Bad Moon Rising, Agents for Democide – The Luke O’Neill & Claire Byrne Documentary…

Fifty million euro. Follow the money. Running time 42 mins.

Starring: Luke O’Neill, Claire Byrne, Ronan Glynn, Paul Reid, Kingston Mills, Ryan Tubridy… a whole host of other Irish establishment actors, and a great many members of the public who were deliberately and malevolently deceived by all of them.

Full screen for full effect.

On February 24th 2020, Luke O’Neill & Claire Byrne played a major part in launching the all-consuming Pandemic story/lie in Ireland. They ran a short segment on Ireland’s national broadcaster RTE, which was laden with symbolism, gaslighting, duper’s delight, and ritual. This was prime viewing time and much of the country was tuned into the national broadcaster that night, eager to hear more about the apparently dangerous virus presenting in Wuhan China.

This is a documentary about both Luke O’Neill & Claire Byrne, and the part they played in tricking the Irish population into signing on to the unnecessary vaccine program. No other media personalities in Ireland did more to push the idea of unnecessary, untested, experimental DNA warping vaccines as an escape from lockdowns, and the deliberate disorientation program that was imposed on the public.

This work speculates why they did it, and why they were so active. A key message from the film to remember: even if you don’t believe in the occult and the importance of symbolism, you will surely acknowledge that there are large groups of people out there who do believe in it, and they use these belief systems as their guide in life. It only matters that you accept the possibility that others believe in things that you yourself may not believe in.

For example, people still think Mayo will win an All-Ireland one day. The spectrum of interesting belief systems out there is quite broad.

We’ll focus on their careers, how both protagonists managed to work their way into the positions they found themselves in, who helped them get there, and that one particular night on RTE television in 2020 and the not-so-obvious symbolism that was on display. You will travel from that specific night in 2020, right through the months and years since then with stops along the way as the Plandemic and vaccine scam came to fruition, up to June 2022 and a major waypoint coverup conference in June 2022, and then on to the present day.

According to the CSO there were just 631 more deaths in 2020 vs 2019, and the Irish Government and media had access to those numbers in early 2020. You can see that data on the Irish Government’s CSO website The excellent Patrick Walsh on substack has said those numbers are slightly higher, but we’ll stick with the Government’s numbers for now, because it was their false narrative after all.

There was no dangerous pandemic to justify any of the Government actions both O’Neill and Byrne advocated for. They knew that.

Both also had access to Italian state data from March of 2020 that showed there was a bad flu virus circulating and nothing else. I wrote about that here in September 2020.

The Irish government (virtually all politicians bar a few, regardless of party) and media ignored all of this information willfully, to justify/push the vaccine program that is now killing and maiming tens of thousands here and millions more around the world. They all knew that there was no cause or need for a universally prescribed vaccine program. They have been lying since the night of the new moon, February 24th 2020, and they continue to lie to this day.

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