Irish Green-Party Senator Pauline O’Reilly Echoes Adolf Hitler In Arguing AGAINST Free Speech…

The upper house of the Irish legislature commenced debate this week on the passage of controversial new ‘Hate speech’ laws. These laws, if enacted, will silence free public discourse around multiple issues currently enveloping Irish society. The bill has already passed muster in Ireland’s uniparty lower house (the Dáil) with only token opposition – one good man and a few far-left politicians spoke out against the new laws.

Pauline O' Reilly Free Speech Adolf Hitler hate Speech

The widely disliked leftists, who were given plenty of media attention as the bill was rushed through first stage debate, had spent the previous four years calling anyone who disagreed with them ‘far-right’ and ‘racist’ while voting in agreement with the sitting Government parties on almost everything that was up for a vote.

In recent months, mainstream polling and public consultation has shown that the majority of the Irish public have concerns about the proposed legislation. Many have pointed to the current Irish establishment migrant trafficking scam as the chief driver behind the rushed new laws: Irish political networks are profiting in the tens and hundreds of millions from the EU’s Asylum, Migration, and Integration (AMIF) Fund, with every undocumented & unvetted single male migrant from outside the EU representing a literal cash bonanza for connected businesses. New laws criminalising free-speech are just what the doctor ordered for an establishment under pressure, to pour cold water on burning public opposition and to keep the EU migrant cash rolling in. Most Irish politicians are owned by big business, perhaps more so that in any other European country outside of the Ukraine, and most have spent the last two years stating that everyone and anyone who publicly opposes the new mass plantation can be motivated by hate only.

At the vanguard of these extensive uniparty efforts to demonise ordinary members of the Irish working and middle classes who dare voice opposition to their policies, has been the Irish Green Party – junior partner in the current corporate-owned sham that passes for a supposedly democratically elected Irish Government.

So when Green Party Senator Pauline O’Reilly stood up in the Senate, repeatedly showing the sign of the Practicus, and paraphrasing Adolf Hitler in advocating for the destruction of freedom of speech in this country, the irony wasn’t lost on many. O’Reilly is a qualified solicitor, and the Green Party’s spokesperson on education. Interestingly, she’s also the founder and chairwoman of a Waldorf/Steiner school in Galway. More on that later.

Her’s was a speech typical of the majority of sycophantic Irish political avatars – too lazy to tease out the meaningful detail and only too happy to jump on the woke bandwagon if they think it will take them where they want to go.

Here’s a short clip of Pauline saying the quiet parts out loud, arguing in favour of the senate passing these nefarious new laws while echoing a speech Adolf Hitler gave in Munch in 1937, a couple of years before all hell broke loose in Europe.

And now here’s the national socialist Adolf Hitler himself, orating about the exact same thing.

Adolf Hitler quite clearly states that, (slightly paraphrasing) ‘where the freedom of the individual effects in the slightest the interests of the national community (Pauline’s ‘common good’), that the freedom of the individual ends, and the freedom of the national community takes the place of the freedom of the individual’.

Those were Hitler’s views, and Pauline O’Reilly’s views are essentially the same. She says above that, (paraphrasing slightly again) ‘exactly what we’re doing here is restricting freedom…if your views on other people’s identities, go to make their lives unsafe, insecure, and cause them such deep discomfort that they cannot live in peace (i.e., they take offence to something you said), then I believe it is my job to restrict those freedoms for the common good’. It doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to understand the similarities.

No one will argue that the issue of identity, be it race or sexuality, is the number one pre-occupation of the current Irish ‘national community’. We have sexual-identity pride flags everywhere and drag queens in children’s schools, and current month-long flag parades everywhere across the country (just like the Nazis had their flag parades in the clip above); racial identity affirmative action and diversity hiring quotas are in every major corporation and there also seems to be an African in every Irish television advertisement for some reason; Accomplished teachers are being fired for not indulging the gender-bending identity fantasies of spoiled brats in their classrooms; and sitting politicians are publicly stating that they refuse to assign a gender identity to their newborn baby boys.

