How A Covid-19 Vaccine Poll Becomes A Big Pharma Propaganda Tool…

Key Points:

  • TD, MP, Minister and Pharma lobbyist Simon Harris, is out pushing his drugs again
  • The media are using a new vaccine poll to manipulate people into more fear, and into looking favourably towards unnecessary risky vaccines
  • The guy who made the vaccine poll at Irelandthinks, Kevin Cunningham, supports the vaccine narrative on twitter, and seems to contradict himself on basic statistics in order to support the chosen sales-hook behind the vaccine poll – namely, that Sinn Fein people are stupid

This weekend, Ireland’s corrupt former Health Minister Simon Harris made another public call for cross-party support for Covid-19 vaccinations. Simon is now minister for Higher Education – a man who couldn’t finish the first year of his own state-funded college degree. Welcome to the wacky world of Ireland 2020.

On Friday a vaccine poll was released that the Irish media are salivating over.

Here’s Simon responding to the vaccine poll on twitter, talking about the ‘Good people in all parties’ coming together to support the pharmaceutical industry that makes up over 80% of Ireland’s exports:

Another choreographed Irish establishment lie: release a compromised poll executed by a poor statistician, and use the corrupt Irish media to amplify pharma-sponsored political lies

Simon the grifter loves to push unnecessary vaccines whenever he can; here he is doing the same thing in 2019. Simon Harris is the man who allowed billions to be stolen from the public purse on the most expensive children’s hospital ever made in the history of the world! .

Harris is the hero that allowed Irish elderly people to rot on hospital trolleys every winter while he was minister for health. Harris is the pharma-owned lobbyist that so many media-brainwashed Irish people actually believe cares about their health. He’s a true piece of work.

covid vaccine poll in ireland
Minister Simon Harris and his sponsors

Simon’s latest mass-vaccination clarion call comes in the wake of an amazing new Irish Mail On Sunday/IrelandThinks vaccine Poll, that apparently showed how ‘70% of Irish people would take a Covid-19 vaccination’. Kevin Cunningham is the Director of the IrelandThinks polling company, more on him below.

Cunningham’s 1044-person vaccine poll has been predictably seized upon and spun out by various media outlets over the past few days, desperate for anything remotely official-looking that supports their ongoing Covid lies.

Media outlets love this stuff because most of them are depending on the extension of the Covid-lie and associated Government ad-money for their financial survival.

The poll is also being used as a basis to further guilt the Irish working classes into taking a vaccine they simply do not need by all rational measures of disease. There is a particular focus on Sinn Fein by most media and online hacks because the main vaccine target body is the Irish working classes. They want to SHAME Sinn Fein supporters into pumping a vaccine into themselves that they don’t need.

And just you wait, Sinn-Feiners will leap on any chance to virtue-signal these days – they put a mural of BLM Marxist hero and rapist/armed robber George Floyd up in Belfast beside Bobby Sands.

The mention of ‘Sinn Fein’, a dirty political word in many middle and upper-class families in Ireland, also serves the dual purpose of appealing to our deeply ingrained Irish snobbery. The intention here is to make middle and upper class families more likely to get a risky experimental vaccine, based on the fact that the great unwashed Sinn Fein voter is too stupid to get one.

Sadly, this tactic has merit in Irish societal manipulation: Irish people seem to care more about what other people think than any other people on earth. Add to that the fact that RTE have brainwashed half the nation in just 11 months with outright lies regarding Covid-19, and you have favourable terrain for vaccine propaganda.

This is the depth of political perversion and corruption in Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, Sinn Fein, the irish media, and the Pharmaceutical cabal that owns them – total manipulation of the people they are supposed to serve.

This Sinn Fein focus is yet more gaslighting by the Irish media and political establishment, because Sinn Fein as a compromised organisation are 100% behind any vaccine push that is coming – Mary Lou McDonald’s family is neck deep in the vaccine cabal and Mary Lou McDonald even pretended to have Covid-19 for political reasons in April.

