Irish Prime Minister Leaks How Biden Breached Logan Act…

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– Usurper Joe Biden has broken the US Logan Act by speaking with the Irish Prime Minister. This is the same act that was used to justify FBI-spying on the Trump administration using corrupt FISA warrants against General Michael Flynn & others. Details below.

Since Micheal Martin of the Fianna Fail party was announced as the Irish Prime Minister on the 27th of June this year, Donald Trump has not spoken to him once.

Covid-19 was widely cited by the media as the reason for the total lack of communication, but so far as we can tell, Covid-19 does not yet spread through phone calls.

Given the size of the Irish diaspora in the United States, generally the US President will always have that congratulatory conversation with a new leader in Ireland. These calls naturally happen due to normal diplomatic protocols, and for the positive political profile it gives the sitting president among Irish Americans.

Trump has travelled everywhere during his first four years, even flying to meet with Kim Jong-un face to face in North Korea, so the fact he won’t have even a phone call with the new Irish Prime Minister/Taoiseach Micheal Martin is perhaps telling. We explore the reasons why.

Sloppy seconds for Martin

Here is Prime Minister Micheal Martin on the Irish national propaganda network ‘RTE’ this afternoon, fawning over the usurper Biden. His interviewer, the sham Brian Dobson, asked no tough questions throughout the twenty minute interview because Martin & the Irish Government pay his salary:

Biden is not the President, nor is he ‘President-Elect’

Despite not being elected and despite MASSIVE evidence of nationwide voter fraud that we continue to outline here, Micheal Martin has embarrassed himself and the Irish nation by offering himself cap in hand to the also-ran, Joe Biden.

Only the mainstream media in the United States have declared Biden the winner. We have shown here how early media calls have happened a number of times in recent US history, only to be proven wrong.


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The liberal mainstream media get these calls wrong all of the time

Not only is Martin’s arse-licking desperate, it also shows that Martin isn’t the sharpest tool in the box. Just a cursory glance below the sea of Mainstream media propaganda and Big tech censorship in the US will show that this election is pretty much assured for Trump.

Martin knows that Trump is well on course for victory, so whatever puppet master owns Martin has him on message trying to expand the false narrative that Biden won.

Martin quickly deleted a tweet three days ago saying he had spoken with Biden. Biden is acknowledged to be already illegally speaking to world leaders representing himself as president elect, which would be in breach of the Logan act (the same archaic act that the FBI used to enact a baseless witch-hunt against General Micheal Flynn in 2017). Irish Prime minister Micheal Martin’s tweet may be of interest to the patriots in Steve Bannon’s war-room.

Martin’s tweet about speaking with Biden

We need to make this crystal clear. Donald Trump WILL be president of the United States for the next four years. Given the widespread voter fraud and evidence surfacing everywhere, the election decision is likely going to the Trump controlled supreme court. They will call the entire election invalid (as under the constitution all voters must be treated equally) and the decision will then go to the House, where it is one state, one vote. Where despite a numerical advantage in bodies, Trump holds the advantage in 35 or 36 states. Game over.

Martin has embarrassed himself, and the country

The only way to avoid this outcome is if state legislatures disallow the illegal ballots that were introduced on election night. Either way, Trump wins. Precedent has already been set in this regard with this legal decision in Pennsylvania on Wednesday. There is possibly another reason that Micheal Martin has not been contacted by Trump – the man who has taken down more child trafficking networks than any other US president, as you can read here.  

Ireland is also officially a Tier 2 human trafficking nation, as you can read here, the worst in Western Europe, and there seems to be zero political will to improve this issue in Ireland.  There has not been one arrest in five years in Ireland on this issue. What does Micheal Martin know about it? Is this why Trump refuses to speak to him?

For an idea of the censorship happening against Trump, go and put the phrase ‘trump human trafficking arrests report’ into google, and check out the biased results you get. Then, put the same thing into DuckDuckGo (as we have done here for you), and you can see the truth. This is what Google are doing on a vast scale – re-writing people’s perception of the world in real time, all for political reasons. Google are preventing people finding the truth about Human Trafficking. Think about that.

Micheal Martin has embarrassed himself and Ireland, and he looks utterly desperate – hoping against any rational hope that the utterly corrupt & compromised Joe Biden manages to complete the coup attempt & take the Whitehouse. This would get Martin off the hook for whatever US intelligence agencies/other hard drives have on him. Biden staying on as president would also keep the corrupt Pharma industry in Ieland (which now makes up over 70% of Irish exports).

It seems BOTH of Ireland’s so-called ‘Republican’ parties (we explained here how Sinn Fein were owned by Biden money here) are utterly corrupt.

At the very least Mary Lou McDonald of Sinn Fein and Micheal Martin are on the same notional payroll. But then, we all knew that Irish mainstream politicians were mostly corrupt… until the manufactured COVID-19-crisis hit and the brainwashing began.

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The CFR, and a corrupt US labour Union in Biden’s pocket

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