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Released in 1962, ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ was JFK’s favourite movie. Starring Frank Sinatra and Laurence Harvey, the film revolves around an American army patrol captured and brainwashed by Chinese communists during the Korean War. One of the soldiers – Medal of Honour winner Raymond Shaw – is programmed to become an assassin. Two years later his handlers trigger him to kill a presidential candidate. It’s a great movie that has stood the test of time, the remake in 2004 starred Denzel Washington & Meryl Streep.


The idea of a ‘Manchurian Candidate’ has since entered the modern lexicon as shorthand for a brainwashed sleeper: a subject hypnotized and instructed to act whenever his controllers pull his psychological trigger. Near the film’s conclusion, as Shaw’s fellow soldier Marco tries to peel away layers of false memories to uncover the plot, he presses Shaw and asks him, “What have they built you to do?”.

Of the many tweaks made to the original, the most relevant was changing Manchuria from a region in communist China to an American private equity firm – ‘Manchurian Global’, whose hands are tucked elbow-deep into their own army of political puppets.

In both movies Sergeant Raymond Shaw has a powerful U.S. Senator for a mother, central to her son’s brainwashing from the very start (a character played by Meryl Streep 2004, who many believe Pollak intended to represent Hillary Clinton).

In Shaw, the Medal of Honour winner and great American hero, Manchurian Global creates a chance to install ‘the first privately owned and operated Vice President in the history of the United States’.

Stephen Donnelly: Irish Minister for Health & McKinsey Alumnus…

Despite having no work experience in Health Stephen Donnelly became Ireland’s Health Minister in June of 2020, sponsored by the Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin. Senior ministries in Ireland are often run by unqualified suits on behalf of our civil-service swamp. Ireland’s scandal-ridden health department is no different, having been stewarded by a long succession of highly-networked incompetents installed as departmental figureheads for decades.

Even so, Stephen Donnelly’s fast-tracked appointment managed to stand out after his unusual first eight years in politics. At the time Ireland was supposedly in the middle of the most serious health crisis to hit the country since the genocidal potato famine of the 1840’s. Better political options with useful Health Department knowledge were definitely available to Martin – yet for some reason he decided to give Stephen Donnelly the nod.

Donnelly had proven himself to have no moral compass by joining Fianna Fail in 2017. Up to that point he had spent his entire political career telling the Irish media how utterly corrupt and irredeemable Fianna Fail were.  There was understandable outrage throughout Fianna Fail at Donnelly’s appointment, awarded at the expense of long-serving and capable politicians like party-loyalist Darragh Calleary. Donnelly was awarded his most essential of positions despite his only real-world experience coming from two stints as a Management consultant at McKinsey – arguably the most scandal-ridden company in modern history. Most Irish people have no idea of Donnelly’s background (or his family’s).

McKinsey’s most recent corruption charge is a 600 million dollar settlement with forty-nine US States, for the integral part it played in orchestrating Big Pharma’s cataclysmic Opioid crisis which has killed hundreds of thousands of people. Some of the ‘strategies’ McKinsey are guilty of implementing for their pharmaceutical clients are truly astonishing. It is accepted fact that McKinsey advised Purdue’s executives to ‘offer rebates to pharmacies for overdoses’ (to incentivise higher prescription rates), and to work on ‘countering the emotional messages from mothers that had gone public about teenagers that overdosed’ on opioids.

Donnelly’s former employer McKinsey & The Pharmaceutical Industry’s deliberate Opioid crisis – Links to image

If you think this isn’t relevant to Stephen Donnelly then consider his pushing of unnecessary vaccines for Big pharma for over a year. Is it coincidental that Donnelly found himself in prime position to oversee the Irish Government’s vaccine purchase policy for the benefit of his old employer’s clients?

Consider that US Presidential Candidate ‘Mayor Pete’ Buttigieg calls his time at McKinsey his most ​‘intellectually informing experience’. And consider that it’s common knowledge no one ever really leaves McKinsey. Buttigieg’s career trajectory has so closely matched that of Ireland’s Stephen Donnelly one could view both men as consulting templates created by McKinsey twenty years ago. There’s more detail about the parallels between the two men later in the piece.

