The Illusion Of Scarcity – Tipperary Politician Helps Manufacture False Vaccine Outrage

Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.

Since the middle of 2020 we have all been fed the false ‘vaccine race’ narrative by the Irish & international media. This involved newspapers and media sensationalising the race between different pharmaceutical drug dealers to ‘find the cure’.

That charade was designed to prepare the psychological ground among the plebs for vaccine acceptance. A vaccine that no one needs for a virus with a 99.98% recovery rate.

Since the vaccine was released, politicians and the mainstream media have embarked on various vaccine theatre productions – the illusion of scarcity theme is the latest episode.  Below, we show you how a Tipperary politician is manufacturing scarcity for political gain. First, what is the illusion of scarcity?

The Illusion Of Vaccine Scarcity

As the Harvard business review points out above, ‘marketers understand that by creating the illusion of scarcity, they can accelerate demand. This false scarcity encourages us to buy sooner and perhaps to buy more than normal’. has shown in multiple articles how the Irish Government and media are now agents for the global pharmaceutical beast. You can read more about that in our previous articles:

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The illusion of scarcity tactic is being employed because there is actually no pandemic, based on the Government’s own official statistics. They need a new marketing trick to make people take this experimental MRNA vaccine technology into their bodies for no reason. Vaccine-tech that has never been tested on humans.

It helps to think of COVID-19 as a movie. Besides the payoffs and the financial motivations for corrupt politicians and unregistered pharma lobbyists like Claire Byrne of RTE television, the vaccine is an essential part of the plot to maintain the make-believe until the credits roll.

Politicians & Media have lied about everything Covid for over a year – if they don’t continue to drive the vaccine narrative then the brainwashed sheep might think ‘hey, if no one is taking the vaccine, why did we destroy our society and economy and cause all those suicides and missed disease screenings?’

The main vaccine propaganda weapon so far has been to scare healthy people into thinking they could infect an elderly loved one unless they take it. Forget that the WHO and British Medical Journal said asymptomatic spread never happens. Never mind that NOTHING has changed since Dec 2019 – when we didn’t go to see our elderly relative if we had the flu for fear of passing it on.

The pharma cabal (which includes politicians and a complicit media) need the vaccine story to play out or the people they hold under a spell of fear will wake. The vaccine narrative is the closing one third of the movie. It is the ‘payoff’ in both screenwriting & literal parlance.

Media and politicians help co-ordinate the illusion

At time of writing, it is Monday the 18th of January. Here are three headlines from Ireland’s three main newspapers today. These newspapers lie by omission about almost everything at this stage, questioning nothing and perpetuating Covid lies and fear every day.

The story we are focusing on is one of cynical manufactured outrage – a politician/nurse in Tipperary (Louise Morgan-Walsh) apparently ‘felt sick’ because relatives of someone in a Dublin hospital received the vaccine ahead of her nursing team in Tipperary. She felt ‘so sick’, she even made a video whining about not getting a vaccine. Her story fit the Covid-content hungry lying media perfectly, and they all ran with it in recent days. She’s definitely sick…but not from Covid.

Links to each story below, all published on the same day after last weeks manufactured outrage
Labour Politician Louise Morgan Walsh

The head clinical nurse at the centre of the story Louise Morgan-Walsh, was a failed left-wing Labour candidate in the recent bye-election of March 2020. She received 1,052 votes in the constituency of Nenagh, narrowly missing out on a seat.

Louise likely expects/hopes that her ‘country’ constituents will identify with these 16 doses of vaccine and exclaim ‘those bastard Dubliners always getting the good stuff! There should be equality of vaccine access for culchies! Louise is right – she’s got my vote!’, because this is the intellectual contempt that most of our politicians have for us.

This is all over 16 doses – metres and metres of column inches, and hours of television time has been written in recent days over 16 doses. Think about that. We really do live in clown world here in Ireland.

Morgan-Walsh’s narrow election miss has no doubt motivated her to continue her quest to join Ireland’s political cabal and pharmaceutical uni-party. She is sensationalising the vaccine issue despite the fact she knows that she and her nursing team are at almost ZERO risk of danger in relation to Covid-19. If she really believed that Covid was an actual health threat, she would not be seeking vaccines for nurses before vulnerable elderly people. She wants nurses to vote for her in the next election – it is that simple.

Louise must know she is at virtually zero risk because she is clinical nurse manager at University of Limerick Hospital.

