Level 5 & beyond – Sinn Fein’s Final Solution For The Irish…

We explained how Sinn Fein seem to be controlled political opposition here: their actions since the announcement of unscientific level 5 lockdowns pours more fuel on that fire.

The FFGG cabal have destroyed the economy, trying to fool the Irish people by pretending to outsource decisions to NPHET, who are in turn owned by the pharmaceutical industry, as we explained here. It’s all theatre.

However, in many ways Sinn Fein are just as bad as Micheal Martin.

Here is 30 seconds of Sinn Fein’s Louise O’Reilly (who opened a mural of a convicted armed robber and rapist, George Floyd, beside the mural of Bobby Sands in Belfast) talking to pharma-industry-lobbyist Claire Byrne on RTE on Sunday night.

She’s playing more politics with people’s lives, instead of telling the truth:

The Irish people looked to Sinn Fein in the last election as their last hope. Yet, since this manufactured crisis really began in March, Sinn Fein (& their minions PBP) have played politics with people’s lives and asked no questions.

Instead of questioning the actions of Government, they dared them to go further in their job-destroying decisions. And true to form, FFGG played politics right back. This is what happens in a cold war. One side sets their nuclear missiles to Defcon 2; the other side follows suit.

For appearances sake, both sides tried to outdo each other. But the Sinn Fein/PBP axis, in abdicating their function as political opposition, have ultimately (and knowingly) facilitated the destruction of our economy.

The Opposition are supposed to be a check & balance versus the Government. That’s why the Irish people voted for Sinn Fein. Sinn Fein sold them change in February. Some change alright.

With 150,000 more job losses this week, to add to the hundreds of thousands gone already, Sinn Fein are just getting started on the misery train. Lots more missed cancer screenings, heart disease screenings, depression, domestic violence and sexual abuse, and suicides are coming, as Sinn Fein know. Indeed, Sinn Fein are counting on it.

Sinn Fein don’t care. Understanding why they don’t care is key.

This is all part of their final solution to take power and keep it.

Let’s look at how Sinn Fein & PBP have used their social media network to use the Irish people, by driving them into a hypnotic trance of Covid fear, and guilt. Guilt that they will somehow harm their elderly loved ones by not smothering themselves with a useless facemask.

Their many (many) Facebook Pages

Many who were active on Facebook in March will recall how Sinn Fein were literally screaming for lockdowns along with PBP and the Socialist party. They did this while knowing what the Italian data said on the elderly.

Sinn Fein knew that lockdowns were not necessary to contain this virus. We sent them the Italian state data we wrote about here.

We also explained in our controlled opposition article above how Sinn Fein are covering up for the Government on the Nursing home murders.

Sinn Fein Ireland have over 250,000 followers on their Facebook page. They control many other pages – Black Lives Matter related pages and Call for a Revolution in Ireland (over 100k followers). All told they have a route into probably 1 million people or more via facebook.

And while that’s all fine if they were actually genuine opposition and interested in the truth – they have shown themselves to be controlled opposition and in favour of more lies.

Other pages they control, like Lockdown Ireland (run by PBP/Sinn Fein) don’t hide their Marxist leanings as much. There’s so many of these pages manipulating people on facebook.

And make no mistake, it all has one ultimate goal – the woke progressivism they push is simply the decomposing turd of marxism/communism polished up with a new shine.

This is all straight out of the George Soros/Saul Alinsky manual of low intensity information warfare.

Human Misery & Death equals more future votes

Sinn Fein know that with the shutdowns they have helped to drive, people will die unnecessarily. They know people are killing themselves and diseases will skyrocket due to no screening.

And before anyone thinks ‘hey, they are just looking out for people’s health’, we have been very clear on how all science says that Covid is not the threat if was made out to be. The WHO also just said, “don’t use lockdowns to control the virus”. We showed how the CDC said facemasks do not stop viral spread. Sinn Fein can read the science just like we can. And they have. Yet they are silent.

Sinn Fein know that all other illnesses are causing much more death.

Sinn Fein know that FFGG are representing cases as an issue, when no one is actually sick.

