Exposed: Ireland’s Leading Far-right Politicians Unmasked…

The emergence of the far-right is a relatively new phenomenon in Irish politics. Since the first lockdowns two years ago there have been worrying signs that the Irish far-right have been tightening their grip on Irish politics, through a small but vocal minority of serving politicians, in both the Senate and the National Parliament.


The rise of the radical right in Ireland reflects a 40 year trend in politics across Europe. For decades, politics in almost all European countries was dominated by centre-right and centre-left parties. These political parties reflected the class systems of industrialised economies, where a similar group of unskilled and semi-skilled working-class voters aligned politically with their main economic interests.

As we can see below, the centre-left’s vote-share in Europe has declined overall in the past forty years, while the radical-right’s has increased.

Average vote share for ‘socialist’ and ‘right-wing’ party families in elections in each half decade since 1940 across 27 European countries using data from ParlGov – Holger Döring and Philip Manow 2020

Irish mainstream media and politicians have devoted significant time in recent years to exposing the threat of the far-right. But the actual faces behind their far right stories were often obscured by deliberately inaccurate reporting and finger-pointing . The general far-right boogeyman was never truly defined – it was more of a concept, hidden beneath a veneer of double-talk and false sincerity by certain Irish politicians and media operatives.

It is worth remembering that Joseph Goeball’s most famous quote was that one should accuse others of that which you are guilty”, if one is to achieve success in the darker political arts. Goeballs was the Nazi minister for propaganda, and early Nazis went to great lengths to point the German people towards imagined threats while the far-right were working quietly from within.

However, after this week’s revelations in the Irish national parliament and senate, it seems that the Irish far-right will be quiet no more – three senior operatives have now fully revealed themselves. These fascists are now so confident in their mental hold over the population, aided by far-right members of Irish mainstream media, that they have brazenly revealed their faces and their true intentions.

The Far-right unmasked – Fianna Fail Senator Gerry Horkan

Fianna Fail Senator Gerry Horkan’s recent statements in the Senate are the perfect example of Ireland’s far-right leaders emerging from the shadows. In the short video below Horkan cynically appeals to the lowest common denominator in our society – those who would discriminate against others based on their medical or racial status. On the other hand, in true corporatist fashion, Horkan publicly supports the massive pharmaceutical corporations now embedded in every aspect of Irish government decision making.

The most consistent theme of all far-right fascist politicians and of their political platforms is their devotion to corporatism.

Now watch Herr Oberführer Gerry Horkan in action this week in the Irish senate, blowing his discrimination dog-whistle as a rallying cry for Ireland’s far-right:

Giovanni Gentile, Fascist totalitarian Benito Mussolini’s ghost-writer, defined Fascism (‘the far-right’) in the Encyclopedia Italiana in the 1930s in the following way:

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism, because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”

— Giovanni Gentile, Benito Mussolini’s ghost-writer

Far-right Nazi Germany was the most relevant example of Giovanni Gentile’s definitive words on Fascism and the merger of corporations and Government, where the ultimate goal is a totalitarian utopia.

The historical corporate record doesn’t lie here – you can find here a list of over fifty corporations that facilitated Adolf-Hitler’s far-right agenda here, and many of those corporations are still in existence today.

We the people of Ireland have all seen the influence of Pharmaceutical companies grow since January 2020. With public fear amplified by a pharma and government-funded media, a natural clamour for safety from the public in the face of an unknown virus was understandable. 

Unfortunately some Irish politicians have seized this opportunity to further their own far-right agenda, and that of their corporate backers, by exaggerating the lethality of the virus and seizing the opportunity to overreach their mandate.

Just like the IG-Farbens and Bayer’s of Hitler’s day, who provided the infrastructure and materiel for well-documented medical experimentation programs that we all learned about in school, the pharmaceutical companies of today have provided far-right extremists like Gerry Horkan with the tools he needs to build his long-for cathedral of discrimination and total control.

