The Shot Heard Around Ireland: The Frontlines Of The Grafton Street Protest

The levee is breaking. Saturdays Grafton street protest was a resounding success for Ireland, despite the inevitable dose of controversy and corrupt media sensationalism. Take this week to regroup your thoughts and take a high-level view of where we are right now, and what you can do to spread the light and the truth in the coming weeks.

It’s telling that the protest is being framed everywhere as an ‘anti-mask protest’ – google trends shows that phrase at the top of related searches. This is interesting for a couple of reasons. It shows that the establishment media continue to misrepresent the facts (it was primarily an anti-lockdown and pro-freedom protest), and that the media are on message to make people take their eye off the fact that we all now live in open prisons.

It also shows us that masks are on the public’s mind. Think about the user-intent of those google searches – the filthy useless life-stifling mask is obviously top of their minds. People are absolutely sick of wearing them – that includes those poor brainwashed victims on Twitter who pretend to love the mask – those poor people have Stockholm syndrome and deserve your sympathy.

Two very quick points on masks for new readers – Masks are completely useless for preventing viral spread – that’s cast-iron peer reviewed science. Also, the reason masks are pushed by Government is because they are the only way to manifest a pandemic that never existed in our hospitals or in our social circles. The mask is the tool they use to maintain the fear when the tv or radio is off: it is designed to make people see the manufactured viral threat everywhere they look, and to de-humanise their fellow man through sensory deprivation of human faces.

Saturday’s Protest And The Infusion Of Youth From All Backgrounds

So, back to that amazing protest! First things first – there were so many more young people at Saturday’s protest compared to last year’s multiple anti lockdown showings. The average age of the protest demographic seems to have dropped by ten years or more. Most of the attendees at last year’s protests were middle aged – world weary souls who could see the wood for the trees and the manufactured COVID-19 hysteria for the scam that it was. Saturday was full of young adults and their overheard talking points lit up my day.

The kids now know the politicians are completely corrupt. They know they do nothing and they know we don’t need them. They know that many civil servants and corporate multinational workers are quite happy to let the tyranny go on indefinitely, because they’re being paid to sit at home in their unwashed pyjamas having zoom calls and watching porn.

They know that the PUP was a pacification device. They know that the masks are the only way they can manifest the fake pandemic – and they know that if there were no masks, no one would think there was something to fear. They know the stats show there is no pandemic. They know asymptomatic spread is not a thing! And they know they’re being short-changed by the selfish Irish majority who have been pulling the financial & housing ladder up behind them for over two decades.

And those kids weren’t the ‘scumbags’ that many of the SJW Twitterati have been conditioned to hate by the likes of RTE and Newstalk and celebrity mad scientists. I heard lots of accents on Saturday. There were lots of country accents, showing many made the trip up. And being kids with little money they probably had to get the bus or the train. They ignored their playstations to join the fight for their freedom. There were a variety of proper Dublin accents – the ones that have been systematically demonised by Irish media for half a century.

There were lots of those fakey American-hybrid accents that many kids adopt precisely because that demonisation of their natural accent can hamper their careers and how they are perceived when speaking (RTE have been working on creating a permanent Irish underclass for a long long time).

There were a good few of those overdone southside accents – slightly different to the fake American ones. And there were lots of non-Irish accents. The great thing is, they were all there together protesting Irish government tyranny.

And they weren’t deterred in the slightest by the violent enforcers of that tyranny – the young Irish power-tripping gardai indoctrinated in Templemore to hate their own people. Those young gardai themselves were being marshalled by the dregs of the senior garda ranks who didn’t leave in the mass-resignation events of recent years. Those porky political animals were the ground commanders of the young dancing cucks with chips on their shoulders and the scent of blood in their snouts.

The Phoney War On Covid – Sabateurs & Controllers

Grafton Street has become the focus for so much establishment opposition over the past year. Ireland’s most expensive retail thoroughfare represents the mass consumerism and envy that has rotted many Irish minds, pushing us further away from who we are.

That we’ve had three major anti-establishment protests there in the last 6 months is surely karmic. The most notable protest for me was the one where the gardai kettled, beat and kicked young kids who were out protesting for the freedom of movement which the Irish constitution is supposed to guarantee them. This gave me great hope at the time because it showed how desperate the state was to deter any kind of dissent and send a message to anyone unhappy with their open imprisonment – even as far back as last October. The pandemic scam that the Irish cabal have been running has been hanging together with threads for a long time now.

Ignore the fact that the Gardai closed Stephen’s green – which had been the planned meetup location. That was probably more about protecting the spring flowers than anything else. Harris decided to divide the protestors into three groups with pre-arranged battle-lines at the top of Grafton street. Harris prepared the ground, and he clearly had a plan. Speeches started at the top of Grafton street as people streamed in from Dublin South and West, while anyone coming from the Northside was met with a wall 100 metres from Stephen’s green. The no-mans land in the middle had canine units for intimidation and gave plenty of space for the complicit media to portray a scene wrought with tension that Harris had himself created.

