October Revolutions Of The Vaccine Genocide Wheel…

Blood drips from the hands of the Irish establishment thicker than ever as we descend into winter. The vaccine genocide program is proving to be an increasingly difficult secret to keep, no matter how much the furtive Irish public try to hide it from themselves.

October Revolutions On The Vaccine Genocide Wheel...

Bang bang, loads more dead in October. No surprise to us, we know the trends are only going in one direction. Tip-tip-tippy-toe, the people who should care the most are mostly standing still, acutely aware now that they’ve been hunted but still only brave enough to wiggle their eyes about and sniff the air.

‘Did I allow myself to be fooled? Moi?! Surely no. I’m special, my journey is an epic one’, internalises Tirnan, for the ten-thousandth time based on the curated visuals he chooses to present to himself.

Recently I’ve noticed an uptick on Telegram of resurfacing lost souls. People from my thirty year old contact list finally biting on the whistling uncensored far-roishe bullet that they’ve been ducking for so long. Past life’s pals popping up like recently-buried cadavers bursting from their graves. I say ‘recently-buried’ because it feels like yesterday when they all had to become dead to me so that I could keep feeling alive.

I see two or three every week now on the radar… Frances has joined Telegram!! Sarah has joined telegram!! They’re all doing the typey-typey now. Slowly and gently, with trepidation and a grimace. Easing their way into it like a vinegar bath on holidays after burning themselves lolling in the sun too long. Still anxiously wondering if they somehow escaped the failed IQ-test of their lives with their lives. Most of them still not giving a toss about anyone but themselves. The ‘am I alright?!’ Jacks. The fetid self-obsession of modernity is tragic. And we all stink of it to some degree.

I delete and block those auto-generated starter conversations as soon as I see them. It’s dark and it’s raining out and I’m driving an old car down a country road alone. And while I could use the company, they’re sitting too far back for me to be sure of who or what they really are based on my own furtive glances into a dark rear-view mirror. I don’t really know them anymore, and they look to me like they might be monsters. I speed up to get away from them and I curse myself pointlessly while wondering what possessed me to pick them up in my mind in the first place.

‘A great day, comrades, we sail into history!’

October was big month! One to be marked for greatness. We bore witness to solemn calls for another rigged enquiry. A quiet clamour for justice from the belly of the crime syndicate’s halls. This time regarding the soaring Irish excess death levels that are staring everyone in the face, jumping around wrapped with dynamite in a big clown costume hollering and hooping, wondering why so few people seem to be paying it attention. A proposed enquiry that would by design be slow and unwieldy with no meaningful resolution and zero liabilities attached. All designed to stuff the pockets of kings-inn freemasons and siphon off the rest of the hope & cope from everyone else. Like every single enquiry that has gone before in this jaundiced banana-republic of ours. A similar call came a couple of days later from Andrew Bridgen MP in the UK parliament, talking to the same type of invisible audience.

Aisling O’Loughlin did a very useful breakdown of the day’s proceedings, on display below. It should be saved for future reference and then punted onto at least one member of the opposite species you share the plane with. ‘Go on’ he says, through gritted teeth behind slightly raised lips. Give them the tough love they miss from the lockdowns. Govern their minds harder Daddy: they fucking love it.

Louise Roseingrave marked the occasion well here – documenting how independent Irish politicians finally put their hands up after three and a half years of excess deaths and cried… stop!!!’. The next day Louise rightly pointed out that according to the CSO, deaths in Ireland among 18 to 24 year olds are up 30% since 2020. That work complements the excellent ongoing excess-deaths tracking treasure-trove by Patrick E. Walsh and friends linked above. Too big a number to comprehend really isn’t it. The implications of it, when you sit down and really focus on it. It’s a massacre biblical in scale. The syndicate are cleverly now choosing to bamboozle us with the truth after a few years of non-stop lies. After that equally huge revelation in the grand scheme of things, I didn’t see any renewed calls for enquiries from politicians that following day, or any day since.

National emergency! Unprecedented ‘unexplained’ deaths levels! The future of the country dying in bizarre numbers! Should we…. endeavour to expose? Shall we…call the mainstream media and demand a platform for our mandate? What about even sounding the alarm outside this chamber where someone might be listening? No?! Nothing!?

Ah grand so.

McKinsey’s Manchurian health minister douchebaggerino Donnelly didn’t even attend – the syndicate sent a morlock with a different face in his stead who stared at his phone for most of the pseudo struggle session. I don’t know what his name is or was – I’d say his own wife and kids forget half the time. These were expert plausible deniability tactics from Donnelly. Genius really: if he can’t be caught on the same camera listening to the words, then the Irish media have zero obligation to connect him to the points raised. Those are the rules now: Varadkar’s patented quantum certainty principle: the press cannot know the position and speed of a politician with any accuracy – the less we know about their position, the more we know about their speed. And vice versa.

The calls for an enquiry were nice to see I suppose. But were they better than nothing? I know we have meagre scraps to work with, and I’ll say without sarcasm that I can’t blame anyone for ameliorating their outlook with the political derring-do of our flat-cap brave and few. But it’s just not doing it for me, I’m truly sorry to say.

