RTE Retirement Party Staff Should Be Commended For Their Actions…

RTE staff like Brian Dobson have been vilified over the weekend on twitter, after attending an RTE-staff retirement party at the Irish state-funded news service HQ in Dublin. Photos showed that no masks were worn, and no social distancing was practiced.

The outrage on Twitter comes from the nation having to listen to these people for nine months lecturing them about how they should destroy their economy and quality of life due to the dangers posed by Covid-19. This is the latest in a series of these events – Irish Political ‘elites’ did the same thing last month at a Golf-dinner.

Several RTE staff apologised live on air in recent days, on their various disinformation broadcast slots. Their apologies were heart felt, and they really really meant them.

But were the apologies needed? We believe RTE staff should be commended by the Irish people for their courageous actions! In defying their own idiotic and unscientific Covid-19 brainwashing of the past nine months, they have finally decided to serve the Irish people who pay their salaries. We must cast off our anger masks, and turn the other cheek – let us heap praise on the RTE heroes for their bravery.

rte retirement party

RTE have done the country a great service by showing that there really is nothing to fear compared to pre-Covid times. The CDC’s best estimate is that if you are under 60 you have a 99.8% recover rate, and if you’re over 70, a 94.6% rate of recovery. RTE don’t say this on the news because well, you’re too stupid to understand that. And if you knew that, RTE’s Claire Byrne & Luke O’Neill wouldn’t make money selling unnecessary vaccines. Let’s not forget that Claire Byrne pretended to have Covid-19 in the Spring, and she even did a live broadcast from her Garden shed to convince you.

None of RTE’s staff seem to have underlying chronic conditions (which is what has killed most people globally since Covid arrived), so RTE have now shown the way in terms of how we should proceed. The entire retirement party event was planned extensively as you can see below, so RTE must be doing a dry-run for a wider communication to the public about the facts on Covid-19.

RTE have lied about everything for nine months, and it seems they’re getting ready to admit that.

The RTE dry-run for finally telling the truth about Ovid-19

Crucially, they will face no prosecution or fines for their actions. The police in Ireland only prosecute little people. And why would they prosecute anyone at RTE – they are a vital public relations wing for the corrupt Irish police force that batter young kids on Grafton street in carefully choreographed kettling excercises to blood young Garda recruits.

Irish police beat those children up last month for advocating balanced scientific discussion on lockdown impacts, and RTE didn’t report it. Because the Irish Police don’t investigate RTE for breaking the 2009 broadcasting act for lying about Covid. And they never will, because in Ireland there is zero accountability.

Rags like the Irish Times have taken part in the pretend-scolding of RTE’s high-flyers for Covid-partying. But Irish media rags won’t ask the obvious questions like – ‘wait, are any of them sick after all that rule-breaking?’…’And if not, then what does that say about all these rules that have destroyed our economy?’.

The Irish news media don’t ask these questions because they are under editorial orders to keep this lie going. We explained here how they have no advertising revenue anymore and are depending on Irish Government Covid-ad handouts to survive. They are no longer news outlets – they are another wing of the Irish state propaganda apparatus.

RTE show us the way (they have knowingly lied for nine months)
Just get a State-job, stupid!

RTE have shown us the contradiction of masks and social distancing – we should reward them with a pay rise on top of their half million euro salaries! If masks work, why social distancing? If both measures work, then why lockdowns? If the first lockdown worked, then why are we doing another lockdown? If the first lockdown did not work, why are we doing another lockdown? By partying with gay abandon, RTE are showing the way for the Irish people to take back their lives! It’s all nonsense to keep us in fear. Praise be to the RTE staff from on high!

In many ways, RTE have also shown the way in terms of what kind of jobs the Irish citizenry should aspire to. Starting businesses and trying to build something is for suckers – look at how many have closed thanks to RTE’s doomsayers! Best get a state job and be free from any economic risk.

Let us whore our nation out to nefarious pharmaceutical multinationals and create no indigenous industries of value for ourselves. Let us whore our massive fishery grounds out to Europe in return for magic beans – that will pay all those Civil service and RTE wages! Let us all be whores like the ideological-harlots at RTE.

