Presidential Election Results – Four Times The Mainstream Media Lied…

This weekend’s early US Presidential Election call by all of the mainstream legacy media is nothing new.


Their early (and probably incorrect) call for Joe Biden is the fourth such mistake in the last 70 years. Look to the past, to understand the present.

Truman beat Dewey in 1948, despite media calls otherwise

Harry Truman beat Dewey in 1948, despite widespread early calls by media, along with multiple polling companies predicting a landslide for Dewey. The same thing happened before the recent 2020 election – polling companies predicted a landslide for Biden and Democrats taking the senate and house.

None of these things happened. Indeed, besides Republican candidates making massive gains in the house and holding their Senate majority (once Georgia is sorted out), Trump was winning by a landslide (800k+ votes on election night in Pennsylvania alone). That was before ballot-counting was inexplicably stopped in several states in early on election night.

Trump’s legal team allege that Trump’s landslide was so big, that nefarious actors needed to stop counting to re-calibrate their fraud efforts. We’ll have more details on legal cases this week – legal challenges appear to be very strong at this point. We have also linked Newsmax tv in the header of every page for you to stay up to date on the ongoing legal cases.

Bush beat Gore in 2000

Gore was called as the early winner by many liberal media outlets in 2000. War criminal George Bush won after 37 days were afforded to Gore to challenge the result in court. Many people have an issue with the Republican party in the United States due to George Bush & Dick Cheney. Partly because of their warmongering in Iraq and intentional lies over WMD’s, and their cover up of what really happened on 9/11.

When it comes to Donald Trump, many are unaware that he was actually a registered Democrat until just before the election in 2016.

The ultimate truth is that Trump is neither a Democrat or Republican – which is why they hate him on both sides of the US media (remember, Fox News also called Arizona and indeed the entire election early for Biden).

This is also why prominent Republicans like Mitt Romney (Republican challenger to Barry Soetero/Barack Obama in 2012) are urging Trump to concede early despite having firm legal grounds for challenge. Trump is not part of the false dichotomy of left versus right, and this is why his supporters love him – they believe he is simply about about right and wrong.

If you need any more convincing that legacy Democrats and Republicans are friends, witness the fact here that Dick Cheney has been announced by Biden as his Foreign policy advisor. This is the swamp Trump has been trying to drain.

Time Magazine call 2016 for Hillary Clinton
They never thought she would lose

The media never thought Hillary could lose, and they’ve spent four years trying to right that wrong. General McInerney dropped some interesting background on why the ‘Hammer & Scorecard’ CIA program didn’t work for Hillary & the Democrats in 2016.

Hammer & Scorecard is on the record as having been used by US intelligence to meddle in foreign elections. Obama took the program out of the CIA in 2016, and you can guess the rest. Incidentally the company running the software that ‘glitched’ in Michigan (more on that below) is also part-owned by Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein – the ultimate Democrats.

Here’s General McInerney speaking a couple of days BEFORE the election. We cut in here as he speaks about a 2016 failure to execute for Hillary – the entire video is required viewing but this part is in particular:
McInerney on Hammer & Scorecard failing for Hillary in 2016

Mainstream Media call the election for Biden in 2020

Which brings us to the present day. The mainstream liberal media in the US called it for Biden, as did outlets in Ireland. Remember, RTE News (Ireland’s state broadcaster run with Government money, and deeply biased for that reason) is run by Jon Williams, who worked at uber-liberal ABC in the USA, and at fake-news BBC London when Jimmy Saville was having his reign of terror. It is no surprise that RTE fake-news would call it early for the Irish public, especially when run by Williams.

Mainstream media don’t report the news anymore, they create a narrative

Remember they (and a whole host of liberal media outlets across the West) have called the election early despite being fully aware of the following:

  • There were 6000 votes given to Biden that were meant for Trump in Michigan due to a software ‘glitch’. It was caught because this was a heavily republican county in 2016, so the swing didn’t smell right. The same software is used in 47 other Michigan counties, and 30 other states (and all of the disputed swing states). It looks like very sloppy cheating will be their undoing in Michigan.
  • There is a recount in Georgia with tens of thousands of Trump friendly provisional ballots (votes that for administrative reasons, like voting at the wrong precinct, were put on ice) and military ballots, still to be counted
  • There are hundreds of people willing to testify on the record in court that they witnessed vote tampering in several states, like Nevada & Arizona
  • Tens of thousands of dead people have been found to have voted in several states where margins are razor thin
  • Pennsylvanian state laws dictate that every one of the ballots that wiped out Trumps 800k margin are in-admissible (as they were received after 8pm election day
  • Statistically impossible 100%+ turnouts occurred in some Wisconsin counties that all went to Biden. You many want to do some of your own digging on Benford’s law, which statistically shows that Fraud definitely occurred. There’s also more here on zero-hedge on the data. inconsistencies

    There are many more instances of fraud being exposed daily. The fact is this: The Mainstream media DO NOT report the news. All of the above is available for them to report on, if they so wish: they choose not to. You cannot trust RTE, CNN, or any of those who are lying to you by saying this election is over.

    Google & Twitter are also biasing search results by promoting narrative-following results. They don’t want Trump to win because he will take away their section 230 platform protections, and ultimately break them up in anti-trust suits. They have censored every one of his tweets since election day. Think about that.

    Google and Twitter are desperate to promote the narrative that Biden won, because as we outlined before, Biden is deeply compromised (and the facts of Hunter Biden’s laptop will continue to spread in the coming weeks). You probably cannot trust page one of any google search result when it comes to anything political – remember this lesson.

    All of the above election issues (and more) will ultimately lead to Republican State legislatures and the Supreme court. It remains our prediction that Trump will carry the election once all legal votes are counted.

    There are huge implications here for Western elections going forward – we will see new Federal oversight in the US for all elections.

    And pressure will mount on Western Governments like Ireland’s to reform. What software are other Western Governments using? Interesting times to come.

“They had this all planned, they had the paper ballots ready to be inserted if needed, and the code ready to be inserted if they need them using Hammer & Scorecard”

Sidney Powell, General Michal Flynn and Trump lawyer

Our prediction remains that Trump will carry this election.

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