We have cases of lots of things in life. We don’t get sick or die from them. Sinn Fein know that the PCR tests upon which those case numbers are based, have a reliability rate of just 7%.

Case numbers are all there are! Almost no sickness relative to all other illnesses. Sinn Fein know this. Sinn Fein are silent.

Even the clown Boris Johnson admits the PCR tests are garbage:

But Sinn Fein don’t care about science. They want the hysteria, and they can’t go back on their previous lies throughout this year.

One facebook post from Sinn Fein could change everything, that is the reality. Why don’t they tell the truth?

Their Final Solution

Sinn Fein are hoping for more suicide, more suffering, more missed illness diagnoses, more job losses, more poverty. All of the above cause anger, and Sinn Fein are banking on that anger translating into more votes for them. They do not care about the Irish people. If they did, they would highlight the science. It is that simple. Watch them in the coming months.

Come January, when the hospitals are overwhelmed with Flu (as they every year thanks to that disgusting animal Simon Harris), they’ll play politics with it, and call it Covid. When in reality if all the money spent on meaningless Covid material went into hospitals, we would be in much better shape. Dublin City University just installed over 120 hand sanitizer units in the past two weeks, at a cost of 490 euro each. You do the maths – how many nurses or beds would that have gotten us?

Come February/March – when the suicide figures come out, Sinn Fein will play politics with that too. They’ll say ‘where were the mental health supports’, when it was Sinn Fein who played a major part in destroying mental health in the first place. The same will happen with cancer diagnoses etc. You get the picture.

Why are they not attacking Big Pharma who are also looking to profit from the Covid-hysteria. Aren’t they against Corporations? Big Pharma seem to the be only sector of the economy that will benefit from Sinn Fein’s policies of fear and economic destruction. They’ll sell plenty more anti-depressants, and Cancer and heart disease medication now. And they’re driving us towards a vaccine program. The Big Bucks, to keep the pharmaceutical industry here.

Cure is better than prevention for Sinn Fein and their PBP Minions.

They should be deeply ashamed of themselves.

They have ample science to bash the government over the head with and provide real opposition and advocate for their supporters.

Why are they supporting everything the government does, and playing politics with people’s lives, when their jobs and pay cheques are safe?

The solution to Sinn Fein’s Final solution


Many protest groups are still holding out some hope that Sinn Fein will provide a away out of this mess. It’s time to disavow that notion. Sinn Fein are part of the problem.

Every single protest group with a following needs to come out publicly and denounce Sinn Fein, for not using the available real science to hold the Government and NPHET to account.

Any remaining political parties and large protest groups in Ireland that are not owned by SF/PBP Soros money, need to put aside their differences and unite around a common cause of Science and truth. Irish people blindly following FFGG need to snap out of it too.

Let’s evolve. Your enemy is sophisticated. You need to become more sophisticated to beat them.

And the misguided Antifa kids playing silly games, being paid 250/150 cash by Sinn Fein PBP to go out dressed up in black Antifa pyjamas, need to ask exactly what they are supporting.

Sinn Fein/PBP are NO different to the Irish Government. Ask yourselves – who are the real fascists? Corporate state co-operation is a central tenet of fascism – Sinn Fein and FFG are fully in bed with Big Pharma – see our narco state article.

The voters that put Sinn Fein into their largest ever political block in the Dail need to be shown intelligently, that Sinn Fein are looking to profit off their misery.

They need to be shown that Sinn Fein have never questioned anything the government have said, or used the available science to attack the Government.

And they need to be shown why – Sinn Fein plan to profit off their misery. Many of their voters will understand this – indeed many are already awake to it.

Sinn Fein’s final political solution is to kill more Irish people, ratchet up the misery, and profit off the back of it – both politically and financially. There’s no other explanation for why they won’t use the actual science to attack the Government.

Please share this in your network. We run no ads. We want to expose lies and the only way we can do that is to show people the truth. The truth will set us free of this political theatre that is actually killing large numbers through suicide and lots of other other diseases.

Dedicated to G.K. – an amazing man and musician gone too soon, RIP you legend.

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