It is extremely worrying that Ireland’s far-right extremists now feel so insulated and supported by certain sections in the Irish establishment, that they are now voicing their far-right fantasies and racism live on national television.

The Far-Right Unmasked – Fine Gael Senator Martin Conway

In another stunning and likely coordinated statement earlier this week, Fine Gael Senator Martin Conway openly echoed the sentiments of Senator Gerry Horkan.

Irish political parties Fianna Fail and Fianna Gael have worked hand in hand in recent years, through their ‘confidence and supply’ agreement built around the Brexit negotiations. That co-operation continued into the arguably unnecessary lockdowns of the last two years, where the Irish Government willfully ignored peer-reviewed science and allowed the pharmaceutical-funded media & politicians to dictate government policy to create the perfect conditions for super-normal profit.

Beneath the surface of that interparty co-operation it is now quite clear that a radical far-right element of both political parties has been working on something much more sinister, given the convergence of both senators statements this week.

Here witness Fine Gael Senator Martin Conway dropping keywords around the vaccination narrative –‘infrastructure’, ‘vaccines-infrastructure’, and ‘Covid certificates’. All of these pre-planned talking points are representative of the merger of corporations and the state, via uncompetitive tenders and far-right networking. Martin Conways support for mass discrimination and ‘othering‘, and for the liability-free pharmaceutical corporations backing him, echo the true spirit of fascism and it’s insatiable quest for total control and population subjugation.

That Conway would seek to exclude people from the hairdressers (for some elderly people who cannot take vaccines, their only social outlet), or the supermarket (to buy essential food), to benefit his corporate masters to the tune of a few more millions in vaccines sold, shows us who far-right Martin Conway really is behind his carefully curated ‘country-boy-come-good’ façade.

There have been previous indications that Senator Conway is not the wholesome try-hard that his public image suggests. The IrishTimes noted in April 2021 that Conway was privately making fun of Doctor Ronan Glynn, and made references to gambling, belittling and making fun of Ireland’s efforts to get back to normal.

Ronan Glynn may not be the sharpest tool in the box God love him (it seems they put him on television more to keep him away from the actual sick people, than to give us any real insight), but even a halfwit doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment from a sitting senator.

Senators Gerry Horkan and Martin Conway are openly advocating for total fascist corporate control of Ireland via universal ‘papers’ to live and participate in society (the vaccine passport). They likely view this latest hyped up crisis as their launchpad to total fascistic control – if we grant them this indiscretion, how many more far-right politicians will feel it is safe to emerge from the shadows?

There is currently a large section of Irish society who, for medical or religious reasons, cannot take any of the experimental vaccines on offer. There is also a very large section of society who have developed natural immunity, and who have no valid reason to take a vaccine that isn’t having any impact on hospital admission numbers. There are more people in hospital right now in Ireland with the vaccine than without, according to RTE news.

There are also more people in hospital with Covid now, than at the same time in 2020, when there were no vaccines. And there are far more ‘cases’ now than there were this time last year. If 95% of the population is vaccinated as the senators above say, then why are they both foaming at the mouth to control the remaining 5% given the vaccines are having no impact on Covid? Why indeed.

The Far-Right Unmasked – Fine Gael TD Fergus O’Dowd

The Far-right discrimination agenda has also crept into the Dail this week. Fergus O’Dowd is no longer hiding in his swastika-bedecked wine-bunker.

Typical of the far-right element among in Irish politicians and Irish media, O’Dowd’s bigoted comments betray a low-IQ and an inclination to stereotype. O’Dowd is willfully echoing the cries of Nazi war-criminals in the clip below, trying to hide his naziism behind poorly constructed sentences (that may sound like gibberish to some but to the far-right, they’re the clarion call for the far-right to hide no more and cry out for more lockdowns).

They may seem like three useless old men, looking back at the delights of Nazi Germany with rose-tinted glasses, regretting they were having been born too late. They may seem like simple dreamers, and that their quest for a utopian far-right will never happen.

