Immigration Nation – Darragh O’Brien And The Irish Government’s Human Trafficking Scam…


False promises are the number one tactic used by human trafficking gangs to lure their victims. Often the male or female victim is promised a good job in a foreign country, a better life, and all expenses paid to get there. Upon arrival at their destination the reality of the situation is revealed to them by the same ruthless criminals who lured them there in the first place.

Often victims are physically forced into sexual slavery, or into forced-labour for little or no pay on the notional basis that they have to pay back an [unrepayable] debt incurred for their travel expenses and ongoing upkeep. The human trafficking gang then makes a recurring fortune from every victim snared.

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  1. The Victims
  2. Why Irish Politicians are so determined to flood the country with non-EU migrants…Money
  3. Ensuring the third world stays the third world – the NGO scam
  4. Establishment Ireland needs more cheap labour and a new slave class
  5. Next steps

Human trafficking involves the use of force, Fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act.

Every year, millions of men, women, and children are trafficked worldwide. It can happen in any community and victims can be any age, race, gender, or nationality. Traffickers might use the following methods to lure victims into trafficking situations:

Violence, Manipulation, False promises of well-paying jobs, Romantic relationships 

Source: US Department of Homeland Security

The Victims

Role-play time.

Imagine for a moment that you’re a poor family living in the Middle-east, Ukraine or Africa, with very little wealth. Your family’s existence is now precarious thanks to one of the many NATO-led resource wars in your region. One of your friends sends you a link to a newspaper story from the Irish media like the one below, initiated by Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien and Fianna Fail’s wider business and media network.

Links to image. Darragh O’Brien, Fianna Fail minister for housing, engaging in manipulation and fraud while advertising Ireland to other potential economic migrants.

Unbeknownst to you [the prospective migrant], Darragh O’Brien ensured that his Department of Housing social media team turned the comments off on their tweet above, such was the initial uproar from the indigenous Irish that houses were being given away to foreigners when their own people are facing a deliberate and catastrophic housing shortage. Had you known about the censorship of local public opinion, you might have smelled a rat. But you didn’t know, and now you’re interested.

Links to image. Darragh O’Brien, Fianna Fail minister for housing and the promotion of human trafficking.

So you do some digging and there seems to be lots of this stuff in the Irish media recently – they’re all saying the same thing: ‘numbers are uncapped and everyone is welcome‘.

You read about someone calling themselves Helen McEntee regularising the status of thousands of undocumented immigrants in Ireland, giving amnesty to people who had been caught illegally living in the country.

You’re now thinking that heading for the West and for Ireland may actually be an option; you think to yourself that ‘maybe there’s a better life there for my family‘.

Now imagine that same friend mentioned earlier sends you the audio clip below, from someone apparently on the other side of the political divide in Ireland, saying that ‘refugee and migrant numbers cannot be capped’. (note, this audio came from one of the state broadcaster RTE’s many exercises in manufacturing consent, from early September 2022).

Mary Lou McDonald: ‘you can’t limit numbers because every migrant we trick into coming here is a walking cash machine’

At this point you’re naturally thinking that this must mean there is room for you and your family in that green and relatively safe western country. Upon hearing these assertions from a serving senior Irish politician, and facing dire personal circumstances in your own country, it would be understandable if hope got the better of you.

You see the potential of a free house, citizenship, and free benefits for you and your family as an opportunity too good to pass up.

So let’s say you decide to go for it and head to Ireland with your family, based on all of the above and everything you’re reading in the Irish media. You spend the last of your money and leave your local family network behind.

You arrive in Ireland to smiling NGO faces and you think ‘hey, this might really be, well… real!’.

Unfortunately, after a few days the realisation slowly creeps up on you that the images and stories your friend had sent from the Irish newspapers, about free houses and everyone being welcome, was fraudulent and untrue. You realise that the situation on the ground is far different from the one you and your family dreamt about.

It turns out, they are not giving free houses out to every black or brown family that arrives here, contrary to the images portrayed in Mr O’Brien’s smiling newspaper photos. Turns out, it’s only a select few thousand out of the tens of thousands already arrived here that have been chosen so far.

