Something Very Strange Happened to Ireland’s Death-Rate in 2021…

On March 16th, 2022 the Irish Government-funded Central Statistics Office (CSO) released mortality figures for the months of July to September 2021 – Q3, or, the third quarter. The figures showed that there were 8,165 deaths during this time for the whole of the Republic of Ireland.

For the same quarter of 2020, the mortality figure was 7,111. During those months in 2020, the country was in the middle of one of the strictest lockdowns in the world with no access to vaccines or any other medication for Covid. The Irish people had been told incessantly since March that a deadly pandemic was raging across the country. The Irish mainstream media and all political parties told us that deaths were at an all-time high; hospitals were at breaking point; and there was no end in sight.

And yet, less people died in Q3 of 2020, than did Q3 of 2021. In fact, the mortality figures for Q3 2020 were nothing out of the ordinary.

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The mortality figure above for the third quarter of 2021 represents a 14.8% increase year on year. It is therefore logical to wonder whether something occurred during or prior to those months that could have led to such a large increase in deaths.

For a bigger picture of where these figures sit in the overall annual pattern of deaths in Ireland, here are all third quarter CSO mortality figures for the last eight years in Ireland.

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As you can see, Q3 of 2021 is a prominent outlier going all the way back to 2013. The death rate for Q3 across all of those previous years has been remarkably consistent. This relative increase for 2021 is a major order of magnitude that should concern everyone, particularly the people we pay to run the country and keep us safe.

Given that we have a clear jump in deaths for this time period, shown by numbers supplied to us from the official Irish Government statistical record-keeper, we must ask: what could have caused such a considerable percentage increase in the Irish death rate, relative to previous years?

Since this release two weeks ago the Irish Government, all party politicians, and all government-funded mainstream Irish media appear to be deliberately ignoring this alarming increase in deaths. They have also left unaddressed a recent US-court pharmaceutical industry release in mid-March, which indicated an alarming number of known side-effects from Pfizer’s own clinical trial data, before the vaccine program was launched.

A federal judge in Texas ordered the US Food and Drug Administration (the FDA) to make public the data it relied on to license Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. At the time of Pfizer’s application for FDA approval before the vaccine rollout, the company was aware of almost 158,000 adverse events from their vaccine, and had requested that these documents remained sealed with the FDA for 75 years. Even the international mainstream media has touched on this.

The UK’s Express, which is about as mainstream as it gets, wrote about it earlier this month. Since that newspaper’s report on March 18th was published, the story has been removed on their website (probably due to pressure from pharmaceutical advertisers and the UK Government), but we saved a copy in the internet archive which you can now view here.

what happened in Ireland in the third quarter of 2021?

Being conservative, if we subtract the figure above for Q3 2021 – 8165 deaths – and the closest number to it from previous years – 7358 in 2019 – we are left with 807 deaths above the next highest Q3 peak.

Now think back to Q3 of 2021.

Was there anything out of the ordinary that could have caused such a jump in deaths? Was there a war on the island? A major 9/11 style terrorist attack? A mass poisoning event perhaps? Was there a genocide on any particular ethnic group? Was it Flu season in the middle of the summer?

Was there a mass migration event that increased the population to such an extent that the death rate shot up? Remember, international air and sea travel into the country was closed…

You may remember one unique event that touched the entire island – one that we have official government figures for. This event happened just before and during Q3 2021, and it received national and international media coverage: the Irish Government’s Covid Vaccine program.

Could this program have influenced Ireland’s abnormally high death rate for that quarter?

Did a series of apparently ‘safe and effective, fully safety-tested vaccines’, made by ‘trustworthy pharmaceutical corporations’, and backed by ‘trustworthy politicians and Irish media personalities’ have an impact of that scale on the death rate? Is it possible?

Here’s are the vaccine rollout figures, straight from the Irish Government.

Click image to enlarge and clarify, Irish Government Data Source +

According to official Irish Government figures, just after Covid-vaccine injections hit their peak, Ireland suffered it’s highest Q3 death rate since the genocidal famine of the 1840’s.

Yes, we don’t know for sure if the vaccines caused all those deaths. Perhaps they were deaths of despair, or a mass casualty event in criminally-run nursing homes. But the co-incidence surely merits investigation. How hard would it be to set up a simple inquiry to trace all 8,165 people who died and find out if they were vaccinated? Why have the Irish Government not put something like this into motion given the abnormal death figures? This is a possible national emergency unfolding before our eyes – and who knows what the 2021 Q4 figures will show.

How did it happen?

Thankfully, there are many things we do know.

The Irish Government & political parliament (all parties, and all sitting TD/MPs except for two or three out of one hundred and sixty) worked together to orchestrate and support the 2021 Covid-19 vaccine program, despite their own official mortality figures for 2020 showing nothing unusual had happened relative to the baseline of previous years.

Where the media and politicians said there was a deadly pandemic, the numbers they had access to at the start of 2021 were saying the complete opposite.

Many people contacted the media and the politicians with the numbers in a measured and reasonable fashion. Many people recorded those phone calls. They were all ignored.