US States have recently won decision after decision against McKinsey’s Pharmaceutical clients, followed by multi-billion-dollar awards. And more lawsuits are on the way from local Governments for both McKinsey & the pharma companies still standing. Those first court awards have already bankrupted some: Mallinckrodt, a pharmaceutical company with a large Irish presence, has already filed for bankruptcy after last year’s 1.6 Billion dollars decision. has speculated in a number of our reports that one of the main reasons that the current Covid-crisis has been so overdone (relative to the carefully managed Swine Flu vaccine bonanza a decade ago) is because Big Pharma’s coffers are in such desperate need of replenishment. Fear mongering needed to be absolute this time in order to maximise the vaccine program payoff, to make people sick with untested mRNA vaccine tech and get customers for life. Big Pharma & Mckinsey are world champions at the Problem-reaction-solution Hegelian dialectic. They’ve had plenty of practice and time to make it work.

Those massive court losses show that the Opioid crisis facilitated by McKinsey is very real. The same type of planned societal destruction was orchestrated in the Chinese Opium wars by the British crown & East India company in the 1800’s.  Fast forward to 2021, and the same pharmaceutical companies McKinsey strategised with for decades, on how to over-prescribe killer Opioids to hollow out a nation, will make billions in future revenues from the untested Covid vaccine scam. All made possible through government purchase programs which are completely unjustified based on all official virus recovery rate statistics. And this time around, the pharmaceutical industry & McKinsey will have no legal liabilities to worry about thanks to the full liability exemptions awarded to them by Irish Minister for health Stephen Donnelly.

Donnelly’s Many Conflicting Stories About His Past – What Is He Hiding?

In November 2017 the Irish Times reported that Stephen Donnelly said he was ‘working at McKinsey and consulting for Boris Johnson’s Mayoral office in 2010’, when he heard the calling ‘to enter politics and serve the people’. That particular consulting project was focused on how best to spray donated philanthropy money around London’s disadvantaged areas. McKinsey and Donnelly were no doubt paid handsomely from those same philanthropic funds.

According to Donnelly he thought – ‘this is what politics should be’ – and so decided to return to Wicklow to ‘make a difference’. Donnelly says that the decision to enter politics was accidental, and it was never his original intention. He just kind of… fell into it.

This was the story most people swallowed in 2010 about the new guy running for office in Wicklow. ‘Harvard Educated McKinsey Management consultant returns to rural Wicklow backwater to help make the world a better place’. There was no mention of the fact that he was the Multi-millionaire scion of the Hickey’s fabric/Home Focus/Star Buys Irish retail empire. Or that he was a middling business analyst at the most corrupt organisation on earth since the British East India company ruled the waves. Donnelly’s story was clunky but plausible, and he probably never expected it to be seriously examined. Ireland’s taxpayer-funded propaganda apparatus RTE certainly never asked any questions.

Donnelly went to study a Master’s in Public Administration at Harvard’s Kennedy school of Government in 2007, three years prior to running for office in late 2010. In some stories he paid for it. In other stories, he left McKinsey, went to work for ‘another firm’ (his words), then… went back to McKinsey to have them pay for it? (his words again)

Returning to McKinsey after being managed out of their partner-track just doesn’t happen, and they certainly don’t pay for a two-year course in Harvard to get just one year back in return (this video illustrates the contradictions here timestamped to begin at 3:24 – Watch it for 50 seconds to 4:19). Donnelly also frequently namedrops that he went to the world-famous MIT in Boston and yet he has zero qualifications to prove it, and his Linkedin profile is also curiously long gone.

What was ‘the other Firm’ Donnelly went to work for? It pains me to suggest this (as it will play up to Donnelly’s Helios-sized ego that lies behind his fake ‘I’m an earnest naiive paddy’ persona) …, but did Donnelly do some work with a certain Globalist three letter agency that Mayor Pete Buttigieg is confirmed to have worked with?

