Romanian Mother of Four Murdered in Ireland: Why Did Irish Police Allow Her Killer To Escape The Country?…

Last week on April 4th, a married Romanian mother of four, Geila Ibram, was brutally murdered in Limerick, a small Irish city with a population of roughly two hundred thousand. The perpetrator, who has since been arrested in Northern Ireland, was an Afghani migrant who was not criminally assessed or vetted by the Irish state before being admitted to the country.

Irish police (Gardai) were alerted to the incident by two of the Romanian woman’s neighbours, who fled the apartment complex where Geila Ibram was stabbed immediately after the incident, whereupon police were informed and a short time later discovered her body.


Three days later, on the afternoon of April 7th, Afghani Habib Shamel was arrested in Northern Ireland on suspicion of killing Geila Ibram, having fled the Republic of Ireland’s jurisdiction. It has since emerged that Shamel visited Limerick city hospital to seek treatment for a hand injury he allegedly sustained during the vicious murder, before subsequently making his way North in an attempt to flee to the British mainland. Geila Ibram had fought back.

If Shamel did manage to successfully receive medical attention after stabbing a woman to death just a short distance away (3.2 kilometres), this was undoubtedly made possible by the fact that Gardai refused to give an accurate description of the assailant to the national media, even when they knew what he looked like, and the fact that the Irish national media also failed to ask Gardai for any meaningful details. Link to story archive.

In a bizarre twist, we have since learned that Gardai immediately had access to doorbell footage from the scene of the murder. Habib Shamel is allegedly seen on camera entering and exiting the apartment moments before and after Geila Ibram was brutally murdered. Despite being in possession of this information, with clear images of the woman’s alleged killer, the Gardai decided not to give a description of the man’s ethnicity to the national media for days after the murder. The public only found out when he was captured in Northern Ireland. A more accurate description of the suspect would have unquestionably alerted the public and allowed them to successfully aid the manhunt for what was clearly a dangerous killer still on the loose.

The reckless decision to withhold an accurate description of the chief suspect, who had clearly been seen on camera, could easily have caused more carnage. At the time of Gardai discovering Geila Ibram’s body, the investigating officers would have been unclear on motive. As far as they knew, the killer could have been specifically targeting women or specifically Romanian women. He had spent less than two minutes in the apartment, so the murder was clearly premeditated. Thanks to the inexcusable actions of the Gardai, countless civilians and female nurses in Limerick city hospital were also placed in clear and present danger of being the killer’s next murder victim.

Had the Gardai simply released a bulletin describing the suspect at large as an apparent Afghan/Pashtun man with a bandaged hand, not to be approached and to be considered extremely dangerous, it is likely staff at Limerick City hospital would have alerted Gardai as soon as he presented in the emergency room with his injuries. It is both nationally embarrassing and contemptible that, having stabbed Romanian and EU-citizen Geila Ibram a short distance away, prime suspect Shamel was somehow able to evade detection in a major Irish hospital with plenty of security, to continue on his journey to flee the country.

Did certain elements within the Gardai and Justice ministry want the killer to escape so that the Government could avoid another politically embarrassing migrant murder trial on the island of Ireland? Surely not…so why not give an accurate description of the killer to the public?

It is doubtful the rank and file of the Gardai would have supported the decision not to release a full description of a man who had viciously murdered a woman, especially one they unusually had clear camera footage of so soon after the killing. The decision to withhold pertinent racial details was made by senior Garda figures and probably the Irish minister for justice, Helen McEntee, who is on a declared mission to flood the country with as many unvetted and undocumented single male migrants as she can. These people have clearly chosen to prioritise woke political correctness and saving face for the Irish Government, over the safety of women in Ireland.

There is also no consistency in the Garda press office’s sparing use of facts in their media communications – on one hand they had decided not to release the ethnicity of the suspect, but on the other hand they saw fit to release to the media that ‘a sexual exchange’ was agreed between the victim and the suspect on the morning of the attack. This means they immediately had access to her mobile phone, which means they had access to her doorbell camera footage. Apparently the Gardai do not care about Geila Ibram’s privacy, but they will do everything they can to keep a killer’s ethnicity confidential to put more Irish women in harm’s way.

