Spud-Nicked On The Steppes Of Trinity College… The Russians Are Coming!

Macron's visit to Dublin and the russians
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It’s difficult to know what’s actually going on in the world right now – there’s plenty of speculation around but very little certainty. There are some things we know. We know that in March 2020, European Governments deliberately shut down their economies for a virus they knew was not a major threat. This was the first time this happened in modern recorded history. Where before the economy always took precedence, we had politicians bizarrely talking down the chances of any kind of hope and recovery for the future.

We also know that since then, those same politicians have pretended there was a dangerous pandemic for 18 months, actively ignoring all scientific evidence and common sense. We know all this yet we haven’t been able to make any real sense of it, which means we’re constantly piecing together possible reasons for their actions, from lots of different sources.

We also know, for a fact, that the global mainstream media are completely on board with the lie. They’ve lied about everything for years but the scale and speed of this latest lie has been breathtaking. We know that both key groups (the media and politicians – who are actually a different species to regular humans) are constantly pushing ‘vaccines’ that they know are killing people. They know that the vaccines are causing real injury and death under the auspices of protecting health, and they know there is absolutely zero medical need for them, yet they’re still working to force these ‘vaccines’ on ignorant populations incessantly. We have been abandoned completely and we know very little for definite about motivations, reasons, and wider goals. We might as well be watching a movie – many say that we are.

So these are bizarre times – theories abound to explain what’s happening but most of it is speculation and educated guesswork. It could be that big pharma has simply bought everyone after the avian and swine flu practice-scams, and they are now executing the heist of the millenium. It could be that they’re working hand in hand with eugenicist political dynasties (the Johnsons, the Churchills, the Guinness family scions etc.) that also have political control, in order to kill off the weak and stupid, strengthen the breed, and bring about a ‘great Re-set’.

It could be that the EU and China had a common goal with all of the above, and needed to stop Trump at all costs or face economic armageddon, meaning they therefore embraced the already-planned pharma Covid-scam after Trump was surprisingly elected in 2016 – to help bring about fraudulent absentee-voting in the US presidential election and save themselves economically in the long-run. Or to simply destroy the country that broke up a pre-1776 one world government that was one long archipelago of dictatorships. It could also be that the genie is now out of the bottle and just completely out of control, with unintended consequences spinning off everywhere.

It could be that the white-hats decided to expose the rot in human society, in order to make future gains for the species (we’ve been living out the same cycles for millenia), to make people finally pay attention to the rot and to devolve us all back to what we originally were, chips off the heavenly block meant for something far greater than self-perpetuating slavery into perpetuity.

Or it could simply be that the Western Central bank crime syndicate is managing the final phase of their fraudulent fiat system, an inevitable outcome that was set into motion when Reagan took the Dollar off the gold standard in 1971. The for-profit private central banks needed something to blame for the inevitable crash (thus, the Covid scam), so that we would trust them when they brought in their next currency scam – whatever form that may take. And they might have decided to kill off as many of the population as possible with MRNA death jabs – people they won’t be able to feed when the shit really hits the financial fan – while everything else happening around us is simply looting by those in the know as the global economic ship goes down.

But if we’re honest with ourselves, we really don’t know what’s going on. None of us do, even useful idiots like Micheal Martin and Leo Varadkar aren’t fully clued in.

Every so often though, we get a clue handed to us. And a tiny jigsaw piece may have revealed itself in Dublin three weeks ago. A series of events occurred that were just too connected to be totally random. Too coincidental to be devoid of meaning.

What follows is indeed more speculation, but it is based on four real and observed events by four different eye-witnesses in and around Macron’s visit to Dublin on the 26th of August.

