The Mother & Baby Home Political Coverup – Two Reasons Why…

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The Broad strokes

  • We explain the origins of the Mother & Baby Homes coverup scandal and the bill the Irish Government are using to suppress the truth
  • We trace the roots of the company that experimented on children in state & church-run Irish Concentration camps, (Wellcome Buroughs/GSK)
  • We show you the bigger picture on why the Irish Government won’t repeal the seal on the truth, and why they are really covering up the Investigative findings, despite the massive political and public opinion backlash – Money, Covid and vaccines. Strap in, it’s all coming out.
Mother & Baby Homes Bill explained

The Irish Mother and baby homes scandal relates to a number of Irish concentration camps where Irish women were placed by the Irish state & Catholic Church. Many women and babies died. They were treated like slaves, abused in various ways, experimented on, and then discarded in underground tanks. Murdered, buried, and mostly forgotten – their deaths covered up.

An official Commission of Investigation into mother and baby homes was established in 2015 following national uproar over the discovery of a mass grave of infants in Tuam, Galway, in a septic tank. The report’s findings have now been legally sealed for 30 years by the Irish political establishment, using a legal bill. Here’s why we think they’re covering everything up.

Context – Ireland’s current & former ministers for children

Ireland’s current minister for children is a Paedophile-Sympathiser

Ireland’s current Minister for Children is at the very least a known Paedophile-sympathiser (details of that fact here), who doesn’t distance himself from the comments of known international paedophile Peter Thatchell.  He is Green party member of parliament Roderic O’Gorman, who has in recent weeks overseen the sealing of the results of the investigation for 30 years. He does this in Government with Fianna Fail & Fianna Gael, and the ever-silent Sinn Fein.

Yes, you read that right – the investigation created a huge ground-breaking report, and the Irish Government has sealed it for 30 years. Survivors and those seeking truth be damned.

Ireland’s President Michael D Higgins, who has many skeletons hiding in his own little closet, signed the law into being today, Monday the 26th October 2020. Yes – it is Unbelievable.

The Previous Children’s Minster: Katherine Zappone

There are a number of tumours that have fed into the coverup rot. The previous children’s minister Katherine Zappone (a published witch from the U.S.A. – more craziness), began the process of coverup in 2019 by not publishing the report when it was completed.

Zappone came out of absolutely nowhere and somehow won a by-election in South Dublin. The corrupt, Pharma-owned Fine Gael party somehow allowed a practicing witch to be our children’s minister. Mr. Zappone did lots of damage against Irish children and was thankfully voted out in the February 2020 election.

In Government formation talks in May 2020, Fianna Fail & Fianna Gael decided to put a known Paedo-sympathiser, Green Party O’Gorman, in as the next children’s minister. O’Gorman’s associations were known by Irish Military Intelligence G2 and the Garda state security services run by Drew Harris, yet he still got the children’s ministry job.

These two ghouls may have been the least suitable ministers for children in the history of Western Democracy.

Let us now look at one practical reason for this dark coverup before we speculate on what we think is the main reason.

Reason 1 – Financial Liabilities of the Catholic Church & Irish State

If the Mother & Baby Homes commission report becomes public, the Irish State and Catholic Church will be crucified via lawsuits in the courts. This is one very big reason why the records are being sealed.

The longer it is sealed, the more survivors will die without justice, and compensation. The Catholic Church and Irish state have still not fully paid agreed-upon Sexual abuse reparations to survivors of all kinds of horrific abuse.

You may have seen sales of large religious grounds around Ireland in recent years: these sales are to pay some of these sex-abuse reparations – the Vatican seems uninterested in contributing (witness the sale of un-zoned Vincentian order lands in St Anne’s Park in Raheny, Dublin, which was facilitated by a corrupt Irish Government planning process, for practical examples of how they are scrambling for money).