Some of Donnelly’s Many (Many) stories about how/why he entered politics – Links to image

In an interview with that same Harvard school of Government in the summer of 2017 (that he had attended in 2007), Donnelly told us a different version of events:

I thought, ‘The IMF has just arrived in Ireland; you’d better try to help. A friend suggested I run for Parliament which I told him was a ridiculous idea. I’d never been involved in politics in my life. But I guess the idea grew.’ Was the friend ‘the rugby guy’ he mentions here in Jun 2014?).

Donnelly in an interview with Harvard in Jun 2017

Donnelly expects us to believe that he never had any political ambitions until late 2010, despite his specific choice of master’s degree and the fact he returned to McKinsey after the course as an apprentice to Pharma-champion Boris Johnson in London’s City Hall for a year.

Donnelly perhaps summed up best in his own words in the Irish Times piece linked above by saying ‘I thought this is what politics should be’ in relation to being paid thousands per day from donated funds for London’s homeless and disadvantaged. He wasn’t even hiding who he was, yet the Irish media never said a word.

And there’s more epic contradictory nonsense! In 2016 the Irish Times quoted Donnelly as saying he entered politics because he ‘learned that the EU-ECB-IMF had taken control of Ireland’s finances in November 2010’, after the odious Irish Bank Bailout that followed McKinsey’s manufactured Financial crisis of 2008 (McKinsey came up with the brilliant idea to securitise home mortgages, which is what crashed the global economy).  If that version of events from Donnelly is the true one, it gave Donnelly just two months to PLAN an election campaign before miraculously winning a seat in Wicklow’s February 2011 general election. That’s a serious amount of knocking on doors in a low-density-housing rural county, in just two months. Particularly for an unknown independent candidate. One wonders if Donnelly benefited from Ireland’s selectively rigged election system that we recently wrote about.

Donnelly’s most glaring bare faced lie came in an interview with RTE’s Mary Wilson on Drive-time in September 2016 when he said (around the ten minute mark), “I’m certainly an accidental politician. There’ no question about that. Before 2011, I don’t know if I’d ever met a politician to be honest”. A year later Donnelly would tell the Irish Times that Boris Johnson was responsible for his decision to enter politics!

The fact Donnelly gives so many versions of his past shows that he’s clearly trying to disassociate himself from something. Otherwise, why lie and tell so many conflicting versions having already achieved political success?

Donnelly’s Powerful Media & Political Patrons

Given his clear lack of loyalty, and blatant inability to lie effectively, the decision by hired knave Micheál Martin to promote Donnelly to Health minister, in the middle of an apocalyptic pandemic (as Martin says it was), raises far more questions than it answers. For an inexperienced political turncoat with a distinct lack of charisma and personal charm, Donnelly had somehow retained the backing of powerful figures in politics and the Irish media. People like the ultimate deep state plant Micheál Martin and the anti-free-speech media-mogul Denis O’Brien.

Vincent Browne, titan of Irish journalism and undisputed champion of the inconvenient truth, found himself being ‘managed out’ of his long-running late-night hit talk show on TV3 in June 2017, two months after going after Donnelly for joining Fianna Fail, in a now-famous interview.  Browne was the only one who had the stomach to hold Donnelly accountable for his betrayal of those people who (foolishly) voted for a neoliberal social democrat in the first place. It’s worth watching Brown at his finest for a minute.

Irish media billionaire Denis O’Brien had thus burned yet another journalist for asking the wrong questions, to send a message to others that Donnelly was off limits. O’Brien has heavy ties to the Clinton political machine. They made his ESAT Caribbean telecoms venture possible and even greased the wheels for his hotel build in Haiti. In return, he has given at least $10 to $25 million to the Foundation over the years, doubtless more. We won’t go too deep into the Evergreen Clinton foundation here – suffice it to say that it isn’t exactly on the level. One thing we can say for certain is that without the lockstep international Covid lockdown response that Donnelly helped administer, Clinton’s democrat political machine would not have had the excuse needed to run the absentee ballot programs that made stealing the most powerful republic in the world possible.

