Fauci’s Emails, Eugenics, The Fake Pandemic, And Those Italian Covid Data Releases

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Last Winter the communist Chinese told the world that a virus was causing problems in Wuhan, site of their only level four infectious disease lab. Since 1949 communist China has lied to the outside world incessantly – the Western media and the politicians they serve always told us this. Since Tiananmen square in 1989 the world generally recognised China for the brutal, ruthless, totalitarian dictatorship it really was.

Yet when the faked Pandemic came, we were suddenly told to believe everything the commies were telling us. A country that smothers free speech, has no semblance of democracy, and that runs modern day concentration camps, and that killed tens of millions of its own citizens during Mao’s ‘Great Leap Forward’… was suddenly solidly reliable and trustworthy. We were told this by vacuous tv-news anchors, print journalists, and corrupt career politicians. And so many people easily shed their old conditioning and fell for the new pollution without thinking. Literally billions of people just forgot about reality in the blink of an eye.

Thankfully many of us didn’t fall for it. Those of us who were not so easily brainwashed don’t possess esoteric anti-mind-control knowledge. For many reasons the brainwashing just didn’t seem to take in us and it has no doubt irked the controllers. Maybe we just pay attention to the bigger picture more. Maybe we got off the Fluoride just in time before it calcified our pineal glands into a DMT-free raisin. Maybe previous unrelated traumas in our lives vaccinated us somehow to the effects of mainstream media and the organised criminals currently posing as public servants.

Maybe it was good predictive programming (something I like to call a ‘well-meaning counter psyop) that got into our heads before the bad predictive programming got hold. Take a look at self-confessed witch and lead singer of the band the Scissor-sisters, and their annoyingly catchy song ‘I don’t feel like dancing’ for more on that idea. Consider the lyrics to the song, juxtaposed with the Covid-signposting in the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony. And why would a pop-band sing about not dancing? Lots of people knew this plandemic shit was coming, not all of them were bad. The general impression we have is that everything in Hollyweird and the music industry is bad, but there’s many more examples of this kind of thing. Try to find one example of a negative lyric in the entire WHO (the band) back-catalogue for example.

Back to China. For the past decade, China has been slated as the new world superpower by publications like the Economist.  It’s now clear that these mainstream media outlets are utterly corrupt, so it’s a fair assumption they’ve been gently massaging the public subconscious for a long time, conditioning us for acceptance of the change back to feudalism/communism/fascism etc. (they’re all run by the same people).

Take publications like the Economist, who knew the Chinese were stealing US trade and military secrets and making cheap knockoffs of everything since the late eighties, yet they still persisted with their pro-China rubbish for over a decade. This piece from September 10 2011 will give you a flavour of the plans they had in motion for America – it’s mostly behind a paywall but the first sentence tells the whole story. This is what they do to slowly change public opinion. These people think in decades. Evelyn Robert de Rothschild publicly owned the Economist until 1989, but you can bet your arse his lot never gave up control.

We now know why they’ve been boosting China’s image for over a decade – the middle kingdom is the latest pawn being used to get us all back under one centralised world Government. They almost had that achieved until the shot heard round the world rang out in Lexington Massachusetts, in April 1775. The Chinese deep state is the latest proxy for the British cabal’s centuries-old revenge blood-feud war with the United States. Corporate media everywhere is now fully owned by these monsters.

Treasonous American politicians on both sides of the non-existent political aisle have of course been selling America out for decades. Something like the Covid scam has clearly been in the offing for a long time – an effort to collapse the American controlled world economy and bring about a literal new world order. They (the moneyed monsters and eugenicists) expected this pandemic to last for at least five years, to crash the world economy completely, and guarantee the need for a ‘reset’. But what if the ‘great reset’ is not financial, but instead is actually a genetic reset of man, being run by a cabal of egyptology-obsessed loons, to mirror ancient myth? I’ll have a video out on that in the coming weeks.

The great reset?

