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The Emperor has no covid-19
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You have to know the past, to understand the present.

– Carl Sagan: astronomer, planetary scientist, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist, author & poet

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This article was kindly donated by one of our supporters. First published in May 2020, it offers a unique interesting perspective on the year’s events, with some notable predictions on vaccines and Big Pharma.

The The Emperor’s New Clothes was written in 1837, by Great Dane Hans Christian Andersen. The story is about two conmen who propose to weave the local emperor a new suit of clothes, made from the most exclusive of fabrics.

They explain that their ‘special’ material is only visible to the smartest and most noble of people. The Emperor commissions a new set of robes and naturally, the elites commend him on how grand his new duds are at the big unveiling. They even helped him ‘carry’ the invisible robes as he peacocked about his Danish city-state.

The reality of course, is that the tailors made no clothes. They simply made everyone believe the clothes were invisible, by playing on their fears and desires to be accepted in high esteem.

Every Saturday before the football kicked-off in town, the Emperor would parade before his subjects (naked) in his new strip. No one dared to say anything, even though they all knew deep down that he was butt naked. They were in fear of speaking out, and of looking ignorant.

One sunny day, as the Emperor did his weekly parade, two confused children suddenly exclaimed from the murmuring crowd:

“he hasn’t got any clothes on!”

Their father, embarrassed and afraid blurts out: “Did you ever hear such innocent talk?!”

One by one, each person in the crowd whispered what the child had said,

He hasn’t anything on!” … grew the murmurs… ‘A child says he hasn’t got any clothes on!

“You know, they’re right, he hasn’t got any clothes on!” the whole town cried at last.

The Emperor shivered: deep down he knew his subjects were right.

Turning to his entourage he said, “We need to get out of here, pronto!

He strode off, prouder than ever before to keep up appearances, as his yes-men sped-up to keep holding high the robes that were never actually there.

Opium wars

By the early 1860’s, the two children in Hans Christian Andersen’s story would have reached adulthood. In the real world, the American civil war was raging, and two Opium Wars between Britain & France against China were coming to a close.

Both Opium (Heroin) wars occurred because the great Chinese people wanted to stop their nation being destroyed by Opium/Heroin addiction, which was rampant.

The second Opium war came to an end in October 1860 with the Convention of Peking. Another Chinese loss: 2-0 to Britain and France.

Despite the Chinese being a great people, they were humiliated in the settlement terms. Much like Germany was humiliated after World war 1, which resulted in Hitler’s rise to power.

Britain won Hong-Kong and both countries were paid the equivalent of billions in reparations, and Opium (Heroin) was legalised for trade – with Britain & France the legalised monopoly controllers of the Opium trade into China.

The French and British were now the undisputed Drug Kingpins of China, up until the 1940s. Tens of millions of people were addicted, countless lives destroyed.

Drug-dealing administration was just one of the British East India Company’s many business divisions. It would be foolish to assume that this kind of wealth and control just disappears into insignificance.

This is all historical fact – Britain and France ran drugs into China for 80 years, destroyed a nation, and the profits payed (nautical spelling!) for the maintenance of vast colonial empires. 

The Chinese call this period of their history ‘the century of Humiliation’, and it left a deep psychological wound. This may explain why they turned to communism in 1949, and where they want to go next. 

Today in 2020 a century and a half later, the Communist Party continues to preserve the looted ruins of the destroyed ‘Summer Palaces’ as a reminder of what Britain & France had done to them.

William Gladstone (four-time Prime Minster of Britain from 1868 to 1894) condemned what Britain had done during the Opium Wars as “unjust in its origin: a war never more calculated in its progress to cover the United Kingdom with permanent disgrace”. 

But Gladstone was just playing politics facing his domestic rivals, like they all do. He still wanted more war. Full of beans after their drug-dealing ‘derring-do’ in China, France and Britain almost intervened in the American Civil war in 1862 on the confederate side, working to further split the emerging superpower apart. Gladstone was one of the main cheerleaders. The latest in a series of EU incarnations was back making waves on the high-seas, working to regain their lost hegemony across the Americas

Luckily for Gladstone and Napoleon the third, their political advisors weren’t smoking the ole’ Chinese golden-brown. Both countries decided not to risk getting involved in the war due to the risk of unintentionally re-uniting both American sides.

The struggles and wars of manipulated empires have been ongoing for millennia.We are caught smack-bang in the middle of the latest act.

