The Sinn Fein Manifesto – Quiet Controlled Opposition?

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Sinn Fein have more ammunition than ever to make a real difference in Ireland and grow as a political force, so why do they still have the safety on?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) just came out this week and said conclusively that lockdowns are not the answer. As a matter of fact, the WHO have been saying that since August.

The CDC also said in May that facemasks are virtually useless in preventing Viral spread. Interestingly, Sinn Fein are silent.

The HSE released figures (Page 11, table 7.) that showed Covid-19-deaths have been criminally overhyped by a Covid-ad funded Irish media. Curiously, Sinn Fein are silent.

All indications are that Irish Politicans of all parties knew that sending hospitalised elderly people back to nursing homes in Spring would kill them (based on available Italian mortality data), yet Sinn Fein are…well, pretty quiet.

What noise ARE Sinn Fein making?

Louise O’Reilly did ask (on June 18th) for clarification from the HSE if the elderly people inexplicably expelled from empty hospitals by NPHET & the Government, were Covid-tested before being dumped back into Nursing homes.

But the reality is that question is irrelevant: her article seems designed to give the appearance of empathy to hide complete apathy.

Mary Lou Macdonald had been screaming for lockdowns since February, and echoing everything the Irish Government said on the dangers of hospitals and viral transmission.

Louise O’Reilly and Mary Lou Macdonald know very well that it does not matter if Covid-tests were carried out or not: the hospitals were empty – we all saw the dancing nurses and we know the HSE practically shut hospitals down.

Our elderly people should never have been sent out of acute care hospitals in the first place.

So why are Sinn Fein not making political capital from this massive scandal?

Sinn Fein have not questioned one move that the Irish Government and Vaccine-industry linked NPHET operatives have made throughout the media-driven Covid crisis.

Sinn Fein seem to be acting in complete lockstep with the FFG and Watermelon Green Government (FFGWG).

This complete submission to FFGWG is happening despite the overwhelming evidence that the Government not only mishandled the Covid crisis, but that the likes of Stephen Donnelly and others are deliberately lying to the Irish people about cases on a daily basis.

Sinn Fein have the science and the economic justification to start making noise, yet they are silent.

They’re squeaking, but it’s almost like they don’t want to be heard as they gnaw around the plastic of a live wire.

Pearse Doherty is beating around the bush, making noise about the budget and workers’ rights, meanwhile the Irish Government is destroying the economy with unjustified and unscientific lockdowns, and running up a Covid-deficit of over 20 Billion that two unborn generations will be paying for.

Not to mention the incoming human and financial costs of suicides and missed health diagnoses for killer diseases with far higher death rates.

Someone should tell Pearse that workers need jobs first and foremost, and hundreds of thousands are going or gone. Pearse seems like a decent man, so why is he being prevented internally in Sinn Fein from addressing the real issues?

Louise O’Reilly, fresh from celebrating the opening of a mural of a convicted rapist and armed robber (George Floyd) that Sinn Fein stuck up up beside Bobby Sands in Belfast, is now complaining about getting a Covid-testing centre in Balbriggan.

She says this at a time when the world is waking up to the fact that PCR tests are kicking out more false-positives than positive positives.  If we can find an article by distinguished Lancet Medical Journal, why can’t Louise?

We sent it to Sinn Fein. They don’t seem interested.

Are they interested in the fact that the tests have to be run over 40 times to find any trace of DNA related to Covid?

Probably not:
This means, they have to run the test cycle 40+ times on average, to find any DNA that resembles Covid – far higher than recommended, for a test that the manufacturers themselves say on their website is not approved for clinical use. Remember, the virus has never actually been isolated in a centrifuge – the gold standard of Viral verification
“If not for the Pandemic” says Mary

And Mary Lou MacDonald says “she would call for an election if not for the pandemic”.

But Mary Lou knows that all we have are cases, and not sickness and death.

And we can safely say, with CERTAINTY, that Mary Lou Macdonald definitely DID NOT pretend to have ‘the ‘Rona’ to absolve herself of responsibility to challenge the Government.

And she did NOT politically calculate that her Boris Johnson impression would garner sympathy from her heretofore loyal supporters.

Supporters that her party cynically whipped into a fear-driven, fact-free-covid-frenzy on facebook.

Supporters they are still purporting to provide political representation for.

No, she definitely did not do that.

Some lad wearing Antifa gear on Molesworth street

Mary Lou is also trying to score political points against Varadkar by bizarrely defending NPHET, while NPHET continue to try to destroy the economy, jobs, mental health, cause suicides, and our lives.

Mary Lou MacDonald is playing politics with her supporters lives, there’s no other way to look at it, because she knows the science says we don’t need lockdowns or more fear.

NPHET are pharma industry operatives driving unscientific pseudo-science to usher in an unnecessary vaccine program. Mary Lou knows this. Why is she not speaking up for the Irish people? She’s a disgrace.

If there was a real pandemic, we would see people dropping all around us, and would not need constant radio, print and tv and motorway advertising to reminds us of it (all paid for by the Government).

Despite not running enough candidates to actually get into Government, a large portion of Irish people looked to Sinn Fein as their final option before giving up on politics completely. We all liked their manifesto, so we put it to the testo.

What have we received in return?

What exactly are Sinn Fein up to? Why are they not speaking up for the vast numbers of Irish people who bought into their vision of change?

Why are they ignoring science for the sake of agreeing with FFGWG?

Irish people are now turning to protests by a number of groups (that are constantly slandered by the Irish mainstream media as far-right) for actual representation.

Is it any wonder that they are marching through the rain and sitting for an hour on wet concrete in the middle of Grafton Street looking for answers, when absolutely no party seems interested in representing the silent majority in Ireland?

The only questions left to ask are: Are Sinn Fein just another Corporate owned special interest party, and are Sinn Fein controlled opposition?

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