Macron’s visit to Dublin, Thursday August 26th 2021

On Thursday the 26th of August the reviled French president visited Dublin in person, with a 30+ vehicle motorcade and a large security detail. Irish mainstream media rags like the Irish Times reported extensively on Macron’s visit to meet Ireland’s warlock Prime Minister Micheal Martin and the compromat-controlled boy-lover President Higgins. The Times attributed the in-person visit to their collective ‘need to discuss Corporation tax rates’. Macron is currently under massive pressure in France for introducing pharma-apartheid for a cold-virus that probably doesn’t exist, so his visit to our open prison came at a time when a phone call surely would have sufficed. There’s nothing secret or strategic about European tax harmonisation plans, so this disinformation was business as usual for the Irish Times – laziness at best, lying to the Irish people about something important and deliberately offering zero real insight at worst (or as expected).

To mark the visit of blue-rinse fetishist Macron, the Irish Yellow Vest protest group had attempted to organise two rallies to show support and stand in solidarity with the French ‘Gilet-Jaunes’ (French patriots actively fighting against their local globalist filth, and le pharma cabal’s ongoing MRNA-apartheid initiative).

One protest was planned for 2pm in Dublin city centre at the Irish parliament house (the well-decorated hub of organised crime in Ireland), where Macron was set to meet the cream of Ireland’s political filth. The later protest was planned for 7pm at the Irish President’s residence, which is located in Dublin’s rent-boy paradise the Phoenix Park.

Protest 1 – 2pm, Dublin City Centre

Estimates on attendance numbers ranged from three to five hundred for the afternoon affair, which was an achievement given such short notice, the large police presence, and with so many people working from home. Unlike many Dublin protests throughout the year, zero leeway was given by Irish police to the protestors, which was to be expected with a foreign head of state was involved. Come protest-time, the Irish parliament entrance on Kildare street was encircled with a ring of pudgy blue steel and all approaches to our national cesspit were cordoned off. Things petered out after a short time and the various protest groups broke for high tea in strumpet city.

Upon leaving the general Kildare street surrounds one prominent activist was genially engaged in conversation by a large muscle-bound Russian. Imagine Jason Momoa and Dolph-Lungren somehow spawned a nipper and you’ll have a reasonable idea of the shadow this beast cast. The Russian took the lead as both walked towards D’Olier street. Reflecting on proceedings the activist was unsure if the Russian had steered the pair to the gates of Trinity college or if he had taken the lead, but upon arriving at the gates of Trinity a circle of Irish police suddenly formed around the pair.

The activist, who shall remain nameless, presumed arrest was imminent. As thing transpired, it seems Dublin’s finest police brains hadn’t even realised he was there. In a stunning turn of events, the activist turned around only to find himself face-to-face with Emmanuel Macron – police had been forming a channel for Macron to make his sortir to a nearby Lexus.

After some confusion, one of the brighter-sparks among the assembled boys in blue focused on the pair standing beside Macron, and exclaimed ‘what are you doing here!’ to the activist.

Blue daydreams were cut short and a bit of a fuss was made – Macron was ushered back inside the gates and the police reformed their line. The activist and the Russian were told to get on their bike and lots of red faces were left in their wake.

In a further interesting twist, someone spotted what looked like the Russian with a Deliveroo bag on his back close to Trinity about thirty minutes before the seemingly chance meeting of Macron, the Russian, and the activist. Two independent reports roughly corroborate these events.

Protest 2 – Phoenix Park Dublin, 7pm

The evening protest at the Phoenix park had a far lower turnout – probably owing to the general difficulties accessing the earlier one in town, and the fact the Irish police had locked down the park (they just love locking shit down).

They successfully prevented protestors making it to the gates of president Higgins’ house of horrors in time for Macron’s motorcade up the main avenue, and protestors only started arriving after he had made it inside the courtyard gates (save for about thirty hardy souls that had made it from different directions).

Interestingly, a never-before-seen female Russian was present at this second protest, where less than seventy people in total had assembled on both sides of the road. She asked lots of questions of some prominent protest faces (who were all being photographed from a blacked out paddy-wagon window by special branch) and made herself very visible to the watching hundred or so uniformed police and four special branch detectives (two in suits liaising with the French head of security, and another two in plain clothes who had earlier exited an unmarked Ford-shitbox close to the residence gates).