Incidentally that last one can be credited to the same political theatre actor Paul Murphy who was one of those far-leftists nominated to ‘oppose’ these laws in the Dail ‘debate’ a few weeks ago. This was more than curious timing – how better to turn the public off the issue of Free Speech debate, than to put Murphy’s detestable jawless head on every Government-funded major national media outlet for weeks, while saying he refuses to assign gender to his newborn baby boy. And then a month later installing him as the figurehead of the ‘anti hate speech laws campaign’, to ensure many ordinary people turn off the issue. This is how the Irish political uniparty operates. They’re quite clever.

Irish politicians set the national agenda through their propaganda media network RTE and the mainstream media newspapers and radio stations they continue to fund since the Covid lie kicked off. They have made identity the main issue of the national community that Hitler spoke about, and Pauline O’Reilly clearly states above that your individual freedoms are subservient to that National community if you have any views that effect in the slightest the interests of… ‘the national community’.

And while Pauline’s Faustian faux-pas is newsworthy in it’s own right, Pauline herself has two interesting side jobs that add some context to her motivations in supporting these laws. Pauline is a solicitor. Her solicitor Senate colleague Barry Ward also argued vigorously in support of these laws, possibly because it will be an absolute bonanza for their chosen profession given that it proposes to criminalise the causing of identity-related offence, facing the most sensitive and offence-taking generation in Irish history. Cha-Ching!

Things gets more interesting when you realise that Pauline is also founder and Chairwoman of a Waldorf/Steiner school in Knocknacarra in Galway. The Green Party note on their website that Pauline is their spokesperson for Education, and that she’s the chair and founder of Cuan na Gaillimhe National School in Galway. But the Green Party don’t mention that it’s a Steiner/Waldorf school.

You can read all about Rudolph Steiner (1861-1925) here. He founded the Waldorf school network. Steiner was a man heavily influenced by Goethe, and I’ll explain why that’s relevant shortly. The school’s ethos (the school Pauline founded) is based on Steiner’s principles and views on reality. What you may find interesting is that Steiner was an Austrian occultist, social reformer, architect, esotericist, and claimed clairvoyant. He led the German occult revival of the early 1900’s. He saw dead people.

He was hugely into Magick and the occult, and was the heir apparent to Blavatsky as the main figure in Western Theosophy and esotericism. He even founded Anthro-po-sophy, a theosophy and spiritualist movement that informs the philosophical approach taken by the school Pauline founded. All this is to say, Steiner founded what was and remains, a cult. He had lots of genuinely interesting things to say, as did Goethe, but this is still a magic-obsessed esoteric cult that we’re talking about.

There is a huge amount of this type of thing going on in general in Irish politics – our last Children’s minister Katherine Zappone was a published witch for example, and the Fianna Fail and Fine Gael parties that put her in place knew this, yet still put her in charge of the nation’s children. The Catholic Church and Protestant churches said nothing about Zappone either, and allowed her/him to mastermind a rigged abortion referendum that has resulted in tens of thousands of murdered Irish children. A massacre that daily feeds the pharmaceutical industry and the Gods these people increasingly worship out in the open.

By founding a school in Steiner’s name Pauline O’Reilly is clearly invested in the Steiner way. Much of Steiner and Goethe’s teachings read like a slightly paler shade of ‘Do as thou wilt‘, words to live by from the Golden Dawn magick movement founder and world champion evil guy, Aleister Crowley.

Pauline O’Reilly didn’t chose to found a normal national school (normal national schools have problems too of course): she chose to model her school on the teachings of a schooling network that is internationally recognised to be racist and occultist. A school that the Green Party ‘forgot’ (cough) to note was actually a Steiner school, on her profile page on their website. That, ladies and gentlemen, is who Green Party senator Pauline O’Reilly is. It is her life’s work and it is what defines her, along with the Hitleresque words she used above in our national parliament to help the establishment try to take away your freedom of expression.

