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Today’s Central Bank report on the motor insurance racket in Ireland is a total washout. Essentially, the Irish Government are pissing in our pockets while gently whispering in our ears that the rain is getting heavier.

The report is more Irish Government deception. The propaganda piece (linked here for those in need of a reason to start drinking early) focuses on the euro-amounts relating to insurance claim awards and almost nothing else.

This 65-page toilet-roll from the Central Bank serves one digestive function: it allows the Irish Government to continue to vomit the idea that premium prices are related of the size of insurance claims. Which means (shrug) ‘there’s nothing we can do’.

It allows the Irish Government to keep lying.

The report gives zero real detail on premiums. Or about how specific non-national groups are being targeted with higher premium costs by the industry. It gives no breakdowns of insurance premium costs and discrimination in terms of sex, age or geography. It is worse than useless because it is deliberately deceptive.

The notion that high claims cause higher premiums is total rubbish of course. It has been debunked countless times. The public know that when claims numbers fall – as they did in 2020 per the report – insurance premium prices do not.

The insurance industry in Ireland is a basically protected cartel; licensed by a bigger cartel (the Irish Government); which is in turn licensed by a bigger cartel – the EU.

Finance Minister Pascal Donohue and other disingenuous Fine-Gael halfwits were quoted widely in the mainstream news today, praising the central bank report. Plenty of jaw-flapping. More meaningless garbage. No questions were asked by the media as usual – mainly because Pascal Donohue and his fellow cabal members now pay the media’s wages, as we explained here.

The EU/ECB (European Central Bank) cartel-agent for insurance in Ireland is the Irish central bank, which gives licenses to those who want to sell insurance. They set the rules, and they make sure price collusion is never investigated by Ireland’s non-existent white-collar Garda investigators.

This ensures the oligopoly/cartel pricing mechanisms run smoothly. You will notice that there is never a price war on car insurance in Ireland. Just like in the mafia, price wars are bad for business.

So why are motor insurance premiums so high in Ireland?

Ever noticed how you cannot buy motor insurance outside of Ireland? This is the number one reason why Irish Car insurance premiums are so high:  because there is no real market competition. The EU is supposed to be a single market. Yet no European companies are allowed to compete in the Irish insurance market. Why is there no pan-European car-insurance market? Because the EU is not a single-market.

The Government makes it a law that Irish people have to buy insurance (no issue there, we need insurance). But the Irish Government also supports the existence of a price-fixing cartel, in conjunction with the ECB and Irish Central Bank (which are the same thing).

The Irish Government creates demand by legally obliging motorists to buy from the Cartel, and the corrupt Irish Central Bank produces rubbish reports like the one today to keep the heat off from the public. They treat you like dumb sheep.

The Central Bank mind the gate to prevent new entrants coming into the market, and our small market size means it isn’t worth the administrative trouble for continental European insurers to enter our cartel.

This is not capitalism, this is Corporate Socialism.

For those of us with half a brain, the ‘Opposition parties’ will say a few words to condemn the high premiums – a form of virtue-signaling. More bullshit and kabuki – they want that tax revenue in place for when they get their turn as EU servants in Ireland. The issue then leaves the news & political cycle after a day or two for the legalised robbery to continue unchecked.

The Irish Government is happy to keep premiums high because ultimately a large chunk of the money that consumers pay to insurance companies ends up in their coffers via various taxation rackets. And that money then goes to the ECB and IMF in the form of interest on borrowings that the Banking bailout and COVID-19-hoax have brought on the nation.

How the EU is not a single market

The EU is not a single market. They sell us the idea of a single market for optics, it is a deception.

Of the two main purchases we make in our lifetimes (cars, and houses) we cannot finance either outside of the Irish financial cartels. You cannot get a mortgage outside of the protected Irish banking cartel (the same one that destroyed our economy in 2008), just as you cannot get car insurance from a German car insurer for your Irish car.

This is why we pay more than anyone else in Europe for both car-insurance and mortgages. The Irish Government loves to milk paddy for everything he has – the EU really couldn’t care less.

It is all a deception: a sham, like most things the Irish Government does. There are plenty more examples of single-market contradictions but I’m on my second beer already…

In 1973 the Irish political cabal exchanged the largest fishing waters in the EU for a few magic beans in CAP payments and tariff-free market access to Europe.

Since then, we have been propagandised around the country with road and building-signs proclaiming “this project was part funded with EU funds”.

Those are actually Irish funds, stolen by the EU in a dodgy deal – crumbs discarded from the top of their pyramid scheme.

As Delores Cahill explained here in 2019, over 215 BILLION in fish have been taken from Irish waters by European countries since 1973. Our waters make up 20% of the EU’s fishing waters.

This should be food for thought for every sovereign man and woman of Ireland. If the country left the EU via referendum, the country would have plenty of money to cover the missing Common Agricultural Payments system for farmers; to build an effective Navy for fisheries protection; to then enrich the Irish people with their own natural resources.

The UK have left the EU and would be willing to negotiate market access. The US would too – Donald likes fish and his childhood nanny was an Irish woman. Sorted! Many other nations would do business with us. We could control our own destiny. The Japanese love our beef and fish.

Ireland no longer needs to sacrifice the largest & richest fishing grounds in Europe for European market access. We will pay reasonable tariffs to access EU markets, and no doubt a deal could be struck on the fish they clearly want so badly.

The only negative would be the need to change the currency of our spending money whenever we wanted to go on holidays. That seems a price worth paying to reclaim our sovereignty and end the pyramid-scheme robbery.

The EU does not need Ireland to prevent European wars, we were neutral in 1939. The argument that Ireland is somehow needed to ensure EU peace is a red herring…

The EU is bad for Ireland – we can govern ourselves. The current crop of Irish political snakes will crumble once they realise their highest achievement can be serving the Irish people well. When their dreams of EU fame and glory are crushed, they’ll slither back under their rocks. EU-Politics is Hollywood for ugly people.

The EU is good for cabal members but the rest of us are getting shafted – particularly the middle and working classes. The EU are stealing our wealth, and their agents in Ireland are complicit in the deception. Just as Irish traitors threw their own out into the streets to starve during the famine at the behest of English landlords, the self-proclaimed Irish elites are selling us out again.

The Irish Government is also bad for Ireland. We need a complete do-over. It is very likely that Trump will show us the way in the next four years – he is about to detonate the US Central Banking system (the Federal reserve) and put monetary power back into the hands of the people. We need to follow his example.

This is why the Irish Government and media cabal attack Trump so much: he’s setting a bad example for the plebs.

He will be re-elected this week thank God.

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