Some people are untouchable in Ireland, so it should be no surprise that no Irish journalists (there’s almost no journalists left) have asked any questions about the clearly intentional economic collapse of 2020 and the fantastical Covid narratives that Prime Minister Micheál Martin has masterminded. One only has to look at how Sweden & others took common-sense scientific no-lockdown approaches – causing far less death, disruption, and economic destruction – to see that Martin & Donnelly have been up to something that goes far beyond simple incompetence.

Donnelly’s road to the kingdom of Hades wasn’t all plain sailing. His stated reason for leaving the Social Democrat party was that ‘fellow senior party leaders refused to go into a coalition Government with the ruling parties’ after the 2016 election. This is one story we can believe because staying would have meant no option for Donnelly to win his predestined health ministry spot. Donnelly’s fellow Social Democrats weren’t expected to refuse coalition power with Fianna Fail. This looks to have been an unforeseen hiccup in the carefully nurtured rise of Stephen Donnelly – his handlers likely hadn’t anticipated it.

So, with the Social Democrats no longer a viable host for Donnelly, he swam through the bowels of the Irish parliament as an Independent for a year and once an acceptable time had passed, he eventually hooked into his rabbi Micheál Martin – probably much later than was planned. Donnelly got away with this outlandish plot twist because the shambolic Irish media (outside of Vincent Browne) were tacitly instructed to give him a free ride from day one.

Donnelly’s ongoing free media pass might seem like simple media incompetence to some, but it contrasted sharply with the treatment the American media gave McKinsey alumnus and US Presidential candidate Buttigieg in 2020. The parallels between ‘Mayor Pete’ Buttigieg’ and Stephen Donnelly’s political journeys are remarkable. Media coverage of their McKinsey history was the polar opposite in both countries.

Understanding Donnelly’s McKinsey Links Through ‘Mayor Pete’ Buttigieg And The American Media

As early as 2016 the New York Times was pushing ‘Mayor’ Pete Buttigieg to be the first gay President, on a leftist business-friendly platform with all the right universities in his educational background. Notwithstanding author Frank Bruni’s error about Mayor Pete possibly becoming the first gay president (he should have said ‘openly’ gay – Barack Obama had already been president after all), the constant focus on Buttigieg’s sexual orientation shows how there was little else of substance to him. Interestingly, Buttigieg went to Harvard two years prior to Donnelly. He then he went on to work as a management consultant for (yes you guessed it!) McKinsey, from 2007 to 2010.

And like Donnelly, Buttigieg went on to run for office in a relatively small rural backwater of South Bend Indiana, winning the mayoral election in November 2011, running on a platform almost identical to Donnelly in Wicklow – ‘pro-business, with a human touch’. South bend Indiana was the political placenta for McKinsey’s Buttigieg, just as County Wicklow would be Donnelly’s.

Future presidential candidate Buttigieg even has a confirmed background in the CIA. (Warning: Rabbit hole-alert).  Buttigieg was in good company as a presidential candidate, given President Obama’s father Lolo Soetero was a colleague of President George H. Bush in his CIA days. When Buttigieg’s 2020 Presential campaign went into high gear in late 2019, it emerged that McKinsey employees had maxed out their political donation limits for their old-boy Buttigieg.  Even the Guardian documented McKinsey’s unwavering support for his campaign. Hard to imagine Donnelly hasn’t had this kind of support, through cash or covert means.

Buttigieg ultimately floundered due to the intense grilling the American media gave him on his McKinsey links. The US media may be a partisan swamp, but they do at least ask some questions. Take a look at how American mainstream media from both sides of the ideological divide went after the details on Buttigieg’s McKinsey consulting background in 2019.  This google search image result on Buttigieg & McKinsey is limited to 2019 & the Washington Post – you’ll get the idea.

The New York Times, The Guardian… Fox News. Basically, everyone pursued who Buttigieg had worked with while at McKinsey, because it was important given the fact it is common knowledge no one ever really leaves McKinsey. The central issue in late 2019 became exactly who Buttigieg’s clients had been – it was secret knowledge at the time due to the non-disclosure agreement McKinsey makes all employees sign). Their much publicised firm policy is to keep all client work top secret.