Not much happened after that besides the industrious Dee Wall’s arrest and brutalisation by police on the basis of a spurious warrant. The Irish police had got an arrest – a small woman with a crutch was in the bag (the brave Gardai twice her size actually hurt her physically – the halfwits clearly thought she might make a run for it with her go-go gadget crutches).

With their overtime justified the local stasi wore satisfied smiles and stood there looking pleased, standing there, in their yellow vests, at a yellow vest protest. Then everyone went home.

The Russians are coming!

A week earlier, most Irish government propaganda outlets were reporting that a Russian spy ship was lurking menacingly off the Irish coast. The Russians were here! Spying on president Higgins’ online Grinder activity and trying to tap into his interwebs traffic cables. This was more hot nonsense from the Irish mainstream press: watch out for the Russians! they were telling us again.

The weekend of the 21st August saw retired military hacks like Declan Power talking across RTE and Newstalk fake news outlets, adding nothing of value to the disinformation turd of a Russian threat. Here’s an archived report from the truth-shy Irish times, detailing how Ireland’s under funded defence forces were now on the case of a Russian spy ship off Irish waters. The times.co.uk also detailed how the Vantar is ‘A Russian spy ship built to carry out clandestine undersea missions, that is being monitored by the Defence Forces off the west coast’. Intrigue! Suspense! The Russians are off the coast the media cried!

Reviews: The Russians Are Coming the Russians Are Coming - IMDb
The Irish Media – Lack Both Credibility And Originality.

From the 1966 Movie Of The Same Name…The Russians Are Coming! (this time, it’s to take our Netflix)

The Times went on to say that the ship spent the early hours of Wednesday morning surfing off the North-West coast of Ireland in a ‘zig-zag’ fashion’, suggesting the Russians were ‘searching for something beneath the waves using sonar’. Intrigue! Suspense! Our internet is under attack!

How utterly clandestine of the Russians, to be Zig-Zagging away for all to see, clandestinely…

The Vantar is apparently ‘equipped with manned and remote-operated submersibles used to attach listening devices to undersea cables that carry internet traffic between continents’. If this was true, then why would they be zig-zagging if they had submarines to go down and look?

Ireland’s gutter press hacks are corrupt and complicit in mass murder this past eighteen months – treating the public with utter intellectual contempt is basically their jobs.

The Russians undoubtedly know EXACTLY where every undersea cable is between the EU and the United States since World War two (in the event of war these would have been the first things to be cut) – they’ve also been at this spy game a fairly long time, the former head of the KGB runs the country now, and they have plenty of submarines for this kind of work.

This ‘internet cables are under attack from the Russians’ fear-mongering psyop has been running for some time in the mainstream scum media. And when the Irish media are attacking someone or a group, they’re probably doing something the cabal doesn’t like.

Take for example this report from Forbes last year, which notes the Russians have ‘a substantial fleet of submarines for ‘interfering with the internet’. They can’t even keep the lie straight. They make most of it up as they go along.

Ireland’s mainstream media journalistic filth have zero credibility and are a bigger enemy to the people than the politicians – without the media running cover and brainwashing people our psychopathic politicians and their crimes would be obliterated.

These are internationally coordinated lies of course: low-intensity propaganda warfare aimed at keeping Western populations in a permanent state of anxiety and fear based on a non-existent Russian bogeyman, when our only real enemy in Ireland is the enemy within.

The Russians definitely weren’t looking to tap into any undersea internet cables, they were probably doing something completely different.

The Irish Military Currently Think They’re Watching A ‘Russian Spy trawler’ (Jesus wept), in Dublin Bay

The next set of patsies in this smörgåsbord of russskiy intrigues is the Irish military, who two-week ago were running a ‘surveillance operation’ on a Russian Trawler emitting ‘strange frequencies’ in Dublin bay.

