Huge voting corruption exposed in the US Democrat party

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If you listen to RTÉ or any other Irish mainstream news source, you’ll know that for the past four years they’ve done nothing but slate Trump. There is zero criticism of anything on the Democrat side. And everything that RTÉ have said on Russiagate has been proven wrong in recent months.

Every single minute of the thousands of hours of Saturday and Sunday radio that RTÉ devoted to attacking Trump with Democrat commentators in Ireland, was wasted. Russiagate was proven false, and there are prosecutions pending for the coup attempt.

Why is this relevant for Ireland? The Democrats push alot of the extreme-left agenda here in Ireland.

And some of our politicians (from Fine Gael in particular) actually interned for Hillary Clinton.

Ilhan Omar is one of a triad of Marxist extremists driving policy in the corrupt US Democrat party. You’ll hear very little about their actions in Irish mainstream media.

What happens in America has direct effects on Ireland – more Marxism/Communism there = more here.

Watch – if only our captured mainstream media were doing investigations like these.

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Fine Gael’s Noel Rock interned for Hillary Clinton

Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
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Michael J. Sullivan

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