You and your children are then transported into a direct provision centre, or a tent or a suburban sports hall, with zero privacy. You’re surrounded by hundreds of fighting-age males from countries where there were no wars. You’re told you’re on a waiting list, and all of your options are exhausted. You’re now stuck in Ireland because you have no more money left, your kids have made friends, you’re exhausted, and there’s really nowhere else to go. You can’t get decent work (who will mind your children while they’re surrounded by men you just found out were never background checked by the Irish Government?), and every support structure in the camp seems to be built around driving you deeper into the Irish system with no real hope of escape.

And it gets worse. As you research the local area with your fellow migrant families, you realise that the Irish media has hidden much more from you than just the disastrous housing situation: in reality your family is competing directly with the indigenous Irish for an almost non-existent housing supply. You’re up against tens of thousands of local homeless and other migrants. And it seems some migrants are more worthy than others.

As you wander around the local area, you notice that many of the migrants you’re competing against are from The Ukraine, and you wonder what makes them so special that z-list local celebrities are running ‘how to adopt a Ukrainian migrant’ nights in local hotels, close to your direct provision centre in County Meath.

Links to image. Some migrants are more glam than others it seems… What are all those sponsoring NGOs doing exactly, if Irish families are being asked to take these people in?

It seems the Ukrainians were fooled just like you were, and the Irish Government are now trying to force these people onto Irish families. You can’t help but notice how many NGOs are involved in organising a talk in a hotel conference room. You can read, so you know this explosive NGO proliferation is a general symptom of leisure and upper class obsolescence and greed (Thorstein Veblen, The Theory of the Leisure Class, pp 222-229), but you never thought you’d see a theory about early 20th century US democracy manifest in front of you in your own lifetime.

You wonder where on earth all the money is going. If these NGOs are being paid to be there why can’t they house you and your children as promised, and why do they have zero interest in helping the locals? Why do they seem to be breeding inevitable resentment?

And it gets even worse. Your eldest child gets seriously ill and needs corrective surgery, but you find out that hospital waiting lists here are two years long for even the most basic medical procedures.

In a rare quiet moment you think to yourself ‘I never thought about what would happen if my children got sick? I just assumed it would be ok. Does that make me a bad parent? We had hospitals back home that treated people in one tenth the time that they do here, and in many cases those charity hospitals were run by the same NGOs I see all around me here…what on earth is going on in this country?’.

You find out that the schools your children are now attending are fit to burst with oversized classes, and that the Irish department of education seems more concerned with indoctrinating your children with questionable sex education and bizarre pronoun-worship, instead of educating your child or ensuring they have enough support in a reasonably sized class with multiple different language groups. You think ‘how incompetent are these people? They’re inviting the world in and they don’t even have the infrastructure to run basic services for the people already here!?’.

You find out that the Irish children’s minister is best friends with an international paedophile Peter Thatchell, and yet he still has his job…as Irish children’s minister. You research this more because it’s so unbelievable, and you learn that the Irish media constantly seem to defend this paedophile friendship and glaring conflict of interest. You wonder if this is all a bad dream or an inescapable nightmare.

Desperate, you search online to see if there’s anywhere to go or to rent or if you could find even a low paid cleaning or labouring job. But you find out that the problems are not just in the main cities, there are actually no houses anywhere to rent for someone on low income with children.

You break down in tears wondering how you could have made such a terrible mistake, trusting the Irish media and politicians, and you wish that you had stayed in the country you knew. At least you could call that place home and had family there, and you could get your children treated in a functioning hospital if they fell ill.

Why Irish Politicians are so determined to flood the country with non-EU migrants…Money

So it should be clear that Darragh O’Brien’s advertising campaign is not aimed at the native Irish. It isn’t even aimed at the duped, migration-cheerleading far left. This type of material [propaganda] is aimed at audiences not native to Ireland or the EU. The campaign is specifically designed to fool other potential migrants into coming to Ireland.

The reason the Irish media and political establishment are working so hard to lure these people into the country are complex, but it mostly boils down to money. The goal of Irish uniparty politicians here is to transfer as much Irish public and European money to the Irish establishment and the people behind their various mainstream political parties. Just as Irish politicians have done for many decades.

