Garda Child-Abduction Tactics and the Banality of Evil…

Garda-Child-Abduction-Tactics-And-The-Banality-Of-Evil 1

Movie fans may have recognised the shiny SS boot of Inglorious Basterds‘ Hans Landa in the featured image of last weeks report. Our Garda child abduction timeline went viral – we had over 18000 reads and every social media platform was awash with videos. It’s hard to estimate but at least two hundred thousand people in Ireland must have seen some representation of what occurred. That’s powerful. And that’s a conservative estimate.

Through Hans Landa, Tarantino gave us an insight into the Banality of Evil, perpetrated by an epic villain in measured proportion. He was epic because he was apparently so normal, an appearance that contrasted so sharply with the horrific nature of his profession. Landa’s deceptive interrogation techniques transformed what would have been an average production into a hit.

Hopefully that esoteric boot primed you for this short analysis of the individual and collective machinations that drove the corrupt Irish state’s actions last week. The incident must be recognised as stasi-like political policing – there’s no other way to look at it. This was the wielding of state power against an individual who had previously made the state lose face. It was a Waco-lite style revenge attack.

Best viewed sideways:

Questions we must all continue ask in no particular order:

Was this Eichmann-like Garda bureaucrat on a solo-run? Or was he acting on the orders of the Fianna Fail party he is so close to? Fianna Fail have lied about Covid since early 2020. They helped destroy our economy in tandem with the two other main parties (Fine Gael & Sinn Fein) for a virus with a 99.98% survival rate – one that has never been isolated in a lab.

They had the data from Italy in March 2020 to show they didn’t need to enact lockdowns. They had advice from the WHO in July 2020 advising against lockdowns. They decided to impose those lockdown crimes against humanity anyway because many of them are being blackmailed and because Ireland is now a Narco-state, with 80%+ of our exports being made up by big pharma. They’re here for our lax stem cell laws (the most liberal in Europe) and our linked liberal abortion laws. And our corrupt politicians had to support their poisonous vaccine narrative. Fianna Fail’s owners (big developers, you all remember those lads right?) also need those big-ticket Pharma development projects popping up all around the country.

Pat Sweeney’s initial viral video was a massive blow to the state (Fianna Fail) in the slumbering eyes of Catholic Ireland – who still make up the vast majority of our population. Don’t let the rigged abortion vote fool you (33.6% voted no….33, 3*6….), at least half of Ireland still considers itself Catholic and is against abortion. The slumbering congregation that Pat Sweeney’s video stirred up are also being led astray by the grossly corrupt Catholic church in Ireland, who should have spoken up against the lockdown insanity and mass murder of elderly people (through isolation and the deprivation of care while suffering chronic illnesses) in March of last year.

Why did Gardai execute this action at 330am in the morning? (there’s that number 33 again, no co-incidence to those in the know). Has there been any precedent for this in cases where Gardai received a warning phone call, knocked on a door, and found no disturbance or danger? What actions were taken then? Has this even ever happened before? Were the state child terror network Tusla present at this state-sponsored terror? What Gardai had their hands on those children? What Gardai went into the bedrooms of those children? Were the children in a state of undress? Which Garda touched the children? What was the chain of custody of those children? Who signed off on the order to execute at 330am? Is the matter being investigated? Do the Gardai involved have a history of this type of thing? Will they be fired?

What relationship does cervical check second-degree murderer, and senior Covid Nazi/Health service executive officer Tony Holohan have to the ringleading Garda? See photo below and photo incorporated into the video above.

All require answers that citizen journalists need to track down. God knows the treasonous filth in RTE, Newstalk, and the Irish print media will continue to ask no questions.

Resources for your records and expansion:


With voice credit to ‘the Vile Eye’ on Youtube for his excellent analysis of Paedophile Quentin Tarantino’s Hans Landa…

And here’s a helpful article expanding on Hannah Arendt’s 1961 treatise on Eichmann being a passionless bureaucrat who was ‘neither perverted nor sadistic’, but ‘terrifyingly normal’.

While Arendt wrote a relevant article, it must be remembered that she was a Jew radicalised by the Sabbatean’s who controlled the narrative at the time, who was led to believe that a full six million of her people were killed by Eichmann’s Germany. This is of course horseshit (the numbers were far less), but that’s a discussion for another day. Many of these people (good secular Jews) had been (and continue to be) brainwashed by Sabbatean/Khazarian media into thinking the white man must be wiped out or they will face the same fate again. This is why we face forced diversity nonsense in today’s media. Check out the guy running diversity for RTE and you’ll see what I mean.

What is important for now is that Eichmann was an ambitious clown – a ‘joiner’ in Arendt’s words – who went over the top trying to further himself in the eyes of his masters.

You might look at the Gardai who perpetrated this kidnapping (and the ones who beat up young kids on Grafton Street last year) in much the same way.

Last weeks report:

Last week’s timeline report of the Garda child abduction

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