The United States as we know it is facing an existential crisis. America is being destroyed from within by several chronic ailments: A drug-dealing pharma industry that is deliberately fuelling a well-publicised Opioid crisis (Opium/Opioids) combined with Chinese Fentanyl (Opioid) saturation; a scandalously corrupt and compromised democrat/socialist clique that is involved in the most abhorrent things (many know what i’m talking about); and a corrupt 1% hell bent on personal enrichment via share buybacks and offshoring. America once again has major issues with (((allies))) that are actually deadly enemies.

Drug dealers and Empires have worked hand-in-glove before to achieve political and hegemonic objectives, so why can’t it be happening again? One dirty hand washes the other. History repeats itself, nothing is new.

So, what is really going on?

Since the main stream media are officially useless, we have to figure this one out for ourselves.

covid 19 questions

A detective needs three things to prove guilt in a criminal trial: Means, Motive, and Opportunity.

Lieutentant Columbo
Who had the Means to pull this off?

1.      China & Bill Gates practically own the compromised W.H.O. (which is run by an Ethiopian communist war-criminal, that they personally installed as head) which has easily dictated draconian unscientific health policies to Europe and the USA.

They also seem to hold influence over BBC-enabled UK scientific shills like Neil Ferguson, whose fake-models justified the new police-state. Ferguson couldn’t model a bus timetable judging by his many destructive and past mistakes. (Edit: Ferguson as of May 7th has been sacked for ignoring social distancing rules and shagging his mistress. Make no mistake, this is a plant of a story – he played his part with his now confirmed fake disease-modelling, this was his curtain call – I’m sure we will see him again in the years to come for the next manufactured trauma).

Millions of animals were needlessly killed during the BSE ‘crisis’ thanks to this guy. Animals and farmers’ lives all over Ireland and the UK were destroyed. Ferguson also claimed that up to 200 million people worldwide would be killed by bird-flu or H5N1. And yet, CNN and the BBC still consult this compromised meatball for guidance to this day – quoting him to bolster their non-stop lies.

2.      A compliant media in the EU and USA was needed (many of whom were on side already given the blanket hatred of everything Trump does). Many were given some very juicy bones to run with, and run they did. Low-level reporters everywhere are mostly trying to keep their jobs and will write what they are told. We know most of them are not very bright. The media have asked no questions throughout this entire show, and have never once sought to give context or nuance to the cattle. They believe they are better than us.

What are the media? Well, for an indication, the person currently running the New York times (Mark Thompson) is the same guy that helped cover up Jimmy Saville abusing kids at the BBC for a decade. We must stop blindly trusting these media outlets. We must demand that our state broadcast-media stop venerating them constantly.

The media in Ireland ignored multiple citizen attempts to bring to their attention the Italian State data available since March 10th. They simply would not report that the Italian STATE was saying their people were dying WITH the virus, not OF the virus.

They would not report that 99% had at least one chronic illness, 52% had three illnesses. They kept screaming hundreds more ‘corona deaths’ to us. Italian Doctors were waving frantically to us all, and they failed in their duty to report it. Throughout Europe and America, a dumbed-down disgrace of a media has been essential to whip up irrational fears in the population.

3.      A sweetener was needed for a corrupt private hospital system in the US to manipulate hospital admissions and death report cards. Q the W.H.O. payments and the $39k bounty paid by Medicare for the use of damaging ventilators.

We learned this from a Montana State Senator weeks ago on April 9th – VIDEO HERE. Scott Jensen is also a medical doctor – None of the advisory boards in Ireland (NPHET) or the UK (SAGE) are medical doctors.

Many Doctors & Scientists sounded the alarm in April that Covid was a scam

4.      A few more well-placed lying ego-driven, power-hungry charlatans were needed in every country, like Doctor Fauci in the US. Those types of people are easy to find, and most countries have one.

5.      Don’t forget to add a sprinkling of Human Seizure-and-writhing-fit videos!

Spock & Kirk trying to figure out how the magical virus jumped from Wuhan to Lombardy, skipping the rest of China

Spock: ‘But what about the seizure videos?

Captain Kirk: ‘yes… those awful seizure videos…

..’Tick-tok videos of multiple Wuhans…having horrible

…’Fits we haven’t seen…. anywhere else in the star-system..

outside of….

My God Spock!..

..outside of the Wuhan system!!’

Bones: ‘Then where did they all go God Dammit!’

Kirk: ‘Maybe…. the virus mutatedout the
seizures… on the warp from Wuhan-system to the Italian-Lombardian-sector….
all while warping past the rest of China’s 1.3 billion people!…

…Spock, you know what this means..…The Virus is airborne!’

Spock: ‘I’m sorry Jim…That’s just not logical

Kirk:‘For God’s sake Spock I’m not a Doctor! ….Bones?