One doesn’t have to look far for motivations behind the Irish establishment’s desire to keep the perpetrator’s race quiet for as long as possible. In recent months the Irish Government and police commissioner Drew Harris have come under increasing pressure by large numbers of growing protest movements around Ireland, campaigning against the arrival of substantial groups of ‘Ukrainian refugees’. These protests revolve around the fact that Ukrainian families are nowhere to be seen – instead, tens of thousands of non-Ukrainian fighting age males are being transplanted into small established Irish communities, with no women and children present. It is also clear that many of the self-described asylum-seekers are destroying their identification documents upon arrival in Dublin, having travelled through multiple safe countries to get to Ireland.

With the Irish establishment under ever increasing pressure to stem the flow of unvetted and undocumented males into the country, and substantial allegations that billions of euro are being made by elements facilitating the migrant plantation into Ireland, it is clear that the decision to withhold a full description of the Geila Ibram’s killer was linked to the ongoing backdrop of anti-bogus-refugee protests. The Irish Government & media establishment are desperate not to lend any credence to protestor claims that vast numbers of international felons are flocking to soft-touch Ireland, to escape serious criminal records in their own countries or in European countries where they have previously resided.

While we cannot be certain, it is highly likely that a man who can execute premeditated murder (there was no time for a heat-of-the-moment argument or crime of passion here – video shows that Shamel was in and out of the apartment within two minutes), has been involved in serious crime before arriving on Irish shores.

And so by extension, it stands to reason that if Shamel had been criminally vetted by the Irish Government before being allowed to mix with law-abiding citizens, Geila Ibram could very well still be alive today to see her children again. One wonders if the victim’s family should sue the Irish Government for failing to adequately criminally vet her killer, a man who was not an EU-citizen. After all, what meaning is there to being an EU citizen, or indeed Irish citizen, if one is not afforded the most basic police protections upon arrival in a fellow member state’s jurisdiction?

Mainstream Media Reaction

Media reaction to Ireland’s latest migrant murder has been predictable. As with the killing and beheading of two gay men in Sligo in April 2022 by a self-styled refugee, and the rape and murder of Aisling Murphy in January 2022, or any of the multiple unvetted-migrant gang rapes in the midlands and most recently Finglas and Tramore, no questions have been asked by the Irish media relating these serious crimes to the arrival of tens of thousands of single unvetted males into Ireland.

General, non-specific descriptions were also given by Gardai in the immediate aftermath of the incidents above, while the non-white and non-Irish suspects were still at large and free to kill/rape again. It is clear that the Irish media is burying the ethnicity of suspected criminals unless they are native whites. For a succinct run-down on this subject be sure to check out this video on the excellent Mick Brazil’s telegram news channel, which you can join and enjoy for free like eighteen thousand other Irish people.

This clear media trend mirrors extensive research in the United States by the Washington Free Beacon, who studied nine hundred media reports for bias when it came to race-reporting of serious crimes. They found that half of articles about a white offender mention his race within the first 15 percent of the article. In articles about non-white offenders, by contrast, mentions come overwhelmingly toward the end of the piece. Half of the articles that mention a black/non-white offender’s race do not do so until at least 60 percent of the way through, and more than 20 percent save it until the final fifth of the article, omissions which can skew a reader’s perspective. It’s quite obvious the same is happening in Ireland, perhaps to an even more impractical and ‘woker’ degree.

It is vital that the women of Ireland acknowledge, internalise and accept that the Irish media, Government, and political party matrix is not interested in the safety and protection of women in Ireland. To properly assimilate this reality into your consciousness and thus be equipped to act accordingly, the women of Ireland must internalise two facts. One – the mainstream media in Ireland is almost wholly funded by the Irish Government and is therefore not independent, and two – it is now indisputably Irish Government policy to import vast quantities of undocumented and unvetted male migrants into the country. Whatever their reasons are, for now these reasons do not matter – it is policy. Which means that by extension, it is now the Irish mainstream media’s policy to support the Irish Government’s policy.

And this hand in glove arrangement between media and State will grow ever tighter as the few remaining advertising euros left after the insane Covid economic shutdowns dry up, and economic recession spreads.  The media will lie to cover for the people paying their wages. We bore witness to this relationship during Covid, where we saw the Irish media’s unquestioning regurgitation of every totalitarian, big-pharma-inspired dictat of the Irish establishment and political matrix.

