Liverpool Gym Owner Says Enough Covid-Nonscience is Enough

Over 9000 likes on Twitter – Check out this inspirational hero – fighting the good fight, and putting it all on the line.

Even seven armed coppers with Machine-guns can’t stop him…. he’s still not backing down! Here’s a video link from Sky News to back up the armed police point.

Fines in the thousands are stacking up, they won’t be paying them – the money is for a legal defence

His GoFundme is below the tweet, as his petition.

Remember, Governments and NPHET are ignoring the science and numbers.

All we have is cases, cases are not sickness. The UK is the same. And the Irish unnecessary vaccine racket is linked to the UK cabinet.

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liverpool-gym-owner Covid 19
Michael J. Sullivan

Michael J. Sullivan

Absolutely sick of it.

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