Why Do Many People Support Lockdowns In The UK? Here Is The Ugly Reality

The truth hurts. In general, people don’t care about the elderly. Pre-Covid, many families stuffed them into old folks homes when they could have been cared for at home, feeding a rapacious global nursing home industry that jointly murdered tens of thousands of elderly in the early days of the Covid scam. We explained how the corrupt Irish health minister Stephen Donnelly wants your granny dead a couple of months ago.

It’s not really the elderly that people are concerned about when they voice their support for economically destructive lockdowns. In fact, 80%+ of the population actually care about their own pockets, working from home, and avoiding a commute. In bureaucracy-heavy Europe in particular, civil servants get to sit on their hole all day on full pay. Journalists get to stay home churning out non-investigative garbage while on full pay thanks to Government-funded Covid advertising programs. Everyone knows that people do much less work when working from home.

These people use elderly people as an excuse to protect themselves from a virus which all statistics show has zero impact on those under 70. They use elderly people to virtue signal and cover up their own internal motivations.

If they had actually cared about the elderly they would have stopped the abuse that happened in our hospitals every year when our elderly were left to rot on trolleys by the scum in the Irish government, never fixing the problem that could so easily have been fixed because the public purse was being robbed blind on various corrupt contracts.

Money, not compassion drives lockdown lovers

If pro-lockdown loons actually cared about the elderly they would look at the actual facts about Covid (and see that it’s a total scam) and demand that elderly people be allowed out to freely enjoy their final years of life. But they’re content to outwardly believe the inconsistent propaganda that they know is probably lies.

Plenty have gotten rid of troublesome gran thanks to Covid (out of sight, out of mind), or have a nice inheritance barrelling towards them that bit faster. I hate to say these things, but I actually believe there is a massive lump of people in society who think like this. All families are not like this of course, but this is definitely part of understanding the puzzle of why so many people are fooled (on the face of it) by the inconsistent nonsense surrounding governmental Covid responses.

Harsh but true. This video from Politico sums that all up brilliantly.

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