Sicknick’s ‘Murder’ & The Sham Impeachment is a Microcosm For Our Wider Struggle Session

…Sicknick’s apparent death at the Democrat’s Reichstag
…We have all been thrust into a giant struggle session
…They’re creating Alice in Wonderland

Almost everything is a lie these days, and the lies are in our faces everywhere. The latest feeder lie for the wider lie of the US Capitol ‘siege’ (The US Democrat party’s Reichstag) is a humdinger that keeps on giving. Apparently a good man – Officer Sicknick – was murdered by fire-extinguisher wielding Trump-ninjas, and this killing is the basis for the current military district-occupation of Washington, and the unconstitutional impeachment of Trump that seeks to prevent him running for office ever again.

It’s an ongoing murder mystery that further exposes the corruption and duplicity of today’s unelected politicians and mainstream media. It’s like an episode of the A-Team, or Maguyver, or Kenneth Branagh’s black hole of creativity – Murder on the Orient Express. Somehow these Democrat clowns are cobbling together the most outlandish story to keep the nonsense of Trumpian insurrection alive, from the most basic raw materials. They shape and fabricate different random components into a fantastical contraption to save their asses and keep the narrative stumbling along, just like McGuyver and the A-Team did. Back then it was all a show and we rooted for BA and Templeton Peck because we liked them, and we knew it was a story, so it was ok.

But the latest staged inquisition doesn’t even have the basics of a bad Murder She wrote episode. There’s no body (cremated). The dead guy wasn’t dead when they say he was. And his commanding officer says he died of a stroke. Jessica Fletcher would never have risked her 100% record in Cabot Cove for a case like this.

Tucker Carlson gave a welcome dose of reality this week and sums it up nicely below, building on revolver’s piece. His opener reminded me that there is still a real world worth holding onto, while at the same time reminding me that they have turned reality so completely on it’s head this year – and they really don’t care who notices anymore.

I’m still trying to work out if this is ruling-class desperation, or justified arrogance because they feel they’ve won – I hope it’s the former but fear the latter.


Carlson: “Beginning on memorial day, BLM and their sponsors in Corporate America…changed the country more in five months than it had in the previous 50 years. How’d they do that? They used the sad death of a man called George Floyd to upend our society. Months later we learned that the story they told us about George Floyd’s death, was an utter lie. There was no physical evidence that Floyd was killed by a Cop – the autopsy showed that he almost certainly died of a drug overdose – Fentanyl, but by that point, Facts didn’t matter, it was too late. Cities had been destroyed, along with the fabric of this country itself.”

Reminds you of Covid doesn’t it? Fact’s don’t matter anymore to anyone in leadership.

This is worth watching to the end.

The investigative piece that Carlson is referring to can be read here – it’s excellent. The narrative that a cop was bludgeoned to death is the foundation for the sham impeachment of Trump in recent days, which is being run by a gang of effeminate US senators who are all likely in office through their own rigged elections – no one would vote for these people.

No one voted for Ted Lieu, even in California – let’s get real. He’s a mincing little fairy with half a brain. US elections, like Irish elections, are completely compromised by the organised crime network. This week, Trump’s trial saw Senator Ted Lieu justify the use of military force to police political thought:

We must remember that these demorat political criminals are aligned with every political party in Ireland and all in the UK (we are basically the same country). The events of the past 12 months have been a well-planned UK crown-run deep-state organised crime operation, run by a vast criminal global enterprise, a hydra. And they are fully running things now (though there is still hope that there is some kind of a plan in play by the good guys, it’s hard to keep buying the Hopium at this stage). What happens in America is vitally important for the rest of us.

What Ted Lieu is alluding to in the video immediately above is the Struggle session mentality, where the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) worked to publicly pressure rivals into concessions that they were wrong. In the video above, Lieu says that this is why the military are occupying Washington. Few people realise how serious this is – probably because we have been desensitised by 12 months of non-stop lies and nonsense. Anything goes now. The aim of CCP struggle sessions was to shape public opinion, as well as to humiliate, persecute, or execute political rivals and those deemed class enemies.