There will be more rapes and more murders of women by dangerous unvetted male migrants, and the media will continue to gaslight the public into cheering for the policies of the political traitors who run things for Europe and big business. FFG, the Greens, Sinn Fein, People before profit, they are all part of the one syndicate. There is no difference between them, look at Covid, look at their unwavering support for the importation of unvetted single male migrants now proven to be perpetrating rapes and murders within our borders. Know them by their fruits.

That they do not care about Irish or European women’s safety is well illustrated by the wider investigative aftermath of Geila Ibram’s murder last week. The attitude of the Irish media in particular towards women’s safety can best be illustrated by this short opinion piece by Ellen Coyne, in the Irish Government-funded Irish-Independent. I have reproduced it below. It is worth reading through to understand the unbridled mendacity the Irish media will engage in to support the policies of their paymasters, at the cost of all else. Her piece begins in much the same fashion as this report, but see if you can spot where it ends up – images move from right to left.

  • Geila Ibram Murder

At first, it is quite sympathetic – that’s designed to draw you in, so that you will be more open to their adulterated version of reality.  They then indicate that one of many lines of inquiry here is that Geila Ibram was a sex worker. They then inexplicably jump into talking full-on about sex-workers and how they feel in Ireland, and how the deaths of sex-workers are often minimised because they are prostitutes (the term ‘sex-worker’ is another minimisation of the reality of human sex trafficking).

Suddenly and in very rapid progression it is indicated by Ellen Coyne to be fact that Geila Ibram was a sex-worker. Why would they want this to be the prevailing narrative? And why are they assassinating her character so quickly? Even if she was involved in some sort of prostitution, we don’t know if she was being forced into it, as so many women are. Ireland is ranked dead last alongside Romania for human trafficking prevention on the US state-department’s human trafficking watch-list for Europe (tier 2). 

How many criminal cases have we seen where a husband or boyfriend forces a woman into prostitution? Was it a set-up? Did someone at home in Romania want her murdered? She was only here three or four weeks and her family believed she was in Germany. Is her partner involved? Did her partner/previous partner arrange to have her killed? Did she have a large inheritance?  We know none of these things. There is no mention of the possibility of any of these things from Ellen Coyne and the Irish independent, no benefit of the doubt for a dead murdered mother of four.  They condemn her before she is buried.

There is no true empathy for the victim here, just a frisson of feigned sadness to get your guard down before they violate your subconscious with nefarious suggestion and misdirection.

The ‘sex-worker’ narrative that the Gardai and media seem so desperate to push serves a number of purposes. It does indeed minimise the crime, a minimisation that Ellen Coyne is pretending to be against. The link to prostitution will certainly cause the public to lose interest. ‘Oh, she was a prostitute, these things happen’ is what Ellen Coyne is aiming for here in the minds of the public. The killing will be minimised in the minds of the public because of this focus, and thus the incompetence of the Gardai and the state for letting this unvetted migrant into the country will also be minimised. That’s the goal. The fact this killing is part of a wider pattern of killings and rapes and crimes in Ireland by the unvetted male migrant hordes that the Irish establishment are so intent on bringing into the country will also be minimised. Not once does Ellen Coyne mention that this woman had four children, or a family. That should tell you all you need to know about how much Ellen Coyne really cares about violence against women.

Once Coyne – senior reporter for the Irish Times, freelancing here for the Independent – is finished assassinating the dead woman’s character, she transforms the story into a general man-hating snuff-piece, demonising the everyday men who are out protesting on the streets to demand that the EU-sponsored migrant waves are paused and correct criminal vetting checks are put into place. Ellen seeks to demonise the same men who would die to protect their female partners, wives, sisters, mothers, and daughters from the men she and the Irish Government want you to forget all about.

This is sophisticated gaslighting. You may have noted at the top of image three, how she says “some have questioned why Gardai have not identified her?”, obfuscating the actual questions that were asked by the public, relating to Gardai not releasing an accurate description of the perpetrator. No one was calling for her immediate identification because most people are sensitive to understand the family must be informed first. This is a blatant lie by Coyne, and proof she is involved in misdirection.