Sinn Fein kept the working classes in check and in fear, while Fine Gael and Fine Fail and the Greens destroyed their jobs.

The political and media theatre in the coming weeks will see various Sinn Fein TD’s emerging to say things like ‘yes, we need to work together’, and the media will drive it as a great big political love-in for the ‘greater good’ of the vaccine bandwagon. Various cynical Sinn Fein politicians will pretend that they haven’t supported disastrous and murderous lockdowns, and destructions of our personal freedoms, since January. And the media will deliberately fail to point out the truth of the matter.

Everyone in the Irish establishment is on board for making Irish people risk their health for a vaccine that they don’t need, to pay criminal tribute to the pharmaceutical industry; to set an international example for other countries weighing up mass vaccination, and to help keep pharma ticking over financially. Because every corrupt Irish TD, whatever the party, needs some kind of a tax base to pay their record exorbitant wages, and to give them budgetary power to wield.

RTE, the state disinformation outlet, used the new vaccine poll to continue their incessant Covid-19 lies and vaccine push over the weekend, RTE even invited vaccine conman Adrian Hill on from the Oxford University Jenner institute on Miriam O’Callaghan’s disinformation show.

Toupee-fetishist Adrian Hill also works with the closely aligned Wellcome company, the same organisation that we showed you experimented on Irish babies with various vaccines, including cattle vaccines.

RTE still know we do not need a vaccine for Covid. And RTE know that Covid is a massive lie that they had a central part in telling. RTE know that shutting hospitals and disease screenings down for Covid was a crime against humanity. RTE are complicit in crimes against humanity in Ireland.

What does pollster Kevin Cunningham believe in?

Why, he believes in Vaccines of course! If his Twitter is anything to go by. Kevin Cunningham of Irelandthinks polling is a lefty from the British Labour Party. And (surprise surprise) another former Oxford university alumnus (like Adrian Hill above) who is somehow involved in vaccine propaganda. Here’s his linkedin profile.

As our readers will know, Oxford University is the beating heart of the international Covid-19 vaccine cabal (see the Mary Lou article above for more on Oxford).

From polling website,

Kevin has expressed support for vaccines on Twitter, and yet he has been trusted by the Irish media to do an unbiased impartial poll on vaccine-attitudes in Ireland. The press have run with it everywhere and yet again asked no questions regarding the merits of the source.

Judging by the below tweets, his statistical powers may not be all that great – but he got the polling gig anyway so bully for him.

Here’s a search of the word vaccine in Kevin’s twitter. (we have the tweets all saved). Here’s a sample of two interesting tweets where Kevin pushes his poll’s Sinn Fein anti-vaxxer slant:

Kevin inferring that somehow, political leanings are statistically significant in terms of propensity to take a vaccine. Mind boggling that this guy wants to be taken seriously as a pollster, and comes out with this choreographed ballsology.

Now check this tweet out from May:

Kevin supporting the notion of ecological fallacies in relation to BCG vaccines, yet above, commits an ecological fallacy. Ok Kevin.

An ecological fallacy (also ecological inference fallacy or population fallacy) is a formal fallacy in the interpretation of statistical data that occurs when inferences about the nature of individuals are deduced from inferences about the group to which those individuals belong.


Why is this important? In his first tweet, Kevin commits an ecological fallacy by inferring Sinn Fein voters are somehow less likely to get a vaccine because they’re Sinn Fein voters. Then in the second tweet he’s virtue-signalling about ecological fallacies regarding BCG vaccine proponents.

Kevin doesn’t seem to understand statistics (yet he has a masters in applied statistics). Either that, or he’s deliberately misrepresenting the meaning of his poll data on Twitter, to give substance to the nonsense that a realistic inference about Sinn Fein voters and their vaccine attitudes can be made from a sample size of 1000 people. He no doubt teaches his students not to make ecological fallacies, but doesn’t adhere to that principle himself. I’m sure his students would be interested.