In the end Buttigieg had to petition McKinsey to release him from his NDA. Eagle-eyed readers will notice that Stephen Donnelly was clearly allowed to break his McKinsey NDA when talking about his work with Boris Johnson in 2017 with the Irish Times. For some reason McKinsey gave Donnelly express permission to talk about that client experience to the Irish Times.

McKinsey seem to have rolled the dice too early with Buttigieg, hoping to ride the media’s pink wave that so many owned Irish politicians have in recent years (take Green party’s paedophile sympathiser Roderic O’Gorman for example). Buttigieg could also have been a foil to take the focus off rivals to Biden, while getting their boy Buttigieg’s name into the media – many former US presidents have gone through unsuccessful campaigns to raise their profile in the past, to go on and successfully run in the next election. Buttigieg eventually withdrew from the race but he hasn’t gone away. His grooming continues as Biden’s Transport secretary. And he will make plenty more friends allocating the pork from Joe Biden’s two trillion-dollar infrastructure bill (probably to clients of McKinsey). One wonders if McKinsey’s plan for Donnelly, like Buttigieg, is to take him all the way to the Prime Minister spot.

Contrast the American media’s exposition of Buttigieg’s past with how Stephen Donnelly’s background at McKinsey was treated above by Ireland’s embarrassing toilet-paper of record, the Irish Times. Plenty of fluffy garbage was strewn by reporters in the Irish Independent also, about Taekwondo and Boris Johnson, but no real questions about his clients or how the experience might have formed him. Irish mainstream journalists are not only idiots, they’re also key parts of the wider Irish political organised crime cabal.

“No one ever leaves McKinsey”

Having refined the Big Pharma sales tactics that killed over 300,000 Americans and destroyed millions of people’s lives over the last two decades – McKinsey helped erode the guts of America. The Opioid crisis is just one of a myriad of well publicised corruption charges against McKinsey you’ll be familiar with. The wider trail of destruction left by McKinsey on the modern world couldn’t be clearer. The company are the ultimate societal wrecking ball. Even the Neo Liberal magazine The Atlantic credits McKinsey with the destruction of the American Middle class (a strategy Stephen Donnelly and Micheál Martin are currently executing in Ireland). McKinsey have actively helped Chinese & Saudi Arabian authoritarian regimes perpetrate human rights abuses, even holding company retreats just miles from Uighur concentration camps.

They advised American Immigration departments to cut spending on food for detained border migrants, as well as on their medical care and supervision. They played a massive part in the Enron failure; Pharma scandals in Canada; orchestrated 2008 financial collapse (the forerunner of today’s great reset) and so much more. You can read about some of their scandals here on Wikipedia. For most credible international journalists it’s common knowledge that when you join The Firm, you’re in it for life. You may now be hearing faint notes of the iconic piano soundtrack that accompanied Tom Cruise’s Mitch McDeere as he artfully dodged The Firm in the 1993 major motion picture of the same name. If you haven’t see it, it’s a cracker of a movie that mirrors real life – even down to the head partner’s name, ‘McKnight’.

Sydney Pollack has a long history of movies that shine light on the darkness, so who’s to say that Grisham’s Bendini Lambert & Locke weren’t intended by Pollack to represent the McKinsey consulting hydra. In 2013, non-fiction author Duff MacDonald seemed to think so. He wrote a book: The Firm: The Story of McKinsey and Its Secret Influence on American Business.

Macdonald labels the company as ​‘the McKinsey Mafia’, noting through interviews with well-known McKinsey alumni like Bill Matassoni that:

 ‘the organization takes pride in ​‘counselling out’ 4 in 5 hires before they become partner’. They then proudly join what McKinsey calls its ​‘alumni network,’…‘There is no McKinsey boneyard, in other words; you’re still McKinsey, even after you’ve left’

They fan out among the world’s C‑suites and B‑suites (and governments) where they remain McKinsey loyalists.’