Readers may wonder why the money isn’t simply given to survivors of horrific state abuse from the public purse to help them, when we can give billions over to companies for nonsensical Covid-19 measures, like throwing out perfectly good two-seat school desks across the country, or DCU paying 500 euro each per hand sanitiser stand (they bought hundreds).

The reality is that any extra money left over in the Irish budget after we meet EU budgetary restrictions, is siphoned off via various corrupt contracts through the etenders system – Ireland’s hub of corruption, where there is no oversight or penalties for non-compliance.

The reason politicians do not want to give survivors money from the public purse is because they (Irish politicians) need that money for themselves, and their etenders corruption network.

The Catholic Church is well aware of this, and sadly, they still do not care about the Irish people. They have accepted closure of churches with a whimper, where other nations have fought back. They have the scientific expertise to speak up against the Covid lies, and yet they stay silent.

The Church have turned their backs on Irish elderly smothering in useless facemasks, and the young people committing suicide in their droves, just as they turned their backs on Ireland’s people during the British genocide of the 1840’s famine (typo 1940 corrected, thank you Peadar!).

In the case of the Mother & Baby homes scandal, the Novus Ordo Catholic Church used child and female slaves in return for money. They sold our discarded children and women to British Drug companies like the Burrough’s Wellcome company, to experiment on (more details here).

And the Irish Government knew all about it. Backhanders for dead bodies is not a new phenomenon in Irish Politics.

Irish Daily Mail reports initial findings from the commission, in 2014
Mother & Baby homes coverup Reason 2 – Covid Vaccines & GlaxoSmithKline(GSK)

It seems everything is about Covid these days. As bizarre as it sounds, it seems the Mother & Baby homes coverup is too.

We wondered why Irish politicians from almost all parties voted for the sealing of the records. The seal is universally against public opinion and contrary to their own political histories of publicly attacking the Catholic Church (who oversaw the Mother & Baby Homes). The political silence facing the Catholic Church is odd, as is the political will to cover for them…. so there has to be another reason for the coverup.

Something doesn’t add up.

GSK/Wellcome used Orphan Irish Children As Test Beds For Cattle Vaccines

Note that under the terms of reference for the Mother & Baby home enquiry (which you can find here), the commission was investigating vaccine trials by Burroughs Wellcome, under part I.V.

Section 1 V of the investigative commissions terms of reference, full terms here

Per Wikipedia`, Burrough’s Welcome (BW) was the largest of four organisations that eventually merged to become GSK.

Glaxo and Wellcome merged in 1995, to form Glaxo Wellcome plc (all details on Glaxo’s history are here).

Interestingly, once that merger happened, Glaxo fired 10,000 people globally who were working on Research on Development – so one commercial motivation for the merger was most definitely an acquisition of BW’s accumulated research (much of it illegal and barbaric, done on Irish women and children).

Interesting also is the fact that in 1959, the Wellcome Foundation bought Cooper, McDougall & Robertson Inc to become more active in animal health.

When one combines that with confirmed reports that Glaxo/BW were experimenting on Irish children with Cattle vaccines (details here), you begin to see the scale of their medical experimentation operations in the Irish Mother & Baby concentration camps. Not content with human vaccine experimentation, they thought so little of these children, they tested cattle vaccines on them too. GSK/Wellcome used these kids like lab rats. The Church and Irish Government let them.

And the timelines fit – If you look at the terms of reference image above, you’ll note that GSK/Wellcome Borroughs was testing these vaccines on Irish Children in 1960 and ’61, one year after that commercial acquisition of Cooper, McDougall, & Robertson, the animal health company.

Glaxo claimed as far back as 2001 that this cattle-vaccine testing was due to a “transcription error” (see this Irish Times Article from 2001). But when you consider the purchase of the animal health company, you can see this is very hard to believe. Parliamentarian Denis Naughten probably didn’t know about this acquisition by Wellcome at time.

Irish Examiner reports findings of commission report, 2014 – linked
How is that all related to Covid-19 vaccines?