While the Irish army should be taking over the Irish parliament, burning the UN, Rainbow, and EU flags, and fighting back against the obvious coup that has taken place since the false pandemic narrative was introduced (and indeed since the EU took over our sovereign land), instead they’re out bird-watching on Ireland’s eye chasing decoy FSB(KGB) fishing trawlers. There’s a solid source for this, I’m not making it up.

There is zero chance the Russians would be tacking around with a trawler in Howth unless they wanted to be seen. Yet the Irish army’s high command is now fooling their own soldiers into thinking they’re actually onto something big and that the Russians are an actual threat (more than China and the UK pharma cabal, and our own politicians).

The Russians Wanted To Be Seen While Macron Was in Town

As the Vice-Admiral no doubt knows, the Russians seem to have been going out of their way to show Macron and the French security services, and the Irish swamp, that they’re being watched and that their security isn’t worth shit.

In the case of the ‘surveillance ship’, there’s not much more to explain. If the Russians wanted to spy on cables they would have sent one of their subs. They wouldn’t have zig-zagged for days off Donegal where everyone could see them on public radar. If the press know about the Vantar, then you can bet it has no real-world military value to the Russians, who already know where the cables are anyway.

In the case of the Trawler in Dublin bay, it’s clear that the Russians are far more sophisticated, unless they wanted to be seen. The Russians were up against the most well-funded military machine in human history for fifty years of cold war – they can do better than a fishing-trawler with a dodgy signal. And what would they want to hear out of Dublin anyway? No decisions are made by Ireland’s ‘leaders’ in Dublin, all decisions are made in pharma-company board-rooms and the colonial EU’s HQ in Brussels. And in 10 Downing street (which still runs our pretend Republic).

The most interesting part of Russia-week in Dublin was of course the incident outside Trinity college. It seems the Russian lad latched onto the high-profile activist and timed their arrival to the exact time of Macron’s exit. Sure, it could be co-incidence and maybe he was a just a sympathetic protestor. But it’s more likely given the extra Russian activity around the island that week, that that the entire production was designed to send a message to Macron. And they wouldn’t have sent someone so easily recognisable unless they wanted him to be seen in the security debrief.

That incident is guaranteed to have made the security reports of the Irish police and the French security services – to be reviewed in detail given the apparent breach of security by the known activist, who ended up right beside Macron. When the photos and footage of the breach were reviewed the following day by Irish police and French security services, they would have seen the Dolph-Lungren looking Spetznaz-head beside the high-profile activist and said to themselves ‘Oh Fuck’, ‘how did he get in there’.

Had the activist not been present, they may never have reviewed the incident – so it stands to reason that the Russians may have wanted to work themselves into a position beside Macron with the activist. Think about what could have happened. Macron was out in the open. They are guaranteed to have initiated a full security review and gone on a mini-mole hunt, at the very least.

That’s true intrigue and suspense that you won’t read from the scumbags that call themselves journalists in the Irish filth media.

The Russians were (and I acknowledge I’m speculating here) probably looking to send a message to the French. ‘We know all your plans and itinerary and have someone on the inside’ – or ‘your comms are compromised and we can get to you whenever we want’. Or both.

Macron’s security services would have had Macron’s exit from Trinity timed to the minute, weeks in advance. Those plans would have been shared with Irish security services only on the day of the visit, or at the earliest the day before. These plans are taken very seriously at this level – and yet the satanic filth Macron was left completely vulnerable, right in front of Ireland’s occult nerve centre Trinity college.

The lord works in mysterious ways.

Coincidence Or Conclusive?

Unusually high levels of geo-political intrigue all over the emerald isle that week then. And what does it all mean? Who knows.

But there was enough Russian oddness occurring that it merited a write up. It’s clear that Ireland and France have been lynchpins of the global false pandemic narrative, and it is also very clear that both Governments know the vaccine program is unnecessary and will kill many of their own people, putting serious pressure on already burdened health-services, destroying their own citizen’s lives. It is interesting that there was so many Russians around that day, whatever the wider machinations are behind the scenes.

