Exclusive Report: Undercover In Ireland’s Experimental Vaccine Cull Centres

I have been shut down on Social media, so rely on readers to share if you can, thank you.

Get this into non-protest groups and in front of kids, kids are smart, they’ll understand – football groups, GAA groups, knitting clubs, anywhere outside telegram. Stop targeting parents, we have reached a plateau. Get out of the echo chambers. Email it to companies. Send even one email to someone. You might save a child’s life. Share the rumble video primarily, it can’t be taken down.

New readers – are we selling anything? Looking for donations? Alternate Covid cures? Do we have ads? The answer is NO. We have NOTHING to gain from lying to you. Think.

This is Exclusive Undercover footage from an Irish Vaccine mill last month, where the undercover, under the guise of the Irish Prime Minister’s media department, manages to announce to the waiting sheep that the vaccines are all experimental – our brave insider told us that ALL sheep remained and took the experimental jab, despite the announcement….

Besides telling them all it’s experimental, he also tells them what they can (and cannot) say to the Taoiseach (the Irish Prime Monster), just before he is to arrive at the vaccine centre for a photo opportunity. No inconvenient truths are allowed.

Does our boy get caught? Does he get rumbled? How does it end? You’ll have to watch and see.

Let’s make the rumble video go viral. Get it out everywhere. There’s a downloadable video in the telegram group, linked above. This WILL help wake people up – Vaccine centre staff didn’t say a word when it was announced that the vaccines are experimental. And there’s plenty more in there to shake people from their hypnosis and faith in the corrupt Irish establishment.

Be brave, go on solo runs, anyone can do things like this – show these criminals and liars up for what they are and do something – anything, that might save just one child from this poison. Get smart, get active, and make content – if you save just one child from this illness-inducing poison it’s worth it.

Covid Vaccines are still in experimental trials

These vaccines are still in an experimental stage under Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA). See here for example, the Astrazeneca trial will run until 2023, by their own data. The same with Moderna’s. And the US’s official vaccine injury data shows massive damage already caused, with tens of thousands dead. And that’s just the ones that were reported.

There is no great conspiracy (probably). They demonised Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine as viable cures for any cold virus because they are off-patent and the drug companies can’t make any money from them. It’s that simple! It’s about money! They can’t make money from drugs that are no longer patentable (patents last about 20 years for Drugs, then the inventors make nothing from them).

Israel’s daily updated data shows that the vaccines are completely useless in relation to Covid – but they do seem to be making people extremely sick. Asymptomatic spread was never a thing, and there was never any serious science to back the use of masks – even the CDC said so.

In 2010, the definition of a pandemic was changed by the WHO. They did this after the swine flu vaccine scam failed. This was documented in 2010 by the British medical Journal here, it is fact.

They removed the words “enormous sickness and death” from the definition. This is what allows our pharma owned politicians and media to use the word “pandemic” ad nauseum with total immunity (pun intended). The common understanding of the word ‘pandemic’ is of course far from this altered definition – when we hear ‘Pandemic’ we worry and become afraid and become more controllable – they knew this. Every despot since Nero knows this, and many of them still ultimately come to a Nero’s end.

This false pandemic trick was one of the many little pieces the almost-bankrupt (from Opioid crisis lawsuits) pharmaceutical industry needed in place to make their long-planned covid vaccine scam a success.

The Irish authorities and media are HIDING all of this from the Irish people, who have been gaslit and fear-driven into trusting them this past 18 months, despite their ruinous track-record in looking after the health of our people.

They deliberately put you, the Irish people, in fear, and they gained power over our people’s minds with the simplest mind-controlled technique of all – repetition.

We must help our people take their reason and innate goodness back from these monsters.

The Covid scam has been the crime of the century so far – run by an industry that has been deliberately destroying people’s health for profit for over a century (see below), and one that makes no profit from curing people of anything.