Much has been made of the firework that was fired at a garda on Saturday. Yes, that was stupid, and yes it was dangerous. But when you lock up millions of people in a real-life prison, replete with lockdowns, designated exercise restrictions, and everything else the political filth have dreamt up in their megalomania, some people are going to go off the reservation.  

There’s talk that Rocket-man is a Garda plant to destroy the perception of the anti-lockdown grassroots movement. The one thing against that for me is that he could have taken that policeman’s eye out. The Irish Gardai are indeed deeply corrupt and morally bankrupt for enforcing the COVID-19 scam, but I do not think they’d do that to one of their own. Rocketman could have simply been acting stupid under the influence and made a series of mistakes. Either way, he is innocent until proven guilty, and the doxxing going on makes us no better than the average unfortunate brainwashed lefties who regularly engage in same.

Various groups love lockdowns, so there’s definitely a wider case to be made for sabateurs trying to prevent the truth on Covid getting out. Gardai as enforcers of the Covid-tyranny have been sucked into a PR war with the protestors for obvious reasons, and they are confirmed to have been be using the top floor of Stephen’s green shopping centre as a staging ground for track-suited undercover infiltrators on Saturday – more on that with video soon. The Gardai love lockdowns – no more drunk 4am vomit sessions to deal with, handy days standing on the side of the road sucking in fumes waving an orange wand. The homeless are also mostly rounded up and under house arrest in Thomas Street and Cecil street Stay City hotels. It’s a handy life now being a garda.

The media are another group who love Covid and lockdowns – no one trusted or listened to them 12 months ago and newspapers were dying. Look at them now, with a captive audience in fear, hanging on their every fearmongering word! They don’t want to give that up.

Politicians also love lockdowns – full pay, no hard questions, lots more power, and no real work to do – they love lockdowns!

And of course the Lefty political parties and business interests are all groups who benefit if the anti-lockdown protest movement is crushed. The likes of Sinn Fein would be very happy if it dies because they can’t row back on their support for the Covid tyranny all year that has destroyed working class jobs, perhaps forever. Sinn Fein know that the working classes are seeing them for the establishment scammers they are.

People forget that there are also billions of euro at stake in prolonging the COVID-19 scam. If you were making tens of millions from sanitizing schools between every class, or selling useless PCR tests and vaccines, would you bung someone a few grand to act the maggot at a protest and put the Irish back to sleep for another six months? Maybe.

The Charge of the Light Brigade

The baton charge that followed the firework going off was a sight to behold. Besides scaring men women and children it gave away a few things regarding state preparation for the protest. It only started because two or three gardai lost control and broke ranks.

There wasn’t that many gardai involved in the charge because there wasn’t enough gardai there for the protest in the first place – Drew had his elite Garda panzer & Wermacht units out stopping citizens enjoying Saturday’s sunshine with unconstitutional Covid killjoy checkpoints. The senior garda in charge at the scene ran faster than he probably has in twenty years when he went screaming to get the bully boys (many of who were clearly battling the bulge) back to their maginot line. These were reserve units, not blooded yet in heavy handed arrests and battering kids.

As the intitial skirmish subsided, the axis of evil’s lines had advanced twenty yards to the corner of Chatham street, and the bully boys were panting. The corrupt media behind them were salivating – ‘this is exactly what we need’ they thought, ‘if this gets really messy, the protest movement is done-for’.

The mentally-cucked Garda landwehr and senior political officers braced themselves for more incoming from the protestors, as public-order units were urgently called up by Der Fuhrer Drew Harris, who was close-by and watching proceedings with keen interest.

Doughnuts were dropped all over the phoenix park HQ and the wheel warriors exploded into action. Undeterred, the protestors had regrouped and began to cheer again – a bit like in Braveheart where the Scots showed their bare arses to the English after the arrows were loosed.

The music started up again and things could surely have taken a turn for the worst. But the fog of war suddenly lifted and as if my magic the mood changed in literally an instant.

As one, and without direction, the people instinctively sensed the trap Harris was baiting them into. In a fantastic turn of events the allies simply told the fascisti in blue that they weren’t playing their game and that they could go and fuck themselves.

Instead of falling for Drew’s sick little kettling game, the entire crowd whirled as one and began walking down Grafton Street to the site of the Easter rising’s last stand at the GPO on O’Connell Street. Everyone sang Ole Ole Ole – we were all part of Jackie’s army again and it felt great to be alive. By walking away we all won.

The garda were left scratching their heads and Der Fuhrer was no doubt livid that his planned pincer movement had failed.

The senior controller who ended the first charge hadn’t called the gardai back to stop the brutality they were dishing out, or to stop the crush they had caused on women and children cowering at the Disney shop.

He called them back because he knew his front was under-manned with reserves, and extremely vulnerable to a counter-attack from forces massed on his flank. And in fairness to him, he probably sensed the mood that many of us have had enough of this lockdown shite and have very little left to lose if we get backed into a corner. There were a lot of large men in that crowd that they would have struggled to physically abuse like they did those kids last year.

