Mary Lou McDonald’s Puppy David Cullinane Puppets For Simon Harris…

Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
Key Points:
  • Cullinane is back to light up the political acting stage once again, virtue-signaling for his master Mary Lou McDonald and for Simon Harris’s vaccine scam
  • We take a look at Cullinane’s political acting showreel, with highlights from “Up the ‘Ra” earlier this year, which was a Mary Lou McDonald films production

Fresh off the Freepress, we published this piece earlier today predicting that Sinn Fein would come out to support Simon Harris and RTE’s cynical vaccine sales-pitches from the weekend.

And lo and behold, Mary Lou McDonald’s favourite puppy, TD David Cullinane is back to light up the stage once again. Cullinane had already released a statement on Twitter to support Mary Lou McDonald’s vaccine push, that we explain is riddled with conflicts of interest.

Remember, we showed you how Mary Lou McDonald and her family is part of the British Vaccine Cabal – that article has had over 25,000 reads. It explains how she and her family stand to profit personally from vaccine rollouts.

At time of writing we had missed these tweets from Cullinane. It’s very likely Mary and Simon Harris had everything planned. And would you expect anything less from David Cullinane? He has played the lead in a number of Mary Lou McDonald productions, as we explain below.

Here’s David virtue signalling today on the hysterical drama surrounding the unnecessary vaccine script:

How Cullinane is owned by Mary Lou McDonald

Whatever McDonald has on Cullinane to get him jumping through hoops like this, it must be juicy.

Here’s David Cullinane filmed on election night earlier this year, right before Fianna Fail were due to meet the following morning to consider entering historic government formation talks with Sinn Fein. The timing was crucial:
Cullinane acting for camera 101
David Cullinane’s school of political acting

David Cullinane, sober as a judge, stood up in front of several camera phones and said ‘Up the Ra’ (Up the IRA), knowing full well that this would scupper all chances of Sinn Fein entering government. Factions within Fianna Fail had said for decades they would never enter Government with Sinn Fein because they were terrorists/Marxist communists.

But attitudes were changing after the election, and there was real room for dialogue to finally get Fine Gael out of Government. Cullinane sabotaged those innocent politicians within Fianna Fail who actually believed Sinn Fein wanted to go into Government.

Why would Sinn Fein not want to get into Government? Only Mary Lou McDonald knows the full story. But it was clear by their running only 42 candidates in the general election that they had no intention of riding the wave of anti government sentiment in Ireland to power.

Eighty successful candidates are required to form a Government, and Sinn Fein knew that Fianna Fail and Fine Gael would never go into Government with them.

And when the possibility suddenly became real despite this self-sabotage, with Fianna Fail willing to talk, David Cullinane stood up and sabotaged all chances of rapprochment between the two parties.

The Fianna Fail willingness to dialogue caught them by surprise, and Cullinane was sent in with a strategically placed camera phone ready to catch it all on camera. He’s a smart man – he knew exactly what he was doing.

Sinn Fein have been completely compromised in recent decades. Their unbridled & ravenous thirst for the abortion referendum made zero sense facing a Catholic Nationalist supporter base, and it is clear that Mary Lou McDonald has been paid off by God knows how many elements of the British establishment.

We explained how Sinn Fein met multiple times with a mafia linked labour union and the Council on Foreign relations president Richard Haass (Oxford Rhodes Scholar) prior to the election. We showed how Sinn Fein found 4.6 million in a caravan two weeks after those meetings.

Is it possible that Sinn Fein’s compromised leadership knew what was coming with regard to the Covid-19 scam, and wanted to profit politically from the economic devastation to come afterwards? It’s very possible. In fact, it’s probable.

Following Cullinane’s deliberate sabotage of government formation talks with Fianna Fail on the night he was elected, Mary Lou McDonald wheeled out her theatrically contrite puppy to apologise to the nation for his comments, across various Irish fake news media outlets. He was ‘excited’ he said, really going after that Oscar nomination. The media of course all played along and asked zero questions.

Sinn Fein are the controlled political opposition that must be discarded by the Irish people who voted for them in expectation of change.

There will be no end to political graft and corruption while these people are lying to the Irish people. Sinn Fein are an integral part of the Irish political Uniparty swamp. The are the illusion of choice, and along with other leftist parties they are hell-bent on destroying the Irish working classes and the rest of the country in their quest for power.

We’re being censored & shut down on Facebook & Twitter for telling the truth. We rely on our readers to share our work, thank you.

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Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
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Michael J. Sullivan

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30 November 2020 8:29 pm

They are all traitors to the flag, sold us out for money. I cannot believe Irish People could do this to thier fellow Irish man and woman. It’s shameful!! God have mercy on all of them

30 November 2020 11:15 pm
Reply to  Johnathan

The entire political-media-academic class sold out the indigenous people of Europe decades ago, it’s been a slow rolling boil of the frog, they hoped to dismantle Western Society before it realised what was happening, we would all be culture-less consumers with no ethnic connection to our own history and who ultimately depended upon the state for everything, a tax on water, air and the sun… you either buy into the ‘progressive’ utopia or are cast out as an antediluvian ‘extremist’. How can people be so ignorant of history? Half of Europe lived under totalitarianism for 50 + years desperate for ordinary freedoms, the other half educated to bow to the Technocratic High Priests are now voluntarily walking onto the cattle cars after relentless gas lighting from the MSM. THIS is the moment where the rubber meets the road for ordinary people to wake up… what can you say to Joe Normal? COVID VACCINE MAKERS ARE EXEMPT FROM LIABILITY!!!

2 December 2020 5:30 pm
Reply to  James

Most will not wake up,they are under the delusion,2 Thessalonians 2.
It is no longer”tiochfaidh ár lá” because our day has come,time for us to take a stand against all the ungodly crimes they carry out against the Father and His people,time for us to stand together and say “No more”,that we the people will no longer be treated like livestock.

Last edited 3 years ago by Seamus
30 November 2020 5:25 pm

It was definitely bizarre how he shouted up the IRA that night. All the media were talking about was then going into Government with FF and whether it could happen

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