Trump on course for re-election – The Tide Is Turning…

Bypass the biased British and Irish media and watch this six minute summary on why Donald Trump is well on course for re-election.

Trump is running against a rigged system with powerful interests aligned against him – Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Media.

They’re protecting organised crime networks headed by politicians Like Hillary & Biden – just like the Irish & British media protect our Pharma-owned politicians.

But Trump has the people on his side and because of that, he’s unstoppable.

Anyone with half a brain can see how the Irish & British Mainstream media have consistently attacked Trump for four years for reasons beyond his manner.

Ireland’s national broadcaster devoted huge chunks of it’s schedule to running Trump down daily – inviting liberal Marxist commentators on at every opportunity to ridicule a man who created more jobs for minorities than any US president in history.

He did not go to war with North Korea and Iran, when Hillary Clinton would have had the bodies piled high before she crossed the Whitehouse threshold. Hillary and Bill like to pile the bodies high. See Benghazi, Libya, Syria, Iraq and their own security staff. Here’s a nice primer on the Clinton Body Count rabbithole.

The Irish media barely covered the fact that the Russian influence accusations of the past four years have been demonstrated to be a complete hoax and fabrication orchestrated by Renegade Obama & Hillary Clinton. Biden was also there every step of the way.

Jobs Jobs Jobs…And Big Pharma

Trump is taking back manufacturing jobs from China and elsewhere, and he’s killing the gravy train that European nations & China have been drinking from at the expense of the American people.

Joe Biden, Obama, and Hillary were all paid by China to keep offshoring American Jobs, destroying the heartland of America. It’s all coming out.

This is why we’ve seen the events of 2020 play out as they have – they need Trump out to get criminal Biden in – to stop the destruction of Big Pharma due to Opioid crisis lawsuits, and to keep the offshoring going.

This is empire folks (The crown, their agents (the East India company, now Big Pharma), & China – versus America.

Big Pharma is a British Crown family industry dating back hundreds of years. The Opium wars are a good place to start if you want to read more.

Joe Biden’s arrogance has cost him the election. They never thought she could lose.

Jan 2018 – Recent email released belonging to Hunter Biden at Burisma put this quote in context
Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
Michael J. Sullivan

Michael J. Sullivan

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