White-hat/opposing forces like Trump and the US military, and Opioid crisis lawsuits almost certainly made the cabal execute their plans early, they definitely weren’t quite ready. If they were ready they wouldn’t now be doing everything so clearly in the open. These people like a slow and silent creep, finished off usually with a big war and lots of human-sacrifice. They’re getting very little of what they planned this past 18 months, and the necessary evil of Trump’s Warp Speed vaccine program, has everything in disarray for them. The sped-up vaccine program kept the economy they wanted to crash on life-support. There was no other choice for Trump when it came to vaccines – the media and politicians had done an effective scare-job. Trump made sure his supporters knew there were other options outside of poison vaccines: the idiots who still took it were casualties of war.

They also never expected Trump to allow the voter fraud he predicted to go ahead, and to let Biden be installed. Remember Trump predicted voter fraud many times pre-election. Some people argue that Trump is part of the cabal, but if that’s the case then why did he beat the British-plant Hillary Clinton in 2016? Why did he re-ignite American patriotism and a functioning economy in America, if he’s cabal? My guess is that Covid was originally planned for 2022 or 2023… maybe even 2024 to take us through to agenda 2030, and the complicated warfare Trump’s Defence Secretary Chris Miller referenced was about them expediting everything the cabal had planned, so it all became a total mess. Miller said this last last year: “We’ve been through some stuff. We’ve gone through some of the most complex military operations this country has ever conducted…thank you for your leadership….”, to Mike Pence.

The low-intensity intellectual pro-China PR-war being run by cabal-owned media, is just one element of the centuries-old war between the Royal cabal and the American breakaway colony that kicked off the demise of the British empire (read Saxe-Coburg family/current Royal family’s) one-world government dreams. The British cabal didn’t leave China in 1949, they simply changed the local manifesto from Narco-state to ‘Communism’ , which was a co-invention of another eugenicist Karl Marx. They put a few traitorous Chinese lads at the top table in the same way they put the Shah into Iran, and the likes of Micheal Martin into power in Ireland, Boris in England, etc. History repeats everywhere, the same playbook is used because the old plays work.

Europe and China have been an intestinal parasite on the American Empire for at least twenty years, feeding off American blood & treasure donated by both Democrat & Republican swamp-dwellers in the great offshoring of American industry. A manufacturing base is the one essential for a strong economy – without one, you’re running on fumes (like Ireland). The EU (the latest representations of one centuries old, organised crime ring) have been bribing American traitors to steal that economic lifeblood since the American civil war, when they almost intervened on the confederate side militarily, in addition to funding their efforts to destroy the Union.

Pre-Covid, Trump was about to take away the gravy train once and for all – taking jobs and manufacturing on everything from pharmaceuticals and energy production back to the US for good. This above all else sped up the Covid timetable. They had no option but to pull the trigger – the complete failure of the EU and Chinese power-structures was imminent. They gambled without the cards they needed, and I believe they have failed. We are witnessing the death throes as they descend inevitably into hell. Here’s the T-1000 for illustration, in yet another movie franchise that could be an allegory for our times.

Movies that have not aged well? - Off-Topic - Comic Vine

Pre-Covid, China also had a hell of a lot of money, a historical chip on their shoulder towards a Western world that destroyed them with imported Opium for almost a century. A few controllers at the top is all it takes to harness the undetermined direction of A collective’s energy. You can see that in the Fauci emails, in how he gaslit rational and normally sane scientists into unwittingly pushing the pandemic lie.

Lump all that together with the fact that the modern Western media were in their weakest position in all of their history pre-Covid, and you had a well nurtured perfect storm to push the pandemic lie. Most media organisations were going broke and desperate for cash in January 2020 as the democratisation of the web was really taking its toll.

Remember that? Newspapers issuing mass lay-offs, TV stations cutting back, almost everyone was questioning mainstream-media’s many lies. Covid suddenly made the media relevant again by giving them a fake pandemic story they could run with for years – their egos didn’t need the cash that Pharma and the Chinese were giving them – but everything came together perfectly to let them run with the lie. They got the people back on their side using fear and deception, their nonsensical lies demonstrated in this video I made last year. The Irish government, owned by the pharmaceutical industry, also openly paid the media to push the Covid brainwashing from the start. And that’s all she wrote.