While plenty of economic migrants and bogus asylum seekers are here for the easy benefits and will take whatever they can get for free, many of them are decent people who have been tricked into choosing Ireland as a realistic destination for their families. For O’Brien and his gang, where they’re from is immaterial – as long they’re a non-EU body that needs support services and housing, they want them here.

Links to image. This money will go to the same developers that robbed the state of over 2 billion for the children’s hospital, connected NGOs, and a myriad of other politically connected businesses providing services for migrants O’Brien has helped lure to Ireland. Every migrant is a cash machine to Darragh O’Brien & Mary Lou McDonald & the rest of Ireland’s political uniparty cabal.

And since February 2022 the EU are now paying for much of the Irish inward migration and associated follow-up costs, which is why things have really ramped up in the last six months here in Ireland, and why we see Darragh O’Brien above trying to entice in more non-Ukrainians. They smell the money, and they want to cash in as much as possible.

Links to image. The Irish establishment plan to profit massively from the EU’s new 9.9 Billion Asylum, Migration & Integration Fund (AMIF) bonanza. Sources: EU Commission AMIF fund details and AMIF Ireland specific information

On February 7th 2022, our parasitic politicians signed yet another ruinous financial agreement for the country. As usual, it was one that benefited only themselves and their establishment owners, and not the Irish people. As you can see on the bottom right above in red, the man pushing Ireland to sign up for the migration fund last February was the man who would be in charge of spending the money – paedophile Peter Thatchell’s good friend, Irish children’s minister, and Green party rainbow warrior, Roderic O’Gorman.

These people (Irish mainstream politicians) view every migrant lured here by Darragh O’Brien and the captured Irish media as a financial asset, one that will keep paying dividends as long as the migrant remains in Ireland, requiring upkeep by parasitic NGOs. It’s a human trafficking operation.

Our Government and politicians do not care about helping struggling people. After all, they don’t care about their own who are waiting years for basic medical help, nor do they care about the the tens of thousands of native homeless. We all know this in our hearts.

And while there is certainly an EU-led replacement agenda of sorts in play here, as well as an attempt to perpetuate divisions in the population, the mass immigration advocacy phenomenon that we’re witnessing from Irish politicians is primarily happening for political financial organised crime reasons.

The owned political cabal of Ireland (of all mainstream parties) are all on the same team. Ireland’s politicians will control exactly where this money is spent, albeit on the leashes of their masters. This equates to true power and influence. This is how Ireland’s vast NGO-money-laundering scam gets paid, through massive salaries paid to connected individuals who then control where the allocated funds go. NGO’s all staffed by Thorstein Veblen’s upper class virtue-signalers, who are all connected to Ireland’s political cabal. NGOs that are almost all fronts for establishment Ireland to skim European money for themselves and their networks.

NGOs create issues out of thin air to justify their own existence and keep drawing down European money. Hence the constant banging of the racism and far right drums across the connected Irish media and political parliament sewer. Ireland is not a racist country, nor is there any ‘far right’. There are only people who refuse to go along with the lies. But the criminal cabal in this country will manufacture any issue they need to draw down free Eurofunds. The bogus racism narrative that has fooled so many on Ireland’s left is the fuel that keeps the NGO syndicate running.

It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that politicians will of course will give most of the migrant housing kitty to their developer and other business friends through overpriced tenders for housing projects or direct provision centres, or whatever else they can dream up.

Links to Image, zoom – Who benefits from the new ten billion EU migration fund? Hint, it’s not migrants. Source: EU Commission AIMF fund details

The above image is a who’s who of connected business owners who will cash in from the encouraged immigrant wave. Many Irish legal practices have based almost their entire operation on immigration lobbying and drawing down the immigration dollar in this country, offering services that will be paid for from the EU immigration kitty.

As with every Irish political scam or pantomime corruption tribunal, the kings-inn freemasonic Irish legal profession will always get their taste.

Irish people who can think for themselves have wondered what was behind the explosion in NGO numbers in this country, and why Irish politicians seemed so desperate to bring more migrants in at the expense of their own political standing among the indigenous Irish. Well now you have your answer. There’s no extra money to be made for the syndicate by helping unfortunate locals – the EU are only paying out on non-Europeans. No doubt O’Brien will be transported off to Europe in the next couple of years having administered the human-trafficking operation for party-backers and taken all the flak from the electorate while everyone else got paid.