Bill Matassoni, former McKinsey senior partner

In reviewing MacDonald’s book, The financial times compared McKinsey to the Jesuits. This is the company that formed Stephen Donnelly – the man in charge of Ireland’s health department and the wider Irish official Scamdemic response.

McKinsey, Boris Johnson, & The Ongoing Covid Vaccine Scam

All that should leave you wondering who else do Big Pharma (besides Donnelly) and McKinsey still own. Stephen Donnelly himself broke his own McKinsey NDA to confirm his strong links to Boris Johnson in 2010 (was he allowed speak about it by McKinsey to make himself more saleable as a politician?). Since his appointment as health minister, Donnelly has aped everything Johnson with regards to his unscientific and baseless lockdowns, and his unwarranted rollout of lethal vaccination programs. All to singularly benefit McKinsey’s main client base, Big Pharma.

And even today, Boris Johnson is still working closely with Pharma-fixers McKinsey. On the 29th of July 2020 Johnson awarded McKinsey a £14,000 per day contract to consult on a permanent replacement for Public Health England, to help define its ‘vision, purpose and narrative’.

Why would Johnson want to replace Public Health England? Probably because Public Health England declared on the 13th March 2020 (released publicly on the 19th March) that Covid 19 was no longer to be classified as a high consequence infectious disease.  Boris Johnson went on to announce his lockdown four days later on the 23rd of March and the Coronavirus Act passed on March 25th.  Thus began a year plus of extreme lockdowns that were so essential for maintaining the vaccine narrative needed to refill the depleted coffers of big pharma.

It is not co-incidental that the company that worked hand-in-glove with Big Pharma on the orchestrated Opioid-crisis was brought in to euthanize Public Health England before it did any more damage to the industry. Had their disease recommendations been followed on the 19th of March 2020, the world’s cataclysmic direction since then could (and likely would) have been avoided. Johnson, Whitty, Hancock & Valance are currently in the courts under indictment of fraud based on the decision to deliberately ignore the recommendation of March 19th, this interview with Michael O’Bernicia is well worth a full listen. Michael makes a compelling case that without their actions, the rest of the world would not have taken the route it did – such is the control that the London-based Pharmaceutical web exerts on global health policy.

One other key McKinsey alumnus overseeing Pharma’s UK Covid-vaccine scam is Dido Harding. Harding has crushed resistance to the Covid regime relentlessly, pushing the most extreme initiatives that fit the vaccine narrative. She was head of Johnson’s ‘Operation Moon-shot’, the mass testing financial gravy train in the UK.  Listen to George Monbiot explain how she has the position she has because her Grandfather travelled the world crushing democratic resistance movements on behalf of the UK crown corporation.

The Telegraph described her in September last year as ‘Every inch the McKinsey graduate, stating that ‘she explains her thinking confidently and concisely, despite the often alarming content of her utterances’. Remind you of anyone?

It’s A Big Club, And You ‘Aint In It

Why was an apparent failure of a McKinsey Business Analyst made health minister in the middle of a supposed deadly pandemic? And why were no questions asked by anyone in the Irish media? Why did no opposition politicians point out that Donnelly’s links to McKinsey should be examined?

Questions about Donnelly have never entered the Overton Window of the average Irish citizen because the one-voice, repetitive brainwashing Irish media sets the inner discourse boundaries for most of the nation. As a people, we have outsourced our thinking & decision making to a media and political elite that we have known for decades are corrupt. Since 2020 we have reaped a terrible harvest for taking our eyes off the sociopaths feeding at the top table.

Donnelly is a case in point. The country just accepted his appointment – conditioned not to think for themselves or look behind the curtain. The corrupt media said nothing, so most people weren’t predisposed to question it. Donnelly’s background was surely known to most Irish politicians, who have all spoken with one supporting voice on the Irish Government’s recent lockdown crimes against humanity. We pay these people to be the gatekeepers to protect our society.