We explained how the Irish Government is currently running a narco-state, and covering for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry in this story here. We explained how pharma makes up the vast majority of our exports. We explained how the Opioid crisis lawsuits in the USA have bankrupted several pharmaceutical companies, and many more are about to fall.

Are you getting the picture? They can’t afford more lawsuits, and GSK need vaccine programs to stave off bankruptcy. It’s about corruption and money, and they have proven by their behaviour in the past what they are capable of.

They need the Covid vaccine scam to proceed (for a virus with a recovery rate of 99.9%). Their paid operatives in the Irish Government (we explained how many of them are being bribed/blackmailed here), and many unpaid politicians, simply don’t want to lose the pharma exports business. If Covid-vaccines don’t happen, all of those pharma companies still alive despite Opioid crisis lawsuits will fail.

Media & Government are carefully controlling the narrative by covering up the publishing of the Mother and baby homes report – at least until the vaccines start getting rolled out internationally.

The coverup WILL be challenged legally, so it looks like they’re playing for time – a year or two of court battles to keep it covered up, and plenty of time for unnecessary Covid-19 vaccines to roll out Globally. This is the big picture. GSK cannot absorb another international lawsuit and scandal with the Covid-vaccine rollout on the horizon.

“GSK Experimented on Irish Orphan Children for Vaccines, bodies in Septic tank linked” is not a headline they want right now.

We showed you recently how Luke O’Neill, the man littered across every channel of Irish media, has been shilling for the vaccine message since February 2020, driving fear, and advocating scientifically useless masks to keep the fear of the virus top-of-mind for everyone here. We showed you how his company is OWNED by GSK.

Recent GSK Vaccine Deaths and Experimentation

Last week in Korea, 25 people died after receiving Flu Vaccines made by GSK. That Guardian article does not mention GSK but per this report, the country’s free vaccine program uses doses manufactured by local drug makers GC Pharma, SK Bioscience and Ilyang Pharmaceutical Co 007570.KS, along with France’s Sanofi SASY.PA and Britain’s GSK GSK.L.

GSK, per this Luke O’Neill article we published, control the vast majority of smaller therapeutic vaccine companies via SV Investors and Kate Bingham – chair of the UK Vaccine task force since May 2020, and wife of British Junior Treasury secretary, Jesse Norman.

GSK are still experimenting on our children in our schools, via manufactured consent, created by the Irish politicians and media, for a vaccine they don’t need that may kill them or cause long term health damage.

This is why they are stalling for time on the Mother & Baby homes report – they need vaccines to be rolled out. They make these vaccines in Ireland. We have no other exports but Pharma after they destroyed the economy.

Please share this article, the more people that can be reached, the more people can be better informed on whether to take unnecessary vaccines from a company that experimented on Irish Children for animal vaccines.

The more who know, the more people will realise Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, the Green Party, and the silent Sinn Feiners, are not to be trusted with what they are saying on this issue, or the truth about Covid-19.

Abortion fanatic & Marxist Ruth Coppinger has become the face of the massive facebook page ‘Call for a revolution in Ireland’ repeal the seal campaign (which is Sinn Fein controlled)– the irony of her controlled-opposition campaigning for the rights of murdered Irish babies’ is probably lost on many. Where is middle Ireland on this?

We need a national protest outside that archive a hundred thousand strong. The Irish people need to stop trusting the Irish Government and political opposition when it comes to vaccine hysteria. You can now see what they did in the past. Protect your children and focus!

The fact is, Covid-19 hysteria is now a vaccine scam, what more evidence do people need.

Coverups of systematic abuse and medical experimentation and murder, financial incentive proof… the works. It is all there if you show people.

The Mother & Baby homes report release is a major threat to many Irish establishment interests.

It could also help derail the Pharmaceutical industry’s Global vaccine scam and expose GSK for what they are.

GSK are Monsters, no better than Nazi Joseph Mengele of Auschwitz.

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Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
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