lives matter movement sweeping the United states, driven by Kabbalic Marxist fake-Jews like George Soros, and leftist Democrat politicians bought and owned by China. The United States is full of these nation-destroyers seeking to create chaos. And Ireland has plenty. Sorcha Pollak of the Irish times is one of them – this tweet sums her up. There’s plenty more like her, and their goal is to undermine Irish culture and tell these children of African migrants that the Irish somehow hate them. You can be sure that media people like Pollak and RTE’s Marxist John Williams HATE black people just as much as they hate the lower and middle class native Irish.

Make no mistake, many Irish journalists are paid up members of the Communist British Union of Journalists and their goal is to help destroy Western society. They are using race as an issue to erode national morale and identity, to pave their way for their communist/Marxist ideals. That they’re being paid handsomely in a capitalist fashion to push this agenda doesn’t come into it. These journalists writing the lies are the useful leftist idiots that Yuri Bezmenov spoke about in our article about the Journal.ie being full-time liars. Useful idiots being used.

The agenda is widespread in Irish media and politics. Their pandering to the BLM movement throughout the summer of 2020 and beyond was no co-incidence – BLM are self avowed Marxists just like most Irish journalists are. They are USING black people to achieve their wider political goals, and they don’t care how marginalised black communities in Ireland will eventually become as a result of their race-baiting. Irish journalism that pretends to support black people, actually destroys Black people like the BLM platform does.

Here’s the twist. The Irish capitalist media ownership oligarchy fosters the type of migrant violence seen in Blanchardstown to ultimately split the left, using migrants to maintain the status quo that leftists profess opposition to.

Think that’s conspiracy? Think again. The FBI even went so far as to create a fake African holiday and a group called the ‘African Slaves’ to achieve just that under their notorious COINTELPRO program. They created a rival group to the Black Panthers (who were never actually anti-white). We are witnessing the same thing in Ireland – Ireland’s ruling class making victims out of Black Migrants, telling them they are not responsible for their actions, to suck in the idiot braindead left and keep us all fighting among ourselves.

This also contributes to the express goal of current ruling Irish & EU Political criminals to suppress the populism and nationalism that is slowly uniting the leftist Bernie Sanders crowd and the Trump MAGA movement in the United States.

The scum of Irish politics and Irish media are deathly afraid that the disaffected left and right will unite in Ireland once they realise that the Irish National parliament is a sham and their media-driven divisions are mostly cosmetic.

Currently in Ireland, if an Irish Nationalist rationally objects to African mobs rampaging through Dublin, or migrants being housed unequally before the native Irish homeless, the idiot left do the job of the capitalists and attack their own people by calling them racists. Useful idiots in the media and groups like BLM/Antifa take the bait (groups run by committed crown-plant Marxists Sinn Fein who are all over the unjustified outrage of recent days). This attempt to censor creates deep and damaging resentment, the very divisions that cucked leftists say they want to prevent (but that their leaders like Sinn Fein & People Before Profit actively encourage).

If Black people in Ireland want to protest anyone, target number one is the Irish media. They are hell bent on persuading your children that they are too stupid to have personal responsibility, and that they can commit crimes with no consequences. This dooms black children to unhappy lives because the law will eventually catch up with them, just as it did Mr Nkencho. That’s just a fact of life.

If they keep listening to the Irish media, they will also always look to blame Whitey – which will doom them to unhappiness because Irish Whitey has invited them into their home and hasn’t a racist bone in his body. At least he hadn’t until they started the racist battering of old white women and men for being white, all because the police shot and killed a knife wielding criminal who happened to be black. Let’s keep it so Irish people remain non-racist – time to step up black community leaders – you know where RTE is.

This Irish media are racist against Blacks and seek to create victims – the events of recent days show they are succeding

Every child of an African migrant who attacked white people in recent days knows that Nkencho was a violent criminal. They all seen the shooting video. Yet they immediately lost grip of reason and seen him as a victim. They have been manipulated into thinking that if someone is black, they can do no wrong. This is due to the concerted Irish & global media program mentioned above. The mainstream cabal-owned media is the enemy of all humans, black or white.

The media are seeking to create a community of victims, a domestic boogeyman for Irish people to constantly be weary of, and vice versa. They seek to remove responsibility from the black community and create resentment in the native population. This creates tensions that last decades, which allows Ireland’s media and political elites to keep raping the public purse and robbing us all blind.

This model has been followed across Democrat-run cities in the United states for over fifty years. First they victimised Black communities. They gave them handouts. They created a welfare-dependent class, made everything about race which ensured corruption and crime soared in the absence of personal responsibility and these cities turned into communist shitholes.

This is a tried and tested method by those wishing to destroy nations and those simply seeking corrupt political power. It’s called divide and conquer.

The Irish media and Irish politicians, like Fine Gael scumbag & Bilderberger Simon Coveney are so focused on mass migration into Ireland (despite us not having the jobs, houses or health infrastructure to accommodate it) because they are literally getting paid to destroy their own nations and create classes of people from whom they can derive political power – in one twisted way or another.