Key takeaways from the video
  • Even when someone from the Department of the Taoiseach’s media department tells the sheep the vaccine is experimental, they continue to nod and remain seated, waiting for the the death jab – an operative on the inside reported to us afterwards that no one stood up and left. Not one. No one questioned the announcement.
  • Traffic is slow – they admit on camera it is slow – showing how RTE and the rest of the corrupt Irish mainstream media are lying when they say that most people are getting the vaccine
  • The Irish media are the pharma-sponsored enemies of all Irish people – they’ve lied about everything Covid since the start. Like our politicians, and they are lying about vaccines being safe
  • This vaccine madness really is the blind leading the blind – they admit they are all volunteers, and you can see they are all halfwits, brainwashed into thinking they are doing good – no ID was checked and no mask was needed – are we not in a dangerous pandemic?
  • The undercover wore no mask – proving they all know masks are nonsense, with zero science to back up their effectiveness in preventing viral spread. Not an eyelid was batted about the undercover operative wearing no mask – all these dangerous idiots wanted was a photo with the Prime Minister Micheal Martin. They’d probably inject a thousand schoolkids with untested poison for a glamour shot with that creep.
  • Everyone in that centre knows that these vaccines are experimental, it was mentioned twice that they were experimental and none objected… and they don’t care – they don’t object to the pronouncement that they are experimental at the end! The zombie in the pink at the end was getting annoyed at the use of the word experimental, but she would have voiced her opposition to the undercover’s comments if had any. Fact is, she knows they are experimental and untested.
    One can only conclude that these ‘volunteers’ are so selfish they are trying to shepherd young people into getting the vaccine to protect themselves from the China-virus (Covid is a bad cold, and the Flu never went away). These people believe their government actually cares about their health, and like so many of the WORST of Irish people, they think they know better than everyone else. Instead of doing basic research, they choose to trust RTE and look to save themselves. They are weak.

  • Look how stupid these people are, letting this piece be recorded. Look how idiotic they are laughing and joking along thinking they are the best boys in the class. “Oh that’s why you didn’t come this morning ha ha ha”, the idiot quips towards the end. Do you trust these idiots with putting something into your bloodstream?! These people are ignorant fools.

    These people truly are amongst the worst of humanity, and as usual in Ireland, it’s our own that do us the most damage.

    But…they’re not all bad. There are whistleblowers and heroes everywhere, and there are good people in those centres and in the Garda across Ireland taking note of exactly what’s going on, and who is responsible for the worst of this widespread atrocity. Be sure of that.

    Remember, ye stewards of death, “I was just following orders” was not an accepted defence at Nuremberg.

    Those herding the confused and fear-driven cattle into these modern day gas chambers are facilitating this deliberate sickening of our people by a pharmaceutical industry mired in scandal after scandal for DECADES. They’re facilitating an industry that experimented on Irish babies with cattle vaccines in the mother and baby homes, gave us Thalidomide, Hepatitis tainted Anti-D products, the Opioid crisis, fucking asbestos laden baby powder from Johnson and Johnson, with fines of over 2 billion…. and yet they want to allow them to experiment on our children!

    In time they will pay for their crimes. Believe it.

    We can crystalise what’s going on here by focusing on just one company, to lay bare the treason the Irish Government are perpetrating on all of us: Johnson and Jonson

    Micheal Martin, Varadkar, Donnelly, Harris, Holohan, O’Neill, and the rest, all know that J&J knew for DECADES that there was mesothelioma-causing asbestos in its baby powder, (this is a Reuters piece on that fact, this is mainstream news), and that they were fined over 2 billion for it this year, as reported by the Financial Times.

    They were fined over EIGHT BILLION last year for marketing a dangerous drug Risperdal, that destroyed the lives of thousands of young men globally. There are countless more scandals the company are mired in. The Irish Government knows this.

    And yet, the Irish Government is advocating the use of one of their untested ‘vaccine’ products be put into the bodies of our young people and children. And that’s just one of these poisons they’re planning on giving our kids. Think about that. Let that sink in.

    Now acknowledge the fact that these people do not care about your health. All Irish party politicians actively despise you, and have zero interest in your health. They are psychopaths.

    There’s a reckoning coming for everyone actively involved in this mass murder, in this life or the next.

Still unsure about the vaccine? We are not selling anything here – what do we have to gain by lying to you?
Watch this video below – WAKE UP, and remember: these companies make no money curing people of anything. If it’s free you are the product.

If you’re a parent and you don’t watch this link, you are neglecting your children and may be an abuser: Watch: Why Kids Must Avoid the mRNA COVID Shot

Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
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