But these three men, while simple of mind and completely incapable of maintaining an erection, are hugely dangerous to our society and our future if ignored. Their far-right dog-whistles will embolden more hiding politicians, now that their mask has slipped. Little-Hitlers all over Ireland’s will draw inspiration from their words to to exclude more vulnerable and racially different from society, in one last thrust for totalitarianism, and for the benefit of their corporate pharma-state backers.

Who are Conway & Horkan & O’Dowd’s Far-Right Backers?

In a 24-year period up to late 2021, Big Pharma companies paid 373 settlements for marketing fraud alone. The settlements totalled $35.7 billion. All for fraudulently marketing drugs to consumers worldwide.

Johnson and Johnson were fined five billion (that’s nine zeros) in 2018 for knowingly putting asbestos in baby-powder. For decades.

Would Martin Conway or Gerry Horkan make one of the terminal cancer patients in those ongoing cases take a Johnson and Johnson vaccine? And if they didn’t take the jab he was forcing on them, would Martin Conway or Gerry Horkan prevent them then from purchasing food to feed their children, as they died of cancer caused by J&J? Given their far-right statements in recent days, one shudders to contemplate the answer.

This is the rise of fascism, writ large in Irish politics, finding legs in the sanctity of our beloved senate, where cooler heads are supposed to prevail.

How did two rabid far-right extremists con their way into our beloved senate? Who enabled them? Who is their patron? Are the three amigos the national front men for the burning far-right desires of the likes of Micheal Martin? Because someone is enabling them and putting them into position to speak their far-right bile!

The world witnessed the rise of the far-right in Germany from 1933 to 1945. The early days of that rise were very similar to the conditions we see today, with certain members of the far-right Irish political establishment sensing their moment has come. Normal looking members of the political classes with covert insidious agendas, previously beavering away towards a wider nefarious goal in the shadows, now out in the open. This is how the far-right infiltrated German politics. Similar men to those above helped start a war that made trillions for a host of large corporations. All wars are not fought with bombs and bullets.

For most countries today, the question is not about how to avoid the far-right, but what to do with them, and specifically what to do with fascist politics when it fully arrives. I would argue it has arrived already – unscientific lockdowns, vaccines mandates to live and breathe, where does it end?

Look what happened in Germany when people like Horkan and Conway were allowed to run away with their agenda unchecked, supported by the Kaiser at the time. It could be argued that Micheal Martin’s refusal to stand up to the far right in our political arenas is part of the problem. Micheal Martin must stand against discrimination, and put an end to lockdown and corporatist operatives. Unless he condones this type of behaviour.

The assertions of far-right Conway and Horkan and O’Dowd are akin to a shop-sign that says no blacks, or a shop policy that says no travellers, or an English pub’s notice that says no Irish.

Although the Irish electoral system makes it more difficult for extremes to grow, our recent electoral cycle is the first time where every party has spawned some far-right elements. In every currently serving Irish Political party, including Sinn Fein, there is a small extremist far-right body actively wedded to the idea of the fascist corporate state.

Members of all parties are actively lobbying on the national airwaves in support of these corporations, at the expense of the public. Mary Lou McDonald & David Cullinane of SInn Fein are notable members of this covert far-right group, incessantly advocating for vaccine mandates that generate billions in current and future revenues for the pharmaceutical corporations involved, at the expense of all else. Mary Lou’s family are involved in vaccine manufacture, as you can read via the link above.

Here you can read about how Stephen Donnelly’s mask has also slipped in this regard. The far-right are working away under our noses everywhere.

Let us all remember the lessons of the past and confront far-right senators like Conway and Horkan and O’Dowd head on, before it’s too late. We’ve been here before – your teachers taught you about what happened in Nazi Germany in school for good reason.

Take some time to read the headlines in the images below, headlines that the three far-right amigos have longed to see return since they burrowed their way into Irish politics many years ago.


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