In a few short paragraphs Coyne has spelled her magic, and the metamorphosis of a horrific murder perpetrated by an Afghan man who should never have been allowed into our communities in the first place is complete.  The true danger to women everywhere hopefully expunged from the reader’s mental record, what’s left in place is confusion and misplaced resentment. ‘All men are bastards, so it doesn’t matter where this guy came from, or how he got here, or whether he burned his documents on arrival or whether he wasn’t criminally vetted… it’s just men in general that are the problem, stop thinking about the clearly crazy policy of letting so many unvetted men in without documents’. Take a bow Ellen Coyne, formerly of the BBC, protecting the people who pay her wages – the Government – and gaslighting everyone else at the expense of true reality and the safety of Irish women. Absolutely insidious, and a perfect demonstration of how the Irish mainstream media operates.

The migrant murders will continue until morale improves

Determined Irish establishment efforts to import tens of thousands of unvetted male migrants into the country, and to hide perpetrator ethnicity in media releases when crimes do occur, continue to endanger the lives of women of all ages in Ireland. These are men fleeing criminal records, and in many cases warzones and completely incompatible cultures. Afghani men are subjected to the worst sexual abuse as children (it’s cultural) and many have been living in war-zones from birth, now suffering PTSD and other more serious disorders. Our country is not equipped or obliged to take care of them, or risk our children being near them. We do not have the infrastructure to take care of our own, let alone the rest of the world. There are currently five hundred and ninety thousand people (590,000) on hospital waiting lists in Ireland and there is no available accomodation. We are full. This unvetted migrant insanity must stop.

One outcome we can be thankful for is the competency of the Northern Irish police, who managed to apprehend the alleged killer. He was finally picked up on the Malone road in Belfast, an area known for escorts and prostitution. Had he not been caught, we would never have had an end to Irish media gaslighting on the dangers Irish women face from Irish men in general, and this woman’s death would simply have amounted to division-fuel for the media and our quisling politicians, because divided we are conquered and perpetuating division on behalf of the Government is the Irish media’s job. The killer’s escape to Britain would have been convenient for the Irish Government, their media, and the Gardai.

The Irish media and Government want Irish women to be sceptical of the efforts of Irish men to sound the alarm on the dangers of bringing in vast numbers of single unvetted male migrants. Men are the traditional protectors in every community, none of us would be here today without our ancestors successfully adopting this most essential of traditional gender roles. The media incessantly paint men as the enemy of women, and the reason for this should be quite clear by now – men traditionally sound the warning bells when threats present themselves on our loved-ones doorsteps. The Irish Government and wider political party crime syndicate is the prime agent for every threat our people now face: witness their policies and their actions and their never-ending public-policy ‘failures’. This is why they seek to divide the sexes – as individuals we are more susceptible to their exploitative agendas, as are our children.

Of course, there is a real problem of male violence towards women in Ireland, as there is in every country. But the vast majority of Irish men are decent loving people. Despite this, if you let them, the Irish establishment will twist this reality and have you believe that each time a woman in Ireland is raped or murdered by an unvetted male migrant who should not be here, that it is actually nothing to worry about, because rapes and murders of women have always happened in Ireland. Instilling this notion into the subconscious of the nation is one of the main goals of their incessant gaslighting.

In recent years the Irish media and Government caused untold levels of domestic violence and abuse within the home, by supporting unscientific and unnatural Covid economic lockdowns and caging people in their homes and unnecessarily destroying jobs. This fact is borne out by increasing numbers of academic studies. The Irish Government caused more domestic violence and abuse in those years than arguably happened over the preceding twenty or thirty years. And they knew it would happen, yet they still went ahead with these policies. It is also worth remembering that rapes and murders of Irish women and children have always been covered up by the Irish state. The lives of Irish women depend on us rejecting their insidious lies and articulating the truth, however inconvenient it may be.

RIP Geila Ibram, killed by the insane, money-driven policies of every sitting political party in Ireland, who refuse to criminally vet the non-EU single male migrants they insist on flooding this beautiful country with. A single unvetted male non-EU migrant killed the beloved mother of four Geila Ibram, and the Irish Government deliberately failed in their duty to protect her. If you were to say the Irish Government killed her, you would not be wrong.

Please share this report, particularly to any members of the Romanian community you know here in Ireland and abroad, and to nurses and women in general. The comments section below requires no registration.

If you like this article, you may be interested in reading another report about how a well-known Irish charity trafficked 59 Ukrainian children into Ireland and the Irish Government have still done nothing to investigate their actions.

Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
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