Treasonous Irish politicians (most of them) USE black people for political capital, the Irish people DO NOT use black people

There are a number of political parties in Ireland with elected representatives currently sitting in our notional parliament. Technically they are ideologically different, but 2020 has taught us that they are all the exact same. They all supported the Black Lives Matter movement which expressly seeks to undermine Black people and the black community. And they all lied about Covid, and unscientific mask mandates, and murderous economically devastating lockdowns (that will hurt black & white jobs – it is middle and lower class jobs that have been hit hardest by the Covid scam).

Every political party in Ireland except the National Party, Irish Freedom Party, Renua, and Anti-Corruption Ireland opposed the lie of lockdowns for a virus with a 99.98% recovery rate. For opposing economic destruction and supporting economic freedoms for blacks and whites they are called ‘far right’ by marxist politicians and media in Ireland.

This is called projection: accuse your enemy of that which you are guilty. The left & the media are the true racists in Ireland, as explained in detail above and as expanded on below.

Every sitting politician except Mattie McGrath and Michael McNamara had the decency to ask logical questions about the Covid-hoax, the rest of Ireland’s politicians went along with the Covid lockdown lie that has caused more suicides, cancers, and heart disease screenings going missed.

These people – Irish politicians who kept quiet and who keep the Covid-lie going – are guilty of murder by joint venture. And they know they are guilty, which is why they have to keep the lockdown-lie going.

From the majority of Ireland’s politicians we get one lying voice bleating about how we are all racist, and how there’s really a Covid crisis despite their own stats showing that Covid is completely made up, causing less sickness and mortality than any other cause in our hospitals. They lie about literally everything, fabricating issues to keep us all in fear and perpetual turmoil.

The latest campaign of race-baiting by Irish politicians may even make it into law. We now have halfwit virtue signalling Fianna Fail senators like Fiona O’Loughlin , Robbie Gallaghar and Lisa Chambers, making up monumentally stupid hate speech bills to stop us talking about things like this and to drive divisions ever deeper.

These people are the stupidest of our people, being given a platform to sow more racial division. These racist Fianna Fail halfwits are basically telling black people they are incapable of having reasonable discussions because they’re too stupid and might get offended if someone says the word black.

That is what the Hate Speech bill is all about – treasonous Irish politicians treating black people like idiots and seeking to use them for political gain.

Their side-goal is to stop the likes of Freepress.ie from showing African migrants how our politicians are using them for political ends, and essentially telling African migrants they have a right to prosecute any Irish person they deem offensive.

I can guarantee you the vast majority of African migrants we spoke to about this (many of them taxi drivers) do not want that bill to pass because they know the terrible storm a law like that could eventually bring upon them.

Interestingly, it is the loudest virtue signaling leftist politicians in Ireland who hate black people the most.

Where some corrupt politicians Gerrymander and manipulate boundaries of electoral districts, Marxist leftists create entirely new constituencies to exploit by deliberately igniting racial tensions.

They do this as the native population recognises their extreme corruption. Their political business model relies on keeping people in ignorance and perpetuating false narratives, moving from one host to the next like parasites. There are a number of Irish political parasites who have migrant communities firmly in their sights.

They use Black people for political ends treating them like they’re stupid, while also hoping to gain votes and sympathy from cucked brainwashed Irish white people that their media allies have taught to hate themselves.

Marxist leftists are not the friend of the white man or the black man – understanding this is simply a matter of rejecting manufactured perception.

Shakespeare’s witches were prophets who hailed Macbeth early in the play, and predicted his ascent to kingship. Upon killing the king and gaining the throne of Scotland, Macbeth hears them ambiguously predict his eventual downfall. The witches and their filthy trappings set an early ominous tone for the play.

Hazel Chu – Left wing Black-Hating politician Number 1

Take Hazel Chu of the communist Green party for example.  Not content with constantly gaslighting Irish people about being racists, this CCP plant regularly shows his ignorance towards Black people in Ireland.

He (Chu) never shuts up about the non-issue of racism in Ireland, trying to make political capital by creating perceived injustice in the minds of impressionable Black youth. Which causes them to run riot instead of taking personal responsibility and reflecting on the facts. This is straight out of Marxist Saul Alinsky’s Rules for radicals, rule 10 and 11, to be exact.  

Chu never stops banging on about racism being an issue in Ireland, despite the fact that he is non-Irish and yet has been given the prestigious job of Lord Mayor of Dublin. He is a truly pathetic creature – anyone who disagrees with him is automatically called a racist. Here is a sample of the tweets related to the recent shooting.

Go through the feed yourself – it’s non-stop batshit crazy race-baiting 24/7, but there is a deliberate malevolence at work.

Chu creates race issues out of thin-air and tries to make political capital by falsely victimising black people for her own CCP Communist Green party’s political goals. His voters are the self-hating brainwashed white people mentioned above.

If you keep telling kids they are racially victimised like Chu does, they start to believe it. And the Chu-tumour never stops telling black kids they are victims, thus dooming them to the outcomes we explained above.

Kids need to be looked after and empowered, not told they are victims because of the colour of their skin.