Spock: ‘Bones is Dead Jim’

Those shock-value seizure videos got the world’s attention. Odd how there was no seizures anywhere else outside of Wuhan…...and odd how the mainstream media never reported that fact.

6.      Also needed, was an army of social media fake accounts and Bots. Our ‘leaders’ have been warning/scaring us about them meddling in elections for years, remember that?

This is happening across the West. An army of social media-bots is driving hysteria to serve one main purpose – continue to depress the global economy via shutdowns, and put more pressure on Trump and allied economies.

Remember – all political staff study detailed social metric signals and keywords to inform political decisions. This ‘army’ was needed to ‘social-proof’ the lockdown ‘new-normal’ conditioning.

7.      Let us not forget a willing industry of Drug dealers – Big pharma and Bill Gates, who has destroyed tens of thousands of lives in India alone with his Vaccines and GMO’s. Just as they have been helping destroy the US via the Opioid crisis, big pharma is now backing a mass global expenditure in the trillions on untested mandatory vaccines, using fear and bad science. 

Big pharma are counting on governments indemnifying them of all liability. Just as the Irish government does by attaching all financial liability for side-effects to the public purse, like they did ten years ago and are still in court about up to the present day.

More lives destroyed by Big-pharma drug dealers – Irish this time. Those people are still fighting the Irish government for payment. The same Irish Government that says they care about your health.

Interestingly tens of thousands of people work for pharmaceutical companies like Teva, or Johnson & Johnson, or Mallinckrodt, or Allergan in Ireland (just some of the companies at the centre of the Opioid crisis government lawsuits in America). This causes them to not like Trump. The Democrats will make this go away.

Related or not, W.H.O.-linked drug-dealers are at the heart of yet another geopolitical power-play, 160 years after the Chinese Opium wars.

Cut-out management consultancies are greasing the wheels monetarily whenever roadblocks occur in the vaccine message. Chinese diplomats on twitter are doing the rest.

8.      The last means needed to push this manufactured crisis was a chronically underfunded Italian health system that was crippled in the exact same fashion in January 2018 when intensive care collapsed in Northern Italy, How hard would it be to bribe one or two well placed people in Italy, a country already riddled with the mafia.

This puts the bravery of the IGNORED coronavirus surveillance group doctors (linked above) into perspective: in some ways they were possibly risking their lives by telling the truth (instead of making tiktok videos). Truth that our media deliberately choose not to report.

In the end all it really took was for China and the corrupt W.H.O. to set the ball rolling with fake videos and multiple documented lies from their police-state, where all information release is strictly controlled. Italy’s chronically underfunded hospitals then set the world running for cover. And the not-fit-for-purpose mainstream media sensationalised and lied the rest of the way. Result? Lockdown + economic collapse + police state + Surveillance state. Just like China. 

What was the motive?

  1. The WHO have expressed a very public agenda for world respect and recognised authority. Tedros, Bill, Melinda and comrades expressed this openly in November 2019, at an ‘event 201’ pandemic planning meeting. Listen to how they talk about controlling all media communications, it is seriously f*cking eery (this is their video, not mine).
  2. The Chinese economy was already in dire straits in January, so arguably they had nothing to lose.
  3. Trump was and is taking back manufacturing jobs by the hundreds of thousands from China and Service jobs from Europe, and planning to take Pharma jobs back, see Opportunity below.
  4. China was also facing civil unrest, food shortages, and we know about Hong Kong for the past 18 months.
  5. An enormous amount of Chinese treasure has been spent over the years to maintain social stability. Keeping a lid on 1.3 Billion people is not easy.
  6. Trump is going after big pharma in the courts.

China has learned historically from the best (Britain and France). When Brexit happened, Communist China pushed ‘Go’ because they had no choice. And they knew they wouldn’t ever have a better chance.

How is now an opportunity?

China started its belt and silk-road initiative in 2013, linking Chinese trade to Africa and Europe by land, to circumvent US control of the pacific. Billions have been spent, and it is almost complete.

Now more than ever since the foundation of the Chinese State, Europe is super-ripe for the plucking from the USA’s sphere of influence:

1.      Britain has taken back its sovereignty via Brexit from the un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels. That means there is a lot less money in the kitty for Brussels (7 billion a year in donations alone, then there’s the billions in trade gone). Two former Irish Diplomats told me that the Brits were the most professional administrative bloc in the EU, the type of people who would produce the best reports and communications material. That’s invaluable expertise gone from a continent notorious for stagnant government bureaucracy. They will be sorely missed for more than their money. Brexit has cut off the EU’s good leg.