I wonder would Louise Morgan-Walsh disagree with this article? Feel free to comment below. Could she not read the statistics from her own department that show conclusively someone of her age IS AT A VIRTUAL ZERO RISK FROM COVID-19? Could she not read the BMJ article above showing asymptomatic spread does not happen, so she is at no risk of spreading it to elderly patients once she had no symptoms. Is she actually not medically qualified? Because she does not seem able to read her own departmental statistics or expert BMJ research. Should she be in that head of nursing job if she does not know the details of those dying in her own hospital, and the real risks of Covid (not those risks fabricated by corrupt Stephen Donnelly, and media filth like RTE?).

No matter how much the mainstream media lies about Covid and vaccines, nothing will change the statistical facts from her own hospital that show virtually NO ONE is dying of Covid relative to all other causess of mortality in Ireland.

The only conclusion one can draw here is that Morgan-Walsh is cynically manufacturing outrage for political gain and to increase her profile, all while helping to perpetuate the Covid lie that has destroyed the morale and psychology of our country, causing thousands of suicides and missed disease screenings for illnesses that actually cause mortality.

In short, this looks like a complete plant of a story. I wouldn’t be surprised if the illicit sixteen doses turned out to be a total fabrication. That the person making all the noise is an attention seeking politician is no coincidence. That every media channel has run with this bullshit is no coincidence either. As we explained, the Irish media are all depending on Covid-advertising money to survive.

Firstly, this manufactured story continues the false narrative of the illusion of scarcity. Second, it increases Morgan-Walsh’s political profile among the Covid-brainwashed of Tipperary. Third, it allows her to signal to the sizeable pharma industry in the Tipperary region that she is ‘on-board’ with their unnecessary drug-dealing programs, just like her megalomaniac party leader Alan Kelly, who is in the pockets of Big pharma in Ireland.

This latest false narrative created by the Irish media and serving politicians (see reference to the minister in the slides above) typifies the nexus of disgusting double speak and deceit that permeates Ireland at this moment in time.

Morgan Walsh’s vaccine gambit shows she does not care about her constituents – because she is engaging in theatre for her own political ends. Just like every other politician in Ireland pushing experimental and dangerous vaccines that we simply should not be taking.

The Great MRNA Experiment – Will You Be A Human Guinea Pig For Big Pharma?

People ARE dying from these experimental MRNA vaccines, here’s one example of scores dead in the express relating to Norway. You can read about that even on mainstream sites – Morgan-Walsh knows that she doesn’t need a vaccine, yet she is making a cynical political gambit to suspend the lie that we need a vaccine, thus encouraging people to risk their lives for a vaccine they don’t need.

Most Global national health service ministers will eventually agree to give the tracking data to pharmaceutical companies on all those shmucks who were fooled into taking the vaccine. You can bet Ireland’s sham health minister Stephen Donnelly will.

Israel just agreed to do this with Pfizer – committing to send Pfizer follow-up health statistical data and details in exchange for COVID-19 vaccine doses. Pfizer now have a massive free testing ground for their new and experimental MRNA vaccine tech. They will want others for comparison. They now have legal indemnity and thus zero risk of being sued for side effects. And they can follow how their vaccines destroy the health of people for decades to come. This will give them valuable intel on what new drugs they can focus resources on in order to treat the illnesses their vaccines caused. It is a quite brilliant business model, and it only requires the bribing/blackmailing of a small few senior politicians and health ministry staff.

The illusion of scarcity theatre only works because of willing belly-crawling political sociopaths, and a mainstream media in which notions of ethics and morality are now just punchlines in the payoff.

Send this article to anyone you know in Tipperary or University Hospital Limerick, or anyone else thinking of becoming a human guinea pig for pharmaceutical drug dealers. We will email it to as many people in Tipperary that we can – but we need your help on whatsapp and telegram and anywhere else you can think of.

Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
Michael J. Sullivan

Michael J. Sullivan

Absolutely sick of it.

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19 January 2021 7:17 am

I trust none of these bastards,was it not reported that one of these vaccines was made in 2 days last January or February 2020?

19 January 2021 8:45 pm

I know Michael, I trust very few people in life, and that get’s smaller as the years go on.Myself like many others seen this coming a year ago, manufactured bullshit after bullshit. I believe Matt handsock used to work for or with (maybe he interned with) the FEW’s leader Klaus (Scotty don’t) Schwab a few years before being in government.
Irish politicians (I’m from the north) like other countries leaders are not so stupid in all of this, they do what their overlords tell them to, thinking they will get some treats off their table, they like all the rest are genocidal maniacs, and have no love for anyone, and as they everyday show they are following the Georgia Guidestones “commandments”,and as every week passes, the book of revelations seems to be ontrack, shouldn’t be too long then before the anti-christ takes to the world stage.

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