Globally, we are all being subject to a vast struggle session – many have tapped out

In Mao’s China (and Xi’s current iteration), the victim of a struggle session was forced to admit various crimes before a crowd of people who would verbally and physically abuse the victim until they confessed. Struggle sessions were often held at the workplace of the accused, but they were sometimes conducted in sports stadiums where large crowds would gather if the target was well-known.

In this case our crimes of today are adhering to scientific rigour and fact. Our anti-state crime is asserting that there never was a pandemic by definition, the hospitals were never overwhelmed, that quarantining healthy people is tyrannical and unprecedented, and that Covid by all stats is a mild cold virus, and that they have LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING AND CONTINUE TO DO SO EVERY DAY.

The story about the Sicknick’s death told by US Mainstream media is a lie. The idea that the US election was clean is a lie. Joe Biden is a lie. Kamala Harris is a lie. The media is a lie. Almost everything they say is a lie. Climate change is a lie. Transexual men being able to compete in women’s sports is a lie. The justification for Irish Lockdowns are all lies. The vaccine is a lie. The Covid-stats are lies. The deaths are lies. The faux-concerns of murderous politicians are lies. The need for a vaccine is a lie. Masks are a lie.

Everything, is a fucking lie. And it is supposed to be this way. This is by design. This is a widespread, directed assault on reality to make you beg for it to end. ‘Please make it stop and continue to rule us’, they hope we cry. They also want us to take the vaccine to help depopulation efforts and to enrich the pharma cabal through the subscription-illness business model – they don’t need many of us thanks to increasing automation. But those are side goals.

For now, the main goal is to maintain the ruling political classes and the various scams through which they keep us all mentally caged. The species was starting to wake up and had too much access to too much information. I made a video to illustrate what they are doing – in the name of the Virus.

Creating Alice in Wonderland

Written by Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland is a classic in a children’s literary genre known as ‘nonsense’. Nonsense literature presents language and situations which are not normal. Alice is the story of a young girl falling down a rabbit-hole and entering a strange, surreal world where nothing quite makes sense. It captures that childhood state when rules are not yet known and the imagination is as powerful as reality. There are many rules in Wonderland, though the rules make no sense. In all of the games Alice plays, the rules seem to be written as the game progresses. Does that remind you of the last 12 months?

They have now created Alice in Wonderland on earth. I don’t know how they’ve done it, and I don’t know why it hasn’t worked on some of us, but they’ve done it. The Rhodes-scholar, Crown-run CIA has experimented with this stuff for over half a century so why not have a go at the whole population. Who knows who is behind it. I don’t have to know who is behind it to recognise it is happening. The brightest scientific minds still can’t work out if quantum photons have wave or particle-like properties when they are not being observed – but they can observe the phenomena. Maybe that they can only be defined when observed is God’s way of hinting to us that we are made in his image, i.e. that only God (us) can observe what is truly real. That’s another days work. And on the God theme, maybe we live in hell (or whatever ‘hell’ actually is as) right now. Maybe this life is ‘the below’. Who the fuck knows – one thing is for certain, this past year is a realistic representation of what hell would look like for many of us.

And of course, everyone isn’t in on it – it’s not a big conspiracy – just a small one. We’ve explained many times how this entire shit-show of a twelve months took very little to kick off. We who can see are spectators to mass hypnotism, a massive psychological experiment. The likes of Boris Johnson and Ireland’s criminal health minister Stephen Donnelly are almost certainly under the influence of some kid of hypnosis. I think this goes beyond simple blackmail and corruption.

Towards the end of Alice, Alice realises everthing is a lie and exclaims that the Queen is a ‘fat, pompous old tyrant’ and is chased by the mob. ‘Backward forward, outward inward, here we go again, no one ever loses and no one can ever win”‘ they sing as the queen cries for her head to be chopped off as chaos erupts all around her. They have created chaos and order will come just as it did for Alice. We all know about the motto of Order ab Chao but it’s likely that the shit happening this year is well above the freemasonic paygrade, however much they think they’re in on it.

