Lockdowns – How Many Irish Politicians Are Being Bribed By China?…

Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.

Understand American politics, to understand Ireland. This is a bombshell. You can understand everything about lockdowns if you understand China, the Pharmaceutical Vaccine Gold-rush, Chinese Blackmail, and Chinese Bribes. Learn about your world, watch this video.

There’s a hard drive for every country.

Riss Flex + Gnews.org Chinese media
  • What Politicians do the Chinese Communist Party own in Ireland? How many members of NPHET? And what politicians has China placed here in Ireland?

    Also, See the images below this video regarding Ireland & Chinese Vaccine manufacture and political ties.

    EDIT Nov 11 2020 – the original video has been taken down by Youtube censors of the truth (here is the original URL, now wiped – https://youtu.be/5jdI0RdMtSM

    We have embedded a new and different video that is still available – if anything isn’t working please leave a comment so we can fix it, thanks.
Now look at Chinese Vaccine Manufacture in Ireland, and think

  • Ireland’s Prime Minister, Michael Martin, & Health Minister Stephen Donnelly, and Sinn Fein, know we have only cases, and no sickness and death relative to all illnesses.
  • Michael Martin knows we don’t need to give OUR children unnecessary vaccines for a virus that does not effect them. Rushed, and untested, that may damage their health.

    Is Vaccine advocacy the payback for investment in Dundalk?

    How corrupt are our politicians really? And is just those in Government, or the Opposition too.

    The Marxists and Socialists in ‘Opposition’ have lots in common with China, and are pushing lockdowns and bad science more than the Irish Government.

Now ask yourself – how desperate does Martin look for a man who knows no one is dying of Coronavirus.

He’s desperate, when all we have are cases from broken PCR tests, and when virtually no one is sick. What is he hiding?

Please share.

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Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
Michael J. Sullivan

Michael J. Sullivan

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21 February 2021 6:53 am

Another question might be,how many are not,but that might be wrong to think.
If you look into all of this you will find that China is just a front man,same as Russia has been,in the not to distant past.The “I’m a bolshevik” quote comes to mind.

Last edited 3 years ago by Seamus
5 November 2020 11:55 pm

Can you please give the name of the channel that posted the video? She is amazing clear and informative

21 February 2021 12:02 am

Hi Michael both YouTube videos for
https://freepress.ie/2020/10/lockdowns-how-many-irish-politicians-are-being-blackmailed-by-china/#jp-carousel-1645 are now gone. I’d really appreciate if you could post a link to the video please? Would it be on bitchute? Thanks so much Catherine

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