2.      Trump has recently followed through on insisting Europe start spending their own money on defence (he has reduced US-spend on NATO from 24% to 16% of budget). He wants Europe to pay their way, and manage their own defence, but they can’t do that, because they don’t have the money!

This puts the deliberate seven year destruction of Germany’s military by the recently “elected” (haha) EU leader, Mrs. Von Der Leyen, into context. Her family goes very far back in European power networks. The Albrecht family had been among the ‘hübsche’ (“genteel”) families of the Electorate of Hanover as doctors, jurists and civil servants since the 17th century, and also wealthy cotton merchants in Bremen, and members of the city-state’s Hanseatic elite in the 19th and 20th centuries. Which is kind of funny, because our pal Gladstone wanted to go to war on the Confederate side on behalf of Lancashire cotton merchants. Possibly also because his father was a cotton trader (and much more).

3.      Trump is also taking jobs from Europe back to the USA. That’s even less money in tax revenues for the EU to pour into ze krapper.

For example, according to this Irish times Article, ‘Ireland exported $53 billion (€48.2 billion) worth of pharmaceuticals last year, which is 31% of Ireland’s total exports. Most of this went to the United States and was produced by US companies based in Ireland’

Now imagine the Financial services jobs he is trying to take back, which makes up another huge chunk of Ireland’s exports.

Do you see why Ireland’s politicians, owned by the EU, are so willing to crash the economy short/medium term instead of just isolating the vulnerable? Do you see why they are so willing to sacrifice our freedoms and sacrifice the lives or our genuinely sick people, and our mental health? This is why they ignore what the Italian data has suggested for two months.

Do you see why our biased disgrace of a news-media, which feeds off everything, constantly run down Trump every day in Ireland with no balance?

4.      Trump’s administration is taking down child and human-trafficking networks every week, and the Epstein/Weinstein paedophile scandals go much-much deeper into the Entertainment industry and Democrat parties than reported in the main-stream media.

This is an opportunity for China & big pharma to make use of cornered-rats to their advantage. A cornered rat is a desperate rat: willing allies in the current false pandemic narrative, to help fully bring down the economy with it their persecutor, the Trump administration.

5.      The established monetary-system, controlled via the US Petro-dollar and Swift payments system, is being threatened by nation-states using workarounds. The dollar’s status as reserve currency of the world (which in essence adds up to economic control) is under threat. Why do you think Saudi Arabia (another police state) pulled the oil price right when this all happened? Think Game of Thrones. Plenty more trafficking going on there too.

6.      Europe is currently existing under a mountain of debt: Italy doesn’t have a Roman pot to piss in, and the systematic debt issues from the 2008 crash haven’t gone away.

This is why we see no criticism of China by European politicians or media, despite the obvious fact that, deliberately or not, they have caused all of this. Only the Germans in ‘Die Bild’ are speaking out against China. A huge war of words has erupted between China and Germany.

There are no doubt intense negotiations happening behind the scenes, looking for Trump to make it rain cash again, and moderate his new US economic isolationism. The ideal situation for European leaders is for Trump to be removed from office (that’s what Russia-gate was about) so that all the corruption and cash remittances and US-jobs offshoring and wars and things like the Uranium One deal and the Clinton foundation pay-for-play, and ‘ (insert variable) *trafficking’ can all resume again unhindered.

There’s a reason the current US administration and (some) media keeps announcing massive Drug seizures, and the break-up of vast human trafficking rings in the UK, the US, and even Ireland recently. This is not co-incidence. There’s a reason the media many people trust are not really covering these stories. They prefer to talk about fake bleach stories. Fake news.

It seems also that the EU is putting itself up for auction to the highest bidder, playing a waiting game. They want Trump gone. Second prize is the the taps being turned back on. Third prize is China takes over ideologically. They get paid anyway.


This entire situation seems to be a new cold information-war, between Communist China and the United States. Elements from Britain are somehow involved I believe – these are long term empires at war we are talking about here and it’s hard to think China is doing this all alone (witness the British government hiding and their desperation to continue with lockdowns and economic suppression, based on zero science, in what is now June). But that’s a different article entirely.

China is definitely making a geo-political move for a mortally-weakened Europe, to take it out from under US influence.

The EU, and our politicians, are playing a waiting game with lockdown extensions, because their economic situation was perilous to begin with.

Continental Europe, Britain, and Ireland are living with the economic damage of lockdowns for the moment, because an extension of the pre-virus status quo spelled disaster for the EU anyway, due to Brexit, Trump, and the debt burden.