Today, any one of us who refuses to wear a scientifically useless mask has undergone the chaos Alice experienced. Anyone who refused to kow-tow to the mantra that we should destroy our economy and the mental health of children and the elderly to ‘be safe’, for a virus that causes less mortality and sickness than any other cause in our hospitals, has been ostracised from society. Many don’t speak because they know they cannot articulate the truth. Many others will never do what Alice did, and face it down. They will forever occupy a psychological limbo when it comes to Covid and it will damage them long-term.

Yet, here is the scary thing about the similarities between Alice and today’s brainwashed covid-cultist. Taken from the last paragraph of a Georgetown University Blog:

‘That the eventual reveal at the end of Alice in Wonderland is merely a dream, though, could say a lot about the subconscious of Alice. In her dreams, she is ruled about Wonderland a hell of alot, yet when she wakes up she thinks about “what a wonderful dream it had been”. This constant enforcement of rules was not a nightmare for Alice. She in fact enjoyed being told by scary figures what to do and where to go. Rule following has become ingrained in Alice’s psyche. She enjoys following the rules and doing what she is told. She enjoys it so much she dreams about it. Though the rules seem to make no sense and have a logic very different from reality, they still have a “logistical order” that Alice tries to figure out. For Alice, the more absurd and enforcing a rule is, the more wonderful.’….

…are we trapped as a species by our own unchangeable natures? Are we a really a flock of sheep that craves rules – even if they are absurd? The scary answer is yes.

I myself have been shunned at my local bakery for suggesting lockdowns were wrong and it was all a lie, back in April 2020. I had a twelve year relationship with those people, twice weekly i would visit and spend ten euro every time. The owner and main dough-taker lowered and shook their head every time i visited in the following months. No more conversation – I caught a look of pity on their faces on several occasions. They were told by the TV and radio to think I was crazy. So they did. This is the brainwashed mob, the pack of cards that chased Alice, they’re everywhere – repeating the hypnotic mantras of the news-retards who themselves are spell-bound.

And while I understand that they are brainwashed and in many ways hypnotized through repetition, it still takes its toll. I have been resolute in never masking, and speaking out wherever I can strike up a conversation, but fuck me its hard – no man is an island. I have a remote-network archipelego of like-minded friends scattered across a vast shark-filled bloody ocean of those who BELIEVE. We’re out there, in the middle of the pacific ocean, watching passing cruise liners thinking it’s actually better on our desert island. And we don’t want to be rescued – unlike Robinson Crusoe we hide in the bushes and hope they don’t see us.

It’s all a giant struggle session for the state enemies of the day, and it would be easier to just mask up and get with the program. And that’s what they want at the end of the day – capitulation. They want us to forget reality. That’s what all the nonsense is about. Forget reality and accept their control and make us think they (Politicians and the mainstream media) are necessary. Because they are anything but necessary, and we were starting to realise that. They are the mortal enemies of mankind and they are creating a modern dark ages full of mistruth and darkness.

On Irish & Global Lockdowns

Ireland’s prime minster, the corrupt, disgusting, demonic satanist who likely gave up one of his kids to the cabal, Micheal Martin, made great pains to demoralise the nation further this week by saying high level Lockdowns may last until September – June at the earliest. Once again, for broken fraudulent PCR tests and a virus that has almost zero mortality impact in a wider population sense. The next four months will be a mopping up operation, sweep and clear the last pockets of ideological resistance to their post-truth bullshit, where everything is made-up, left is right, and up is down. They’re committed to breaking us and this is where we must honour our ancestors’ memories and face the bastards down. We must shoot down wave after of incessant reality-destroying bullshit, and hold fast to the beautiful truth. Tie a mooring rope around your waist and hold fast – fuck the blue pill: fuck their fakery: fuck their lies: fuck fake orgasms: and fuck them.

Grit your teeth and don’t let them break you. Your ancestors endured worse, eating dead dogs and grass, freezing and starving in ditches in an English and Vatican sponsored Genocide. Don’t let the traitorous Micheal Martins and the Joe Bidens of this world win. They are depraved criminals. Get mad, keep talking, bide your time, and we’ll eventually get even with the scum. If you lose your head and you give up, then you neither live nor win. We win just by holding on to reality and talking about it. We win by spitting in the face of their giant struggle session.

Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
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