Seal Team 6 – Joe Biden & Obama Leaked Name

POST UPDATED, October 18 – new video below the one censored by youtube,

The Storm is coming, is this the October surprise? It looks like Mike Flynn is in the mix.

This news of a whistleblower in the Seal Team 6 Extortion-17 intrigue is breaking in the US, with over a million and a half views in 24 hours.

As many of us know, what happens in America is hugely important to Ireland as we fight the creep of woke cancel-culture and marxism/socialism.

OLD LINK NOW TAKEN DOWN BY YOUTUBE CENSORSHIP 18,000+ comments, 1.5 million+ views

If you add this to the Ukraine issues for Joe & Hunter Biden, & the Russia Hoax, the true breath of Obama & Clinton Democrat party corruption is truly epic. Never mind the stories relating to the kids…

Seal Team 6 Explainer bullets:

  • Iran was sent 152 Billion by Obama, Hillary & Biden in 2013. Now it seems the money was for Iran to keep quiet about the details of Osama Bin Laden’s faked death
  • Apparently there was no burial at sea for Bin Laden, the Obama administration moved him to Pakistan via Iran
  • There was never any DNA testing confirmation that Bin Laden died
  • The announcement of Bin Laden’s killing came just as he Obama was seeking re-election
  • There has been a long standing accusation that Seal Team 6 were set-up by the Obama/Biden administration because they knew that Bin Laden had not actually been killed, and needed to be disposed of
  • Shockingly, after the supposed successful operation to Kill Bin Laden, Obama made a public announcement that Seal Team 6 had been the unit responsible.
  • “In releasing their identity, they put a target on their backs,” said Doug Hamburger, whose son, Army Staff Sgt. Patrick Hamburger, served among the helicopter’s crew
  • Seven Afghan National Army operatives were on the flight (Taliban spies) and were changed at the last minute from those originally on the manifest. They were supposed to be working with US forces but seemingly helped set up an ambush that killed the entire team, who flew in on a 50 year old Chinook
  • Search & rescue didn’t happen bizarrely, the BlackBox never recovered, and bodies were all cremated – high ranking generals have confirmed everything
  • CBS News pulled a story about this in 2011 under pressure from the Obama administration seeking re-election (23.30)
  • This is absolutely huge

Many of our readers will notice that the Irish mainstream media never cover any of this.

Everything US-related is anti-Trump, despite the fact that the Russia-hoax has been completely debunked. Indeed, releases are out this week showing that Obama, Clinton, & Biden engaged in political policing of a Democratically elected president. They tried to set him up. Tumbleweeds in the media.

More information and background here:

Don’t bother googling for more, the usual Liberal media censorship and fact-checking nonsense is in play.

Use Duck Duck Go for more research.

Will the Irish media report on this when it breaks? Obama and Hillary Clinton and Biden are untouchable in the Irish media’s eyes, they’ve been biased and anti-Trump from day one. And just like Covid, offered zero opinions against the narrative from day one.

RTE and Newstalk and the print media have spent millions conducting a Trump Witch-hunt from afar, in lockstep with US liberal media every step of the way.

There’s plenty more scandals coming for Renegade, Evergreen, and Celtic.... watch this space.

Shut down & shadow-banned on social media, the truth needs you to share it.
Michael J. Sullivan

Michael J. Sullivan

Absolutely sick of it.

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