Here we are eighteen months later, with the brainwashed unbelievably talking about ‘vaccinating’ their children with an experimental drug cocktail made by companies that can’t even make talcum powder without (deliberately) adding Asbestos. Johnson & Johnson were fined 2 billion dollars a few weeks ago because they KNEW there was carcinogenic asbestos in their talcum powder for decades. Powder designed to be rubbed all over the genitalia of babies and adults. Talk about a weapon of mass destruction for deliberate depopulation – is it any wonder fertility rates are declining everywhere? These pharmaceutical companies declared war on humanity a long time ago.

That story about Asbestos in talcum powder has been building in the news for a decade, yet there are still people who trust these companies to inject experimental cocktails into their blood and bodies. If you haven’t yet acknowledged the brainwashing brilliance employed in this scam, you’ll eventually go crazy with the insanity of it all. Respect your enemy. Many people (zombies) are now treating vaccines like branded fashion statements, even after years, and decades, of scandal after pharma scandal.

“I might go for Pfizer” …or…”I hope I get the Johnson one” are relayed conversations overheard recently in Dublin, the result of unbridled consumerism and a lack of moral leadership in the most corrupt country in the world. That statement might seem like a stretch, bit at least places in Africa and the middle east are open about how utterly bent their society is. In Ireland our people are so corrupted they’re all in on it. The definition of ‘Corrupt‘ is ‘having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain’. And most of our people, in the past eighteen months, have kept quiet, not protested, and took the money our criminal narco-state government and Financial services and pharma industries have given them. They could have at least protested on the weekends! Their silence has been essential for the successful fake pandemic. Our people are corrupted.

Instead of helping, they scoffed at us for protesting, called us scumbags, and wore their masks, letting their kids be sensory deprived, pharma-indoctrinated, and traumatised for life. Most of Ireland knows there’s a big scam on, and they know things never added up. But they won’t look at the monster in the corner of the room, and think about their kids health and the madness of an untested unapproved ‘vaccine’ for a cold, because they want their money in the bank, the Golf club membership, enough money for the hooker in Ballsbridge once a month (or the boy), and the leased Mercedes in their driveway. They’re utter c*nts and they are utterly despicable.

As a (long) aside, I fully believe that the central project of the Covid scam is Eugenics. It’s not so much a population agenda as much as a ‘strengthening the breed’ exercise. Everyone at a high level in the vaccine scam is a product of a family with heavy ties to the eugenics movement. Eugenics is the practice or advocacy of improving the human species by selectively mating people with specific desirable hereditary traits.

Useless eaters like those described just above are not the types they want or need for a strong master race. Bill Gates’ father ran Planned Parenthood with Margaret Sanger and put free abortion clinics in every black neighbourhood. They didn’t do this out of caring – they wanted to stop blacks from breeding. Take Adrian Hill of the current Oxford vaccine cabal (scroll down a bit for the section on Hill) – he’s still there today with his horrendous toupee and the fact that he was once an open member of the most prominent eugenics society in the UK, the Galton institute, which was originally the Eugenics Education Society. Margaret Sanger was a member of that crowd, as was Winston Churchill; as was Arthur Balfour – another British Prime Minister and Zionist who declared another great Eugenics experiment in the middle east in 1917.

It may be news to some, but the mass-murdering bomber of Dresden, Winston Churchill was a fanatical eugenicist who salivated over eliminating the feeble-minded.

Now the feeble minded are taking the vaccine at Covid testing and vaccine centres administered by SERCO, an international corporate hydra run by none other than…Winston’s grandchild Rupert Soames! You have to hand it to these people, they have a wicked sense of humour. And they REALLY do keep it in the family…

Fast forward to this year, and consider the owner of Oxitec & Third Securities ltd., Theodore Fisher, a major player in the GMO mosquito vaccination tech (part funded by Gates, and Fisher’s own vaccine-tech private equity fund). His father was Ronald Fisher – Irish Guinness family scion – and probably the most belligerent Eugenicist that ever lived. Ronald Fisher also did work for the Eugenics Education Society too! It’s one big happy Eugenics club running the Vaccine industry and most of the world – it’s all very simple to see if people bothered their holes to step back and look at it. There’s loads more old world eugenics-family links, i could go on for hours.