This guy is teaching statistics at DIT in Dublin! Based on his listed qualifications, Kevin knows that the official statistics on Covid-19 show we DO NOT NEED a vaccine, so Kevin is fair game for interrogation here. He’s a bit like Luke O’Neill – a scientist who doesn’t seem to understand science.

Interestingly, Kevin also interned at the UN, and his PhD From Trinity University in Political science was entitled ‘Support and Opposition to Migration – a collaborative project funded by the European Commission‘, which looked at the politicization of migration in seven European countries.

In an EU funded book called Enacting Globalisation: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on International Integration, Kevin authored a chapter entitled “Policy Shifts and the Depoliticization of Immigration.”

So it’s fairly safe to say Kevin is something of a Globalist, who believes in vaccines for a virus that all statistics show doesn’t require a vaccine. It’s also safe to assume that he advocates mass migration into a country with neither the housing infrastructure nor the jobs to accommodate it. Three central requirements to fit right in with the Irish political & media establishment.

Perhaps Kevin can use some of his statistical prowess to talk about how less than 300 people have died of Covid in Ireland this year, how people die every year, and how the CDC say the survival rate is 99.98%. If we need a vaccine for Covid, then we need a vaccine for everything, including car crashes – deaths from which are statistically just as likely. Which is obviously nonsense.

Kevin might also explain and how this years’ death rates are less than 2018, and how China somehow recovered from Covid without a vaccine. On second thoughts, Kevin doesn’t seem great at stats, nevermind!

It’s all about big Pharma

The Irish Government have destroyed our economy and waged war on small businesses in their economic fascist wet dream of the past year, for a viral threat that causes less mortality and sickness than any other illness in our hospitals – going by their own statistics.

The Irish Government have willingly destroyed their tax base at the behest of their EU masters, and they must hang on to the Pharma industry at all costs – even if it means damaging the health of Irish children with unnecessary vaccines. We explained much of this at length in our Irish Narco State article.

On the flip side of this, Big Pharma owns Irish political parties – Fine Fail, Fine Gael, and Sinn Fein in particular, and they sure as hell own Simon Harris. They need the new revenue stream as a result of the Opioid crisis and Simon Harris is one of several compromised pawns that they use to push the vaccine message. Irish based Pharma companies are already going belly-up as a result of Opioid crisis lawsuits – see Purdue Pharma & Mallinkrodt so far. More bankruptcies are coming.

If the Irish pharma industry pulls out – there will be tens of thousands more jobs lost, there will be no money for dole, there will be tens out thousands of downstream service jobs lost, and all the crooked property property arrangements of Irish politicians will also come asunder. All those fancy new buildings slapped up all over Ireland in recent years will be empty – zero returns. And we all know the developers own our politicians

Simon Harris is calling for cross-party support in a pathetic attempt to create the illusion that non-government parties may not be on board with the vaccine theatre. We showed you Sinn Fein’s exalted leader Mary Lou McDonald’s family is neck deep in the vaccine cabal, and we showed you how Sinn Fein have supported the Irish Government at every phase of the Covid lie. Simon Harris and the rest of the Irish Government detest the Irish people, and play political theatre at every opportunity. And the media play along.

Kevin Cunningham’s vaccine poll is more cynical and baseless Covid-vaccine nonsense from the Irish establishment. His poll has zero credibility, and should be seen for the narrative-forming nonsense that it is.

Kevin’s new polling company will no doubt do very well, he seems to know exactly what it takes to get a polling gig Ireland – give the exact answers the government and establishment need.

To help grow his business Kevin should read our article on Tourism Ireland’s sweetheart contract with RedC polling – RedC got a million euro for doing zoom calls, because they said nice things about Irish government political parties pre-election. That’s Ireland for you.

We’re being censored & shut down on Facebook & Twitter for telling the truth. We rely on our readers to share our work, thank you.


Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
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