RTE Prime Time Investigates: The Irish Establishment’s Human Trafficking Scam…

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The Irish Establishment Organised Crime Syndicate

It is important that people from every walk of Irish life understand the reasons behind Ireland’s current trajectory – why we are being flooded with unvetted fighting age males, on the run from their own countries, or wherever else they’ve been up until recently. It is important that people understand why the criminal and psychopathic Irish establishment is backing this ruinous policy.

It all boils down to the ten billion euro EU AMIF Fund they signed us up to in February 2022, and everyone is planning on profiting from it, from solicitors, NGO’s, and the business networks of our corrupt organised crime syndicate uniparty politicians. A judge released an unvetted, undocumented migrant last week that tried to kidnap a young girl in Ballymun. The detective recommended he not be released. The judge released him anyway, because that judge is part of the kings inn freemasonic legal cabal, and his friends are going to make fortunes billing the AMIF fund for every crime that scumbag commits. They view him like a cash machine. This is a small example of how the AMIF fund works. The Irish state is at war with the Irish people. You, and your family, and everyone you love are under sovereign kinetic attack. The forces of darkness are out of the shadows and openly marshalling against us, there is no other way to describe our current predicament.

The Irish establishment organised crime syndicate know that economic collapse is coming, and that it’s the end of the line for their various taxpayer funded gravy trains. So they’re going all in on this human trafficking bonanza while they can. They’re enlisting every tool at their disposal to occult the truth, see Kitty Holland’s fake migrant attack story as a small example. It is crucial we understand this and spread the word on the AMIF fund, to arm your brothers and sisters with the knowledge to bring even more people into the light. We are the 90%, and nothing can stop what’s coming. The current ‘arrangement’ will not hold.

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