These people, besides making a shit-ton of money from the vaccine scam (to make up for the Opioid crisis lawsuits), are involved in the far more important task (in their eyes) of ridding the white Anglo-Saxon race of dead weight. For further insight see Nietzsche’s Übermensch and his ideas on weakness being deliberately nurtured by the church. In many cases Nietzsche was right (the church has deliberately made us obsessed with weakness and we have been failing to thrive as a direct result), but his overall thinking, and the thinking of the core of the pharma regime is the key thing to understand when looking at today’s cabal, because it’s the same selectively-bred loons perpetrating the pandemic scam on all of us. These people are not Nazis or Communists, they’re just a part of long lineages of occultist psychopaths. Much of what they do is also just for kicks. When you have all the money in the world it’s easy to play God. Kill a few hundred million, breed out the idiots, and have a laugh while they all run around thinking the world is ending. A key thing to remember is that the cabal DO NO want everyone taking the vaccine. They always wanted healthy, intelligent people left over to feed the machine.

Eugenics, and the selective breeding of we the people through sterilisation of the stupid and the greedy, and the racial purity angle is definitely important to some of them. And their science careers are almost certainly driven in large part by their own self obsession. You’ll notice that most of them are physically unattractive – take Winston, Adrian, and Bill Gates for example. They all grew up around the beautiful people. It’s well known that Churchill hated himself, and misery loves company. Their eugenics obsessions are the ultimate self-delusions – they make up for their physical ugliness by persuading themselves they’re superior anyway. They run on hate.

Übermensch represented a movement away from Christian values and manifested the grounded human ideal. This piece IS about Anthony Fauci (bear with me!), so I might make mention of the fact he switched from Catholicism to ‘Humanism’ decades ago. I can’t find much on Fauci’s parents other than the father was a Pharmacist (a bit of a red flag) but with the revelations on him being the Godfather of the Aids epidemic, combined with the fact we know he led the faking of a pandemic in the united States, how many more clues does one need to tie him in with the rest of the British pharma-cabal’s eugenicists? He went after the gays and the blacks with Aids, and now he’s going after the same groups again (cleverly radicalised to love the vaccine by Trump Derangement Syndrome), and the stupid and the brainwashed are also into the sterilisation/gene-warping mix. These people, like Fauci, are involved in selective breeding, i.e., Eugenics. It is that simple. For many of them it is their life’s work!

What’s important for our understanding is that THEY believe in this stuff – the people running the Pandemic lie. And the fact that they hate blacks and what they deem to be ‘inferior races’ is a key facet of understanding it all. If you doubt that they’re trying to ultimately destroy black people long-term then witness how the media constantly works to drive black people into victimhood dead-ends, and how the UK’s NHS keeps calling black people and Asian people up in the UK saying they’re ‘the most vulnerable’ to Covid and need a vaccine more than others. The very fact that ridiculous idea exists among NHS vaccine-pushers will give you all the clues you need into the reasons behind the pLandemic. 

Everywhere you look lefty Western society now fawns over non-whites in a giant virtue-signalling circle-jerk, but what they’re really doing is setting them up for destruction. Witness how they remove academic rigour as a requirement for entry to university through affirmative action, which churns out idiots that let the entire side down. And the stupid whites, the greedy rich people who will just ‘get the jab’ because the politicians they KNOW to be corrupt told them to, and the radicalised gays pushing their mental illnesses on children now, and the brainwashed lefties, are all on the vaccine-sterilisation chopping block because they’ve all missed the big con. They were the marks! The ones being conned. Their genes will soon be gone forever. To be honest I can’t say I’ll miss them.

