How Ireland’s four covid-horsemen formulate social distancing rules

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Ireland’s four covid horsemen, who the Irish government have outsourced all decision making to, are Midwits. Men who are slightly above average intelligence, but not smart enough to hold the positions they have.

Here’s a scientific demonstration of how these people come up with social distancing rules:

Ronan Glynn, Luke O’Neill, Phillip Boylan, and Sam McConkey

Malleable men of average intelligence like Ronan Glynn, Luke O’Neill, Phillip Boylan, and Sam McConkey, are destroying this country’s economy and lying to the Irish people about the realities of Covid-19.

Not much diversity here is there? Funny how the media only talk about feminism and diversity when they’re trying to divide us.

The women of Ireland need to start speaking up for their kids – these men are mostly part of an exclusive club that doesn’t admit female members, and they clearly don’t care about Ireland’s children.

50 years ago, these people never would have held these positions. But PHD’s are an industrial commodity these days, and the Government needs to outsource decision making to malleable lackeys. Enter, the Irish covid-clowns. This is one reason that the HSE was set-up in the first place.

These men are useful to government because they think they’re smarter than they actually are, and those men are very easy to control. And they are pushed forward by the media because their bull is what’s keeping the Covid-ad money coming in.

And they can’t sue us for saying that, because we have the proof they are lying, and they’ll be facing criminal proceedings soon enough themselves.

They’re selling you cases as a reason to be afraid. Cases mean nothing – very few people are sick. No one is dying OF the virus.

These lads don’t want to go back to lives of irrelevance in their windowless labs. They LOVE the limelight, the attention. They need the Covid-lie to keep trundling along – their new found fame, and their reputations, depend on it.

Luke O’Neill wants to keep his gigs lying about mask efficacy on tv with RTE, or on radio with Newstalk. Isn’t he such a nice fellow!

Time to hold these people accountable.

Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
Michael J. Sullivan

Michael J. Sullivan

Absolutely sick of it.

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