And if you’re thinking of complaining, think again. Hate speech laws are incoming precisely because they want to silence anyone who might call foul on the massive migrant scam underway. This is the number one reason for the new Orwellian hate speech agenda. The way to silence and deter any dissent that might threaten their human trafficking EU subsidies scam.

Every sitting party is involved in the organised crime syndicate, including Sinn Fein and PBP. And remember, real people seeking a better life are at the centre of their massive human trafficking racket. They don’t want you pointing out the truth. If you speak out against the political scamming of public monies at the expense of the country and it’s people and already overburdened infrastructure, you’re simply a far-right or racist bigot, and that’s all there is to it.

Spending projects [rigged tenders] will be administered through Etenders, the Irish Government’s procurement portal. This is where the magick happens.

Set up an account and you can see for yourself the inflated value of awarded tenders. Everything on etenders is overpriced, because everyone pre-selected to be awarded tenders is connected, and there are zero penalties for non-compliance. It is all an organised crime syndicate, there is simply no other way to look at it.

European money and associated greed has been destroying Ireland and its national identity for decades, and now the latest political and establishment money grab based around migration is helping to overburden every exhausted infrastructure we have at our disposal.

Irish politicians don’t care about how bad our systems get – you can see that now. They don’t care about the societal unrest that will come from mass immigration. They have no interest in Swedish no-go zone and daily migrant rapes and bombing and assaults, or mass rapes in Germany. Even the left have woken up in Sweden to the insanity of unchecked mass immigration. Darragh and his masters don’t care though – it’s all about the Benjamins.

Mass migration is now fully-funded European policy for all of the reasons mentioned above and for two other very important factors.

Making sure the third world stays the third world

The EU – and the Corporations that pay their taxes in the EU – actively seek a brain drain of Africa and Asia’s most upwardly mobile people.

This ensures that their home countries are left exposed to intergenerational corporate resource rape. This is how electric car companies and wind turbine makers [beneficiaries of a similar climate-change subsidy scam] can get away with using child-labour for cobalt mining and other rare-earth metals. This is how areas the size of small cities can be destroyed for the mining of lithium and other resources in Africa and Asia and the Middle East. This is how Europe’s politicians export their environmental devastation to keep the gravy train going for themselves and their local networks.

By encouraging the best and brightest from Africa and the Middle-east and beyond to come to Ireland and Western Europe, we ensure that their home countries are stripped bare of their highest potential people, and subjected to a terminal IQ-doom-spiral.

EU-Government-funded Irish NGOs advocating for mass migration and facilitating illegal immigrant traffic are part of wider EU policy, designed to ultimately doom migrant home countries to perpetual rule by criminals and corporations; their nation’s resources forever raped and the potential of their people destroyed.

The real job of the NGO matrix is to suspend the third world in perpetual turmoil to facilitate this resource rape, which benefits EU tax collectors and corporations. In a way it’s reverse colonisation – the EU crime syndicate is still raping the third world just as it did for hundreds of years, it’s just that now it’s raping their home indigenous populations into the bargain by destroying their societies. It’s seen as just another the cost of doing business.

Ireland was arguably in a similar situation as today’s third world for fifty to one hundred years, after the genocidal crown-instigated famine caused the bulk of our best and most able to emigrate. Our people were scattered in a similar mitmac fashion to build foreign nations up from the ground, into economic machines for their local establishments and the crown. Our people were promised new worlds and plentiful bounty. Many many hundreds of thousands (if not millions) found only pain and suffering.

Encouraging mass migration is therefore one of the most destructive and racist causes to rally behind, and yet the Irish left have been so utterly duped by operators like McDonald & O’Brien, and the leftist (big-money owned) media into supporting it, doomed to toil in competition with hundreds of thousands of migrants, competing for housing and the best jobs.

Irish and European politicians know exactly what they’re doing and who they’re serving with their mass migration policies.

Beyond local enrichment, their ancillary goals are to help maintain the exploitation cycle in migrant origin countries, to feed the EU trough they hope to feed from themselves in the future. They also seek to build a new local slave class to prop up their own existences.

From Ancient Egypt, to Rome, to modern Europe, every rotten empire is built on ignorance, greed, and cheap labour.