Every politician in chambers that day knows only too well that the excess deaths scandal in this country started long ago, in a galaxy of nursing homes far far away. In April and May 2020 to be precise, when four-hundred-and fifty-odd souls were turfed out of half-empty acute care hospitals and dumped into empty nursing homes to die alone, all to boost the death rate so they could push the bioweapon narrative. Their deaths expedited by death-row midazolam tekkers and their multiple advanced pre-existing chronic illnesses, deliberately left untreated. Those people were deliberately left to die alone, un-held, and in pain, by several figureheads of Irish establishment strata. Conscious, calculated decisions were made. It was no fuck-up. Never, ever, let anyone forget that.

Every one of October’s parliamentary heroes has known about that deliberate nursing home massacre, designed as a foundational pretext for the planned vaccine program. They knew about Pandemrix, and the court cases still going on today against the Irish state murder machine, after the last (mostly failed) attempt at a mass vaccination/destruction campaign for the Swine Flu scam in 2009. They all knew about the anti-D hepatitis C scandal, and Michael Noonan hounding Bridget McCole on her death bed; about the vaccine experimentation that went on in the mother & baby homes; about thalidomide. I’ll stop.

They all at the very least knew, by latest winter 2020, that children and healthy people didn’t need these rushed experimental untested vaccines and that the death rate in 2020 was the same as 2019. They knew there was no dangerous pandemic. And yet here we are, three and a half years later, and the buckos crawl out and shnivell a few words, long after the horse has bolted. And when no one else is taking the intentionally harmful injections anymore anyway. Ok, we can be charitable. Maybe they had to wait a while, tensions were high right? Fair enough. But three and a half years it took them to speak?? Forty one months?! Were they waiting for permission to speak, or their cue to enter stage far-right?

They can shove their crumbs and they can shove their meek pathetic calls for a sham enquiry. Their recent performances amount to nothing more than state-sponsored psychological guerilla warfare. More of the same. It’s probable that many on our side have the same suspicions but are giving them the benefit of the doubt for now. That’s fair enough – not me though.

October Monkey Magic

Remember monkey pox! That friendly surprise pox that hogged the plandemic limelight for a few sweet summer months in 2022. The one that affected only gays, young babies with gays for parents, and large dogs. No prizes for figuring that chain of custody out. Fauci the Jesuit really did nail the gays with that one. Yee-ikes. He clearly didn’t get enough of them with the Venus Aids trap he created in the 80’s. Anyway, as luck would have it, it turns out that the people he gave all those Monkeypox jabs to, probably were monkeys! Having already been Covid-vaxxed in a previous installment.

Enter, ladies & gentlemen, the main protagonist for the next act: ‘Simian (monkey) Virus 40′. Another bonus character, from the globalist vaccine-charade that keeps on giving. It turns out that a number of peer-reviewed studies have found (and the Canadian Government have now admitted) the same thing: confirmation that multiple independent batch samples of vials of Moderna and Pfizer were adulterated with DNA-fragments of SV-40. What are they you say.

Those are carcinogenic agents that embed themselves into the nucleus of your cells, mangle your DNA, switch off life-preserving cellular processes, and never go away! The key point here – besides the fact that we now have another causal agent for the massive increase in sudden deaths and cancers everywhere – is that the pharma companies didn’t disclose Sv-40’s presence when submitting their formulas to regulatory agencies, which consequently breaks apart the US Prep-act that grants big-pharma immunity. Meaning everyone vaccine-injured or dead can now sue the companies for damages. And that legal precedent, when eventually set, will likely carry over to Europe and beyond. Hooray! The regulatory agencies knew exactly what was going on of course, but that’s beside the point.

Here’s Naomi Wolf to elaborate if you haven’t seen the video. She’s a recently ostracised left-wing Jew currently fighting the good fight – the main points kick in at about three minutes, but if you have three minutes to spare and want to listen before that, you’ll hear how Biden and his cabinet knew there was something rotten in the vaccines before they issued the mandates. Of course they did. So did Vardakar and Martin, and the rest.

Next, the pharmaceutical companies will be sued (probably), and they will hand back the money in court that they were given by Governments (taxpayers) to pay for the vaccines that were designed to kill, maim, and sterilise their own populations. And the depopulation program will be well underway…with no one out of pocket but the taxpayer. The Government social expenditure savings from so many dead citizens will easily offset any legal over-spend. Deals will be done. This was probably the plan all along, a slow revelation of a curated believable truth, with just enough intrigue and vilifiable villainry present in the production to make it all wash in the tiny minds of the public. Brilliant really, you really have to hand it to them. And it will all play out over the next five to ten years if we let them. Tens if not hundreds of millions dead, and many more severely injured or maimed.

Both of October’s main events happened at almost exactly the same time. On virtually the same day that the Sv-40 revelations spewed forth onto the world – revelations which potentially absolve Western nation states of liability for killing their own citizens – ‘independent’ political emissaries of the corporate Irish state were sent forth from the pit after three and a half years of gestation, to preach the Gospel of a state-run Irish excess-death enquiry. It was very curious timing, and very likely connected in my opinion. Their plan is to slowly let the pressure out of the stirring Irish public’s fast darkening zeitgeist, brooding about what really was done to them. The politicians all know they’re in for a long haul. Big Pharma will be blamed, even though it was the Governments & politicians & media who did it all. Pharma were only there for manufacture and supply. Just as guilty of course, but definitely not in charge.

It’s a sick world.

They don’t have it all wrapped up. They have a plan to ease their way out the delicate situation they find themselves in, they’re pretty sure it will work. They’ve studied human nature for a long time, and have the entire thing game-theoried out at the top. But nothing is ever certain. There’s still hope that they’ll be made to pay for what they did to us.

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