Is Neo-Marxism on the rise in Ireland?

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It is natural for Irish people to believe that Sinn Fein and the far-left satellite parties will be the answer to all of their problems. Especially when Fine Gael & Fianna Fail and have so spectacularly achieved nothing, and together destroyed our economy with baseless unscientific lockdowns, in tandem with the watermelon Green party.

We do however need to be careful. Sinn Fein have parroted the government line on everything regarding the false Covid-19 narrative since January 2020, particularly in calling for ‘dealing with’ or ‘re-educating’ people who don’t kowtow to the prevailing narrative.

Why have they nibbled around the edges of a rancid pie, and challenged nothing of substance?

Sinn Fein knew about the Italian data releases in March (we have in our possession repeated recorded phone calls with them in March through May, and emails with read receipts, sent to them at the height of the crisis). Those data releases were a weapon that they could have made massive political capital from – to show that the extremist lockdown policies of the government were completely misguided. The data releases showed that Sweden’s way, was the only way.

You would be forgiven for thinking that Sinn Fein were playing politics with our freedom, wanting to see our freedoms eroded, access to healthcare destroyed, and frustrations amplified.

There are no easy answers. It is important to also note that there are a number of opposing factions within Sinn Fein – they are not all Marxists who support #blm and putting murals of a convicted felon and rapist who was high on drugs (George Floyd) in Belfast alongside good men like Bobby sands. Black Lives matter are now outed as violent cultural marxists intent on destroying America. They will be legally recognised as a terrorist organisation in the United states very soon.

Jordan Peterson makes some general points above on the topic of the rise of Neo-Marxism. Many people have found real value in the words of Jordan Peterson in terms of improving their mental health, personal mission in life, and finding true value in themselves.

Two of our four sons (18 and 21 years old), both went off the rails somewhat, into drugs and nihilism (not hard in today’s world), and they both stumbled onto Jordan Peterson independently and both have straightened out and got their shit together, and are helping keep their other brothers out of trouble. This is not something religious, or cult like, it’s just common bloody sense advice.

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