Establishment Ireland needs more cheap labour and a new slave class

The flood of cheap labour from Eastern Europe from the early 2000’s onwards has dried up for the Establishment and corporate Ireland. The owners of all of Ireland’s mainstream political parties have decided that they need a new slave class to replace the last one.

Most good people from Eastern Europe who came to live Ireland in the past twenty years have either moved up the wage ladder or had the good sense to gather what they saved up and go home where they can get far more for their money. The corporations that pay corporation tax in Ireland and the various businesses owned by establishment Ireland needed those workers to keep local population wage costs down, by increasing competition for lower paid jobs. They didn’t (and still don’t) want the expense of having to train indigenous working class Irish or pay them more money. They need more bodies to labour on their building sites, to build the houses that the EU will be helping the corrupt developers get even richer from. Hence the mass importation exercise. They’ll probably pay Ukrainians peanuts to build houses for themselves, the Arabs and the Africans.

Establishment Ireland is also competing with other European countries for this same new non-EU slave class. Almost all EU governments have helped kill off their own people over the past three years, through disastrous lockdowns and scientifically baseless vaccine programs, that are having devastating effects on fertility and excess mortality in young fit adults. The Irish cabal have done nothing to promote native Irish couples having children for the past thirty years, as for example Hungary has. Corrupt Irish political mandarins have nurtured a nation of childless worker-bees to enrich their corporate bosses since the Celtic Tiger years, and as a result the establishment is now running out of manpower.

Thanks to (and in many ways because of) EU subsidies, the Irish Government can now lure in more poor migrants through the publicity methods described above, with traffickers-in-chief Darragh O’Brien and Mary Lou McDonald at the vanguard of the operation.

The entities that control our politicians and everything they do, pay the corporate wages that generate every odious tax we pay the parasitic political classes. Money that funds the multi-party political organised crime syndicate in this country. The Corporations and landlords and developers all make the world-leading salaries and allowances of Irish politicians (and their many advisors) possible. These same people own the media companies that pollute the minds of the public towards their slaves in Government. And of course, the Government give their corporate masters quid-pro-quo through their propaganda outfit RTE.

Since cataclysmic lockdowns were lifted in 2021, we as a nation have been subjected to incessant political posturing about Ireland being open for migration. This is as much a nod to the corporate world that wants cheap labour, as it is a shiny fishing lure intended to fool desperate people into coming here.

This is why we have the clown Darragh O’Brien trying to lure half a million brown & Ukrainian people to Ireland with misrepresentations of the true facts on the ground for these new arrivals. This is why Darragh O’Brien of Fianna Fail/Fine Gael (same thing) is now a de-facto human trafficker.

Make no mistake, he knows what he’s doing and he loves his job. You’ll notice he’s never off the television and newspaper features, sucking in his growing stomach and third chin every time a camera points in his direction. O’Brien scrabbled around for years, greasing palms and inhaling pints in Malahide and the Old Schoolhouse pub in Swords, supported by Fianna Fail’s canvasser and councillor army who were all given houses for a song by the party’s developer-owners in the Highfields estate in Swords. Now O’Brien is breaking into the cabal’s big-league.

O’Brien’s designated role is to be an anger magnet for the population. They do this every time they want to rob us. They did it with Simon Harris, Phil Hogan, Mary Harney, Bertie Ahern, Michael Noonan, Francis Fitzgerald, and Phil Hogan. These people are the hands that the magicians wave at us while they rob us blind from behind.

O’Brien is a master of double talk and talking people down. His plan is to do whatever it takes to advance his own career, and if he doesn’t get the nod for a senior cabinet post he’ll do a Phil Hogan and be rewarded with more free money in Europe. To hell with the migrant families he tricked into coming here and to hell with the natives he despises.

Mary Lou McDonald and the rest of the pretend Irish left are no different. They have their eyes on the Government prize, and want access to the same slave-labour and European migrant money-pot after the next (s)election. It’s likely that this was the the deal negotiated for them supporting the ludicrous Covid narrative, when they could have brought the Government down with any one of the many World Health Organisation pronouncements about lockdowns being ill-advised, or by exposing the clearly bogus stats that were being spooled out daily by NPHETys and the HSE.

