Why Stephen Donnelly Wants Your Granny Dead…

Key points:

  • With more and more Irish people waking up to the vaccine scam, compromised Irish political pharma lobbyists have stooped even further into the gutter, with their ‘buddy-vaccine‘ initiative
  • Nursing home Ireland profit from quicker nursing home deaths thanks to the ‘fair-deal’ system

Stephen Donnelly knows that China exited their supposed Covid-crisis months ago without vaccines. So why are the Irish Government pushing untested vaccines on Irish citizens? Why is the Irish minister for health Stephen Donnelly so desperate to sell vaccines that Irish people do not need, based on his own departmental statistics?

Corrupt Irish Health Minister Stephen Donnelly wants Granny dead (and soon)

In today’s Irish Independent (another Irish government-funded rag) we can see Pharma-lobbyist Stephen Donnelly’s new angle of attack – his new ‘buddy vaccine’ gambit: epic 5D-checkers by the coneheaded Blofeld wannabe.

Stephen Donnelly has now publicly asked nursing home residents to choose one person to be included in the vaccine program, so they can finally see their family without government lies of covid-contagion blocking hugs, smiles, and close contact.

Just when you think Irish politicians cannot stoop any lower, they wade deeper into the gutter.  

Not content with deliberately depriving nursing home residents of vital care at the beginning of their manufactured crisis, the Irish Government is once again using our good nature and feelings for our elderly citizens against us, to push unnecessary vaccines.

Almost every elderly person who died in nursing homes during the hyped up Covid-19 panic had multiple underlying health issues. Many of them had less than a year left to live. It is OK to say this. We must stop dancing around the truth – Irish senior citizens do not want to be infantilized.

To be clear – despite the science showing us that masks do not prevent viral spread, and that Covid-19 deaths are lower than all other causes of mortality, Stephen Donnelly & the media have pushed masks on Ireland to manifest their ‘pandemic’, that doesn’t exist on paper or in our hospitals or anywhere else in reality.

In 2020, Donnelly and his political cabal stole one of the last golden years of our senior citizen’s lives, by smothering them with masks and preventing them from seeing their grandchildren.

The people stuck in nursing homes have endured psychological torture thinking their kids have abandoned them. Donnelly and his scummy political ilk have wrecked this year deliberately to further a false narrative for profit.

Donnelly’s new ‘buddy vaccine’ idea is insidious because it once again psychologically exploits our good natures, to co-opt the public into supporting Government policies that make no sense for the common good.

Donnelly has psychologically destroyed our senior citizens through unnecessary isolation. Deliberately. Stephen Donnelly is also being supported in his Covid-19 vaccine-con by the organised crime network of Irish Nursing home multi-millionaires.

In the Independent’s vaccine puff-piece, Tadhg (pronounced ‘TIEG’) Daly, the chief executive of Nursing Homes Ireland, said that his members want the ‘buddy-vaccine’ measure introduced in the early stages of the vaccination program to ensure the ‘well-being’ of residents. One hand washes the other for Nursing Home Ireland & the Irish Government. They’re all so deep in this lie they have to keep going deeper.

TIEG Daly knows that by depriving nursing home residents of proper care during the first part of this manufactured crisis, the Government essentially euthanised hundreds of senior citizens in nursing homes. Stephen Donnelly & the Irish Government consciously sent Covid-diagnosed people out of empty hospitals and back into understaffed nursing homes.

Those homes were full of chronically ill people (cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, renal failure etc.), who needed care, love and attention. They did not need another new cold-virus to deal with in combination with the stress of thinking their children had abandoned them, combined with a lack of adequate care-staff.

These actions by Stephen Donnelly & the Irish political cabal also made Irish nursing home businesses coffin-loads of cash.

Nursing homes profited handsomely from the deaths that resulted from the Irish Government’s decision to not acknowledge the available evidence from Italy in March (explained here) and take the approach Sweden did.

Their willful failure to act on the available Italian state data is the greatest scandal since the foundation of the Irish state.

How do nursing homes profit from quicker elderly deaths?

The nursing industry profited from the Government’s conscious decision to send sick people into nursing homes full of vulnerable, sick, old people, thanks to the grossly unfair Nursing home ‘Fair Deal’ system.

The Fair deal system is an Irish Government scheme where nursing homes get 80% of resident’s pensions and up to 22.5% of their home value – WHEN THEY DIE. By calling it a ‘fair deal’ system, the cabal running the Irish Government continue to laugh at you. This is one of their little jokes.

Would you send your sick elderly loved one to stay with a carer who profits more the quicker they die? No, you would not. Yet the Irish Government has set this system up specifically so that their corporate backers profit from it.

It is disgusting, and corrupt, and shame on the Irish people for accepting it. When are the Irish people at large going to wake up to the scandal that is happening right in front of them?

The fact is, the quicker nursing home residents die, the better for the nursing home industry’s profits. They get the payoff from the property sale. And they get to reduce staff costs and overheads in looking after sick and dying people.

So, we can see the profit motive for Nursing Home Ireland wanting to kill more people off – so why not push untested risky vaccines full of new viruses on people with compromised immune systems. Are they rushing things because property prices are about to plummet?

Of course, as we keep reminding you, Pharma makes up 80%+ of our exports now. And Irish politicians need some kind of surplus over EU budgetary allowances to keep their salaries at the highest levels in Europe.

They need a surplus for all the dodgy public projects they give their backers, like the children’s hospital, the most expensive in the world. That surplus is further boosted by more stamp duty and sales taxes, and the inheritance taxes paid by family survivors of our dead. Less pensions to pay too!

Our criminal politicians have a limited pool to skim off due to EU budgetary constraints, and they aim to maximise that pool however they can.

The recent Children’s hospital scandal was and is another example of how cynical scumbags like Simon Harris gaslight a nation. They decided us to rob with corrupt tender processes by building a children’s hospital, counting on the fact that no one could oppose a children’s hospital.

Now the same criminals in Irish politics are counting on our love of Granny to not oppose dangerous untested rushed vaccines, made by companies with zero legal liability for destructive side effects.

And the more adverse vaccine side effects the better, for Stephen Donnelly & the Nursing home magnates.

Stephen Donnelly and TIEG Daly of Nursing homes Ireland know the official stats show we do not need a vaccine. They know that Covid-19 is not the killer they say it is. Stephen Donnelly is corrupt, and he is either being blackmailed or bribed. We can only judge these people by their actions.

We have the scientific proof on Covid-19, so he won’t challenge this assertion of corruption.  He and his cabal are the scum of the earth for their cynical manipulation of the Irish people for profit.

The manufactured Covid-19 crisis has been a boon for the private nursing home industry. The owners of nursing homes most definitely benefit financially from speeding up elderly deaths thanks to the fair deal system. These developers and business-people own our political parties.

The Irish political cabal needs the exchequer funds-boost that results from deaths, to keep rape of the public purse going. And to keep the bigger scam of the Covid-19 lie going. And they know that big-pharma needs vaccine-cash to stay in business.

These are the very real-world reasons why Stephen Donnelly wants to kill off your granny.

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Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
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