Most people can’t appreciate the long-con because they’re conditioned in every way by the media & politicians to think short term. They bounce us from manufactured crisis to crisis, there’s never any time accountability or justice. Critical thinking is actively discouraged so we take what they give us. Donnelly’s managed rise and undeniably protected rise is clear as day for those who want to look. He was given a free rise and he almost certainly relied on his status as a connected McKinsey asset to get to where he is today. To do the job he was put in place to do… for McKinsey’s clients, Big Pharma. McKinsey almost certainly have his ongoing services built into their fee structures.

Stephen Donnelly never really left The Firm. That he returned for second separate stint with the company and was apprenticed with Boris Johnson after studying Government at Harvard shows he was earmarked for something much bigger by the McKinsey Mafia. It’s normally either ‘up to partner or out’ at McKinsey and most other consulting firms. Donnelly isn’t intellectually special enough to justify a return to the company (he can’t even lie well), so it must have been his willingness to commit treason against the Irish people that afforded him special treatment. That, and being part of a certain network that probably goes back to his Grandfather Edmund Donnelly ‘obtaining’ Hickeys Fabrics in the 1940s.

There are archives of material that show the Covid crisis has been planned for a long time. It is beyond the scope of this article to go into those details but plenty of people will know what I’m talking about – Fauci patenting Covid-19 in the late 2000s, and Gates wargaming the pandemic in late 2019 are useful primers if you’re somehow still innocent enough to think this wasn’t all in the works. The only question remaining is whether the severity of lockdowns and economic destruction would have been so severe had the Opioid crisis lawsuits not been such a disaster for the crown-owned Pharmaceutical industry.

Donnelly’s part in the great con goes far beyond the billions in liability-free sales of dangerous vaccines. As mentioned, McKinsey were the number one driver for the securitisation of home mortgages that ultimately crashed the world economy in 2008. Economies have been crashed deliberately for gain for centuries – one only has to look at what Nathan Rothschild did after the battle of Waterloo to see that nothing is new under the sun. It is ironic that McKinsey man Stephen Donnelly made his early political capital attacking Fianna Fail for bailing out the gangster banks that his (former) employers had set up for destruction. Donnelly was likely on an early mission even then, trying to influence a burning of the bondholders so that more Irish State Assets would have to be fire-saled when Europe pulled the plug on us – to be snapped up by McKinsey’s other Venture capital clients. The bondholders should have been burned, but Europe warned Ireland that if they were burned, we would face the consequences. Donnelly was almost certainly on an early mission to exploit a potential business opportunity here as a fixer for McKinsey.

In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crash global state assets were sold for a song to Private Venture Capital firms. There were attempts to privatise Ireland’s precious water supply for sale overseas, and even Bertie Ahern, another of Ireland’s treasonous Fianna Fail Prime Ministers, tried to engineer the sale of Ireland’s national forests to a Swiss private equity fund. It took tens of thousands of people out on the streets to stop the sale of both. Last year, the largest venture capital firm in the world, Blackrock, just hired former Senior McKinsey senior partner Sandy Boss to steward the next phase of profiteering from the economic disaster her old firm helped create – buying assets from broke countries at bargain basement prices. McKinsey, McKinsey, McKinsey, whichever part of the Scamdemic you look at.

The biggest payoff for McKinsey’s Big Pharma clients will be selling treatments to National Governments to treat the ongoing illnesses untested vaccines are designed to cause. The current multi-billion-dollar Government payments for vaccines are peanuts in comparison: free samples to create decades of national drug-dependency.

Micheál Martin and McKinsey’s Irish Rat Stephen Donnelly are far from finished in their mission to permanently sicken Ireland on behalf of their masters. There will be nothing left for any of our kids unless people disabuse themselves of the notion that the current crop of Irish politicians are anything but ravenous opportunistic sociopaths.

They mean you harm. They mean your family harm. And they despise you for your ignorance of what they really are. Donnelly belongs to an organised crime gang muscling in on business that another crime gang (the EU) have been bleeding from us for decades. McKinsey & Big Pharma have been here in Ireland committing the most horrible deeds for a long time, but now they’re in full expansion mode, with Donnelly greasing the wheels. Donnelly is very much McKinsey’s Irish Manchurian Candidate, and our Prime Minister Micheál Martin is his Bitch mother.

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