This Ireland-hating snake has zero shame in using black kids for his own political ends, despite his own job as Lord-Mayor of Dublin demonstrating the Irish are not a racist people.

Chu is a cancer on this country and the wider immigrant community that makes a positive contribution to Ireland, just like the rest of his paedophile-sympathising Green-Party colleagues.

Ruth Coppinger – Left-Wing Black-Exploiting Politician Number 2

Another leftist fool is political also-ran and All Ireland abortion semi-finalist Ruth Coppinger.

Former TD and current servant of her own abusers, Ruth also sought to make political capital off this recent Black death by gaslighting leftists into thinking this was something other than a lawful shooting by a police officer defending himself from a man on a violent rampage.


You can bet Ruth seen the video, and you can bet Ruthy knows the policeman had no choice. But she still chose to stoke racial tension and USE black people for her own political ends, having been rejected on the fifth count in the recent general election because people were sick of the sight of her moaning mush.

Ruth thinks the wider black community are too stupid to see the truth of this shooting for themselves, and is seeking to drive the same Marxist narrative that RTE and other media outlets in Ireland are 100% focused on. They all want division, and us fighting amongst ourselves – Ruth included.

Ruth is a rabid supporter of planned parenthood and abortion in general, despite Planned Parenthood (founded by eugenicist Bill Gates’s eugenicist father) being set up to deliberately kill more black babies than white babies.

Dear Black people in Ireland – the left are not your friends. They will use you and ultimately destroy you.

brid Smith – Left wing Black hater number 3

Another genuine honest to goodness ganglion currently stoking racial tensions for political gain is Dublin South central TD Brid Smith.

Brid pretends to represent the working classes while simultaneously calling for ‘non-essential’ business to be shut down all year throughout the manufactured fake Covid-19 crisis.

Brid is the destroyer of working class jobs (she knows Covid is not a dangerous killer) and the working classes along with Sinn Fein, and she will destroy Black communities too if you let her. She thinks Black people are too stupid to see through her race-baiting, and she thinks Irish working class people are too. Here’s the wicked witch yesterday afternoon on Facebook – key point highlighted in yellow:

brid smith racist
Brid smith TD talking shite and stoking racial tensions

Brid is deliberately stoking racial tensions here for political gain. She brings up knife-wielding white criminals not being shot by police and somehow infers that this means Irish police are racist for shooting a black man with a knife. What the clown Smith fails to point out is that Black or White, most criminals will not lunge at armed detectives with a massive blade.

Brid thinks black people are too stupid to realise this themselves, hence her arrogance. She has demonstrated by her actions she is a racist because she thinks Black people can’t see the truth for themselves. She is seeking to manipulate the black community into voting for her, using deliberate and dangerous lies, just as she did the working class white community.

She is a parasite, pissing in the pockets of the Irish black community while whispering over their shoulders and telling them its raining.

Brid Smith knows that the shots were fired because they had tazed, pepper sprayed and asked the man to lay down his weapon. Brid Smith has seen the footage. Brid Smith is gaslighting black people and trying to manipulate them into more racial violence. This is what the marxist-left does. Brid Smith is a dangerous scumbag who must not be re-elected (if we ever have another fair election in this country).

These three venomous harridons sum up the bulk of Irish polity’s duplicitous contradictions when it comes to talking about race in Ireland. They are only interested in stoking racial tensions for political gain. They couldn’t care less about black people.

Learning From Recent History about political & media race-Baiting criminals

The same type of corrupt left wing democrat politicians stoked racial hatred in the United States throughout the summer of 2020 after the likely staged death of Armed robber, porn star, and rapist George Floyd. Here’s a black man investigating that fakery in great detail.

Billions of dollars in damage were caused by BLM and communities were impoverished forever; jobs gone forever. Many black people were alienated from their White brothers forever. Marxist BLM manipulated Black communities into destroying their towns and birthrights, to create a permanent underclass that they could exploit for political gain. Judging by the words of the three witches above you’d be forgiven for thinking this was their singular goal here in Dublin’s black communities. Many of these people WANT violent ghettos to spring up, so they can politically exploit these communities for life by pandering to the false notions of Irish racism and black victimisation, ensuring that many Black children unnecessarily grow up feeling alienated from the rest of Irish society. We can clearly see by their actions that Chu, Coppinger and Smith are true racists.

The facts are simple – Irish people are not racist. Only the Irish politicians and media manipulating Black people in Ireland are racist.

African migrants welcomed into Ireland need to step up and speak to their kids and point out the obvious, to prevent further strife and prevent children being used as pawns in a wider game of power and control by the political filth that rule us.

The migrant’s beef is not with the native Irish who have been extremely generous in accommodating migrants to this country. Their beef is with the politicians and media treating your children like idiots who are not responsible for crimes they may commit. Most current sitting Irish politicians ARE NOT the Irish people. They sold their people out a long time ago, and received their final down payments from the globalists in 2020.

We don’t run ads, and we’ve been shut down on social media. We rely on our readers to share our work, thank you.


Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
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