What’s really fascinating is that while Steiner’s ideas on freedom are complex, they are at their root concerned with freedom being about will and truth, and ‘lifting ourselves out of our group-existence: out of the prejudices of our lived experience, from our family, nation, ethnic group and religion’. In his book The Philosophy of Freedom, Steiner states that ‘it lies in our freedom to achieve freedom; only when we actively strive towards freedom, do we have some chance of attaining it’.

And yet, we now see Pauline O’Reilly reneging on the teachings of a man she clearly holds in the highest possible esteem, advocating for the removal of individual freedoms based on the fomented needs of a national community that has quite clearly been led astray.

I searched through Pauline’s Twitter account for clues on why she would go against the philosophies she clearly holds dear to her heart, and I found this tweet when searching for her views on vaccines and lockdowns. It’s April 2020, and Pauline is highlighting the devastating impacts of lockdowns on domestic abuse situations – something I haven’t shut up about since I started this website in the summer of insanity they gave us in 2020. I was happy to read this, it seemed Pauline does have a heart.

However, Pauline never mentioned the issue after that, despite the hell she knew that women (and men) were being put through up and down this country as a result of lockdowns that were nothing less than crimes against humanity. Because Pauline sniffed what way the wind was blowing, and seen it was not in her own self-interest to speak out, she publicly abandoned those women. She also virtue-signalled a tweet in celebration of the Irish Covid vaccine schedule in January 2021, despite the Waldorf/Steiner school network being notoriously anti-vaccine. More contradictions. Pauline also never stood up for those of us who are unvaccinated, people who many of her her senatorial colleagues said should be excommunicated from society. Because it was not in her self-interest.

Which brings me back to the works of Goethe. For anyone unfamiliar, Goethe is a sort of German James Joyce figure. Goethe crops up regularly across writings on Western esotericism. He was also apparently something of a bastard and a fanatic when it came to the occult and magic.

Pauline O’Reilly works with a man called Pearse O’Shiel who is Chairman of Lifeways Ireland, the governing body of Pauline’s Steiner school, who is also part of something called the ‘Camphill community trust’, a wider Steiner-ish network across the UK.

O’Shiel demonstrated in an interview with the Irish Times in 2018 that the root teachings of Goethe – and not specifically Steiner, who learned his trade as a Goethe scholar for a number of years – are probably the true guide that Steiner school cultists follow, given Goethe so heavily influenced his work.

Goethe is best known outside Germany for his reworking of the classic tale of Faust, where the successful but dissatisfied Faust makes a deal with the devil. This is where the idea of the ‘Faustian pact’ or ‘bargain’ comes from – a successful man or woman exchanging his soul and sacrificing his spiritual values for unlimited knowledge, power, and material gain. In the original tale from the 1400’s, Faust went to hell at the end for selling his soul. But in Goethe’s acclaimed rewriting of the story, Faust instead went to heaven at the end despite selling him his soul. A crucial change that illuminates his true outlook. Goethe wrote in act five of his rewrite that “he who strives on and lives to strive, Can earn redemption still“. In other words, ‘Do as thou wilt‘ – ‘there are no negative consequences if you’re pursuing your true path’.

For Goethe, a man obsessed with magic and occultism, the message was that the ends justifies the means if you’re striving to achieve something, even if it means selling your soul to the devil along the way. He’ll give it back to you at the end apparently, if you do enough ‘striving’ to earn it back.

It is readily apparent that Senator Pauline O’Reilly feels the same way Goethe did in his re-interpretation of the Faustian pact: no matter how much she compromises her own beliefs and how much she suffocates the courage of her convictions, and no matter if she sells her soul to the devil along the way and advocates for the things she knows in her heart to be wrong…, she can and should do whatever it takes to achieve her goals.

Even if it means echoing the words of Adolf Hitler in the Irish senate chamber, to argue in favour of the destruction of Irish freedom and to signal virtue to the lost souls that surround her.

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