UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock Loves Shakespearean Vaccine Theatre…

‘Now is the Winter of our discontent’, and their duplicity knows no bounds. UK Health secretary Matt Hancock clearly wasn’t let in early on the UK vaccine-theatre’s private joke about William Shakespeare.

It turns out that the first UK patient to get the vaccine was scripted to be called ‘Shakespeare’.

Destroyer of small business, and the mental health of millions of Britons, UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock simply couldn’t control himself when he saw the name William Shakespeare flash up on Piers Morgan’s ‘Good Morning Britain’ news ticker.

This was an in-joke, and Hancock clearly hadn’t been forewarned. The hilarity.

Maybe you’d be laughing too, if you were a central player in the looting of Billions from the UK Public Purse by companies selling unnecessary vaccines.

Watch for a minute & make up your own mind. At 10 seconds, Hancock has just seen the name ‘Shakespeare’, and he can’t keep it in…

If you needed any more proof that leaders across the world are gaslighting the world, now you have it.

With every passing day Covid-19 looks more like an IQ test. Through their arrogance and conceit we’ve been given the answers all year. Their official statistics show no excess deaths; bogus science underpins everything. Censorship of real experts is everywhere, and nonsense surrounds every official response measure to their ‘pandemic’.

There are now warnings of sterilisation issues on the vaccine packets, and coming directly from manufacturers.

Old Bill Shakespeare himself would have been proud of a plot based around sterilising the stupid to improve the human race. He might even throw in a eugenicist like vaccine-magnate Bill Gates as the villain, and a side story about making billions from a manufactured health crisis.

Leaders across the world have gaslit their constituents about Covid for a year. They know exactly what they’re doing. They’re all playing their parts, and getting paid handsomely for it.

And like Hancock, they’re all laughing at us – be it RTE’s retirement partying or the Irish Government Golf Dinner, neither of which had masks or social distancing. Or Gavin Newsome & Nancy Pelosi’s country club dinner, or Neil Ferguson’s cross-town lockdown breaking. It’s a big laugh everywhere. And the joke is on the plebs.

We showed you last week how Ireland’s fake political opposition, Sinn Fein, were playing out their vaccine theatre with their pretend ruling party political rivals Fine Gael. It’s all theatre.

Covid cast members across the world light up the stage every day, pounding the blind with repetitive fear-porn. From Ireland’s treasonous Prime Minister Micheal Martin, to Ireland’s swamp creature of a health minister Stephen Donnelly, to international hidden-hand pharma-criminal Antony Fauci, to Oxford University Cabalist Boris Johnson…it’s one big production. National TV & print ‘news’ media like RTE, Irish Times, BBC, CNN and ITV are all co-producers, pulling the levers behind the curtain.

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This above all: to thine own self be true…

(Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 3)

Unless of course you actually believe a guy called William Shakespeare really did get the first vaccine, and the UK health secretary wasn’t pretending to cry while laughing at you.

In which case, best just roll up your sleeve and get it over and done with.

We’re being censored & shut down on Facebook & Twitter for telling the truth. We rely on our readers to share our work, thank you.


Michael J. Sullivan

Michael J. Sullivan

Absolutely sick of it.

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