In Revenge Attack, Irish Police Abduct Christian Activist’s Children…

Original Report, Monday 3rd May – report updated three times, documented at the base.

Shocking as this headline may seem, it is not hyperbole. On Sunday 2nd May at 330 am, in what appears to be a politically-motivated attack, Irish police broke into a Christian Activist’s home in county Longford and took his children from him.

athlone gardai abduction kidnapping

Following the illegal entry, the man was then arrested by Irish Police under the pretense of the mental health act – as video below shows. His five and eleven-year-old children were then removed from the house by the Police, without child protection services present. The family were fully separated. The man was found to be mentally sound by an attending doctor at his local Garda station and then released. The man cannot now find his children, and despite facing no charges the police are stonewalling him regarding information on his children.

The context behind this insanity is key. Last week, the arrested man had filmed Irish Police (Gardai) breaking up a Christian mass in his local town. His video clip directly challenging Ireland’s tyrannical police force went viral, with multiple online uploads seeing hundreds of thousands of global views. It was widely viewed throughout the Christian community in the United States, and was seen across Ireland. The video served as a powerful spell-breaker for a population that has been under mental siege by Government-controlled mainstream media for over a year now. Ireland is the only country in the world to have banned religious worship during the international Covid hysteria period.

Mr. Sweeney’s video was powerful – corrupt Irish authorities were undoubtedly put to the verbal sword and embarrassed. Taking his children looks like payback.

Here’s the chain of events.

Sunday April 25th

On Sunday April 25th Irish Police broke up a Christian mass in Athlone. Here’s one upload of the clip Mr Sweeney made on twitter. He references ‘Penal times’ in speaking to the muzzled police, referring to the British crown’s penal laws of the 16th and 17th centuries, which penalised the practice of the Roman Catholic religion – imposing civil disabilities on Catholics. 

Sunday May 2nd, 330 am

This video was taken by Mr. Sweeney himself after Gardai broke his door down because they say someone called them to say he was mentally unsound.

The Garda said an investigation was conducted, but this is hard to believe given the fact they broke in at 330 am. Any investigation would have come to a resolution during daylight hours with the signature of a Superintendent. Dawn raids do not happen on the basis of spurious slanderous phonecalls. (The Gardai said the phone call regarding his mental state came from his mother. She has been dead since 1997… so there was clearly no investigation, directly contradicting the words of Garda in the video above – even the Irish police are capable of checking if someone is deceased).

The only possible justification for breaking in at 330 am would have been an immediate threat to life – Gardai should have left when they found the house at peace and asked him to attend the station following morning. Inexplicably they took the man’s children. These are the tactics of intimidation. Gardai seem to be attempting to send a message to others who may question their Covid lies.

Everyone must consciously process this and resist it. They have relied on manufactured fear to prop up their massive Covid lies since January 2020. You are the master of your own mind. I’m confident the people of Ireland are well versed in Irish Garda & pharma-state corruption – and most will see this for what it is. Each one of us must continue to play our part in destroying their Goeballs-sized lies about Covid-19, just as Mr. Sweeney did in that church – but for now the most important thing is that we find these children.

Sunday afternoon onwards

In the last 24 hours, Mr. Sweeney has been assisted by a number of Irish activists, seeking to advocate on his behalf as they try to find out where his children are. In an unusual move, the Gardai who took his children from him were from a different station to the one where Mr. Sweeney was taken, and this is the reason the policeman on duty has given for ‘not knowing where the children are’.

The Policeman on duty, despite wearing a muzzle which prevents us from seeing his face, is obsessed with not being filmed, despite the fact that it is perfectly legal to film him. He doesn’t seem to have any concern for the missing children, or the understandable distress their father is under.

This is a timely reminder that Gardai are currently pushing for a law to prevent them being filmed. If that law was in place we would have no idea what really took place in relation to the kidnapping of Mr. Sweeney’s children on Saturday, because the corrupt Irish media won’t cover this until they can co-ordinate the slant they’ll put on it. And when they do cover it, they won’t ask any real questions because the Irish Government is keeping mainstream Irish media organisations in business via covid ad-money & funding. That anti-filming law must never be allowed to pass because Ireland’s police force have proven by their actions that their only interest is the occulting of the truth.

We’ll update this piece as things develop. We are in truly dangerous times here in Ireland – people from the left and right, rich and poor must dispense with the Irish Government’s manufactured divisions. The only real division is the people versus the state, anything else is illusory.

The Irish Government are not interested in the common good. Our state security service (the Gardai) is now engaged in political policing of conscientious objectors to the Covid-cult, in the same way they targeted the whistleblower Maurice McCabe. In that case they also used Irish Child Protection services to intimidate.

It is no surprise that rank-and-file Gardai are engaged in this type of lawless warfare against the Irish people, given that the force is currently under the leadership of UK crown servant and Mi5 operative Drew Harris – a man who despises the Irish people given his father was murdered by the IRA decades ago.

After beating up children throughout 2020 for protesting for their freedoms; unconstitutionally harassing them for going about their daily life; and preventing them from their religious worship… Harris’s police force have now gone so far as to abduct a man’s children in a revenge attack. And more than 24 hours later the man still does not know where his children are.

Harris is accountable, Harris is responsible – and the captain must go down with the ship. He must be removed and charged, and the other Gardai involved in this despicable act must be arrested and charged with abduction and child abuse. ‘I was just following orders’ was not an accepted defence at Nuremburg, just as it is no defence for kidnapping a man’s children.

Update 1, Tuesday 4th May: Pat Sweeney’s children have now been returned to the family, from the state security and child abduction services. You made that possible – every single person who got involved and spread the truth was a part of this victory, from people who shared on social media, told their friends, to celebrities who spoke up, to politicians from the National party, IFP, & even the Senate. We beat the corrupt and vicious Irish pharma-state by setting the boundaries of what was politically possible, by working together for the truth, and shining a light on the darkness.

Another victory, savour it!
We have many more incoming. Reject mainstream media in all its forms.

When YOU become the media YOU set the boundaries of what is politically possible in our country. You don’t need a website. You don’t need a telegram channel. You don’t even need a social media account. Even if you tell one person the truth you’re a part of the tsunami these bastards will never be able to stop. Reject legacy mainstream media, never link to their websites, turn off their poison TV and radio covid-brainwashing channels. Become the media. Spread the truth. Good will win. We will win!

Why not celebrate this victory with a motivational video of Rocky getting ready to face Apollo Creed? Why not indeed!

Eye of the Tiger baby! #winning (turn it up)

Update 2, 9th May: For a ten minute interview with Pat Sweeney, the man who had his children abducted by Irish police, please go here to In the video, Mr Sweeney gives his truthful side of events, rebutting unfounded rumours being spread online of a custody battle between the two partners.

Those rumours have been spread online by Trotskyite Irish political factions who, in a feat of extreme mental gymnastics typical of the Irish far-left, decided to attack Mr Sweeney because their rival centre-right political groups were the only politicians who publicly came to Mr Sweeney’s aid. The lunacy of the Irish left truly knows no bounds.

The key takeaway for our international readers is the fact that Irish people are deathly afraid of their kids being taken into care with TUSLA, the corrupt Irish child protection agency that has been involved in multiple corruption scandals in the past decade.

Update 3, 13 May: An interesting photo has surfaced of the main kidnapper. Was this political persecution directed by Fianna Fail? The Irish swamp is deep.

Pat Sweeney Gardai
The Garda who led the kidnapping effort

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Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
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