The Irish Government & media went on to actively encourage Irish people to take vaccines that were not only untested and still in clinical trial phase (ctrl + F and search ‘Estimated Study Completion Date’ on that page), but by all official death figures for 2020 were absolutely unnecessary. Their supposed pandemic was clearly not manifesting in the official mortality figures. We didn’t need to buy the millions of vaccines – and we definitely didn’t need to inject them into our people. There was simply no rational need.

This point can’t be stressed enough times – the Irish Government had the mortality figures for 2020, they knew there was very little excess death versus all previous years, yet they went full steam ahead with their vaccination program anyway, ramping it up in Q2 and Q3 of 2021.


They also used several psychological tools beyond simple advertising, to increase vaccine uptake. They told the Irish people they couldn’t go on holiday to escape; couldn’t seek medical treatment, or lead a normal life without the vaccines. They told the Irish people that they couldn’t visit their dead or dying relatives without a vaccine, or possibly work and earn a living without a vaccine. They made nurses in all of our hospitals take the vaccines – the alternative for our nurses was to be ostracised, sacked, or placed on administrative duty. They told the Irish people that not getting the vaccine would likely lead to the deaths of elderly members of their families, if they were too ‘selfish’ to not get a Covid vaccine. All Irish sitting party politicians of all parties, and all mainstream media operatives, said the same things to the Irish people, without question.

They called anyone who questioned their narrative far right conspiracy theorists.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, the Irish Government paid every mainstream media organisation in the country (Print, TV, Radio, Social media) tens of millions to run advertising campaigns to increase vaccine-uptake, and to constantly reinforce the pandemic messaging. They spent millions putting social distancing and Covid signs in every park in the country. There was no escape from the fear messaging.

This wall to wall coverage repeated the supposed need for ‘social distancing’, hand-sanitizing, masking… it told us that a deadly pandemic was underway, non-stop, every day, on every news broadcast and newspaper and radio station for two years. Despite the fact their own figures said the complete opposite. The Irish media and political network was the local Irish agent for the mass formation psychosis that led to such a high Covid-vaccine uptake.

The State broadcaster RTE, which sets the national media tone and controls much of the funding to other media organisations, and which is directly funded by the Irish taxpayer itself, led the way in the Government’s vaccine and pandemic messaging. Not one sitting party politician or mainstream media/RTE personality pointed to the fact that the death rate for 2020 was virtually the same as previous years, or that the vaccines were untested, or that there had been an alarming increase in sports people and celebrities and young Irish people falling over with heart problems following early vaccinations. RTE even broke the 2009 broadcasting act in failing to report the facts in early 2020 and beyond.

The media and the Irish Government at large were instrumental in creating the conditions for mass Covid-vaccine uptake. It is difficult to imagine that many of them were unaware of what they were doing. We as a nation have known for decades how corrupt the pharmaceutical industry is. The Irish Government is still involved in litigation for the Swine flu Pandemrix vaccine tragedy of 2010. They knew that these companies needed to be scrutinised. And yet the Irish establishment became the pharmaceutical industry’s biggest advocate in 2020 and haven’t let up with their cheerleading since.

So why did they do it? Here’s a chart that may go some way to answering that question for you.

Click image to enlarge and clarify

Democide is the murder of any person or people by their government, including genocide, politicide, and mass murder.

Did the Irish Government deliberately ignore the facts and wage a national propaganda campaign on behalf of the most important industry in the country, which lead to an ongoing mass casualty event caused by rushed and experimental Covid MRNA vaccines?

Did the Irish Government and the mainstream media sacrifice thousands of their own people (remember these figures are for just one quarter) simply to support the Pharmaceutical industry, to reap corporate taxes and win advertising revenue?

There are few other explanations one can think of for the excess deaths of Q3, 2021 – if you can think of any more please comment in the free uncensored comments section below (no registration is necessary).

If the recently released Pfizer vaccine trial data mentioned above is anything to go by then yes, they seem to have all knowingly set up an exchange of Irish lives for corporate profits.

At the very least, the Irish Government and media establishment decided to gamble Irish lives in the same game of pharmaceutical chance they have been playing for decades. They knew there would only be one winner, and that our losses this time could be irreparable, but they played their cards anyway.

Is the Irish Government and political system an organised crime syndicate guilty of mass murder? Turn off RTE and let your own consciousness decide.

…there’s more context and free content on

If this report resonates with you and you’d like to learn more about the main players that perpetrated this atrocity on the Irish people (beyond the obvious ones like Tony Holohan, Micheal Martin, and Leo Varadkar) then read on. You can read about Stephen Donnelly, Mary Lou McDonald, Luke O’Neill, and how RTE clearly broke the broadcasting act in forming the early fear narrative, led by Jon Williams. You can also read about what they did in the nursing homes to get the early deaths they needed to get the ball rolling, despite access to Italian mortality data, and learn about the official FOI figures show that Irish hospitals were half empty through all of 2020.

Most of all you can help shine a light on the darkness and share this material in your personal networks inside and crucially, outside of social media. We have no ads, and we ask for no donations (not that there’s anything wrong with that). We’re only selling the truth.

Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
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