Why Lockdowns? The Irish Government are now a Narco-State

Please share. We don’t have any ads; our motivation is to stop the madness. The threat is very real. Playtime is over.

Tonight, we explain why the Irish FFGG NPHET Narco-State has ratcheted up the tyranny to fever pitch. This might join up a few dots for you.

We all know that cases of any disease or ailment mean nothing without sickness & death, yet the Irish Narco-Government have brainwashed the nation using state run media and paid advertising to drive many to irrationally fear for their lives.

Because of “cases”, that are indicated by grossly inaccurate PCR tests, they are telling us we are no longer a free people.

We now move about at the Irish Government’s pleasure, and that of the Pharma-industry-owned NPHET morlocks.


Well we say Enough is Enough. Mass non-compliance is the only way out of this. And the science backs that approach.

If any other men told you not to go see your families or friends at the homes they paid for, you’d tell them to f*ck off.

So why would you listen to corrupt politicians like Michael Martin and the rest of the pharma lobbyists?

The Government are not just doing this because more people are starting to question their lies.

It’s not just because the repetitive brainwashing trick is starting to wear off.

It’s time to lay it all out clear and easy, so even the lads down the back can understand it.

This is all about the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Why is the Irish Government deliberately destroying our mental health & our freedoms?

It’s so simple. If you want to see it.

The Pharmaceutical industry is on it’s knees due to the Opioid crisis in the US, and need mass Covid vaccine programs to survive.

The ‘Opioid crisis’ is how the Pharmaceutical industry hollowed out America by illegally selling Opioid painkillers (Opium) to poor people in the US for two decades. The Irish media rarely report it.

It is very real, and they have been found guilty in State Courts. If you’re a history buff, you might have heard of the Opium wars in China in the 1850’s. Exact same thing – the hollowing out of a nation using Opium. Nothing is new in this world.

Here’s just two companies that have a heavy presence in Ireland, to demonstrate what is happening. There are many more.

Mallinckrodt two days ago announced it is seeking bankruptcy protection due to $$Billions in fines. Johnson & Johnson settled for over 500 million in Oklahoma last year. That was one state. They employ many thousands in Ireland. 49 states to go. That’s just two of the over 20 large Pharma operations contributing to Irish exports, many facing the courts and possible bankruptcy. Many drugs are also coming off patent.

Why is this relevant to the Irish Government’s unscientific lockdowns?

The Pharmaceutical industry accounted for over 60% of Irish manufacturing exports pre-Covid (page 2, middle column, second paragraph down).

And the Irish Government have destroyed so many other industries in their manufactured crisis, that the proportion is probably much larger now.

If the international Pharma rackets fail, Ireland loses most of its exports.

All those taxes and high paying jobs gone; property prices the TD landlord classes are invested/bribed in will come right down too. People will be angry.

Government spending on their friends via the grossly corrupt etenders system will dry up.

The likes of Eamon Ryan’s family member who runs the Department of Education’s sick-checking system will have to have their €340 payments per single phone call cut right back. (More on that soon – that’s how much Medcheck get for calling a teacher who’s out sick and asking a few questions – 340 euro.)

The highest TD salaries in Europe will have to be cut. A lot of personal pension plans of these people are heavily invested in pharma also. More on that in another article.

This is why RTE are on board, to protect their half a million salaries and those of their connections. Pizza-lover Charlie Flanagan’s has Sean O’ Rourke’s missus as his personal assistant. Lots of people like them keep the back channels open and everyone on message. It’s all a big gravy train.

They all keep the lies going to benefit themselves. Get those unnecessary vaccines into the human cattle, the health of Ireland’s children and people be damned.

This is why Claire Byrne is pretending to be sick in her Garden shed and lobbying for the pharma industry last week on Primetime, by doing drive-thru vaccine theatre. These people are sick. But not from Covid.

Claire Byrne lobbying for the Vaccine Pharma industry on RTE

But wait, how does driving the manufactured case-demic household lockdown effect the Pharma industry?

The Irish Government need Vaccine programs to roll out Globally to keep the pharma industry in business and making money. Because that business, is keeping them in business. Let that sink in.

Keep up the fear here in Ireland, and play their part in keeping global populations frightened with other nations like Dictator Dan in Australia, and Boris Johnson, and the people will accept Luke O’Neill’s Sitryx/Eli Lilly therapeutic vaccines, that will make them sicker in the long run and also require a fear booster every year.

The Recurring sickness revenue model. Different drugs will also be needed to treat the problems unnecessary vaccines create. Everyone’s a winner, except those made sick, and those whose lives are destroyed, like the Swine Flu vaccine victims still in court today from vaccines ten years ago.

The Irish Government is risking the Irish people’s health and the long-term health of our children, to help the Pharmaceutical industry.

Sure, they used to make good vaccines, but that goodness ended long ago. The Pharmaceutical industry business model is one of sickness-extension. I’d rather take some economic pain, than risk the health of one Irish child by injecting them with their unnecessary garbage. Cases, no sickness. Please share.

All we have in Ireland (like so many other countries) are cases. CASES.

Their own clean figures clearly show that there is no notable death or sickness occurring due to Covid-19, relative to real diseases. It’s all made up, it’s all a sham to cover their arses. So many reputations are at stake, since they all jumped in with two feet.

The trade-off

Now, you can accept the trade-off and keep your mouth shut, and accept risking Irish children’s health to prop up the Pharma industry here. Or you can speak up and join the rest of us speaking up against this madness. You can be an ‘I’m alright Jack’, or an ‘I care about Jack’.

Either way, consider saying no to their vaccines and make sure your kids are formally signed out too. Schools are pushing them without permission.

We are not doctors, but we can read the science, and the numbers, and you have an immune system. And spread the word. Just give people a nudge, make them think. That’s all you have to do. Little ripples, together turn into big waves.

Only you and your conscience can work that one out. Stephen Donnelly, Eamon Ryan, Montgomery Burns Martin, Passchal O’Donohue, and Leo Varadkar know exactly where they stand on the health of Ireland’s children.

Please share, and don’t give up on the brainwashed. It’s not their fault.

Related: How Luke O’Neill stands to benefit if the unnecessary Vaccine programs that he advocates are rolled out.

Plus – he’s being paid with your tax money from RTE to lobby for the Pharmaceutical industry.

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