To the serious vocational eugenicists (the ones not involved just for a laugh), bleeding heart liberals who would give their countries over to mass immigration and support things like Critical Race Theory, and who would take a knee for a Marxist con like BLM (Burn, Loot, Murder) are just as bad as the non-white people they despise. And these white people, by the very fact they’re getting the poison vaccine in the first place, are stupid by definition. They’re lining up for an untested vaccine because the TV told them to. They’re putting this shit into their bloodstream for no good reason, after a year of exposition by the powers that be that there was no pandemic… for something that the Government told them can only infect them when they stand up but not when they sit down. Mindblowing.

To the array of eugenicists at the top of the Covid-con, these white people represent the genetic dead weight holding us all back. These people are the ‘feeble minded’ that Eugenicist Winston Churchill had such a want to sterilise and wipe out. There’s no denying that vaccine-shoppers are the dead weight at the bottom of our gene pool. Sure, I’ve worked hard to wake people up and I feel awful for the elderly people who have been tricked, but anyone over 22 years of age and under 60 who gets this vaccine deserves no sympathy in my book. I’m all sympathied out for these cheese-heads.

Stepping back, it’s undeniable that we are making zero progress as a species with these people in our midst. The vaccine-takers are the same type of people who believe their government really has their best interests at heart (lol)…the types who believe in the organised crime racket the EU… the types who are all falling over themselves to welcome a million migrants to Ireland – who believe that any words to the contrary are racist.

To hell with critical thinking, or protecting their democratic franchise from erosion, and to hell with their children’s birth right over the ground their ancestors fought and died for. The vaccine shoppers are the same people who want to hand Ireland and the rest of Europe over to invaders who would have us put to the sword eventually, for political correctness and because it’s easier to just go along and not have to make a stand. This assertion on migration doesn’t make me racist. The real racists are Irish Government’s criminal politicians who want to bring in millions of African or Asian people into the country to drain their best brains, and leave their origin countries impoverished shitholes open to NGO abuse by groups like the UN, who are guilty of at least 60,000 rapes per decade, and lots more besides.

The short(er) version

Which brings me back on to Fauci. Lots of things show there is no need for vaccines, and that there was no pandemic. There was no excess mortality (Johns Hopkins took that linked article down, but the internet never forgets); the supposed Covid death-age is officially OVER the average life-expectancy; there are so many nonsense rules that wouldn’t make sense in Wonderland; the official government vaccine injury websites officially listing tens of thousands of vaccine-related deaths and injuries.

Yet so many Irish people, and people in the wider western world, are now taking an untested gene-therapy vaccine made by companies with long track records of destroying people’s health. Fauci was a big part of making that happen, and the recent Fauci emails expose is, in my opinion, a continuance of the con – Fauci always knew these emails would come out.

In recent weeks Fauci’s emails were dumped for February to May 2020. The emails show lots of interesting things. There’s a little box in the corner you can change to text to allow you search by keyword. Give it some time if you use it, it’s a big document and searching uses alot of memory depending on your machine. They show Fauci was ignoring calls from medical professionals that he knew, when they urged him to look at things like Ivermectin and HCQ and other promising treatments like Favalivir, Alvesco, and Sivomixx, and bacterial culture therapies made by world-renowned experts that were showing huge promise in making sick people better (page 1350 and 1899).

The emails show Fauci knew masks were bullshit and that he continued to push them despite this knowledge (obviously so we could have some physical representation of the pandemic that didn’t exist anywhere in reality). The emails show he had information on how the supposed Covid virus was created and that it was not natural – he doesn’t seem to have been bothered looking into that line of inquiry, probably because if there actually is a virus (not certain), he most certainly knows where it came from.

The emails show Fauci admitting that asymptomatic spread wasn’t a thing (page 3074). Of course, the World Health Organisation said the same thing in July last year before being forced to retract it by Big-Pharma a few months later. Everyone at the top knew that you couldn’t spread a cold if you weren’t exhibiting symptoms. Our Governments continue to lie to us non-stop about this, scaring the life out of children and elderly people and the mentally vulnerable, despite knowing 100% that they were causing deaths of despair and deaths from missed disease screenings by closing hospitals.