 The Gardai didn’t expect the numbers that turned up on Saturday which shows they’re really starting to enjoy the handy policing-free life that lockdowns have landed them with. They don’t want to go back to their jobs of policing a free society.

We can’t let up – We Need Everyone To Enlist More Bodies in the Fight for Freedom

The gardai were caught for numbers because this protest wasn’t affiliated with any group or party. They expected a few hundred crusties and nothing more. The actual turnout no doubt makes the corrupt Irish establishment extremely nervous – all of those people who attended are just plain sick of the lies. It wasn’t political – this is hugely powerful because it prevents RTE or Harris or The scumbag Michael Martin using our media-ingrained biases to divide and conquer based on left vs right. This is why Harris introduced the notion of far left into the media on Sunday, it allowed him to issue a correction and get the keywords of far-right trending. This is how they set the agenda, this is how they dupe a nation.

This protest was so unexpectedly large and overwhelming for the checkpoint-charlies because a lot of people worked to spread word via text message the week prior, and because so many people are simply utterly pissed off with the psychological torture. It was also so big because a few people managed to slip word of the protest into national radio broadcasts before being cut off on Thursday last.

We must all as individuals learn from this – national radio shows are an important arm of the establishment occulting of the truth regarding the COVID-19 scam. It is very easy for anyone to call up and be sincere about ANY topic being discussed on radio, and then work in a quick mention of the protest movement in the context of that discussion. And make sure you record it so you can use it as counter-propaganda and to share – the podcasts they put up of their shows always have this kind of thing removed to prevent sharing. These type of acts are force multipliers for the children of light. These acts strike hard – they are body blows. Rock the bastards with body-blows of truth whenever you can.
Remember – People are under a spell. A literal spell has been cast on the majority of the Irish population by Irish media using the most rudimentary hypnosis technique there is – repetition. These people are not in your online groups and are consumed by getting by in their day to day. They’re consumed by drinking or drugs or gambling to cope with the current intentional mindfuckery.

So, use the state’s propaganda weapons against them as we did last week and interrupt the programming. You will be banned from being on those shows again (RTE keeps a much more rigorous database of troublesome phone numbers than Newstalk) but so what? One call can make a huge difference. Be articulate, respectful, and intelligent, then get your word in about the protest – we have to become more sophisticated in this information war. Because make no mistake, we are in the hottest war for minds in human history.  Get active, be creative, and go on solo truth runs. It all adds up.

RTE And The Establishment Are Getting Desperate

Finally, there is no doubt RTE are now feeling the heat. They published the names and work addresses of everyone arrested by the Stasi on Saturday. This is doxxing taken to a new level, and a cynical effort to further divide and conquer the Irish population. They are obviously looking to send a message – ‘middle Ireland stay away from this or we will shame you and destroy your career’.

This absolutely stinks of desperation because they have almost certainly opened themselves up to defamation lawsuits pre-trial. They have arguably destroyed those kids’ future career prospects – RTE’s actions here are unprecedented. Calculate every year of their potential earnings for life then add in damages, lawsuits are surely incoming for RTE.

RTE don’t care because it will come from the taxpayer’s purse, but it will hurt their reputation hugely. Their actions indicate that the Irish establishment has realised that it isn’t just the demonised working classes getting uppity anymore. They also noticed the variety of accents on Saturday and are now using the tactic of shame and societal excommunication to maintain their massive Covid lie.

We shouldn’t worry about public perceptions on the ‘riots’ (because there were none). Had someone farted near the gardai the media would call it an improvised explosive device. So fuck them, The media are gonna media. Lies are all they’re good for – show people the truth and you win every time.

What’s important is the fact that over 4000 people of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds joined the prison break to get their lives back on Saturday. The people are becoming increasingly skeptical of the clear repetitive propaganda from the likes of RTE, Newstalk, and the Irish Times, and switching them off. More and more people are making their own minds up and this is such a positive.

Keep sharing anti-RTE and anti- mainstream media pieces, and make your own content that shows their duplicity. If five people see the message its worth it! A ten second clip or two images side by side works. Make content that shows the truth! Also, try to stop sharing and re-enforcing mainstream media brands in your Facebook and other groups. We have all made super inroads in destroying the credibility of RTE and the more we do that, the more it won’t matter if one mistake in four thousand happens again.

Stick together, stay legal, watch out for undercover gardai trying to bait you into doing something stupid and illegal – they’re very active.

Share anti-RTE material everywhere you can. When the critical mass of the population realises that RTE and their ilk are literally a lie-factory, the whole corrupt shit-show crumbles and we get our country back.

Say no to the fearmongering, say no to the false dichotomy of left and right pitting brother against brother, and spread the word about the 20th of March.

We’ll get our freedom back from these bastards and we’ll never let them take it again.

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