Watch: Grafton Street Protest – Gardai Booting Young Protestor…

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Yesterday, we updated you about an extremely heavy handed approach by Gardai in relation to a protest on Grafton Street, which was demonstrating against unscientific lockdowns, and mandatory-mask mandates (all we have are test cases in Ireland: no sickness, and no death relative to all other causes of mortality).

You can find that article here.

Drew Harris convened a conference today, replete with masonic facemask, where he accused the protestors of being “Far right”:

Garda Commissioner in Masonic garb, speaking on Grafton street protest, far right kids, and Grafton Street being critical infrastructure..

We’ll let you the audience decide – who looks far right to you here?

Drew’s Far right getting a few kicks in
Original video is in this article

Does the kid on the ground look far right?

Or the Jackbooted Gardai laying kicks into a young prostrate kids for protesting, in essence, for the recognition of scientific reality.

They wouldn’t have to protest if the shameful Covid-ad-money funded Irish media covered anything about Covid impartially (the Irish times are one of many outlets depending on the Covid hysteria money to stay in business) .

The Irish Mainstream media simply will not discuss the true science and facts from people like Professor Delores Cahill, that show LOCKDOWNS are killing our young people, due to huge numbers of suicides. They’re killing older people due to missed cancer and disease screenings.

Dear Drew Harris

WHO exactly is acting like a Far Right Nazi? And how is Grafton Street ‘Critical infrastructure’? You’ve closed all the shops and killed all the jobs. Is it the two Burger Kings that you think are critical infrastructure on Grafton Street?

Is it the boys that you have out bashing their own people that are ‘Far RIght’? When the Gardai allowed other marches on the same day to pass off without hindrance (see original article)?

Is it, in fact, the Government and Gardai who are actually more like the Far RIght?

Currently doing an unprecedented medical quarantine experiment on healthy people? Something that has never before been done in the history of humanity?

Fact is, Irish Gardai probably don’t want to be beating up their own people.

So why is sworn in servant of the crown, Drew Harris, setting Irish people against Irish people? In fact – ignore that question – Drew’s just doing what our own politicians and Media do every day, taught well by the likes of Terry Prone and other spin doctors.

if you would like to contact the Garda Ombudsman to ask for an investigation into this unlawful beating, here are their details.

You can phone the Garda Ombudsman to complain on Phone(01) 871 6727

And phone the mainstream media while you’re at it. Ring shill Joe Duffy on Monday and see if he’s allowed discuss it.

Please share – whether you’re left or right, this could be your kid getting a hiding next week. And most of the ‘far right’ protestors (ok Drew..) were kids and women that the garda waded into unnecessarily with batons.

Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
Michael J. Sullivan

Michael J. Sullivan

Absolutely sick of it.

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