Fauci’s emails also show how there is no million-man conspiracy here – you can see by the emails that everyone in senior positions was deferring to Fauci, that groupthink ran wild, and that many urged for locking down only the most vulnerable. They were almost all genuinely trying to help after decades of being psy-opped into expecting a pandemic, by people like Fauci and Hollyweird movies like Outbreak, and World War Z. All these lab-dwelling nerds with picket-protectors were suddenly relevant – suckered into thinking they were superheroes, just like all the stupid police and nurses with their ‘frontline hero’ dance routines. How easy it was to fool them using their own vanity and hero complexes, and oh how all glory will be fleeting for those uniformed idiots as the years roll by. I almost feel sorry for them.

The emails also show how the likes of Sir Jeremy Farrar, CEO of Wellcome, the company who experimented on Irish children with cattle vaccines in 1970 (which I wrote about here last year), one of the few rotten apples at the top with their hands on the purse-strings. The emails show Farrar was incredibly active at the fake pandemic’s onset, carefully supervising all messaging and conferences with senior scientists – the people not necessarily in the know about the wider con, but who Farrar and Fauci needed on side to keep the lower tiers of international scientists on message and reluctant to question the official line. You can be sure tens of millions in research and response money were doled out in those meetings, all in the name of Covid. After all, what’s a few million when you stand to make trillions over decades of people buying medicine for sickness caused by the vaccine?

And yet…all of that truth is not the message that’s getting through in the alt-media. What is getting through is the fanciful notion that Fauci caused a pandemic that led to tens of millions of deaths because he funded a Chinese lab for a few years. There was no pandemic. Only a fake pandemic. Saying that Fauci caused a pandemic that caused millions of deaths is extremely problematic.

The notion that there was even a pandemic to begin with is unwittingly being re-enforced by White-hats everywhere when they push the Fauci emails out to their followers without context. The people who died during the Covid hysteria were put to death by ventilators that burst their lungs, lack of care, isolation, and normal mortality causes that were given Covid-status thanks to various official financial incentives and Government directives.  We must all strive to make clear the nuance that Fauci did not cause a pandemic: he pretended there was a pandemic to elicit the requisite response from the international medical and political community, who were all bought and paid for by Big Pharma one way or another, either through direct control or control of research funding.

This new narrative being pushed, that the Fauci emails show he caused ‘the pandemic’, allows every politician off the hook. Most of them knew lockdowns were not the right response to the Covid story. The WHO said so too. Fauci-blame gives them all an easy out. ‘Well, the doctor’s said so, so what was I to do?’ is their new defence. ‘Look, it was Fauci’s fault, the politicians aren’t doctors’, people will say.

And there’s a Fauci in every country – Tony Holohan is the knowing Patsy in Ireland – he was damaged goods after he was caught murdering women via the Cervical Check scandal, so he didn’t mind more grief. He’s a murdering demon anyway.  The story about his wife being ill during 2020 was a cynical effort at deflection. A crock of shit. Just like Neil Ferguson’s cross-town dalliance in London was fake. This is how the cabal wheel people off stage for while when the heat gets too much. They’ll both be back. The creep Chris Whitty is the pre-ordained fall-guy in the UK (can you imagine the pictures they have of him – he looks under duress more than any of the others in the London pharma-cell). 

There was no pandemic folks. Sorry to say it again but it must be shouted from the rooftops. Truthers, patriots, and good people everywhere must stop pushing out the idea that the Fauci files are the smoking gun showing he knew that Covid was an intentional lab release. Taken to its logical conclusion this means there was therefore some justification for the tyrannical and satanic lockdowns and business closures that ensued.

Do you think for a moment this aftermath wasn’t war-gamed? They had everything else planned. Do you think for a moment he didn’t know his emails would be released? That the things he ignored would not be uncovered and that the truth on masks and the various ignored communiques from people proposing alternate Covid-cures would not be eventually leaked? Of course he knew. The current exposition is an essential part of the production. They want everyone to look at Fauci, while the real culprits sail off into the sunset. Fauci’s exposed emails are now re-enforcing the false narrative that there was a killer virus to begin with, because we’re tired and weary and need a villain, when we all know (we who are awake) that people died of isolation, despair, and pre-existing co-morbidities. If we let them off the hook it will be back into the tumble-dryer of finger pointing and bullshit we go, where nothing is ever resolved, and no one ever hangs. I want to see hangings. Lots of them.