If you can get a job in RTE, then you’re truly on the pig’s back! Even the magical viruses that RTE say you should avoid cancer screening for, can’t touch you if you work for RTE. Indeed, it is readily apparent that the Irish Socialist state and broadcast apparatus desire a communist utopia where everyone works for the state. Stalin was just a misunderstood dreamer to the Irish political establishment and mainstream media! One only has to look at RTE’s programming and how they have helped to destroy entrepreneurship and small business in this country in nine short months, for confirmation of their CCP-credentials.

The Hangover…

I do of course jest. RTE staff are almost all (there’s a few good apples everywhere) deeply compromised traitors to the Irish people and need to be tried as traitors to the Irish people. They have lied for nine months on COVID-19, and for many decades prior to that. They asked no questions about how PCR tests do not work, and they report nothing but sensationalised fear for political ends.

RTE have spent four years of broadcast time pouring scorn on Donald Trump on every single one of their programming slots, when they could have been reporting on something meaningful & truthful, or at least asked some questions. They incessantly drove the now comprehensively debunked Russia/Trump-collusion hoax, and now refuse to report on the widespread evidence of Democrat party voter fraud that will likely see Trump inaugurated for another four years. Given that RTE is now run by a communist from ABC news in Jon Williams, this is no surprise. The political and media rot in Ireland is deep, long-planted, with deep roots that need digging up.

Marianne Finucane when she was alive devoted at least two hours every weekend on her flagship radio show to various left leaning socialist hacks from Irish Universities, who never stopped telling us what a bad and uncouth man Trump was for putting his country first. Yes, it is unbecoming to speak ill of the dead, but let’s be frank – Marianne Finucane probably voted for Joe Biden in Pennsylvania – if you didn’t vote for Joe Biden, you ‘aint dead.

RTE deliberately omit the true facts on Covid-19 from their reporting, and it is the stupid and the elderly who have born the brunt of their high intensity assault on reality. The stupid because they need everything fed to them by the TV, and the elderly because they grew up in a country where the state could be trusted, and many of them don’t know how to find the truth on the internet.

And even if our elderly did use the internet, they would have to learn how to get around Google censorship on search results too. RTE have used these people to guilt many right thinking people into thinking they pose a danger to our elderly. It is insidious, and evil. RTE are insidious. They are also causing people to kill themselves in vast numbers because people know the truth deep down about Covid, but RTE are telling them they are crazy. Many are responding by taking their own lives. For the record, this author is not suicidal… Epstein didn’t kill himself either.

RTE are shills for the Pharmaceutical industry – Claire Byrne in particular has demonstrated on air that she is being paid by big pharma & Luke O’Neill to drive unfounded fear & push unnecessary vaccines on the Irish people. RTE have scared the life out of Ireland’s elderly in their final years.

They have made them afraid to see their grand kids and made them wear useless face masks that real scientists say starve them of oxygen and the experience of being alive in their final days.

RTE have not reported on the deliberate policies enacted by government that killed our elderly people in nursing homes. RTE, led by Jon WIlliams, are the scum of the earth. Prove me wrong.

RTE are like a tradesman that promised to fix your leaking roof and ends up stealing your slate tiles. We are paying them from our taxes to report the truth – it’s actually written in law in the 2009 broadcast act. A wrecking ball needs to be taken to every RTE property in Ireland. Paying your license fee is funding murderers guilty by joint venture.

They ask no basic questions of Government, and they have deeply compromised scumbags like Joe Duffy on every day to gas-light a nation. Callers are carefully curated to maximise re-enforcement of the official narrative. Joe Duffy gets paid over 500 thousand euro a year for saying ‘yeah’, and to answer the phone for 90 minutes per day. Shams at RTE like Brian Dobson are on similar money and have the nerve to call themselves journalists.

These people are sick and the entire RTE organisation is a malignant tumour on the Irish nation.

These sick people are a global phenomenon – because they know that every scaremongering word about Covid-19 has been a lie from day one.

One rule for me, but not for thee (because the entire Covid-19 story is a massive lie)

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Michael Sullivan

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