The Irish mainstream media are all on board with the Government and uniparty’s lies because they themselves are now an extension of Government in Ireland. We seen this through the tens of millions of euro paid during Covid for vaccine messaging that serviced the Pharmaceutical corporations that make up 70% of our GDP. If the corporate taxes dry up in Ireland then the Irish media’s money dries up too. No more money for coke and alimony and little girls and boys for the reprobates that call themselves journalists in Ireland.

This is why they ask no difficult questions of anyone in the approved Irish political organised crime syndicate.

The Irish mainstream media (RTE, The Irish Times, etc.) is a willing and essential pillar for the syndicate to maintain control. They keep the masses mentally anaesthetized to the cancer all around them.

Next steps for the Indigenous Irish

There is quite clearly an organised crime syndicate operating in Ireland made up of every establishment political party.

Having robbed a few ten billion through the children’s hospital and vaccine/PPE/PCR and wind-farm scams, they are now the proud parents of a massive human trafficking operation, that benefits their corporate and establishment owners to the detriment of local working and middle classes, and to maintain their own power, prestige, and remuneration levels.

The organised crime syndicate have somehow fooled a slim majority in Ireland into supporting these human trafficking efforts, through carefully designed publicity campaigns and psychological warfare through the media, using gaslighting, guilting, disinformation, and lies by omission.

They are enabled by a corrupt and utterly unfit-for-purpose national media, who are all on board with the syndicate because they get paid by the syndicate.

Local establishment political parties, the NGO classes, and the European Union all know exactly what is occurring, and these evils will continue until we all unite and everyone becomes fully cognisant of these self-evident truths.

Economic nationalism is the only way forward or our nation is finished. I would appeal to the working and middle classes to really consider the notion that they have been utterly duped into being the architects of their own destruction, carefully hypnotised by a fascist corporate media.

Fascism is the merging of corporation and state. Fascism is not men and women out protesting Covid lockdowns that destroyed businesses, mental health, and the lives of the young and old, as the Irish media would have you believe. (Protests that were organised while the organised crime syndicate were setting the scene for an experimental unnecessary vaccine program that benefited the fascist corporate state to the tune of many billions).

Economic nationalism takes back our oil and our resources from the international cabal. We would take back the fisheries that a drunk Brian Cowan signed away in London for magic beans; fisheries worth hundreds of billions that are continually raped by European trawler fleets, while huge numbers of our own people live below the poverty line and the workers are taxed into oblivion.

The deal that was done with the moneyed interests of Europe when we signed up to the EU was simple – sell out your own people, and you will be personally rewarded. This is how it still works.

The EU has been of no benefit to Ireland.  Sure, you can go on holidays without changing your money, and some dangerous pesticides were banned. But we can take care of all the good stuff ourselves – protect our own environment, harness our own resources, feed our own people. You can’t get a mortgage from Germany where it’s 2% cheaper. You can’t get car insurance from Spain where it’s less than half the cost it is in Ireland. So much for a single market eh? The EU only benefits the top economic levels of Ireland: it is utterly ruinous for the rest of us. We are now being flooded with immigrants the country simply cannot handle – all thanks to local political corruption and the EU cash incentives for their handlers.

And let’s not forget the real human beings with families who are being fooled into coming here for this scam, by the likes of Darragh O’Brien and Mary Lou Mi5 McDonald. And the people they left behind for a lie. These people deserve our genuine concern. Repatriation support programs must be funded to help people resettle back in their origin countries, and mass deportations need to happen for any non-native who has committed a crime, or who isn’t working and doesn’t have direct family links to Irish or European native peoples. Genuine asylum seekers excluded of course (of which there is only a handful).

While we all rightfully want to maintain our national identity and heritage to keep Ireland primarily for the Irish (we never invaded anyone, and our ancestors fought and died in ditches so we could have a home), the people that represent us politically are luring vulnerable men women and children into a country that by all measures cannot support them or their needs.

The relatively few genuine asylum seekers we can help are trying to escape the human trafficking traps that the Irish political and media criminal classes are currently pursuing.

Unfortunately Irish politicians view desperate third world immigrants as nothing more than EU cash machines.

These people have an incurable sickness.


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