Fauci is a red herring. He’s the empty cup with no ball that most people always pick in the shell game. He’s the waving hand that screams ‘look at me’ in ironic contrast to the masonic hidden hand he often showed us throughout 2020. It doesn’t matter that Fauci knew all about HCQ, nor the National Health Institute funding Wuhan, or that he funded the research via a cut-out in Peter Daszak’s Eco-health. Fauci will never face any kind of justice because they will never link even one death to Covid because there’s zero evidence that Covid caused one death.

And now to my main point. One of the emails in the Fauci’s dump is the buried lede, the big story that has been overlooked by most of us since last year. I sifted through most of those emails, digging for gold with lots of different keywords. This is the one email that stood out for me, and even today I would guess many people are unfamiliar with what it means.

Does that Italian national health authority report mention ring any bells? That email went to Fauci on March 18th from Greg Folkers, Fauci’s chief of staff and personal assistant. I wrote about the data releases when I showed you how Irish, Canadian, UK politicians and US Governors (in five States) murdered elderly nursing home residents and hospital patients through deliberate & unjustified deprivation of care. I wrote about it when I showed extensively how the Irish public-funded national broadcaster RTE literally broke the law by ignoring the releases and failing in their legal duty to report them, with phone recordings included as evidence.

Here’s the hypertension percentage Fauci references in his reply, taken from the March 20 data release, which is downloadable in full below (the Bloomberg article Fauci was sent references the report from the 18th). This image or report was not in his emails, but it is the percentage he references.

73.3% of those dead had chronic hypertension, but 75% had that and at least one other late stage illness, like cancer. And their average age was 83, over the local life-expectancy in Lombardy

The fact Fauci only mentioned hypertension in his response suggests he was possibly enjoying the stress the Covid Con was causing. Why else would he ignore the far more interesting facts in the report released by Italy’s most respected doctors and scientists?

The data releases showed conclusively that the mainstream media report about bodies piling up in Italy were massively overblown. Those fake stories were the justification the rest of Europe and the US used to murderously lockdown their citizens. These data releases, that mainstream Bloomberg News was writing about, showed that everyone who was dying in Italy had advanced late stage chronic illnesses. I’ve gone on at length about this before but it is so bloody important.

For those readers who are unaware: on March 12th, 2020, the Italian state health service began releasing detailed statistical breakdowns of patients who had had died with Coronavirus in Italy. Not ‘of’ Coronavirus. You can download or view an example of one of these reports from us here – from March 20th, 2020.

This new collated data initiative was among the first reports to come from the ‘COVID-19 integrated surveillance system’, set up on January 22 2020 by the Italian Ministry of health, under the direction of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità.

The goal of the new Italian Government’s Health department was to inform the general population of the impact and evolution of the emerging viral situation, and to help health authorities make public health decisions. We were also never told that the region of Lombardy had suffered an identical crisis to the one they were experiencing in the bad Flu season of 2018, where ventilators ran out, many doctors died, and an above average level of mortality occurred in the elderly population. Lombardy consistently has the most polluted air in Europe and their above average respiratory illness and death levels are an acknowledged scientific fact. All of this showed early on that there was no ‘pandemic’ spreading from Wuhan to Lombardy.

The first official Italian state COVID-surveillance system death report on March 10th consisted of over 3000 individual deceased death cards collated into one statistical report. Death cards are individual breakdowns of the health status of each person who was deceased.

In those first reports it was clearly shown that 98.8% of the patients who had died while testing positive for COVID-19 had at least one life-threatening chronic illness in the past five years. It also showed that the average age of the deceased was 82 – higher than the average life-expectancy of the region. It showed these people were dying anyway.

This indicated that Lombardy was simply facing another bad Flu season, similar to the Flu season of 2018. The data continued to be released in larger cumulative samples every three or four days in English and Italian, and it showed that elderly people and those with compromised immune systems needed to be protected more in 2020’s winter season. The available scientific data showed conclusively that there was no threat of a new pandemic.