Both the Irish & French Governments stood to lose out massively in economic terms had Trump’s executive-orders seen the light of day in a second term. It may be facile to deduce that Macron and Martin willingly played a part in the fake pandemic narrative to help ensure absentee ballots were allowed in the US general election, thus facilitating the voting fraud that stole the election, but sometimes the most obvious answer is the right one.

The fake virus narrative travelled in carefully coordinated steps from China, to Italy, to France, to the UK to Ireland and then on to the USA. Ireland was the first country in the world to call a lockdown (from the steps of the White-house incidentally), and most of big-pharma is now based here in Ireland. The country is extremely important in the ongoing slow-release genocide being perpetrated across the world. If there is a new phase of the plandemic in the works (which there undoubtedly is, whatever way it may go), then this was the reason for Macron’s in-person visit. Macron is a runner delivering instructions for the next phase, and nothing more.

Macron will have known his electronic communications are open to compromise, so he would have wanted a secure space to speak in-person with the Irish traitor Prime minister Micheal Martin and Ireland’s treasonous President Michael Higgins.

We have seen incidents of signalling since the start of the plandemic, from Joe Biden recently passing notes written on a mask to the teenage son of lockdown-friendly state governor Andy Bechiere,
to transsexual Pennsylvania secretary of state Kathy Boockvar excessively simulating the washing of her hands to signal to her control that essential overnight vote-rigging deeds were complete in the Pennsylvania convention centre, and that the job was done (first 20 seconds of this video).

These people are incredibly careful about their communications thanks to the capabilities of the US military (and others) in monitoring electronic communications, so it makes sense that Macron was here in Dublin (in person) about something very sensitive. We have had a fake pandemic foisted on us by corrupt political filth for nearly two years now – it doesn’t take a genius to link the two events. Nothing of import is happening here in Ireland beyond big pharma and the maintenance of the plandemic narrative, so why else would this meeting have taken place?

It has been theorised that Putin and Trump are working together against deep state corruption in both countries for a long time. Whether that’s true or not, Putin was aware by April 2020 that there was no pandemic in Italy. He sent a large team of Russian doctors, scientists, and 100-soldier platoon to Lombardy in March 2020, per this BBC report in May last year. They only treated 100 people while there (more proof that Italy did not suffer a cataclysmic pandemic, as the Irish media told us they did) so they were there on a fact-finding mission.

Like us then, Putin knew that there was no pandemic after that investigation (that sortie to Italy probably tells us that he wasn’t part of the original plandemic planning), so they would have known there was no viral threat if they weren’t working with Trump, and could have acted accordingly in terms of planning for the year ahead, making economic plans to hedge during the rigged economic downturn. Incidents like the Covid scam are obviously of extreme importance to nation states – financial futures depend on reading them right.

Across the board it seems to be amateur-hour in Ireland, from the soldiers in Dublin bay thinking they’ve caught a live-one on a fishing trawler, to our gutter-press who want us to believe that the Russians would act so obviously unsophisticated in looking for undersea cables. Perhaps the reason for the various Russian moves was to show the Irish and French security apparatuses that they’re amateurs.

But it’s more likely that they wanted to get inside Macron’s head and make him paranoid about his secret mission ‘to talk about corporation tax’ with another deep-state scumbag in Ireland’s prime minister.

If, as it seems, the Russians are trying to let Macron and Martin know they’re being watched, then we DO finally know something: we know they feel like they have to be secretive and communicate face to face, and we know the Russians probably aren’t in on the pharma plandemic scam. And that excites me.

I love the idea of scum like Micheal Martin and Emmanuel Macron squirming. It’s a chink of light. And even if the Russians aren’t all over them, we DO know that Macron felt he had to come here for a face to face with fellow criminals Martin & Higgins. They don’t trust the phones, which means they’re worried at some level about the good guys. Which means there maybe are some good guys out there! That’s something we’ve all questioned over the past 18 months.

The Russians may also have wanted to let Macron and Martin know that despite their creeping around in the dark and taking all possible precautions, their criminal days are numbered.

Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
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