National leaders know that the virus is not what they are saying it is. They know what the Italian State data really says. They do not care about our health. They have burdened your grand-kids with an un-payable tax burden, and destroyed many businesses and jobs. Imagine how bad the health service is going to get with recession?

European politicians are now waiting to see how things pan out in the US, and they know that Trump knows Europe can be bought. They’ll still get paid either way lads.

I am no fan of what America has done in the last fifty years – but I see a genuine change in America in refraining from war in North Korea and Iran. The Clinton mob would have had the bodies piled high at this point. I personally prefer the freedoms we had up to two months ago, over the police-state we are being conditioned to accept by our political and media cesspool.

As the band ‘The Who’ said in a brilliant song called Eminence front: ‘people forget’. They forget the lies that our media and our politicians tell us. They forget that they play politics with everything. They forget that “It’s a put on”.

The future

The Communism & Marxism that the trendy left condition us to revere has killed more people than twenty Hitlers. At least 100 million dead. Throw in Tedros Adhanom, Bill Gates and his murderous vaccines, and big pharma in general who care about profits and not health, and you have many more millions killed by their own choices. And free will is important to these people. Their karmic belief systems require you to invite them in to your bodies, and your children’s bodies.

Your children are in a real and present danger of growing up in a corrupt police state, with their civil liberties and freedoms of speech crushed, forced to inject mandatory untested chemical concoctions into their bodies every year like milked farm animals. That is the reality, it’s time to wake up to it.

We are living smack bang in the middle of the proverbial curse of ‘interesting times’, but for the first time in human history the ordinary man or woman can have exponential influence – because we can do our own research.

It has never been so easy to cause a revolution. Instead of shutting up and disengaging your brain due to fear of ridicule, just talk and ask questions and have no fear. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.Abusers count on their victim’s silence to get away with it.

Talk to your neighbour over the wall about the doctors speaking truth and being silenced on YouTube after achieving five million views; how the media are now twisting their words; or the Italian-state statistics that the media simply won’t cover; or the overkill brainwashing on every media and news channel, to “stay home” and to “accept the new normal”. It’s f*cking brainwashing.

Talk to your family and friends about how politicians and the media are acting how abusers treat their victims.


Politicans like Simon Coveney in Ireland, or Boris Johnson, when referencing information sources outside the mainstream media

This is how an abuser keeps their victim silent.

People like Bilderberger Simon Coveney (Ireland’s actual Prime Minister behind the facade) and the two Cuomo’s in New York, and the rest of our TV muppet show, sound like Joe Fritzl or Jimmy Saville when they tell you to only listen to them and “no other sources”.

In Ireland, all three political parties lay claim to the legacies of the best of us – the ones who stood up for something in the 1916 rebellion. 2,558 men and women went up against the might of the British army to fight for our freedom, in a battle they knew was unwinnable. They gave their own lives for the freedoms many of us have given up without question in recent months. Given up to useful idiots that we know don’t care about us, and a cesspool media that we know doesn’t report what really matters.

When the fighting ended that Easter week, the captured were marched through Dublin. The ones who didn’t die were spat at and had pots of urine thrown at them by crowds of their own people, for the embarrassment they had caused. This self-hatred and self-doubt and fear that is bred into us. That leads to hate.

It took fifteen men executed a week later to change public opinion, and a nation was suddenly born.

Today, our politicians and senior-police and our media spit and piss on the legacies of dead men and women, who built all of our free nations across the West.

They work against our people; they tread on our flags; they hire crooked spell-weavers to spin their Terry-cloth lies onto the fabric of a Prone population; and they leave our elderly to rot in hospital corridors every Winter across Europe and America. Do youreally believe they care about you?

The politicians feigning empathy across Europe and America do not care about you or the elderly, or your health. So stop letting them lie to you. Get off Facebook and off your arse and be social in real-life. Be influenced by real people.

Inform yourself; ask questions; exert pressure. Ask your politicians about why the media are lying: and take back your livelihoods and your freedoms. Start talking without fear. Talking will spread the truth and lift the unscientific lock-downs, and get the sick who need help back into hospitals, and people back to work. It will get us back to the old normal.

Then we must hold them all to account. State media across Europe, like RTE (the Irish state media) should be prosecuted for failing in their mandated duty to properly inform the Irish people. And the people need to demand accountability from their politicians. We must learn from our mistakes and never let this happen again.

It’s time to be those children.

Please share our work in your network, Facebook and Twitter are now censoring us and free speech in generalHelp us to get the truth out and fight censorship. – we rely on our readers to spread the word about

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