There was no new ‘Pandemic’ occurring in Italy in 2020, because there was no ‘enormous numbers of death and illness’ occurring. That phrase was removed from the official definition of a pandemic in 2010 by the WHO after they bungled the Bird flu response, as reported by the British Medical Journal.

Fauci can be hung after a military tribunal for mass murder based on his knowledge of this report, as can hundreds of globalist politicians and health department mandarins, once citizens can prove they knew. And you can bet your ass they knew. The 8th largest economy in the world, with a rich history of scientific and medical contribution, birthplace of the renaissance, and key EU member, was releasing daily data on how this new virus was presenting in their hospitals. It showed conclusively only people OVER the average life expectancy were dying and that they all had advanced life-threatening conditions before they ran a faulty pcr test on them.

This was a modern Western Democracy (Italy) running a real-time peer-reviewed study on dead people presenting with what was supposed to be a Spanish-Flu like event. Rock solid evidence that there was no wider pandemic risk was deliberately ignored. Fauci ignored it. All the global politicians who would have been scrambling for information (if we were experiencing a real pandemic) knew about the reports. They told us themselves that Italy was the first country hit after Wuhan, right? It is reasonable to assume therefore that ALL European governments knew what this data showed. Yet Sweden seems to be the only country that acted accordingly and didn’t lock down, and the media destroyed them for it with non-stop propaganda. The rest of the world’s politicians (outside of some US states and Japan) destroyed our economies willingly to help collapse the world’s economy and bring about their ‘great reset’ and killed hundreds of of thousands of people through deprivation of hospital care, despair, and suicide. Now they’re deliberately killing millions more with their poison vaccine.

Forget Fauci, forget Biden. Forget the corrupt scientists with skin in the game like Luke O’Neill, Chris Whitty, and Deborah Birx. Concentrate on the Italian Data releases! We can try the political filth using military tribunals by using their deliberate ignorance of those reports.

We can rid the species of most the political genes polluting our gene-pool, and we can root out the rest of those genes in coming years.  Biblical-style eugenics executed with zeal – and all we need to make it happen is to accurately expose the truth.

The truth was ignored because they needed a fake pandemic and these releases showed conclusively that there was none. The pandemic needed to be fake so we would all kill our own people through ignorance, and so that those at the top could never be held accountable. It needed to be fake so that so many people could take part in the ruse: if everyone is guilty no one is guilty. And it needed to be fake to satisfy their own karmic belief systems: they exposed their method, showed it was all a lie to anyone with a brain, and so their karma (in their minds) is clear.

The WHO (the band) sang about the endless mental tragedy of our species in Eminence Front. In an epic song they described the terminal flaw that will seemingly never leave us. The fact that we just can’t help forgetting, and the fact that the politicians are hiding behind an eminence front. The Bidens, the Hancocks, the Martins, the Donnellys, the Johnsons, the Clintons. the Whitmers, the Obamas, The Bushes. So many. The scum. The filth. The worm tongues. The dead weight. The parasites. Let’s not let them get away with it again. Let’s deliver the nuance to the people and up our game. There was no pandemic: Fauci knew it, Irish & European politicians knew it, yet they locked us down and murdered our people. Make sure everyone understands this.

People like Micheal Martin, Ireland’s Prime Minster, need to face justice through military tribunals in front of the masses. Robespierre gave us the playbook, but we must do it slow this time. As Twain said, it is easier to fool a man than show him he has been fooled. But when he has eventually been enlightened his blood will boil for years.

We are the many, they are the few. The message we send to those carriers of the political filth-genes must resonate for centuries. Let’s reverse the eugenics program and get rid of them.

Above all else we must work to show the people that there was no pandemic, and that the cabal knew there was no pandemic. It will take time, but it is the only way to prevent this happening again, as it has in the past. Once we wake them up we can crack open a beer, sit back, and let nature take its course. It will be biblical, please God.


Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
Michael J. Sullivan

Michael J. Sullivan

Absolutely sick of it.

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