Stephen Donnelly is a liar: Garda checkpoints & mask hysteria prove it

On Tuesday nights’ RTE’s Primetime program, Miriam O’Callaghan interviewed Stephen Donnelly, the current Irish minister for health and cucked NPHET poodle.

A short clip of the interview is embedded below. Stephen told many manipulated Irish citizens how he was asking NPHET (the cabal of pharma insiders running the country), to ‘look at whether we need to ban Visors’.

Stephen is talking more rubbish to cover up the many previous Covid lies he and NPHET have regurgitated onto the Irish public. He is desperately scrambling to keep the irrational Irish Covid-fear going in order to prepare the psychological terrain of the population for a government funded vaccine program.

Donnelly, lying as usual and driving the hysteria and fear mongering

We can say this because we have the science on mask-efficacy, and so does Stephen. is not anti-vaccine, we are pro-safe-vaccine. Like most right thinking people. It takes many years to develop safe vaccines. And when you look at the real stats on this virus, there is no justification for spending billions on vaccine programs when so many more are dying of cervical cancer, heart disease, and a myriad of other conditions the Irish Government is now ignoring for Covid. The money should be spent on clearing waiting lists, improving quality of life for people suffering daily.

The money should be spent on setting up proper Cervical screening programs, that NPHET seem uninterested in fixing. Cancer is killing far more than Covid, going by their own statistics. Spend it on mental health programs to help fix the broken minds they have helped destroy with their lies.

The last time this vaccine scam was pulled in 2010, the rushed swine-flu vaccine damaged many lives worldwide, and the Irish government gave the pharma companies complete legal cover. Pharma companies had zero legal liabilities for the lives they ruined by cashing in with rushed unnecessary vaccines. Fear was created in people. The Government bought millions of vaccines. Pharma companies were enriched. They had zero motivation to ensure vaccines were safe (they were covered legally). Lives were ruined. Some people got rich.

The same will be proposed again, and we must oppose it. We oppose it by exposing the truth. The lawsuits for Swine-flu vaccine damage are still going to this day, as you can see via the link immediately above on the Irish Examiner. Neil Ferguson was also central to creating the deliberately inaccurate hysteria models for Swine-flu, as he was for Covid.

How many more times must we be fooled, and have lives destroyed, before we realise we are being scammed by Irish Deep-state operatives that have weaseled their way to the top, and who are now playing their part in a massive con?

Stephen and RTE know that masks are ineffective against viral spread. Stephen is a shameless pathological liar, enabled by the Irish media. We linked the CDC science on masks, released in May, in this article – it is cast iron peer reviewed science – masks do not prevent the spread of viruses. Tonnes more evidence is out there that masks do nothing to prevent viral spread.

RTE and the rest of the Irish media never touch it because it would show them up for being liars too.

Surgeons shoudn’t even wear masks in operating theatres anymore according to this peer reviewed science. Here’s more science to back that up – read the results section.

There are some very clear and obvious implications to what Stephen Donnelly is saying:

1. NPHET & the Irish Government’s war on the service industry and pubs continues – visors are the only things allowing people working on their feet and communicating all day to barely breath, and even then, they are utterly stifling (and useless against viral spread). Trying to remove visors as an option for these people is another attack on public meeting places, because staff cannot breathe while running around in cloth masks – many will quit their jobs.

2. The cabal’s war on pubs and café’s and general meeting places is real – Stephen Donnelly and the pharma-owned knights of NPHET do not want people talking about their lies, about the nursing home deliberate deaths we wrote about, and about the lack of science and debate in the media. They know that more and more people are questioning their lies and the official lie narrative.

Press-up ltd., the company who own Dublin’s famous Elephant & Castle restaurant (amazing wings as many Dubliners know), are suing the Government as reported in the Irish times, for using pseudoscience to destroy their businesses.

The latest garda-checkpoint and mask nonsense is also about the Irish Government keeping public opinion on their side. Keep the fear going with visual manifestations of the threat: keep the control going.

3. Stephen will continue to appeal to authorities to justify his lies (he mentions two doctors in his monologue above to attempt to make us switch off and trust him – we went into details on how fraudsters often use appeals to authority in this article on the Covid extremists).

It is also clear that the media are going to continue to unquestioningly bow to the tripe coming out of Stephen Donnelly’s mouth for the foreseeable future.

How the media are enabling Irish Government lies

Miriam O’Callaghan also knows that the science shows masks do not prevent viral spread. But her editor, MD of News & Current affairs at RTE since 2017, Jon Williams, won’t let her report the truth.

Jon Williams worked at Disney-owned ABC news prior to his role at RTE, and also at the Jimmy Saville-ravaged BBC before that. Jon Williams left the BBC for ABC (March 2013) about the same time as Mark Thompson left the BBC. Mark Thompson presided over Jimmy Saville’s reign of terror destroying children’s lives as BBC Director General, and looked the other way. He was rewarded with a position running the Marxist New York times, where he still works. These are the men creating the narratives of nations.

RTE, by not reporting the CDC’s release in May, broke the 2009 broadcasting act, which they continue to do daily since February. You can find the 2009 Broadcasting act’s broadcaster section here. RTE have never given both sides of this story. They never reported the available Italian Corona-virus surveillance statistics in March, or since. And we have them on tape acknowledging that they knew about it.

RTE broadcasting act, linked here, section 39

  • stephen donnelly lies

RTE have also not reported to the wider public the current official HSE death figures (released 2nd September 2020, page 11), either. RTE have broken the law.

You are paying to keep RTE in existence via your taxes going towards government Covid-propaganda money, and of course your licence fee tax.

When all you get is lies, Fair City, and Claire Byrne pretending to be sick in a garden shed… it might be time to demand an end to RTE.

The (the cancel-culture crowd who don’t allow people to downvote comments) have also lead with more mask propaganda today on their website. The journal’s editorial staff also know that the science on masks isn’t even up for debate. The Irish times and Independent are the same.

The Irish media continue to lie about Covid-19, and not report the truth, because as we explained here, Covid-ad money is the only thing keeping their businesses afloat. Please share this fact with your network if they read the Journal and their manipulated comments section.

Stephen Donnelly is only interested in optics. The new traffic checkpoints across Ireland are just like masks – a physical manifestation of a threat that that does not exist on paper, or in real life. Remember, the death rate is miniscule compared to all other mortality causes in Ireland, and there were never any autopsies done.

Stephen Donnelly is a liar, and he is ramping up fear based on pseudoscience. The vaccine program he is preparing Irish minds for will be executed by big pharma, who make up 60% of our exports (you can read more on that here), and who are facing bankruptcies in the US for their role in the Opioid crisis, for a virus we do not need a vaccine for. Ireland is an important link in the Global vaccine fear message. And any white-hats in the Irish Government are in a difficult spot – given that Pharma are facing bankruptcies, and they make up so much of our exports.

Stephen Donnelly is the latest in a long line of compromised health ministers who are not acting in the interests of the Irish people. And no one is questioning the non-science – not the media, and not the opposition – indeed, Sinn Fein have supported the technocratic cabal every step of the way and asked zero questions, while also having access to the science.

Why have Sinn Fein not made political capital by questioning the pseudo-science? Why do they go along with FFG every step of the way while jobs and lives are destroyed, for a virus that science now shows has been hugely overestimated in terms of overall impact? We’ll explore that issue more soon.

If the media and the controlled political opposition will not question their destruction of our country, then we will have to roll up our sleeves and do it ourselves as citizens of this great nation.

Vincent Brown warned us about Donnelly.

Vincent Brown warned us
Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
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