Understanding the covid-extremists bent on destroying Ireland

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If you want to understand the many motivations of Irish Covid extremists like:

  • NPHET’s Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Ronan Glynn
  • Professor Philip Nolan of NPHET
  • Celebrity professor & mask-extremist Luke O’Neill of Newstalk and RTE fame, and mask flip-flopper extraordinaire (see tweets below)
  • Professor Sam McConkey

then have a watch of this. It’s a must see – the first 2 minutes are a parody. If you’re pushed for time, skip to 8:20, and the cultural mediation hypothesis (basically, how they talk in knowingly false logic, to persuade themselves they’re right, to gain social status).

timestamped for 8:12

8.20 Intelligence has been shown to be associated with adopting the dominant ideology.

11.20 One of the ways these scientists compete for attention is adopting the dominant ideology, and pushing it in a slightly more extreme way

Prof. Edward Dutton: The Jolly Heretic

And why would the media question them? – government Corona advertising money is one of the only advertising revenue sources keeping journalists in jobs since the hysteria that they created destroyed the economy. So while tens of thousands more lose jobs, they feather their own nests. It’s that simple. If they report the truth, Irish government money dries up.

Vicious circle – The Irish samestream media are essentially using these celebrity doctors to keep the Covid-19 scare going, and this keep their businesses afloat with Government Advertising money.

These celebrity doctors who formerly dwelled in windowless-labs, with very little recognition for their work, suddenly have the limelight of fame upon them. Continued media attention, research money, celebrity status, and hero status depends on a continuation of the manufactured covid-crisis.

Many of us have watched in awe as Ireland’s celebrity doctors and professors continue to pump up fear and hysteria in relation to Covid-19 test case increases.

They don’t discuss the actual numbers, nor the fact that the cases don’t work and are not approved for clinical use by manufacturers. They don’t mention the postive fact that no one is really dying of this virus anymore, if they ever were. There is a complex psychological reason for this beyond corruption: they are ‘midwits’: slightly above average intelligence, but geniuses in their own minds.

They’ve been put in these positions of power thanks to Irish government ministers outsourcing decision making, and thanks to a University system that is now an industry like any other – 50 years ago these people would not have held the positions they do now, because they just aren’t that smart, and they are ego-driven.

Yet they are being allowed to destroy the country and the health, mental health, livelihoods, and general lives of the Irish people – in particular the elderly, and children.

Every day, the media and Irish government silence all debate with appeals to these ‘authorities’.

The Irish media (RTE, Newstalk, The Irish times, The independent, and many others) say that if an ‘authority’ thinks something, it must therefore be true.

The Irish Government, political ‘opposition’, and media’s constant appeals to authority are not valid arguments.

It is entirely possible that the opinion of a person or institution of authority is wrong because they are not omnipotent; therefore the authority that such a person or institution holds does not have any intrinsic bearing upon whether their claims are true or not.

Take that statement, and put it in the context of the Midwit above, and you’ll realise that Ireland is being run into the ground by people who may not know what they’re talking about.

Here’s more from the useful Midwit Luke-O’Neill – who the media don’t ever question, and who has been central to driving mask and related hysteria

Understanding how these people think, and what motivates them, is key to taking back your lives and country. They (politicians, media, Midwits) won’t admit they were wrong: their egos won’t allow it. So they’ll keep the lies rolling.

Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
Michael J. Sullivan

Michael J. Sullivan

Absolutely sick of it.

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